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Later Years | Pre-Later Years
Malek Kriya (Later Years)
Malek Kriya II



Mareku Kuriya· II


The Arctic Demon (北極悪魔, Hokkyoku Akuma)
The Ice Dragon (氷竜, Hiryū)
The White Crow (白いカラス, Shiroi Karasu)






Male Male


29 (Later Years Arc)



Eye Color

Red (formerly)
Blue (originally)

Hair Color


Blood Type


Guild Mark Location

Right Shoulder (Fairy Tail and Hydra Head)
Right Hand (Falcon's Talons)

Professional Status

HydraHeadSymbolHydra Head
League of Hunters

Previous Affiliation

Fairy Tail symbolFairy Tail
Falcon's Talons


Dark Mage Hunter
Martial Arts Instructor


Cold Night

Previous Team

A Thorn Between Two Roses


Tsukiko Kriya

Previous Partner

Eugene Woodland
Rika Kriya
Wendy Marvell
Natsu Dragneel
Kiyoko Kriya
Naomi Kriya
Katsuro Yamada

Base of Operations

Hydra Head Main Building
Fairy Tail Guild Hall (former)

Personal Status


Marital Status



Mirsoth (foster mother)
Sapphire (Guardian/teacher)
Kiyoko Kriya (adoptive younger sister)
Rika Kriya (older sister)
Naomi Kriya (mother)
Blaze Dragoon (father, deceased)
Tsukiko Kriya (wife)
Mira Kriya (daughter)
Sara Kriya (daughter)
Nancy Kriya (daughter)
Yakunan (ancestor, deceased)
Akuma (ancestor, deceased)
Exodus (ancestor, deceased)
Malek Kriya I (ancestor, deceased)
Kol Kriya (ancestor)


Ice Dragon Slayer Magic
Ice Flame Dragon Mode
Ice Magic
Dragon Force
Thought Projection


Mirsoth's Wrath (formerly)
6 Katanas

"Humanity, that's an interesting word. Everyone is human, regardless of their actions. If one decides to kill people for a living, then they are simply showing what they want to be, the dark side of humanity, and in that aspect, they are still human. Our actions also judge us. Vile actions don't make anyone less human than those who describe us as a monster. Humans desire many things, and what we truly desire defines us to our very core."
— Malek Kriya II

"The one with a cold heart, but has a will to protect his family and friends more than anything in the world, even if it costs him his life."

Malek Kriya II (マレククリヤ·II, Mareku Kuriya· II) is an Ice Dragon Slayer, Ice Making Mage and reestablished Dark Mage Hunter from the Hydra Head Guild, and a former member of Fairy Tail. He is a member of Team Cold Night, and one of the co-founders of the League of Hunters. He is the younger brother and Fairy Tail Mage Rika Kriya, and the adopted older brother to Kiyoko Kriya, and son to Naomi Kriya, the Guild Master of Cursed Flames, and the foster son to Mirsoth. He is Tsukiko's husband, and father to Mira Kriya, Nancy Kriya and Sara Kriya. He is one of the main protagonists of Fairy Tail: The Dragon Slayers. Malek is also the current head of the Kriya family. Kriya's family is a well recognized family of Mages, cited as one of the most ancient and longest living magic families in Fiore, and are highly respected amongst both friend and foe.


When he was in Fairy Tail, Malek was a lean, muscular young man of average height with pale skin, moppy white hair and red eyes. On his neck he had a black choker. He wore a black shirt with white striped patterns, with a white hooded sweater, white pants, and white boots. Following his final titanic battle with Yakunan, Malek has gained a cross-shaped scar across his abdomen. His guild mark is seen on his right arm. Also, just like all Dragon Slayers, he has has elongated canine teeth. Following his release from Yakunan and Akuma's control, Malek's eyes turned blue, which were his actual eye color, as Naomi confirmed it herself, saying that he had blue eyes upon his birth, but what changed his eye color was his numerals battles with Yakunan, who constantly infected him with his dark magic, as was the same for Tsukiko.

