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"We are both machines, bred to wage war against the enemies of the Mystan Empire."
— Mago.
Mago Hogi

マジシャン いし


majishan ishi


Son of the United (ユナイテッドの息子 yunaiteddo no musuko)
The Purple Dragon (パープル ドラゴン paapuru doragon)




Spirit-Infused Human


Kabisara, Mys


Male Male


22 (X794, when receiving Spirit Infusement)


Private Education

Hair Color

Dark Red

Eye Color


Skin Tone



185 cm


62 kg

Professional Status

HogiFamily House of Hogi

Previous Affiliation

UnitedNagalogo Mystan Government
Mystan Monks


Prince of Mys

Personal Status


Marital Status



Nobya Hogi


House of Hogi

Powers & Equipment

Elder Magic (Regium Dragon) (Forbidden Regium Dragon)
Celestial Spirit Magic
Art of the Mystan Monks (Elemental Path)
Barrier Magic


War I: Rivalry Begins, Not Quite Ends

Mago Hogi (マジシャン いし majishan ishi) is the first born of Ulo Hogi and the heir to the Mystan Empire,





Magic Abilities

Elder Magic

Elder Magic (エルダーマジック Erudāmajikku) is a magic that had existed before the magic that is known in the present time. Elder Magic varies among the Elder Spirits, with every spell unique to each Spirit. Elder Magic is exclusive to the Spirit race as it requires vast amounts of Ethernano to preform, which goes beyond the magic limit of the standard human wizard. Elder Magic is never the same for each Spirit as all spells learned under Elder Magic are unique to every Spirit that all have unique effects on the world around it's castor. The amount of Elder Magic spells due to their power among the Spirit population range from one to two considering the effects that Elder Magic can have; three to five Elder Magic spells are considered God-Like while six and more is known as impossible. Some Elder Magic spells can reflect on their user's personality and acts in the way as an expression of its user's nature as a being. In total Mago has learned a number of two spells which greatly enhance his power and abilities, though one of his most used spells has seeped into his mind and soul as it has clearly become a part of him, combining with his genetics and creating some sort of strange fusion that now makes up his blood.

