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Magic Power Goggles

魔力眼鏡 (マジックパワーゴーグル)


Majikku Pawā Gōgurusu


Magic Items


Unknown Woman (Former)
Wonderful Gocche (Current)

Magic Power Goggles (魔力眼鏡(マジックパワーゴーグル) Majikku Pawā Gōgurusu), shortened to MPG, are a portable variation of the Magic Power Finder. As its original counterpart, it is a magical item capable of measuring a Mage's Magic Powers, though it divides it into Body, Mind and Magic. The Goggles seem to be quite common in the country of Seven.


The MPG is a simple magical accessory in the form of gray goggles. By wearing them, someone is capable of seeing and analyzing the Magic Powers of Mages and Powers of People. Said power is divided into Body, Mind, and Magic.


Power Level

Power Level (闘級 Tōkyū) is the term used to describe the sum of these following values: Body (体 Karada) which references to the physical capabilities of a person. Mind (心 Kokoro lit. Heart) which refers to mental capabilities and sheer willpower/spirit. Magic (魔法 Mahō) which is used to refer to one's overall prowess in magic.

It should be taken into account that these values are estimates of a mage's capabilities. Depending on the situation, a Power Level can change, though one's Power Level doesn't give away how much he/she would faire in battle. According to the manual, the standards are as follow. For normal people Body of 150, Mind of 200, totalling a Power Level of 350. While for standard mages it is Body of 250, Mind of 250 and Magic of 500, totalling a Power Level of 1000.


Name Body Mind Magic Total
Shin Shinri (Breakdown)17510004001575
Reggie (Breakdown)55010006002150
Hershell Fullbody (Breakdown)1000120012003400
Meredy Milkovich (Breakdown)150012008003500
Samantha Diaz (Breakdown)600120017003500
Anorak (Breakdown)1400150013004200
Wonderful Gocche5007008002000
Damon D. Draco (Breakdown)1500180015004800
Mono (Breakdown)????????????2800
Megas Ness (Breakdown)????????????3500
Angus Hayagrive (Breakdown)????????????4000
Caribou Nightwalker (Breakdown)????????????5000



  • Its appearance is based on Usopp's Goggles from the One Piece Series.
  • This was highly inspired on Balor's Magical Eye from the Nanatsu no Taizai Series.
  • It should be noted that the Author may only use this Item for Storyline purposes.
  • The characters listed up there may have had variations of power levels during their lifetimes. With this, the author is sure to put the designed timeline on the list as well.
  • A person can buy one MPG at the cost of 10,000Jewels FT in Seven.
  • It should also be noted that some power levels may become inconsistent, given what happens in the author's story. Justifying on it, he merely wanted to use it as a plot-point during the storyline as part of the protagonists' strategy.
    • In fact, the power levels were never meant to be extremely accurate.


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