After joining Hydra Head many years later, his appearance has changed significantly. Still spotting his signature moppy hair, he's gained a slightly noticeable muscular build. This is mainly due to the relentless amounts training and the rigorous missions he went on after joining the famous guild. Also, his clothing makes a dramatic change as well - albeit still sticking to the detached and empathetic persona he tends to portray in front of others. The color scheme being black, the exact color representing the persona he tends to exude, it consists of short sleeve overcoat - the collar popped-up, two long armbands with two straps going along each of them - both of which consisting of a pair of silver buckles on each of them, a silver cross-patterned short-sleeved shirt that extends past the waist, tight-fitting leather pants, and leather boots that reaches past his ankles - each of which has three straps across them, all of which contains a silver buckle for each one. As a gift from his wife, he has an additional silver-buckled belt - stylized in an "x"-shaped manner, which he wears over his coat.

After having met the spirit of his ancestor Malek in X792, it was revealed that Malek looked a lot like him, with the only difference that being their eyes.


Malek is often seen as a rather calm and solemn individual, who rarely shows any emotion, being mostly serious, giving off a very relaxed and calm atmosphere. He is also rather analytical. He rarely smiles, and shows no emotion of ever being happy, and the same can be said for his sisters. Unlike his serious stature while in battle, Malek gives of a blank stare at his enemies, staring them down, never fazing or blinking. However, Malek is a kind and caring, but at certain times he may seem to be cold, even to his own sisters, but this was a result of several near-death experiences, but this diminished over time and dissipated with the destruction of Devil's Abode. Just like Natsu, he is very protective of his friends and thinks highly of them valuing their life more than his own, and this includes his own family as well. Despite no longer being in Fairy Tail, Malek still considers all the members of Fairy Tail as his comrades and second family, and in turn whenever he drops by for a visit they treat him as family, and as a fellow Fairy Tail mage. He now serves the Fairy Tail Guild as a close ally. At certain moments, Malek likes to reminisce about his days with Fairy Tail in his mind, remembering how much fun he had. Also, Malek does not lack a humorous side, seen as when he joked with Erza during their training match and when joked with Sapphire as a child, leading him being smacked across the head, which was often the same for his sisters. However, still, he has little tolerance for certain jokes. Malek has also shown to be rather intimidating, a feature he demonstrates often to his enemies. Malek on rare occasions has even intimidated his own sisters, although such weren't his intentions, as such he never intends to do so. Regardless, as stated by his sisters, wife, mother, his teacher Sapphire and other friends, Malek is intimidating even when he isn't trying.

In terms of fighting, Malek has a strong sense of honor and pride, never boasting on his abilities, and is seen to trust his own actions, just as he trusts others. He can be judgmental of others, such as Natsu's recklessness, despite it being able to get the job done, Malek believes that a plan should be done and not charging straight into battle, although Malek contradicts himself at times. He has a sense of compassion for his enemies, such as when Yakunan killed a young dark mage for failing to defeat Malek's sister Rika, who was injured at the time. Malek also showed compassion for Lapis Azul following the defeat of the Dark Guild, The Trinity, even allowing her to live, despite him having no desire to kill her. He will even show respect for his enemies, admiring their abilities, shortly before attacking them for hurting anyone he cares for. Malek never smiles in battles, or if he even wins a match, or ends in a draw, he maintains an emotionless stare and simply walks away, never turning back to those he's defeated, but will follow up with a short compliment or statement, all of which depends on the attitude of the battle. The same attitude goes for when he loses, as seen with Eugene at one point when Malek was part of Fairy Tail.

When his family is disrespected or faced with obvious hostility, Malek is seen to have little tolerance and has resorted to violence, but it is rare. In certain situations, Malek's serious demeanor becomes far more drastic, and even deadlier. Malek's facial expression is said to become that of a demon and a relentless killer, not letting down and becomes far more intimidating than usual with a touch of ruthlessness. Such was capable of inspiring fear to Hatsumi, and several other cruel dark mages, such being Exodus after being freed from his possession. He is shown not to have any remorse for the actions he commits on his enemies, and isn't seen to hesitate. Still, he controls what he does, and doesn't go to the means that go beyond that of torture, or even killing them, although he did kill three Dark Mages when he was fourteen, which would affect him in life since the mages were very young, and working under Yakunan, although it was later revealed that had been corrupted by the Black Locket. Malek himself is not the killing type, and would never take the life away, even if it was an enemy, but this changed when he fought Solaris and Draco, in which he killed them in cold blood, which left his ancestors/enemies Yakunan and Akuma in shock, even to the point where both trembled slightly in fear. Malek has only resorted to this side of himself when it comes to saving the lives of his family and friends. This in turn also shows that Malek can easily lose his temper.