  • Mago07
    Elder Magic: Esse Violentum (暴力的なビーイング bōryoku-tekina bīingu) is Mago's main Elder Magic spell and his most power one which seems to have seeped into both Mago's mind and soul, as the magical power energy needed for this special kind of magic has combined with his already Human-Spirit blood genetics and has practical become one with Mago, becoming a part of him forever due to overusing the magic. By intensifying the certain magical power that has been combined with his human and spirit blood, Mago goes through an extreme evolution of body functions and appearance as many purple rough scales begin to dot in areas of his body, progressively taking over his body as he powers the spell up for his personal use. By putting friction and combining his blood with this magic that is already flowing with the infused combination of blood that flows through his veins, the blood delivers the magic all over his body as it starts taking notable effects that means that the spell is working. Compared to inactivated and activated forms of this spell on Mago's body, Elder Magic: Esse Violentum is extremely faster when taking effect on his body because of the forced activation of the spell, and so speeds up the process of transforming into the horrific beast that Mago shows to be in just seconds, allowing him to enter combat ready and awake in his new body.
    In this body Mago has an increased amount of strength, stamina and durability which greatly help hims in non magical combat such as armed and unarmed which greatly increase in power thanks to the upgraded attributes of his capabilities. With these new changes to his attributes in skill Mago also takes notable effects on his outer body as his full figure is incased in rough purple scales with the ability to block most physical attacks and some magical attacks except more powered one, that cover every inch of his body except his eyes and hair, which is now an apparent snow white that is very noticeable alongside his very bright red eyes as they peer into one's soul. Mago also grows claws from his fingernails which show to be extremely sharp as they cut through metal and skin like butter, proving extremely dangerous to those that wear armor, as not even the strongest of metals could stop Mago from cutting through, which also shows to be the same with his teeth as Mago can chomp through wood and rock quite easily. This infusion into his blood doesn't affect him greatly such as in a situation including Face or similar to occur, where one would think that Mago would be greatly affected and weakened by such presence. It's not the case and Mago would be totally fine despite the magic cancellation that Face and what not provide.
  • Elder Magic: Regium (王家の血 Ōke no chi) by concentrating solely on the activity of his ethernano particles that surround him as he casts magic, he moves the magic floating particles to combine into his presence's force as he starts to command them to transfer magical power into the next phase of his attack, using them to start powering up his body as he concentrates on the next step of his grievous strike against his opponent, which can take him a certain amount of time depending on how well Mago is concentrating and thinking at that time. As the magic beings powering and strengthening his hands, which Mago can tell by feeling how tight his hands are becoming because of it Mago starts interacting and transferring the magic ethernano particles inside of him that are very specific to the Elder Magic arts as they are very elder and powerful particles solely for the use of Elder Magic spells. As Mago's hands suddenly become filled with energy both from within and outside his body, Mago can use this combined magic to summon a strange serpentine dragon from his hands, as it flows from the clenched palms of his hands as he throws the dragon with such force to quickly release the dragon from his grasp. This dragon is extremely powerful due to it's highly concentrated Light element known as the Regium dragon element as well as it's ethereal body, which no-one but Dragon Slayers can touch though they will still find a problem battling against the terrifying beast. The dragon is decorated with purple scales and a total of three red eyes, which is similar looking to Mago's Esse Violentum form, as both formations are equally as powerful and equally different to each other, because of the properties that both spells retain. The dragon's mind is connected to Mago and follows his commands without failure due to Mago also holding control over the independent dragon, and does exactly what Mago will telepathically tell him to do due to having and sharing the same mind as the beast. It is said by the analyzers and mages of his kingdom that this dragon is one of the eldest of his kind, and had once rebelled against his Spirit leaders who decided to punish the elder dragon by containing him in a strange field and dimension which could only be accessed by the user of the Elder Magic who possesses the capability to do such feat, which Mago is extremely capable of. With the might of a dragon at his finger tips, Mago can call upon the strength of this ancient dragon to aid him in combat as the dragon has been contracted to aid the mage till the very end even at the cost of his very own life. The dragon should be considered a spirit due to the ability to switch from realm to realm though still does have the official status as a full fledged dragon. Mago can retreat the dragon simply by waving his hand that he would have exerted Elder Magic in to send the dragon back to his domain, eliminating all inflicted damages done to the dragon if was attacked by a Dragon Slayer however cannot be called upon for the next few hours, which is only caused by the forced retreat.
    • RegiumDragonRoar
      Regium Dragon Roar (ロイヤリティドラゴン咆哮 Roiyaritidoragon hōkō) The dragon magically builds up ethernano magic energy within the inside of his mouth to create an intense mixture of light, darkness and fire magic particles to create a devastating offensive magical force that if held too long inside the dragon's mouth, could become too large for the dragon to handle and therefore damage it's jaw the more it builds up, making it's way to the head where the dragon will die because of the contained blast. When the dragon decides to release the current amount of the blast that it had patiently waited for it to build up, the dragon proceeds to use excessive force from it's breath and the muscles of his mouth to strengthen the contained magic as the powerful breath of the dragon builds up the push with the more time he breathes into the roar the more violent and quick the blast will shoot, swiftly destroying and burning anything in it's path. As it's stage comes to closing the dragon then quickly relaxes the muscles he used to hold the roar in place as he continues to let out a shout of it's language, forcefully sending the blast out from it's containment as it shoots the other way due to the great push of the shout, bursting from the other side of the dragon's throat as it rushes to hit it's target, and will not stop until colliding with a vastly dense blockade, continuously eating away the material of the block before running out of magical energy that the dragon had built up. This roar will break through anything no matter what material is used to block and is extremely deadly when used as it disintegrates nearly all things in it's path, also having the chance to leave small but powerful traces of built up fire particles, which will blowup shortly after being left.
    • Regium Dragon Tail Whip (レギウムドラゴンテールウィップ Regiumudoragontēruu~ippu) By acquiring the required amount of ethernano that revolves around the dragon whilst he is summoned, the dragon concentrates on exerting the magical energy into the end of his serpentine dragon tail which will proceed to glow a strange purple and red light from the end area of his long tail body, signifying that the build up is continuing and will glow more intense the more power is being exerted into the storage of the tail. Now that there is a substantial amount of magical power inside the dragon's tail, Mago's dragon can finally fight back now that it has enhanced the capabilities and strength of his long tail, which is now capable of breaking through mountains in just a single strike, which could be very messy and gruesome of that kind of power was to ever collide with the body of a human being. The dragon can also control what kind of magic energy can be consumed and transferred to it's tail through simple methods that go in side his body which does the changing to the magic particles as it passes it along to it's tail; by frictioning it together the magic particles can become either fire magic or lightning magic which can leave a devastating burn on the land his tail hits or maybe leave a small fire where it had hit. This spell of the dragon does require mass amounts of ethernano and will maybe tire out the dragon if it summons Regium Dragon Tail Whip too many times during a fight, sending the dragon back into it's strange dimension to recharge must the dragon be tired out of energy which has no effect on Mago himself despite sharing his identity with the fearsome dragon.
    • Regiumdragon01
      Regium Dragon Energy Steal (レギウムドラゴンエネルギーが盗みます Regiumudoragon'enerugī ga nusumimasu) Mago can command the dragon to begin taking in energy from the field with the maximum of a two hundred and fifty meter radius so that the dragon can begin absorbing magic from any opponent on the field that Mago's and the dragon's heart will recognize as, leaving allies and family still capable of fighting but now this time against ethernano weak opponents who may be too tired to continue casting spells. The dragon by using magic particles inside him that have been internally programmed to attract the ethernano magic particles the dragon or Mago wishes forces the particles from our his mouth as it holds it in place before his jaw, holding it whilst the magic particles begins collecting and fprcing out magic from all aspects of it's arena, collecting indiscriminately as it slowly weakens the enemies on the field. The dragon then can choose to do three otions that can change the tide of war to Mago's choosing if they don't already have a upper hand in this whole battle, as the dragon can either be commanded to: Shoot the collected energy into a target where it will act as sort of a mini Etherion blast sphere as it is made up of several magics collected from the field, shoot it towards Mago or any other ally to his heart so that they can absorb the collected magic within them to regain their magic capacity but will suffer grievous amounts of pain due to foreign magic particles that their body wouldn't be used to, and swallow back the magic power allowing the dragon to absorb this magic and use it for any of it's other spells in order to replenish it's supply of magic.
    • TwoheadedGreenAndPurple
      Regium Dragon Forbidden Speech (レギウムドラゴン禁断のスピーチ Regiumudoragon kindan no supīchi) is a special art unique to the Regium Dragon as it requires both him and the presence and connection of Mago who needs to to stay in tuned with the dragon's actions. By combining both ethernano magic particles together from the magic force that surrounds both the dragon and Mago the two of them fuse a tight bond that causes the dragon and Mago to combine into one being with the use of a single word that needs to be pronounced and exclaimed by both participants of the spell while both are present, "Sholk" which in Mago's native language translates to a phrase "Two souls, one body.", hence the ability that this spell does. When the spell begins the transformation the magics combined used for the spell begins changing the whole mind, soul and body of the dragon and human as their physical forms begin glittering with light and suddenly disintegrating in an explosion of gold glitter that disappears, only to lead up to a massive explosion of purple and black clouds where one of them had recently been, to reveal a terrifying dragon made up of two large draconic heads with a green color that tinges the spines and wings of the massive beast, now with the soul of the combined souls that cooperates to control such a beast. This form is their strongest form though does have some major weaknesses to it's status, such as it's immense weakness to Dragon Slaying Magic which all dragons face, however unluckily for Light Dragon slayers since Regium is a stronger form of Ligh magic, the Regium Dragon will be able to consume the light energy given off by the attackers. When the form is not able to support itself any longer than it needs to the dragon and Mago's dragon form will revert back as it splits the two personalities apart and transferring back into their former appearance after exploding from a missive cloud of smoke which covers the massive beast. Basically this spell is a voice activated Dragonification that with the help of the soul of an actual dragon allows Mago to retain a human status without any side affects from the dangerous base ability, and even though Mago has mixed and combined body with the dragon he is still in control of the actions as it has become an entirely new being.
      • Forbidden Regium Dragon Roar (禁断のレギウムドラゴン咆哮 Kindan no regiumudoragon hōkō) just as the Regium Dragon's normal roar is made, this new dragon's roar is immensely more powerful and effective due to the combination of two powerful magic souls, though however the process makes it very unpopular to the two souls as they find it hard enough to bring up such a powerful and immense attack. By exerting the several magic particles into the dragon's throat conjoined pipe which leads up and through both of the necks that the dragon has, the magic power within it's throat builds up with magic from light, darkness and fire ethernano magic particles but now with the addition of a strange new magic that is not yet discovered by the human mages of Earth Land, making this dragon roar something more advanced than what humans of Ishgar are used to and so are not prepared to face such a magic blast. The build up of energy intensifies within the dragon's throat causing it to tense which isn't very comfortable for the two combined souls as they continue to build up the power of their dragon roar. When reaching the amount of power that the two souls require for their attack the magic then splits between the two throats as they violently force the contained magic energy from up through their throat and out of their now opened jaws which are not effected by the danger of the blast with the help of built up repelling magic energy that they use to push out the contained magic. The blast is extremely devastating and powerful as just with the Regium Dragon Roar will not stop until it hits an extremely dense object, with the magic particles eating away the material the more the blast is focused on that exact area. Though this blast of energy does not leave any traces of friction fire magic particles that would explode after being left untreated for too long, the dragon roar itself is deadly enough to disintegrate anything and everything in it's path.
        • Black King Shout (ブラックキングシャウト Burakkukingushauto) this Dragon Slayer roar is a unison raid compromised of Nabyo's Darkness Dragon Roar combined with her brother Mago Hogi's Forbidden Regium Dragon Roar when both elements combined together must work on the field, creating this enormous blast of opposite elements combined into on that creates this blast made up of contradiction and opposite that the power that lies within is far too great for some of the greatest minds of Earth Land to comprehend. For the unison raid to work both Forbidden Regium Dragon must be present as well as Nabyo Hogi herself as they both power up their roar at the same time as each other before pointing it at the same target for them to destroy, letting out the immense energy as the two elements combine into one concentrated blast as it hurls towards the target, becoming a long streak of black and white light as it shoots through the sky and straight at the target of the two mages. To be on the other side and the target of this blast is something a human wouldn't be able to handle, as the collision and impact of the blast is very peculiar on how it is described, as it is detailed as being hit with something that is extremely hot but at the same time something that is vastly cold, creating more opposite and contradiction in the blast as it breaks all laws of nature and science within the world. The only way that this blast can work or even exist is that there is somehow some ancient working to it or it's the fact that this is just magic and anything can happen honestly. Though the blast is not as strong as the Etherion blast used by the Magic Council, it is still something to be feared when two members of the House of Hogi unite in order to destroy a target when resorting to using their trump care: Black King Shout.
      • Forbidden Regium Dragon Claw (禁断のレギウムドラゴンクロー Kindan no regiumudoragonkurō) Despite it's name being claw and that claws are usually weapons that are associated with the hands of a being, this is not the case with Forbidden Regium Dragon as well as other Dragon Slayer Magic types as this spell utilizes magic that is concentrated on the user's feet which gives them more power and enhancing the strength of their kicks as well as producing a mass amount of magical energy that is capable of propelling Mago's dragon form to any direction he so wishes or use them to shoot the magic energy from his feet, though does not need this due to having wings for his dragon form. The spell begins with both minds of Mago and the dragon thinking and concentrating on the thought of exerting his inner magic force to his lower legs and feet, as they travel down the large body of the dragon and start to enhance the dragon body's feet and legs as they begin radiating and burning off a strange light that flickers in the wind as it burns brightly but doesn't effect Forbidden Regium Dragon at all. Mago can see when the spell is being prepared and ready as the fire at his feet become extremely intense as he can now feel some sort of heat from below his waist as he awaits the next part of his plan which mainly should be him stroking the opponent with his now magical enhanced feet which now delivers extreme blows from every kick that Forbidden Regium dragon does to their opponent, taking more and more effect the more that the dragon continues kicking their opponent. The flame that has been brought on to enhance hos legs will not last too long and should last him long enough to send out a flurry of leg strikes which can quite easily kick out a tree that will be sent flying in th opposite direction just from a simple collision with the dragon's foot.
      • Forbidden Regium Dragon Fist (禁断のレギウムドラゴンフィスト Kindan no regiumudoragonfisuto) Compared to Regium Dragon's old form before fusing body and mind with the young Mago after ordering the infusion between the two souls, Regium Dragon had only Regium Dragon Tail Whip to substitute for this attack but now with the new addition of arms to the dragon's body, the Forbidden Regium Dragon cooperation can now attack with both spells used for it's hands and feet which can bring up devastating destruction to where it brings itself to. This spell focuses more on the hands of the dragons much to the additions of the dragon form and so focuses more immense magic power to enhance the strength and power of these hands, giving them strong magic power to obliterate his enemies with just a single punch in just his Forbidden Regium Dragon form. Exerting energy from within his ethernano magic capacity and straight into the knuckles and palm of their hands, Forbidden Regium Dragon starts to build up a flame like aura around his hands as they are then engulfed in the massive and dense collection of magic energy which greatly increases the danger of Mago and Regium Dragon's punches and hits that he uses to strike his opponents. Just like Forbidden Regium Dragon Claw the spell doesn't last for too long but just enough for Forbidden Regium Dragon to start and finish a full combination of strikes using this spell against his enemies as he unleashes a flurry of attacks to put down the target. Forbidden Regium Dragon Fist is used on both hands of the dragon form and so become terrifyingly dangerous if he was to use this spell with Forbidden Regium Dragon Claw, making all hits from him immensely deadly as all striking hits will be coming from the points that Mago will use to hit and take down all opponents.
      • Forbidden Regium Dragon Minions (禁断のレギウムドラゴン手先 Kindan no regiumudoragon tesaki) Mago's Forbidden Regium Dragon form also gives the dragon the ability to form and create human like golems from any surface material that Mago can get his dragon hands on, which is a main requirement to even cast this spell as these somewhat powerful golems cannot be summons from a distance unlike Shade Magic. Depending on how much ethernano magic energy that Mago plans to use, the Forbidden regium Dragon must first convert a special type of ethernano into his hands much like his Forbidden regium Dragon Fist, where the ethernano begins to build up the more Mago wishes, which will affect the amount of soldiers that Mago will summon depending on how much ethernano magic particles in infused with the material surface in order to create and bring to life these golems. Once having built up this magical energy Mago or the Regium Dragon will proceed to smash their hand into a surface area where there is a lot of space for the minions to rise out of as this spell also is effected to allow the grand summoning of these warriors. Though these golems are incapable of utilizing magic due to a limitation to the Forbidden Regium Dragon's power, they share the same knowledge as Mago himself in both the arts of swordsmanship as well as hand to hand combat, something that makes Mago train himself on to make these golems more dangerous to those he finds opposing him. The golems will fight to the death for the Forbidden Regium Dragon as it follows orders without question, programmed to follow all commands without failure till given new orders or until having completed them, so there would be no way to help these lost souls as they are now fully under the control of the Forbidden Regium Dragon.
      • Planetary Return (惑星に戻ります Wakusei ni modorimasu) a very special spell capable only in the form of Forbidden Regium Dragon, Mago and the dragon combined can call on the stars and moons that have been ordered to contain the Regium Dragon in his prison to grant them power in order to keep them alive, by eliminating their foes by shaking the world at their fingertips. Such request is granted when Mago stands at the Arcanum in his country Mys, which is a vital point due to it's perfect alignment with the stars and the moons on certain days of the week which Mago can only cast the spell at. When standing in their Forbidden Regium Dragon form the two souls will chant upwards into the sky as white glitter and black smoke fall from the heavens and onto them as they are consumed by the mass amount of such environment whilst the stars and moons transfer their power. Though they cannot see it, Mago explains that when ready a powerful white blast of pure god-like magic energy is shot to the stars of the sky above, transferring this power between each other as it progressively grows stronger in power the more it is passed down. Just as the now immensely powerful blast reaches the center of the Arcanum where the Forbidden Regium Dragon stands, the dragon emerges as it roars with it's voice just as it is then hit by the powerful blast, acting as a painkiller to the blast after it hits due to the immense power held inside the projectile. The blast then infuses with the blood and strength of the dragon form as the dragon begins to glow with a white aura surrounding it, signifying the great power that the two souls have collected and that they are ready to face the capabilities that the spell will offer them. In general the spell just enhances the magic power and strength of the Forbidden Regium Dragon for just a short period of time because of the blast's magic presence on Earth Land, and will only supply Mago and the Regium dragon enough time to fly to one side of the continent and slamming the ground with his fist, shaking the world as all residents of Earth Land will feel the tremor. However when the time limit is up Forbidden Regium Dragon mode will revert back the two souls as they are separated and reverting the Regium Dragon back into it's cell in the strange dimension.

