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Mako Tachibana is the eldest daughter of the Tachibana family and a Celestial Spirit Mage.


When Mako turned 17, her parents kicked her out of the house so she can go on an adventure. She wasn't to come back until she had more than 24 keys (which was impossible when she never found out about the Lost Keys) or when she turned 24. She was very upset that she did that to her and when they did, she told them that if they didn't want her there, she'll never come back. Leaving the rest of her family either upset or sad. Although this was very upsetting to Mako, this gave her the opportunity to travel all of Earth Land for the rest of her life. She decided to settle down in Fiore when she was searching for a guild. Mako stumbled across the Fairy Tail guild building and asked if she could join the guild. Master Makarov agreed and let her join the guild.


Mako is a shy girl who can't really stand up for herself. She lets other people boss her around because she's afraid that she won't be accepted in society. She's very sensitive and can get angry, sad etc very easily. But as she travels with Eugene Woodland and meets other new people, she becomes more and more open to the world.


Mako wears a white dress most of the time she was traveling. She has very long bangs that cover her left eye. And she always wears the same brown sandals.
Smiling Mako

Mako's usual appearance

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