As a father, Malek has little tolerance when other mages offend his daughters, but even if he doesn't resort to violent methods, Malek will still attack if provoked by such mages, and through this, he still retains his intimidating side, and is the reason as to why he still has the title The Arctic Demon. Malek even carries this alias when he joins Hydra Head, as he began inspiring fear into the eyes of several Dark Mages, most notably those who confronted him recklessly or have attacked his family, that being his daughters.

As a Dragon Slayer, Malek suffers from motion sickness, something he isn't ashamed of to admit. Also, despite his serious personality, Malek is not prone to fear, such as seen when he, and his sisters shook in fear upon the sight of Akuma and Yakunan several times. Even six months after the Fairy Tail-Devil's Abode War, Malek refrains from talking about such events, but when asked a question, he will answer it.


Little is known about Malek's life, except the fact that he is the second child of Flame God Slayer, Naomi Kriya, and a Lightning Mage Blaze Dragoon. Two years after his birth, Malek's home was attacked by a Dark Mage, named Yakunan, who killed his father and captured his mother. After that, both Malek and his older sister Rika Kriya were found and raised by the Ice Dragon Mirsoth at the Frozen Mountain. Both siblings remained under her care for five years, where Malek learned her signature form, of Lost Magic: Ice Dragon Slayer Magic. However on July 7, X777, Mirsoth along with several other Dragons, mysteriously disappeared, leaving Malek and his sister to fend for themselves. A few days later, while traveling in a forest, Malek and his sister ran into a young girl with red hair, who was crying in a isolated part of the forest. After hearing her story, and learning that she was a Earth Dragon Slayer, and that her foster mother, Adelind mysteriously disappeared, the two siblings agreed to take her in and adopt her as their sister, thus naming her Kiyoko Kriya, with her name already being Kiyoko. Around two months later, Malek and his two sisters were discovered by a young female Mage, named Sapphire who decided to take care of them, and did so for seven years. During that time, Sapphire taught both Malek and Rika Ice-Make and Ice Magic, helping them advance their skills, despite them already knowing it. She even took in their sister Kiyoko who learned Earth Magic through an unknown Earth Magic user.

A few years later, Malek and his sisters decided to venture on their own, hoping to find a guild to join,they thanked Sapphire for everything she taught them and for giving them a home, and after promising to meet again, they left, knowing that in time they would indeed meet again. Some time later they arrived in a town called Nexus, the now three Kriya siblings ran into a mysterious woman and her daughter, who granted them a place to stay, due to their constant traveling. Revealing their names to be Sandy and Hatsumi, Malek and his sisters eventually became friends with the two, which led to the formation of A Thorn Between Two Roses three months later, and then the creation of the Independent Guild, Falcon's Talons. For the next the three years, the five mages went on and hunted down several Dark Guilds, and were widely known for destroying them, leading to the "incarceration" of several Dark Mages, although, the Magic Council was unaware of their actions.

However, in X786, after two years of working together, the friendship between both families came to an abrupt end with Sandy's betrayal, and transformation into Akuma, and leading Malek to suffer a serious injury at the hands of Hatsumi's Earth's Judgement. These actions left the three utterly devastated and shocked, knowing that their most trusted friend would betray them. This forced Malek, Kiyoko and Rika to run into hiding, thus disappearing of the map completely, until joining Fairy Tail at some point between the seven year gap of X784 and X791.

Since then, the three siblings have pulled of numerous jobs for Fairy Tail, eventually becoming full-pledged members of the guild and friends with their guildmates.

In X791, Malek re-encountered his rival Yakunan, for the first time in three years and fought alongside his mother, who returned twenty years after her capture, although it had been ten since she escaped. Since then, after rebuilding his relationship with his mother, Malek has been on numerous jobs, where he encounters Yakunan, Akuma and Hatsumi. As of now, Malek and his fellow Dragon Slayer Eugene Woodland have been fighting to keep the Devil's Abode Guild at bay, with the help of their guild mates.


Magic & Abilities

Ice-Make (氷の造形魔法, アイスメイク, Aisu Meiku): Ice-Make is a form of Molding Magic that allows Malek to create ice at his will and to shape it into objects. With there being two forms of Ice-Make Magic, both being Dynamic Ice-Make and Static Ice-Make, Malek uses the Static form, which allows him to create inanimate things or weapons, and has shown to use it to great offense, while maintaining a strong defense as well.