Celestial Spirit Magic

Celestial Spirit Magic (星霊 魔法, Seirei Mahō) is a Holder Magic, Spirit Summoning and Spatial Magic that when used alongside Celestial Spirit keys gives Mago the ability to summon forth a powerful celestial spirit through their gate in order to bring them into the realm of Earth Land. A celestial spirit's rank and status are the product of their strength, capabilities and the rarity of their celestial spirit key which shows how powerful and lucky a celestial mage is to be if they have acquired such a piece of magic technology. There are many keys that exist in the world that summon these magnificent beings, where silver and elemental keys are the lowest ranked out of the bunch and planetary and golden zodiac keys are the most powerful and strongest from the collection and assortment of keys, which therefore are able to summon Mago some of the strongest celestial Zodiacs and Behemoths known to the Celestial spirit kingdom. Celestial spirits hold a contract with their owner and such can report to them on what days that a Celestial Spirit can be summoned to the Celestial Mage's side and limit the days that they want to leave for their own time, because Celestial spirits have feelings too, so it'd be cruel to not give them breaks. Therefore the Celestial Spirit key will not allow the mage to open the spirit's gate, making it nearly impossible to call upon the spirit as they have restricted their work time for this day and maybe others depending on their contract details with the mage which they do before they are officially assigned to the Celestial mage. Currently having acquired the Planetary Celestial Spirit, the Behemoth of Saturn, Mago has acquired one of the eleven powerful planetary spirits and has been able to produce a friendly and close friendship with his partner, giving this Behemoth to work to the best of their ability and cooperate just fine without the need for questioning.

  • Summon (召喚, Shōkan) is the most basic out of all the spells required to utilize Celestial Spirit Magic and their celestial spirit keys in order to summon their Celestial spirits from their celestial spirit realm. As Mago begins the summoning over his chosen Celestial Spirit, Mago is sure to hold the key up above his head in order not only to show off the awesome look and powerful reputation that the Celestial key has but as a way to speed up the key's collection of magic energy around the area, which is extremely vital for the summoning which i then explained in this next part. The way that a celestial gate opens is that it needs a good amount of magical energy in order for it to power up and therefore allow the celestial spirit of that gate move into Earth Land as they are de-materialized for their journey to transport straight from the Celestial Spirit Realm into Earth Land, which is dangerous for Spirits if they do not go through this process. As the magic is then activated through the use of the phrase needed for opening the gate, Mago will proceed to move his arm with the key downward or upward in the direction of his choosing. As the magic travels from Earth Land and into the Celestial spirit realm through the key, the gate on the other side of the used key will start absorbing this needed etheranno magical energy in order for the gate to function it's purpose and allow the spirit to enter Earth Land safely. As the spirit begins de-materializing on their side of the dimension from being sucked out their mind, body and soul which effectively transports their whole being through and into Earth Land, they will transport in an instant as Mago will have finally finished his swipe which represents him summoning the great celestial spirit to his side. What may look like in seconds for Earth Land may be a few minutes inside the Celestial Spirit Realm.
  • Force Gate Closure (フォース•ゲート閉鎖, Fōsu gēto klōsa) is also a very basic spell alongside summon as it basically forces back the summoned Celestial Spirit back into their resident plane, which can only be done through a mutual agreement that it is best that Mago sends his spirit back into the plane as a way of protecting them and healing them to use for future events. Before everything is to be done for the spell to work, Mago will have to notify the summoned celestial spirit that Mago will be forcing their gate to close which will there force send the spirit back due to Mago cutting off the connection between the Celestial Spirit Realm and Earth Land using magic which will burst the connection and send the spirit back just as how it got in. After the two partners have agreed to forcing the gate to close the summoned spirit begins to relax as causing tense during the transfer back to their realm can be very uncomfortable as well as conclude on undesirable pain that the spirit will experience after since they chose not to relax their body for the transport. By bringing out the celestial spirit key out it will just as before summoning begin absorbing the magic around the area or magic that had been stocked up in the key to utilize whenever magic is unavailable, swiping the other direction which they activated the summon with in order to signify that Mago wishes to send back the spirit back to their world, where the magic in the key begins taking effect. The magic from the key will then become absorbed into the connection that by the programming given by the key will suddenly burst the signal between the two realms as the spirit safely makes it's way back home.
  • Celestial Eye (天体の目 Tentai no me): is a Celestial Spirit Magic spell that allows the user or their spirit to momentarily predict the future with one of their eyes. Celestial Eye, as stated above, is a spell that allows the user to peer into the prospective and yet impending actions that are yet to occur, better known as the future. The knowledge behind the spell itself is relatively uncharted as there's no exact explanation how Celestial Spirit Mages can actually utilise it, but there are theories that suggest that it's somehow related to the astrological concept known as a horoscope. A spell that's easy to attain but rarely mastered to the point of being able to be used in fast paced combat, it's a spell that clearly shows the differences between an acquainted user of Celestial Spirit Magic and a master. When activated, the respective user or selected spirit will have one of their eyes change from their normal pattern into having their iris and pupil reflect what could be described as a clear night sky. Once this is done, this eye will be able to see the world around them as if it was two seconds ahead of time while the other eye remains the same. This gives the user the ability to successfully "predict" the future and make the most suitable action to it, the longest time known to have this spell active is so far at 15 seconds, but the most common time length for Master users is estimated to be around 10 seconds. As one might expect, this spell is incredibility hard to master as it'll require a great deal of mental focus to handle the usage of this spell. As neither the brain or your ocular system isn't designed to handle two different perspectives of such a magnitude, a novice or even a master user of this spell risks experiencing a situation which can result in damaging their Visual Cortex to the point of causing Cortical visual impairments. Thus it's recommended to use this spell as little as possible and for frequent usage then at least a downtime between 5 to 10 minutes to minimize the risks. 

Art of the Mystan Monks

Art of the Mystan Monks (Mystan僧侶のアート Mystan sōryo no āto) is primarily a Caster Magic that is taught exclusively to the monks and their pupils in the land of Mys, who train and practice through intense sessions on the hills of Mount Katiwala, one of the biggest and tallest mountains in the continent. This kind of art requires, determination, experience and extreme focused concentration which is very vital to the execution of these many spells that are powerful if they are used correctly in the right situation, proving useless to others as they have been designed specifically for them. The Art of the Mystan Monks does not require Etheranno magic energy, infact the whole art of this magnificent style of magic doesn't base it's attacks or power it's attacks with magic at all, making it a humongous advantage when in an environment where magic has been wiped out of the magic particles such as the world when activate by the Face weapon. By concentrating an internal power that resides within all human beings named by the Mystan monks as Manus (手 Te), extreme focus and concentration is required here as Manus in the body hasn't been converted into the proper power source for the art of combat yet, so through the mage concentrating on transforming and mutating their Manus into Ethernano, they are able to unlock it's capabilities when finished allowing the mage to finally start casting the Art of the Mystan Monks. Because Mago is the son of the emperor of Mys, he has received private training at a young age allowing him to gain along period of experience in order to fully master this special art of combat, which the monks use to both as a way of praising and worshiping their deities as well as fight in the name of their gods to please them. This type of magic is invulnerable to the effects of Dispelling magic due to the fact that Art of the Mystan Monk uses a totally different energy source from ethernano which is the primary magic Dispel works against.

