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Madyson Twilight
Madison Twilight

マディソン トワイライト


Madyson towairaito


December 6


Female Female





Eye Color


Hair Color


Guild Mark Location

Right Shoulder

Professional Status


Personal Status



Xander Twilight


Silver-Make Magic

"Let's hurry up and get the job done!"
— Madyson Twilight

Madyson Twilight is a short girl with long blond hair and has an obcession for books. She is the twin sister of Xander Twilight and the daughter of a famous musician. She is more out going than Xander and loves to read books. When she was growing up she had no one to talk to but Xander so she always felt alone with Xander. She eventually recieved a book to learn magic and over the years she became a very skiled mage.


She is short with long blond hair and green eyes. She weas a black jacket with a plaid dress and some metal boots along with some white gloves. She is quite pale unlike Xander but she has a more neat appearance than him.


She is out going and a book loving girl. She often doesn't like her brother's laziness and she would prefer him to read a book. She can sing and loves to make everyone happy and loves going on jobs for fun instead of money like her brother.


She has always been the opposite of Xander but she doesn't hate him. When she was groing up she had no one other than him because her dad was always away and her mother died when she was very young. When she recieved a book that taught her magic, she was excited and open minded about learning and couldn't wait to learn, eventually she became an outstounding mage with incredible abilities.

Magic & Abilities 

She is the quicker out of the two and can do her molding faster than Xander but her molding isn't as strong as his. She is the Dynamic Silver Maker while Xander is the Static Silver Maker. 

Madyson's Spells: 

  • Silver-Make Bats: The user creates bats made out of silver. These bats are used as projectiles and can be summoned in gigantic hordes of them. 
  • Silver-Make Twin Dragons: The user creates gigantic twin silver dragons that splash down on opponents.
  • Silver-Make Tiger: The user creates a silver tiger that can claw through boulders, steel, and hard objects. 
  • Silver-Make Wolf Pack: The user creates a pack of wolfs (up to 5) that will viciously attack his or her target. 
  • Silver-Make Rhino: The user makes a huge rhino that can knock down barriers and defensive magic. 
  • Silver-Make Turtle: The user makes a turtle that will protect the user and his or her allies with it's shell. This spell can also be helpful for swimming over huge bodies of water.
  • Silver-Make Falcon: The user makes a falcon that can fly them to higher destination or it can dive down at enemies and impale them with its beak. 


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