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Caster Magic


Arumat Jerand
Severa Jerand
Ame Murakumo

Magnetism Magic (磁気魔法, Jiki Mahō) is a Caster Magic that allows the user to manipulate Magnetic Fields.


With this Magic, the user is able to convert their Magical Energy into Magnetic Waves that they can then use in order to magnetize and manipulate various objects of their choosing, effectively allowing the user of this magic to become an electromagnet. User of this magic have an innate invincibility against weilders of metallic-based weaponry as they can simply redirect the attack elsewhere. Less skilled users are simply able to repel and attract their targets by utilizing the Magnetic Fields to their advantage; such as causing an opponent to become magnetized through the iron in their blood, resulting in metallic weapons seemingly "attacking" them. However, more skilled users, such as Arumat Jerand, are able to take this a step further due to being a human electromagnet and are able to magnetize the very Earth around their being, resulting in Magnetic Waves piercing into the surroundings and then begin to absorb iron from the pierced landscape, successfully creating Iron Sand.


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