  • Elemental Path (エレメンタル パス erementaru pasu) Is the path where a monk chooses to use their Manus energy to cast magic from the elemntal path of the Art of the Mystan Monks, which forces the practicing monk to sacrifice vast amount of the time to study and practice this treacherous path as they learn how to basically create the element right from their finger tips. The elemental path is certainly the most dangerous of all the paths that can be chosen as it forces the mage to change the way their body functions inorder to be able to cast some of the magics available to them, going through extreme lengths to be able to be sure that they can be capable of such magic. From training their body immensley to taking strange experiments on their body to do so, the elemntal path really is one of the most hardcore branches of the Mystan Art. In the amount of time Mago chose to practice the Elemental Path of the Art of the Mystan Monks, Mago went under the ultimate configurations at such a young age, as his body's progression into adulthood was able to enhance the effects of such experiments where the changes were programmed to follow alongside Mago's growth which allowed him to practice the elemental path with ease though at a price. The result being that Mago couldn't preform elemental magic using Ethernano energy as the experiemnts only supported elemental magic using Manus energy instead, as they were aiming to quickly change Mago so that the Manus energy can change into the elements that the monk wished to learn. Along with experiments done on his body Mago went under the uttermost intense training for the path possible as he followed under the masters of the elemental art who trained their bodies and minds for most of their life in order to learn the elemental sub magics. Although these masters started off training and changing their bodies using natural methods, both Mago and their mastery of the magic came out as the same level of expertise.
    • Divine Light (神の光 Kami no hikari) the first Art of the Mystan Monks that Mago has ever learned, Mago begins friction between his Manus particles as they start to light up from his hands, which he does by speedily rubbing his hands together as they start glowing a bright yellow light, bright enough to blind anyone who is just as close to the light as Mago but he himself does not get blinded. The Manus begins glowing brightly Mago's hands begin becoming hot as they continue to glow this magic light, which if brought towards someone's eyes will blind them temporarily or even longer must they continue to stare into the blinding light. Now burning hot his hands both bright and dangerous to touch become weapons themselves as he can utilize both the light and the heat produced from frictioning his hand together, therefore powering the Manus, sort of a parallel to Light and Fire magic combined. But isn't. Once activated Mago is able to access to a wide variety of techniques and spells that are only available when activating Divine Light, but are still dangerous nonetheless by themselves if Mago chooses to fight with just his Divine Light hands. Mago's light can extinguished however if he was to get knocked into submission, enter an area where light does not exist or is wiped out or if Mago has run out of Manus energy for him to utilize and activate his Divine Spells from the Art of the Mystan Monks. Mago mainly uses Divine Light to illuminate extremely dark caverns or spaces as the light is able to act as a second sun to light up the area indefinitely. This addition and technique to his arts Mago is invulnerable to being blinded by any light and is able to fight through bright lights without a problem, like an Elemental Dragon Slayer is invulnerable to their specific element.
      • Star Ball (スターボール Sutābōru) When activating his Divine Light, Mago can concentrate his Manus to into the palm of his hands so that they can build up into small spheres the appear on his hand, which is just the first step as Mago builds up the energy within the small sphere of the ball. The Manus now activated for power quickly runs from it's place in his figure to travel down to his hands as small pores on his hands that are invisible to the naked eye are able to release this special Manus energy as it runs through and from Mago's hands, escaping through these minuscule holes as they are now inside the open atmosphere of magic, concealing themselves in small tiny spheres that are built on top of Mago's hands. To increase the power and activate the actual spell which cannot e done single-handedly, Mago will clasp his hands together in a loud clap which will echo around the area no matter the environment Mago is in, as the Manus produces a strange and mysterious aspect of the clap as it is done. This unison of hands slams the two powered spheres together as they combine into one bigger sphere full of the power that Mago had concentrated into the balls which now contain an extreme amount of Divine Light that can blind and burn a target if they are not strong enough. Now clasped together the powered energy is ready to release as he then forcefully opens his arms out wide to reveal a massive ball of pure light hovering in front of him which he "grabs" with his hands, holding it above his head as he chooses a target for Star Ball. The effects of a collision with Star Ball can be very devastating as not only the blinding of the light can permanently blind those who get hit but the heat from the Star Ball can burn anything it hits, and explodes on dense surfaces as it releases all the light and fire energy within it.
      • Diety's Protection (Deityの保護 Deity no hogo) Mago's most powerful Divine Light spell, this spell will take out anyone who is in three hundred meter radius around Mago's position, and will not only effect Mago's enemies around the area but as well as any nearby allies and neutral identities making this Mago's last trump card in order to take out the enemy. By collecting Manus energy into his mind and hands Mago can concentrate this energy to become more lethal as it will soon be travelling around his location in order to take effect, as not even the hardest thought of concentration done by an inexperienced mage could make even the ground explode from below, compared to Mago who is extremely experienced with the art. Once this magic has been exerted into the two separate areas of his body Mago will slam his palms into the ground as the Manus in his hands will seep out and connect and flow through the ground, with just enough Manus energy to cover the needed three hundred meter radius around Mago. This energy is very special as it utilized the constant thoughts of praise, determination and need which has made the Manus energy become extremely explosive and very destructible much to Mago's advantage. Even though the explosion aspect of Deity's protection doesn't take effect straight away, the destructible land does as it weakens the land around Mago making it hard to opponents to keep their ground and balance on the fragile land, also making magics such as Earth-Make magic which uses the ground to create their spells. To activate the explosion Mago can continue to concentrate this time on the ground as the Manus underneath him is still connected and awaiting his orders, and then with the click of his fingers which act as a trigger will release all tension built up in all the Manus causing them to violently explode the ground.
      • Sun Ray (Sun Rayの Sanrei no) By building up Manus energy within his hand Mago blocks any Manus energy from escaping his hand which causes the Manus to build up in pressure, which allows the Sun ray to shoot out violently as well as rapidly, sort of like a form of bullet magic but isn't because it uses Manus energy to activate and utilize. Just like the last two Divine Light spells, Manus proceeds to build up and exert Manus energy into his hands but this time doesn't allow the Manus energy to escape, building up a block to stop the Divine Light Manus from escaping and therefore pressurizing and violently building the energy so that it becomes too packed with Manus in his hands. This serves two purposes, one is that it makes the pact energy very swift when released as it is shot towards the target of Mago, the second is that Mago can choose freely without the worry of accidentally releasing the energy towards an accidental target as he can definitely be sure of who to shoot. When released the packed up energy is violently shot at at a split second which be extremely deadly to those who are not aware of the shot projectile, as the effects of being shot at by a sun ray can be grievous and uncomfortable to those who do collide with it. The bullet of light energy can leave a devastating burn on the victim as it can and will take weeks to months for the burn to heal but will still scar. Also the bullet will cut through metal and skin, so armored warriors are still not safe from Mago's Sun Ray as it is described to have attained the heat and power of the sun, all in the fingertips of Mago's hands. The only way for Sun Ray to have no effect on a user is that Divine Light is not activated at all and can be defended by shields made out from dense water shields or walls which will still be boiled by the ray, but will just be enough to prevent the Sun Ray from hitting.
    • Divine Winds (神の風 Kaminokaze) This type of magic utilizes Mago's arms and hands as they become manipulators of air, able to control the current and flows of the air around him to do many useful capabilities all at the disposal of Mago's hands. Now with the might of the powerful winds n his control, Mago can forcefully push his foes back into the ground with the breezes of the forest, able to summon up tornadoes from out of nowhere as well as control flocks of birds that use the wind to carry them across the sky. To activate Divine Winds however Mago must force his Manus energy into the whole arm areas of his body, effectively empowering both arms to control the winds as using the winds for his use requires many hand movements as well as arm movements not only for theatrical display but as a proper way to easily balance the magic into his favor without losing control of the spell halfway of casting it. When the Manus energy is forced to a part of the air, they instantly become capable for Divine Winds as the Manus of Mago's body is able to influence and manipulate the winds to follow their orders as Mago controls them, giving Mago the control of their wind as he forces the winds to tale different effects on his enemies doing things such as slicing or pushing, as the winds of Earth Land can be used for both sharp and blunt offensive attacks. But what is really special for Divine Winds mages is that they can use the winds to help the, fly in the air, giving them the ability of flight as they can also use other magics while in the air, which also comes with the fact that Mago can leap higher than many mages also using the strong push of the winds. Maybe the strongest of the spells of the Art of the Mystan Monks, Divine Winds can deflect more attacks due to the strong push of wind that can deflect most projectiles out of the way, giving the appearance that Mago had used his bare hand to flick a magic projectile the other way without a problem.
      • Sharp Wind (シャープ風 Shāpu-fū) By sharpening the wind around his arms, Mago can ultimately sharpen the winds in order for them to cut through rock, metal, bone and magical shields as if they were butter, making it extremely dangerous if Mago was to ever release a flurry of attacks using this spell whilst activated. Mago first has to concentrate and intensify the density of the wind around his arms where he as if somehow solidifies more than his normal Divine Winds sharp attacks, where it slowly becomes a blade of some sort. Even though this is the most simplest explained spell in all of his Divine Elements, this is probably one of the most hardest spells for Mago to conjure up due to the requirement that Mago has to solidify wind, where he basically forges a blade made out of nothing, but is still somehow possible because if it wasn't Mago wouldn't be able to cast this powerful magic. It takes the longest out of the spell to summon up and Mago will only use this spell when fighting off difficult opponents that he wishes to put down as fast as possible, due to it's capability to cut through nearly anything. But due to the concentration and determination and devotion to concentrating on the air for it to retain it's blade ability, Mago can only use this spell for a short period of time in the heat of battle due to so many things to be concentrating on which proves to be one of Mago's biggest problem in fighting. Sharp Wind is also able to be taught to other users of the Art of the Mystan Monks as it is the easiest to conjure up with Manus but the most difficult with concentration and mind power as most students of the arts find it hard to learn and even master it, with many of them giving up leaving only a small portion ever learning Sharp Wind.
      • SpeedingRocketKick
        Speeding Rocket Kick (スピードロケットキック Supīdorokettokikku) A move most useful against stationary targets so that the damage inflicted by the impact of this move is at it's up most potential, Speeding Rocket Kick is exactly what it is as it says in the name. By the speed and velocity building up the strength of Mago as he swiftly speeds through the air at an alarming pace, the move that Mago travels the more damage on may experience at the targeted end of the devastating kick, as it is also combined with Divine Wind techniques and wind magic. Mago starts off by pressuring wind magic particles within his body, as before starting the casting of the spell he had collected the ethernano magic around him in order to prepare the seeding strike. This pressured wind magic within him appears to grow more intense as once Mago has finally reached a stage he is satisfied with the first phase of the attack, he exerts it all in just one go as he forcefully repels himself from the back, propels himself from off the ground and into the air as he positions himself in a flying kick stance through the air. The rest all depends on if Mago is able to hit his target, for if he can strike the target without them putting up some sort of defense in time before the collision. Results may depend as they can end in either: the target is kicked back with so much power that their internal organs and bones will break and collapse ending with the untimely demise of the victim, or they will simply be thrown back with so much force that they will be extremely weakened by the impact. He also has an insurance if his foot somehow misses the opponent, as Sharp Winds have been combined onto the sides so that if his foot does miss, they will still be harmed by the sides of his foot as they are cut by the small sharp glades of air added by Divine Winds.
    • DivineFlame01

