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Magnetism Enchantment



Jiki Nōen


Caster Magic


Shin Inari

Magnetism Enchantment (磁気濃艶, Jiki Nōen) is a type of Caster Magic exclusive to Shin Inari. As the name suggests, this magic allows him to control and generate magnetic fields and effect magnetic materials.


This caster magic allows Shin to manipulate magnetic fields, and indirectly through them control anything that is connected to them; such as metals. However, this metal manipulation is limited to the metals that make up the Alnico Magnets, that is, aluminium, nickel, iron and cobalt. He can also use his generated magnetic fields to repel objects away from him, use humans with rare conditions as puppets (by controlling the metallic particles in the body), create objects, magnetize and demagnetize objects and sense magnetic fields around him.


  • The word "Enchantment" other than being synonymous to the word "magnetize" can also be considered as an antonym for the word "Curse".
  • The rare condition refereed to in the article is the excess of metallic particles or minerals in the body.
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