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"Now, I will show you the true embodiment of fierce madness!"
Jeff Harrison about to use Magma Demon Slayer Magic.
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Magma Demon Slayer Magic



Maguma Akuma Tokkō no Mahō


Caster Magic
Lost Magic


Jeff Harrison

Magma Demon Slayer Magic(マグマ悪魔特効の魔法 Maguma Akuma Tokkō no Mahō) is a type of Caster Magic, Lost Magic and a style of Demon Slayer Magic. The sole practitioner is Jeff Harrison.


Magma Demon Slayer Magic is a type of Magic that grants the user the characteristics vaguely akin to a magma demon's; such as the ability to generate and manipulate magma, the immunity to magma and etc. It allows the user to produce extremely hot and potent magma that incinerates and decimates almost anything that stumbles upon it. It is commonly utilized as means of offense rather than defense, depending on the nature of the user. The reverse is also true; a defensive user commonly utilizes it as means of defense rather than offense, as it's blazing hot stream of magma is commonly molded into a wall. Other than this, it allows the user to consume external sources of magma to replenish their own strength; however, the user is unable to consume the magma that they've produced themselves.


Demon Force

Due to the nature of the style, the Demon Force of the user is initiated in a rather unique way; when Jeff was pushed to the edge of extreme rage, stress and fustration due to his failure to murder Clayton Shirogane, he calmly manifested his rage as a method to achieve this form. In this form, Jeff's abilities and appearance undergoes a drastic change, such as gaining a demon-like physique, a hot pink sclera and vermillion eye-pupils. Also, Jeff's strength, endurance, speed and other physical attributes are exponentially augmentated. The most major change in this form, is his intelligence, rather than his other physical traits; he becomes akin to a mindless demon juggernaut, and has only one foremost intention: to commit genocides. According to Diyubo the Magma Demon, Jeff's magic reserves were nearly depleted after entering this form in a last ditch effort to murder his targets.


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