      Fire blazes from a user's hand when Divine Flame is activated,

      Divine Flame (神の炎 Kami no honō) Even though Divine Flame may sound like it's own seperate category for the Art of Mystan Monks, it really is just a subspecies of Divine Light of the sacred Arts, which is really just the product of Divine Light's heat just made without the really intense blinding light. Though without the light Divine Flame is still very dangerous as without the use of it's blinding light it has more room for an upgrade and advancement as it started concentrating more on heat and burns which normal fire would do, which seems to be very easy for Mago's Manus to achieve in. Divine Flame is activated the same way as how Divine Light is activated, but due to them having the same method which would otherwise be summoning Divine Light instead, Mago doesn't exert too much just as how he does with Divine Light, so just to bring out the powerful flames of this Mystan Monk's Art. Once activated Mago has finally activated it his hands will become extremely hot even though his hands will not show any sign of a existing heat on them, not even the red of the fire that is held inside his palms. This is really helpful as it can conceal the fact that Mago is currently wielding Divine Flame, though can show it with the clap of his hands, which will release the excess energy inside to reveal large flames that have now engulfed his hands in high temperature flames, and can with either form activated become extremely useful in hand to hand combat, as just touching the hand can one can easily get burnt. The flames produced off Divine Flame are not contagious when the user of the ability is relaxed and such, using this to display their power through the fire but once Divine Flames is concentrated for attacking and such, then it finally becomes hazardous to whatever it touches. One should also note that emotions also seem to play a big role in the intensity and size of the flames blazing off Mago's body, as shown when Mago was infuriated by Aquarius' involvement in the annihilation of one of Nobya's summons, as the more negative emotions that Mago goes through the larger the flames grow.
      • Brazen Bull (厚かましいブル Atsukamashī buru) This Divine Flame spell is recommended to use to opponents that have been encased in a conductive metal that allows Mago's heat to travel through and around the metal casing which would bake alive anything and anyone that has been trapped there, such as suits of armor and metal coffins. By exerting the Divine Flame energy within his hands Mago builds up enough Manus energy to create free roaming particles that follow a strict path and material to which it must journey around. This energy is unbearably hot, even to Mago himself who does not show any expression any pain or uncomfort whenever preparing Brazen Bull for his victim, creating this fear and appearance of a monster invulnerable to pain. Now filled with heat energy Mago proceeds to place his hands onto the metal casing in order for the Manus energy to pass through his hands and onto the metal material, infusing and drilling their way into the middle of the material in order to start it's effect. As the name suggests, the Manus energy begins heating up the metal casing with the victim inside, heating up the surfaces inside and outside the vessel as it roasts the victim inside alive as they go through a grievous and unfortunate suffering of heat as the metal that touches the person's skin starts branding the, adding onto the vicious pain that Brazen Bull offers them. Mago can also deactivate this spell simply by placing his hand on the metal surface after pulling it off, absorbing the Manus particles from the encasing as he takes it back in and converts it to another form of energy for later use. Because of this Mago becomes invulnerable to Fire attacks and so can withstand attacks from many Fire mages who dare cross his path.
      • BlazingCloak
        Blazing Cloak (燃えるような盾 Moeru yōna tate) When activated Mago is shrouded into a skin tight cloak entirely made up of blazing flames that burn any living organism that unfortunately touches him, disallowing any physical strikes against him forcing the opponent to resorting to magic attacks instead. Though unluckily for them, Blazing Cloak insanely upgrades all of Mago's Divine Flame attacks but severely weakens his other magics at the same time, but still very powerful depending on the circumstances. Just like Esse Violentum, Mago accomplishes activating the spell by spreading the Manus energy throughout his body as it is transforming into fire Manus energy, in which it is exerted outward by Mago as it starts heating up, producing the flame that makes up Blazing Coat. The fire's temperature varies, depending on how much energy is put into the spell as the more Manus concentrated the more blazing and hot Mago's Blazing Coat becomes. Unlike Esse Violentum however there isn't any upgrade to Mago's capabilities except the increase of power to his Divine Flames and protection from physical contact, though it's not really a problem as Mago already has his own enhanced strengths thanks to the blood. Mago's spell lets off a continuous cloak of fire that doesn't go out until he deactivates it but it is also not like any normal fire which could be manipulated by fire controllers or eaten up by Fire Dragon Slayers and whatever. Blazing Cloak doesn't burn off Mago's clothes if you were wondering, as it is stated above in the main heading that Divine Flames doesn't burn off things unless their are sentient like humans and whatever, so I guess his clothes would be fine if he were to activate it upon use though it does also cover his clothes because yeah.
      • InfernoObstacle
        Infernal Obstacle (地獄の障害 Jigoku no shōgai) A defensive spell that Mago uses to incinerate all kinds of projectiles coming his way no matter physical or magical and can even be used to totally consume an opponent near Mago in flames. Infernal Obstacle is a frontal move so there is nothing that will be protecting Mago at the back during this small period of time as he summons forth a blaze of fire to eat up anything in front of him, opening him up to attacks from the back for just a few seconds. Mago starts this move by quickly exerting and rushing the Manus energy through his arms and outward as they deliver a quick rush of fire Manus energy out of his palms and into the atmosphere around him. With a swift movement with his hands facing from the ground upward, Mago pulls back his arms to create a wave of fire that caves over him to ensure nothing from the top, the front and little from the sides can be able to strike at him. The fire's intense heat can quite easily burn anything solid as it instantly incinerates things such as arrows, bolts, rock, etc. and melts metal and what not such as swords, canon balls, etc. into a hot liquid that could leave an extremely nasty burn when coming into contact with human skin. It is though very dangerous for living beings to come into this kind of heat as well as the intense flame and grouped fire will instantly blaze a human that they will turn into a small mound of ash in just seconds, though this requires the human to literally be in the fire as it is being casted. In ceremonial practices back on Mys, the Mystan Monks used Infernal Obstacle in their tradition of combat to appease the gods, as they believed that the gods were incorporated into the flames as they ate up their meals when inside the flames, meaning that it was a sacrificial spell used to feed the gods.
      • GuidingFlame
        Guiding Flame (ガイダンスの炎 Gaidansu no honō) A simple projectile spell, Guiding Flame is so simple that even the children of the youngest most inexperienced of Mystan Monks are able to cast this spell with such ease, that it must be impossible to even mess it up somehow. Mago begins the spell by positioning his hands so the palms are facing downward as they are curved slightly, then flicking them upward a bit to pull up this sphere of fire energy all compressed into this ball of flame from out of nowhere. Now Mago is free to do whatever he may want with the ball where most circumstances ask for the projectile to be thrown towards a target, which is simply done by Mago pushing the sphere with both hands towards the opponent as on impact it turns into sort of a fiery liquid, adding more damage to the projectile. Guiding Flame does burn through skin and bone quite easily though solid thick surfaces from rock and brick can easily block Guiding Flame, though however the liquid residue after the sphere has been broken down from impact will remain there for a brief moment of time as it burns up anything that unfortunately treads in it's puddle. Guiding Flame is pretty bright and can be used to illuminate dark caverns although Mago doesn't have any need for that as his Divine Light already takes the spot for that special purpose, although if he does want to feel special and join a few fire wizards then he'll be sure to utilize Guiding Flame for such purpose. Guiding Flame is one of the most basic attacks of Divine Flame which is proven by the fact that Mago was able to learn this spell at such a young age whilst he was practicing the ancient art within Mys.
      • RapidShootingFlame01

        Numerous balls of flames can be shot out at rapid succession.

        Rapid Shooting Flame (急速射撃炎 Kyūsoku shageki-en) The Art of the Mystan Monks' version of Fire Bullet, Rapid Shooting Flame aims to fire a continuos wave of fire bullets at the opponent at an alarming speed that it must be impossible to deflect all in one go. By building up the magic within his hands, Mago points and faces his palms to the enemy as he pressures the energy so that there is not much space going on for the energy within his hands to relax. Like most of his projectile spells, the energy grows restless and soon when theres no more room and they are all clumped together, the Manus energy for the Divine Flame begins seperating into sections which form these balls that must shoot out the palms. When pointing his palm out to the enemy, Mago releases small amounts of Divine Flame be exerting bit by bit which somehow forces out the fire energy in small bursts of particles at a violent speed, using this to their advantage, the user can turn their arms basically into hamchine guns as they constantly release magic energy just a few miliseconds after having released one already. Rapid Shooting Flame is just like Guiding Light, however much smaller and easier and faster to conjure up which can be used as an alternative to the typical Guiding Light, as more experienced mages than novices can cast this spell with ease. With all spells, the intensity and tempreature of the balls can depend on how much energy was exerted in the first place. Rapid Shooting Flame upon contact with human flesh will severely burn the victim and can even kill them which is actually impossible provided that no open organs are shown on the shot isn't fired directly into the victim's mouth which I'm sure wouldn't happen accidently.
      • Spitfire01
        Spitfire (スピットファイア Supittofaia) is a spell that sort of mimics the infamous Fire Dragon Slayer's Roar as a blast of flame bursts out of the mage's mouth and straight at the target, where Spitfire doesjust that except it is on a smaller scale and is made with Manus energy instead. By exerting the energy into his jaw and mouth region, there are two ways that the user of the magic can release this energy both with different types of effects. One way the user can do it is by continuosly releasing the energy so that it constantly is spewed outand shot stright at the targets, burning them though not as much due to how little and powered the spitfire is, however one can be able to deliver a more serious burn must one concentrate the direction of the flame for a good amount of time as the fire breaks away the surface of the target and strikes them. Another way is to hold in the energy for a long period of time inside their jaw as they clench the mouth shut tightly while the power builds up within, so once the energy is finally released the built up blast while instantly strike the target with a powerful force before reverting back to a normal spit fire which is now powered up enough to burn those that do get in the way. Both methods can damage the sensitive parts of a human, as the first method can back off others by throwing an immensley hot flame into them but may take a bit to break through the skin, whilst the second is just that while delivering a strong punch to the enemy. Spitfire is also helpful for destroying and breaching doors which is helpful if Mago cannot reach the location, so using the extreme distance that Spitfire can cover can knock down a door in an instant with both methods.
    • Divine Blood (神の血 Kami no chi) Now this one of the Art is something that only students who have mastered a majority of the Art of the Mystan Monks are able to achieve, as Divine Blood litrelly combines the mage's blood with Manus though only for the time being that they are using this spell so it is not permanently, unlike Mago's Human-Spirit blood with now Elder Magic running through his veins as well. The user of Divine Blood has no need for preparation but they do need to activate it which they do by mentally focusing on their blood flow and body which seems to turn most users's appearance with the addition of red lines that run across the wizard's body, therefore signifying their veins as the blood within now glows brightly through the mage's skin. As Mago now has activated his Divine Blood, he is able to now access a variety of spells that have now changed and mutated his blood for the time that he remains in Divine Blood, as these spells are only exclusive whenever he activates the main spell. Even though most of these spells are not Caster Type spells they still are dangerous when projected and won't harm Mago at all no matter how much damage he faces from these attacks. Though however when in this spell activated Mago becomes greatly invulnerable to Blood Magic and Poison Magic which could prove useless against him during this form, due to the many properties that his Divine Blood spells offer the mage for their personal usage. With Divine Blood, Mago can withstand attacks even more and can survive nearly any attack that comes his way due to the upgrade of power that his body and blood has received through the activation of this special magic spell.
      • Poisoned Stream (毒ストリーム Doku sutorīmu) This blood upgrade is especialy helpful when fighting off creatures that require the blood of humans to fight as a source of energy, which in this case Mago poisons his bloodstream in order to infect and poison any creature that attempts to suck the blood from Mago's veins, suffering the ultimate price must they find out what really has happened to Mago's blood. By infusing his blood with residue from the activity of his Manus energy, which is extremely poisonous and toxic to the natural human touch, Mago has made his blood particles inedible and unsanitary though he is protected and invulnerable to the effects of the poisoned blood that now runs through Mago's veins. As simple as it sounds as it may also sound exclusive to being attacked by a vampiric creature, there are also other uses for Poisoned Stream than one may think. One technique with the poisoned stream blood is that Mago can personally make the victim of his attack drink the blood, either forcefully or peacefully once the infected blood enters that person's mouth and swallows it down, they are practically dead as there is no cure to healing one from Poisoned stream, or at least not yet. Mago can also use Poisoned Stream through open wounds, as contact with the open world seems to make Mago's blood extremely acidic and will burn through material easily, using this advantage to force himself to cut his body in order to let the blood seep out as he has no effects done to him as he is immune. This way Mago can fling drops of blood at his opponents as they attempt dodging the sprays of blood in hope that they may not get burned by such strange enchantment.

