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Magic Barrier
Magic Barrier



Mahō Shōheki


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Magic Barrier (魔法障壁, Mahō Shōheki), otherwise known as Barrier Magic (障壁の魔法, Shōheki no Mahō) is a defensive form of Caster Magic, centered around the formation and shaping of magical barriers.


Barrier Magic is a defense-oriented form of Caster Magic that gives its users the ability to manipulate and shape their magic power into barriers, shields, and walls to protect themselves and allies from both physical and magical attacks. This is done by outwardly projecting their magic power, shaping it into a solid semi-translucent structure. The user is capable of creating "barriers" in various forms including rectangles, domes, small shields and more. Even the structure of the barriers is malleable, manifesting their barriers with patterns such as hexagons or plating. Additionally, more advanced users of Barrier Magic have shown the ability to shape their barriers around themselves to form durable armor.

Depending on the strength of the caster, they are capable of creating barriers that are monumental in size, stretching across massive distances to protect thousands of people. The strength of the barriers is often comparable to a brick wall, powerful enough to cause injury to those that strike it. Aside from its obvious defensive purposes, Barrier Magic can also be to trap foes within cubes or cages of magic barriers or push their barriers inward to crush enemies or outward to fling them away. Overall, Barrier Magic is an extremely versatile magic that has deceptive power when used by a powerful wizard.


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