Barrier Magic

Barrier Magic (バリアの魔法 Baria no Mahō) is a Caster Type Magic where the user is capable of manifesting their magical energy as a shield in order to defend against the attacks of the enemy. In order to do so, the user allows their magical energy to flow into their hands; which projects a field of magical force which they can manipulate into a number of relatively simple forms: rectangular planes, cylinders, globes, domes, cones, etc; it is an extremely powerful form of defense. The complexity of the shape is limited by the user's ability to imagine, as in, mentally visualize a particular form and keep it in sharp mental focus: not even the user is able to see the forms that they create. The size of a given magical force projection is also limited by the user's ability to imagine. The smallest force projection they can visualize and maintain the visualization is the size of a marble. The largest solid force projection they can visualize and maintain is about 100 feet in diameter. The user can project larger force-objects if they are hollow. For instance, they could visualize and project a dome 1 foot thick about a mile in diameter (5,280 feet) and a dome 1 inch in thickness the user can project for about 3.2 miles. Small objects at high speeds become missiles; large objects at slow speeds become rams. The user can make these objects grow or shrink as desired. Thanks to striking the barriers, it can cause a powerful backlash that damages the opponent's muscles in such a way that it leaves no scars or damage; besides the damage that was inflicted- without being capable of healing from the damage done. In any case, the barriers can be very complex and elaborate barriers, or very simple shaped barriers such as circles or squares. These barriers can also hide the presence of the things it coats or even make the target invisible. However, Barrier Magic is difficult to use has it can only manipulate so many magical particles at a time and it required precise timing. However, despite being far more advanced than any other barrier, it still suffers from magical draining. The barrier can only be used for a total of 105 seconds and requires 120 seconds to cool down. If the user has no other defensive measures this leaves a window of 15 seconds where they have no defense against attacks.

  • RuneLightningBarrier
    Lightning Shell (ライトニングシェル Raitoningusheru) Is a Barrier Magic spell combined a few Runes from Rune Magic that give off a lightning effect, basically combining three types of magic into one spell for Mago to protect himself with. By conjuring up a barrier made out of extreme amounts of ethernano that make it immensely dense and protective that surrounds Mago such as like a shell, Mago already had the first step to conjuring up the special combination barrier as the next two steps require him to switching to Rune Magic in order for him to implant the lightning. By using the little knowledge of Rune Magic he has, Mago can summon up three special runes that dot the barrier, releasing mass amounts of lightning energy that spread out over the barrier as it encases the shell in a second layer of sparks that instantly zap anything that comes near it. A combined use of magic, this spell proves Mago's capabilities with the art of magic, having formulated the spell himself so that those that rely too much on physical combat such as armed and unarmed melee fighting abilities can barely even come close to him even though he already has Blazing Coat for such measures. Deactivating the spell gives it a much more offensive effect, as once the barrier has been removed and the runes have dissolved into thin air, the residue and remaining particles of lightning magic are blown outward, sending a wave of voltage right at the opponents into every corner of the room or arena. Lightning Shell's size also depends on who many people Mago wants to protect within the barrier, with the more magic being used to fit more people inside.
  • SimpleShield
    Simple Magic Shield (シンプルマジックシールド Shinpurumajikkushīrudo) like it says in the name is the most basic of Barrier spells a user is able to learn, although it does take some magic depending on how big one would want the magic barrier to be in order to protect more area. A Simple Magic Shield has the ability to successfully block both magic attacks as well as physical weaponry to ensure that those behind it do not get hit by the used item, as the shield is programmed to instantly harden up upon impact of a magic projectile or physical weapon on contact with the magic. The tint of the Simple Magic Shield can depend on what kind of skill and technique the user of the barrier magic has, represented such as Mago using a near transparent shield that is extremely difficult to see from a distance, and there have been mages who were able to conjure up orange and even red barriers which are mostly unheard of within the community of users. The magic that is projected into the shield blast apart upon contact as the fall off the sheild with ease, where as a physical weapon attacking the shield would simply be knocked back forcing the wielder to bounce off from the shield. Simple Magic Shield can also depend on the magic inserted into the spell though however, users do not put large quantities into the shield due to the limit of how big and thick the shield can get. Simple Magic Shields are recommended to be used against short bursts of projected magic such as Bullet magic projectiles and similair to them as the density of the shield is only able to withstand smaller projectiles and normal physcial slashes, stabs, thrusts and what not. To advance to a higher tier of the Magic Shield spells, one must have been able to exert alot more ethernano and magic power into the spell as well as having a good amount of experience with the magic.
  • AdvancedShield
    Advanced Magic Shield (アドバンスドマジックシールド Adobansudomajikkushīru) a step up from Simple Magic Shield, Advanced Magic Shield is alot more powerful and defensive when casted due to the amount of magic power and energy that was concentrated into the magic shield, resulting into a much powerful level of barrier magic that those well experience are able to conjure up. Much more dense and durable than it's simple cousin, Advanced Magic Shield has the ability to block larger scaled attacks such as more powerful magical projectiles such as magic beams, spells that include a high mass amount of magic power into a melee strike and can even block now heavier and much more thicker physical things like cannonballs and even huge giagntic blades used by the incredibly strong mages throughout the land. Reaching this level, Advanced Magic Shield has the upgraded durability to even face against the almight powerful Dragon Roars however, these Slayer Magics (Any slayer magic that involves a roar or similair) can only be composed of only one element alone, as the shield isn't strong enough to deal with the combined power of two magic elemnts in one full strike, meaning those that enter a dual elemntal mode or dragon magic may have the upperhand must Mago be using advanced Magic Shield. The Advanced Magic Shield always takes on a purple tinge no matter how well trained and whatever you are at Barrier Magic. Mago is exceptionally well at casting this as his substantial and near endless amount of magic energy allows him to keep the shield up as much as he wants however, this means that he cannot move from his position as users of Advanced Shield Magic must stay in place for them to concentrate on the spell being kept up.
  • MasterMagicShield
    Master Magic Shield (マスターマジックシールド Masutāmajikkushīrudo) The big brother of the Advanced Magic Shield spell, Master Magic Shield is made of incredibly powerful magic as well as insane amounts of magic energy that limits the amount of users who is ever able to utelise Master Magic Sheild themselves. The most notable Magic Shield for the immense distance that Master Magic Shield can cover, Master Magic Shield has the ability of reaching the distance of an entire town even reaching as high as the mountains of Ishgar if not higher, displaying the power that the casting mage wields and is a symbol of their strength as a wizard. Master Magic Shield can be designed in any way shape or form that the caster wishes it to be unlike it's relative shield spells whoch can only be casted as sort of a circle shield. From gigantic walls, typical shield and even a shell to surround the barrier mage, there is an endless selection of possibilities that the Master Magic Shield can be formed into. Also, with the vast amount of strength, durability and layers made to form this giagntic and powerful shield it is able to surpass the Advanced Magic Shield's abilities even more as it can now block Dual Elemental Dragon modes and magics, as well as facing combined attacks from several opponents at the same time with ease as it easily deflects the attacks as if they were nothing. Master Magic Shield also can be to trap within targets to keep them in place if the user does not have an ability that does just that, using the Master Magic Shield to create this shell that surrounds the target to prevent them from escaping, although however it isn't recommended that one should use this on lower tier enemies due to the sheer amount of power used to conjure up this special shield. The final shield from a series of magic barriers formulated by Mago, Master Magic Shield always is his main option when casting the barrier as he is one of the only ones ever to know and cast this spell, due to being the creator of it.

Weapons and Equipment



Dragontooth (ドラゴントゥース doragontuusu) is a blade forged by Mago himself while he was travelling in Ishgar and is made from the strongest metal ever found on Earth Land that Mago was able to easily purchase thanks to the vast amounts of wealth that he has access to. The blade of Dragontooth was helped formed by an unknown assistant, as both mages were able to form themselves into dragons as they sent high powered blasts at the blade to form the sword's blade as it is today, using the hottest and most powerful blasts that could be offered by the power of dragons, it had taken a few attempts for this blade to form due to the fact that it had taken several tries for the blade to even be hot enough to shape. Dragontooth was taken by Mago as soon as the blade was finished and so Mago has been using the blade ever since must he get tired of his other dual blades. The sword is held in a scabbard of a dark shade of grey that has purple material tied around near the top of the blade so that Mago can fasten Dragontooth onto his belt to carry it with ease. At the bottom of the scabbard there are black details marked that stick out, giving the scabbard the ability to deal heavy, hard blunt attacks at the enemy as the user can still attack except without lethal force. A small red lacrima at the bottom with the details of the scabbard is a trigger for the bladee to use Strengthening Magic which makes the scabbard much more powerful in terms of blunt attacks if Mago finds an opponent difficlut to handle if the already hard hitting blunt attacks of the unactivated scabbard are not enough. When unsheathing the blade, one can notice that the details of the same kind resembling fire near the hilt's dragon mouth,resembling a dragon breathing fire towards it's enemies. In the middle of this black fire detail is a red ruby that serves no other purpose but to decorate the blade, a suggestion made by Mago. The hilt of the blade is simble aswell but not too simple, besides the same dark shade of grey as the scabbard as well as the black detail diamonds that line down the hilt on both side, aswell as the solid black detail at the very bottom to make the bottom of the hilt useful for delivering strong blunt strikes at the opponent if they lack their scabbard. The dragon hilt guard is the blade's most prominent feature, as it holds two lacrimas on both sides of the head where two small holes allow the lacrima's presence to be seen. These lacrima's allow the blade to catch fire and engulf the insanely durable and strong metal in flames that give off a burn countermeasure once the blade has pierced the skin of an opponent. The dragon's mouth shuts on the scabbard nice and firmly, keeping the scabbard to falling off and will instantly detach once activated, which it will show once the dragon's mouth has opened it's jaws out wide to release the scabbard from it's grasp. The open mouth of the dragon and the fire the engulfs the blade really does give off the appearance as a dragon spitting fire at it's enemies. Sharpened with the power of a hundred grindstones, Dragontooth is one of Mago's most sharpest blades as those at the recieving end of the sword could feel the sharpness of the blade just a few centimetres away from them, proof of how dangerous Mago's blade can be if he were to stike one down with Dragontooth.
  • DragonFireAttack
    Dragon's Breath (ドラゴンの呼吸 Doragon no kokyū) a spell only activated through Dragontooth, Dragon's Breath is the sword's ability to shoot a highly powered projectile from the blade of the sword that is shot out through the tip, travelling at a quick pace depending on how much power was implemented into the blade, where the more power the faster and larger the projectile becomes. Instead of relying on the magic power that originates from the user, it gains it's properties from the lacrimas imbued into the dragon's head, only relying on the user for the activation as well as the exertion of force that travels from the user and into the blade where it forcefully shoots out the projectile of fire towards the target. One can tell how powerful a shot is when they are standing behind the blade when they fire it, as a wave of heat bounces back from the projectile as it is shot out and right at the user, however this aftereffect doesn't do any damage whatsoever and is just an indication of how powerful the attack will be, as the more heat and wider the aftereffect is, the better the shot will be and the more devastating the results will also be. Dragon's Breath cannot be activated consecutively as due to the power this emits, it must take time to recharge however it is all worth it at the end as one could tell from the shocking results Dragon's Breath can do once it has collided with it's target. The minimum amount of power exerted into Dragon's Breath is able to blow up a whole section of a guild hall, though however this feat does require a mass amount of magic energy and power from the user and the recharge would still take quite a long time for it to be completed.
  • HellFireAttack
    Hellfire's Blaze (ヘルファイアの炎 Herufaia no honō) is an ability of the sword that allows Dragontooth to release mass amounts of fire energy that can reach extreme heats which makes the ability less useful around environments that contain alot of easily flammable materials, such as forests and similair. Hellfire's Blaze when activated is shot out through the Dragontooth blade as it follows along the blade and shoots out from the tip where it will continue to spew flames that are programmed to spread out around the wielder of the blade where it wall wave around the mage. These waves of fire will instantly burn an unrecognised being must they get too close to the user of the blade as the trespasser or potential threat will be whipped or engulfed in flames if unlucky enough. This is why it is important for Hellfire's Blaze to not be activated inside easy flammable materials as the flames will carry on these materials and spread more outward where it will eventually burn down the premises. Hellfire's Blaze does not affect allies of the user which are recognised by the blaze's fire and will leave them unaffected as well as ignore them entirely due to their positive relation to their caster. The spell reaches about a ten metre radius distance around Mago and therefore isn't too large, which is why power must outnumber the statistics of the fire's distance in order to make up for such small distance around the user. The ability is most useful when defending off large quantities of enemies that have charged against Mago, as the flames do a quick job of taking down opponents coming too close to their position however, those that are immune to the effects of fire such as Fire Dragon Slayers can quite easily pass through the flames, but will still remark on the incredible heat that Hellfire's Blaze gives off.

Mystan Steel Sword (ミスタンスチールソード Misutansuchīrusōdo) are the standard issue blades given to all Mystan soldiers who operate in the country of Mys, and have no real magical component to them as the use of ethernano in Mys is rarely used compared to it's presence in Ishgar. All personnel within the Mystan Government are required to carry and own a Mystan Steel Sword which are created with steel alloys which pretty much most of the blade really is, with just a few added details there really isn't anything special about the Mystan Steel Sword. Nearing the hilt of the sword, the designs seem to be a absurd mix of both the Mystan Language and the Ethernano Spirit Language, which was one of the earliest known languages in the entire universe. According to Mystan translaters, the blade's mysterious etchings seem to say "Ever-lasting Life to Our Emperor", which makes sense as the production of the Mystan Steel Sword only started when Ulo Hogi, the emperor of Mys began his conquest to unite the countries of the continent for the Mystan Government to rule over, but it is uncertain on who came up with the etchings. Besides the double edged blade, users of the Mystan Steel Sword can also resort to using the hilt for stabbing attacks, as the design of the hilt has added spikes to the sides to not only act as a crossguard but to also act as a secondary stabbing weapon which is intended if the user is up close to his enemy. Moving onto the handle, the Mystan Steel Sword has a really good grip that soldiers can hold onto with ease without losing their hold of the sword's handle, which is done by making the grip of the handle a material known as Shagreen. The pommel of the sword which is the bottom of the handle can also be used for attacking as well, as the design of the pommel has made it so that it can be used for blunt attacks such as smashing over the head of a victim or similair good stuff like that. Many Mystan soldiers who had learned the Art of the Mystan Monks utilise both their magic in partnership with their blades, making an excellent combination as magic and steel clash against the enemy, with some even having learned Manus spells that have the ability of enhancing the blade's performance.

Key of Langosta: The Behemoth of Saturn (ランゴスタのキー:土星のビヒモス Rangosuta no kī: Dosei no bihimosu) Langosta is the most despised of the Behemoths. This is due to the belief that she is the mother of all insects, making her the progenitor of all manner of pests in the world, making her quite unpopular amongst humans. Langosta is quite gluttonous, ravaging down any manner of food which appears before her. Despite the hatred aimed towards her, she is a very benevolent being, often bestowing vegetation and food to those who show her appropriate respect. Langosta makes use of Poison Magic and Plant Magic.

Cursed Key of Rogue: The Golem (ローグの呪われたキー:ゴーレム Rōgu no norowareta kī: Gōre) Known as a being of reason but also of wrath, Rouge is a being that holds great patience and will act to solve conflicts without the usage of violence. Despite her young appearance at first glance, she's a very serious and collected being that holds great destructive powers. She may be patient, but everyone has their limit, when Rouge reaches her, then friend and foe makes no difference, destroy and rebuild is that comes to her mind then. She's capable of using a pair of constructed limbs that's controlled through thought alone, not only used for great reach and sometimes even walking but also used in order to deploy her Crash and Elemental Armour Magic.

Cursed Key of Lilith: The Cursed Nymph (カーセッド キー オフ リリス ス カーセッド ニンフ kaaseddo kii ofu ririsu su kaaseddo ninfu) Perhaps one of the most cruel spirits to have walked upon the Celestial World, Lilith is often described as being who lacks empathy for people of whom she deems weak. Much to her spiritual-sister Malphas's displeasure, Lilith deceives those around her using her beauty and seductive speeches, only to reveal her true nature as she enjoys putting her enemies through great pain, both physically and emotionally. She will often encourage her summoner to act in a similar matter in order to keep her cooperating, otherwise they'll need to find other ways to appease her. Fitting to her nature, she manipulates those around her with Rules of the Area and Memory Control.

Memory Box (メモリーボックス Memorībokkusu) Just as the name suggests, this magical artifact found by Mago during one of his journeys allows him to steal and contain memories of a person in order to gather information of what this person has seen before. This weapon goes great with Mago's Transformation magic which allows him to mimic the voice and appearance of the person he has chosen to impersonate, and along with the memories gathered into the Memory box Mago can somehow and relatively perfectly mimic the person as a whole as not only he can use these memories in order to see that they were doing but as well as find out who specific people are and find out what these people are like in order for Mago to assess the, and respond to them must they get suspicious if Mago is unable to perfect his impersonation of the person that he is currently copying.

Physical Abilities

Magical Aura (魔力の霊気, Maryoku no Reiki) A Magical Aura is a common term given to the exertion of magical energy into a form outside of Mago's body that isn't used in the formation of spells. It has been demonstrated by various mages of varying potency, and is a common means of intimidation. A magical aura is created when the body's container of Eternano particles exceeds the limits of what it contains, or is purposefully released by Mago. Upon doing so, the magical energy surges around the body and is exerted outwards in the form of an aura, which holds considerable pressure surrounding it. Depending on the level of magical power one possesses and the control behind it, it can be used as a means to intimidate another individual, or as a preparation for a powerful spell. A single magical aura can have a wide variety of effects dependent on the power an individual exerts, which will be outlined in the following sections. A standard aura is produced by mages with a moderate level of magical power within their body. By exerting it outward, it forms a thin layer of pressure that can cause one to be intimidated if they aren't a mage, or if they are a rather weak mage. This is generally demonstrated by individuals of S-Class strength when they are holding back, or when standard mages are showing that they are entering their full reserves of power. It should be noted that the density of this aura, by a S-Class mage, can cause physical attacks to be repelled with notable ease. Mago has shown that his aura is terrifying in it's own way, as his aura appears to be a form of rising smoke that rapidly shoots up from the ground as Mago's eyes become red as they peer through the darkness and straight into his enemies' souls.

Expert Swordsman His time training under both the military in both Fiore and Mys has served Mago well as he is more than capable when wielding blades of his own, from the intense drills and training that they had put him through in order for Mago to achieve expert level in swordsmanship, giving Mago the cutting edge when battling opponents with swords. He has the ability to work well with dual swords or even more depending on his situation as he has shown himself to be quite the excellent swordsman when battling with blades against opponents, however that doesn't mean he is one of the best, he is simply one of the most experienced as well capable compared to most. As an expert in the art of swordplay, Mago can take down opponents with minimal effort as well as little movement from his position and lightning fast swipes with his blades, a deadly combination if Mago was to handle another swordsman in a one against one duel. There have been many that have outmatched Mago's swordsmanship and so has strive to come and better himself so that one day he may fight them another time to which he hopes that he may win. This experience against many other expert as well as master swordsmen have given Mago experience as well as new techniques to learn, with many techniques that he does are formulated from watching other swordsman display their strength and skill, as Mago spectated with admiration. More dangerous with the dual short blades he has, Mago is more of a pouncing snake with two fangs ready to strike down the prey as when combined with Esse Violentum, he is at his up most potential and therefore extremely dangerous when combining power with skill. Mago unfortunately cannot work alongside daggers and what not quite easily however as the length of the blade is a major drawback to Mago's skill with blades.

Immense Strength: With the Esse Violentum blood in his veins and intense workouts that have been able to intense and metal-ise his muscles, Mago is extremely strong when delivering hits, as shown as he can take down many opponents of lower caliber to him in just a single punch. In both his forms, Mago is extremely strong as he is capable to breaking through rock and stone with his bare fists, though this would be greatly enhanced by Esse Violentum. His strength allows him to stand against more powerful forces against him such as strong winds and extremely strong strikes against his position, standing firmly on the ground after having collided with such power. He has also shown the capability of break apart long blades and even magical firearms in half with ease, also using his strength to meddle and mess up internal mechanics and machinery inside machines such as robots and even bombs used against him. He displays this power usually through denting the ground, which many mages of incredible show by usually slamming their fist or foot onto the ground which causes a small shake in the ground and atmosphere as small gusts of wind weakly push against those around them. This can also shown through the powerful clap as Mago slams both hands against each other which can provide an extremely loud sound wave capable of eliminating another sound around his area, also eliminating any wind attacks coming his way as wind from the clap has the ability to cancel out air projectiles aimed at him. It also can clear out any gasses in the room, clearing out fog or smoke in just seconds if he finds himself blinded by dense collections of gas around him.

Immense Agility: A term referring to the combined aspects of Mago's extreme speed and his gracefulness or flexibility, Mago has shown that he can be quite vastly skilled with this as he uses his agility in the battlefield to quickly dodge incoming strikes to his person to avoid getting himself hurt. His agility helps him cross the battlefield with such ease that it is almost like he is a ghost, moving through the combatants on the field without a bit of worry expressed on his face, moving silently and gracefully across the field as he dodges the strikes. This aspect is greatly enhanced by the Esse Violentum transformation as he becomes more faster which he uses to both avoid incoming attacks as well as deliver devastating swift attacks to the enemy to ensure that they go down as fast as possible. His agility also allows Mago's reflexes to become extremely better as he can react to instances in a flash, being able to catch shots as well as dodge speeding bullets must he be able to realise them before they get too close.

Immense Stamina: Along with his infinite like magic supply, that stops Mago from going tired too quickly Mago also has an increase in stanima, making him less tired from a constant use of physcial activity. With this enhancement Mago can outlast a standard melee fight against his opponents, without getting tired from throwing punches and dodging throws from the challenger. His immense stanima also plays a big role in his Manus energy as his Stamina, like his Ethernano thanks to the experiemnts have made him able to last much, much longer just like his magic energy allowing him to spew out more physical energy for his Art of the Mystan Monks with ease knowing that he won't get tired at all in the battle unless using mass amounts of it.

Extreme Endurance: Mago can take in several hits and strikes to body as much as he wants as due to the mixed experience of his Esse Violentum aswell as the intense training that Mago had put himself through, he can take nearly anything to his body without reacting in pain, which he has shown countless times during many battles. From both Magical and Physical strikes, Mago can go one fightingwhilst still recieving strikes from left, right and centre all at the same time as he makes his way to the enemy, but attacks that prove to be far too deadly for Mago do seem to be the only attacks that get through and actually hurt him, though Mago does try his best instead to show no pain even if it is going past his limits of excruciating. Mago is able to show that he can catch a strengthed punch with one hand, a feat accomplishable to many extreme wizards who have trained their body enough to face such matters.

Keen Observation: With eyes like a hawk, Mago look around the area to know if anything has been changed and misplaced, using the changes in the enviornemnt in order to sense any potential threats to his wellbeing. A fine example of this is when Mago resorted to using the windows of a town in order to locate puppets of his opponent in order to know where they were and decide wether or not he can attack them. His keen observation also makes well with his gun arm as he uses his precise eyes in order to shoot devestating shots right at the enemy, with many of these shots either aimed to the head or heart. His keen eye also allows Mago to study his opponents carefully in order to learn something new about them so that he may use it to refer to future businesses with them must he need to. This gives him the chance in order to prepare an attack must he see that the opponent is too also getting ready for an attack of their own against Mago, as Mago can counter the attack must he see fit.

Immense Durability: Besides his immense strength and stamina, Mago's most identifiable aspect is his immense durability which allows him to take in several hundred hits to his body before breaking down in pain, allowing him to last longer in fights and outmatch his opponent must they share the same pain. This immense durability allows Mago to easily stop incoming missiles of magic with just his body as well as high speed projectiles which he can stop with just the catch of his hand, creating the appearance of a god-like figure that is immune to pain. With this aspect Mago can fall from several feet from the air and get back up as if nothing happened, allowing him to get back into the fight quickly as he brushes himself off from the fall. This Immense Durability can allow even all mighty powerful attack beams collide into his hand continuosly as he carried on to stand firmly on the ground against the powerful attacks, even going as far as to stand well against the mighty force of a Dragon Roar, only having been pushed back a few steps before gaining footing, showing how well Mago has trained his body to be able to cope with situations like this.

Substantial Ethernano Capacity: Due to having blood relations to the mystical race of the Spirits, Mago has inherited the Spirits' most dangerous aspect; their nearly unlimited magical energy supply that lets these Spirit beings cast spells to their heart's content, as they will easily outlast the normal human mage if the two were to consistently cast spells. This Spirit enhancement also allows the user to cast spells that not even the most power fullest mages on Ishgar could do, as most of these dangerous magics require mass amounts of concentration and vast quantities of magic energy, some of which these wizards do not utilize or are unable to attain. As another strength to this attribute Mago is able absorb mass amounts of Ethernano quickly to replenish his magic capacity, as his body keeps up with the standard time for ethernano replenishment but five times the energy consumption due to the sheer size of Mago's magic capacity.


House of Hogi: Being one of the members of the royal family of Mys, Mago deeply cares for his biologicial family especially for his siblings, except for the fact that Mago has a rough relationship with his father where the two have come to almost despise eachother even though they are both father and son. Both Mago and Ulo have had trouble maintaining their relationship, especially after Mago chose to live the life of a mage in Ishgar, denying his heirship to the throne of Mys and wandering the lands that his father despises due to old grudges created centuries ago. This has put him at odds with his father, and the two are always displeased with the other's presence, even when both men have become powerful in their own way, with Mago's being magic talent and his father Ulo being political influence. But nonetheless, Mago still does care about his family and is willing to put his life on the line to protect them, just as how all the members of the House of Hogi would do for the other members, no matter what kind of reputation that they may hold in the lands. The only time Mago has conflicted with another member of the House of Hogi was with his uncle Multo Hogi, who had once threatened the throne of Mys and to take it for himself, to proclaim himself as the rightful emperor of Mys and it's people. Mago also has two children that he cares about alot aswell, Summer Hogi who was born from an unknown female Younger Spirit, and Lucia Hogi who was born from Alanna L. Atonia, an occasional partner of Mago. With the responsibility of fatherhood, Mago has been able to redeem some kind of positive and kind reputation, thanks to his teachings to Summer who he had no idea existed until fifteen years later after her birth and thr raising of Lucia Hogi who he had ditched unexpectedly at the doorstep of the Atosaki house, where she would later be adopted into the family and raised by Cleopatra Atosaki, someone who Mago would meet a few years later.

Gul and Bula: Two former servants of the House of Hogi, both servants have admired Mago ever since their job as a servant serving under the authority of the royal family of Mys, developing a view on Mago as in ideal as they continued to work and train under the House of Hogi. Both servants were gifted special abilities by Mago, with Gul recieving a lacrima containing Light Dragon Slayer Magic which he took during Mago's escape into Ishgar, and Bula who was experimented on by Mago to create a powerful wizard. Both magicians followed Mago after he he had left Mys, wanting to continue their training with Mago inorder to progress theri skill as mages, which only Bula was able to do, with Gul resorting to Theia Zhulong who he heard as one of the only well known mages in the land to handle the same Dragon Slaying magic that he wields to this day. Both wish to serve Mago in different lights, Gul serving Mago whilst on his path as a dark mage serving Gigantomachy and other things, with Bula aiding Mago on his journey after having found the light and serving his time after his sentence by the Magic Council, which was enough to clear his name and free him as an independent mage free of crimes. Though they both continue their lives as a seperate human being, they still are faithfully loyal to the needs of Mago Hogi and all the other House of Hogi members that are operating inside Ishgar, such as Nobya Hogi, a mage of Galdrabók and the biological younger sister of Mago. They both can serve as informants for Mago, with Bula serving as the bodyguard and the S-Class mage to Uepon Mausu, a member of the Magic Council and his Herboren, which is currently in control of one of the important trade cities in continent if not the world, which is how Uepon earned his place on the Magic Council.

Lance Dracoon: The first lieutenant of Mago during Mago's time as the Giant of Stella in the organisation of Gigantomachy, Mago sees Lance as his first commander and the right hand man for the job, having worked with Lance to threaten several guilds within Ishgar to spread fear and chaos around the world. With their capabilities combined, Mago and Lance are pretty powerful when doing their abilities right, with even the chance of a Unison Raid happening if they are concentrated enough on the fight. With Lance being in the Diablo Guild, Mago has made the guild an ally due to his services, as well as having connections with not only Lance, but with Mörter de Holunder who is one of the elite five in the group as well as being a former associate of the Dark Saints with Mago's Gigantomachy boss Vincent Alvaro, before Mörter's spot was taken by Mago's uncle Multo. However, business is business as Mago frequently threatens to kill Lance if he is not able to show that he can accomplish a certain task given to him, such as shown during Mago's second confrontation with Beast Heart where he ordered Lance not to fail or he may die. There is trust in this partnership however, and Mago can sometimes rely on Lance to get the job done, depending on how hard the task is, in which case Mago would take up the job for himself if he finds that it does not suit Lance's abilities or strengths. Lance being a member of Diablo, Mago automatically sees Lance as an ally during his time as a dark mage, and can trust Lance to aid him in combat if Mago feels abit overwhelemed, with numbers not being quite his forte when it comes to fighting. Mago trusts that Lance can take care of himself, and would rather not aid Lance in his defense if he sees that Lance could easily find a way to deflect the attack, staying out of it to teach Lance that he ahould be able to protect himself instead of Mago being there for him.

Alanna L. Atonia: There is definitely a relationship here between the two mages, which all started off when Mago, Alanna and Ethan Faulkner initiated a three-way battle between the powerful mages, which only ended in a drawn match.

Ethan Faulkner:

Uepon Mausu:


Beast Heart Guild:

Atosaki Family:



"I have fought many Dragon Slayers before, yet few have ever even shown to be worthy of that title. You'd think that they would be the ultimate weapon to slaying one of the most dangerous species in the entire realm, making them some of the strongest beings to ever live on Earth Land huh? They thought so too before I incinerated them as the very monster that that they were taught to slay, so now they drift through the winds as small specs of ash and dust."
— On the topic of Dragon Slayers and their inability to slay dragons.
"Family is important no matter what you say. You can choose your friends, you can choose your enemies but what you can't choose is those that share the same blood as you. Tell me, when all your friends have abandoned you who will be there to stay by your side? Although there might be fights that could dramatically change your perspective on each other, it doesn't change the fact that both of you are still family through blood. Family will always be there, friends won't and that's a fact."
— Importance of family.
"The Magic Council is weak. Old, frightened men and woman who are too afraid of mages who surpass their power. Where is this order that they enforce? Cause right now there is nothing but hell going on and they're the reason for it. To hell with those bastards, if they're not going to change then I'll do it myself."
— Referring to the current Magic Council of X795 and joining the war.
"Pathetic really... You talk so high and mighty of your capabilities as if your one of the strongest things in this land. Guess I'm going to have to fix that then."
— Talking to egotistical mages.
"There are two things in this world that can change the fate of humanity, both order and chaos. Those two are completely different ideals, however there is one thing that stands out between the two views, chaos is a law of the land, and order is a law of man."
— Mago's Chaotic Neutral ideals.


  • Mago Hogi's pictures are Soramaru Kumo from Laughing under the Clouds.
  • Kudos to the artist of the purple and green dragon!
  • This one is now one of my favorites, cause its the first one of my articles to have reached over 100,000 bytes.
  • "Mago" in Spanish and Filipino mean "Magician"
  • Mago can hold his liquor quite fine, as shown in the Drunken Brawl match where he was the only one not to be intoxicated or affected at all, even though Mago had finished seven glasses of the bar's strongest liqour before entering the competition.


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