  • Ice-Make: Lance (ランス, Ransu): Malek extends his arms forward, creating long, curved ice lances that he shoots toward his enemy, impaling them. Malek often uses this spell when outnumbered, typically on incoming enemies.
  • Ice-Make:  Ice Geyser (アイスガイザー, Aisu Gaizā):
  • Ice-Make: Machete (マチェーテ, Machēte):
  • Ice-Make: Machine Gun (マシンガン, Mashin Gan): Wrapping his left hand around his right hand, Malek generates a turret, which extends on both of his arm, and blasts out ice from his right hand. Such ice can pierce any object, and is capable of causing severe injuries on a human.
  • Ice-Make: Pillars: Freezing the ground around him, Malek slams the ground around himself, causing several pillars to rise, all of which head in his opponents direction, hitting them.
    • Ice-Make: Rising Stalagmites: Malek generates powerful and heavily frozen stalagmites from the ground, all of which can greatly damage an opponent if struck. Such spell is capable of even piercing the target.
  • Ice-Make: Staff: Malek generates a staff made entirely of ice, and uses it to batter his opponents with tremendous blows. Malek's use of the staff is Bōjutsu, a form of martial arts that involves the use of a , in which originates from Japan. Unlike most of his typical Ice-Make spells, Malek generates the ice of his Ice Dragon Slayer Magic to create the staff, making it hard to destroy with ordinary weapons, as Malek himself has also used it to counter fire-based spells.
  • Ice-Make: Glacier: Malek creates a large block of ice and hurls it at his opponent, in which can greatly damage the opponent, especially if they receive the full blunt force of the impact.
  • Ice-Make Shield (シールド, Shīrudo): Malek generates a large shield made entirely of ice in order to defend himself from incoming attacks.
  • Ice-Make:Wall: Malek creates a massive wall of ice, preventing enemies from attacking, or uses it to block their path.

Ice Magic (アイスマジック, Aisu Maho): Malek's signature magic, over which he possess great mastery over it. It allows him to manipulate, produce and control ice at will. He can generate ice from his body, and freeze the areas around him to a freezing level, of which gives him an advantage over his opponents. By generating ice as a frosty mist around his body he can avoid certain melee attacks, and can slide himself in inhumane ways which allows him to catch his enemies by surprise. Because of how cold he can generate his ice, he can temporarily freeze his enemies. Also, just like any other Elemental type of Magic, Malek can turn his own body into a liquid form of ice or mist, which allows him to evade his enemies and cause them to lose their balance by freezing the floor with his body. Many of Malek's abilities involve him forming an icy mist. Ice Magic allows Malek to use certain forms of Snow-variant magic, although the majority of his attacks are ice based, and even incorporates certain wind-based attacks, all of which are in a temperature below zero. Also, because of his magic, Malek can freely walk in freezing winds or immensely cold areas, without the use of a jacket. This is also mainly due to him having learned Ice Dragon Slayer Magic, and because he lived in the Frozen Mountain for seven years. Malek learned this magic from his teacher and guardian, Sapphire, an Elemental Lord. Ice Magic allows Malek to deal blunt, or heavy damage to his opponents, all of which is followed by freezing due to the nature of such attacks, which in turn, grant him the ability to attack them head on.

  • Freeze: Ice Magic's most basic, yet one of its most useful capabilities is that of covering everything Malek comes into contact with in ice. This comes in useful for a variety of purposes, from damaging opponents to making things' composition weaker in order to more easily break them. What can be frozen depends on the user's own ability; as Malek with his Ice Dragon Slayer Magic, Malek is capable of freezing the area around him by releasing a large amount of energy, or by a simple touch and has proven to have the ability to freeze the most powerful of pressurized water attacks, including Natsu's flames, and other Fire Magic spells from ordinary Fire Mages. He can even freeze things just as fast as his former guild mate Gray, one who excels in Ice-Make. Malek also uses this ability in hand-to-hand combat, often with the use of his hands, such as when he froze Kidd's clone with a palm thrust, freezing half of his body in a few seconds. He also managed to freeze a Dark Mage completely by using a similar palm thrust.
  • Blizzard Storm (ブリザードストーム, Burizādo Sutōmu): Malek puts his hands together and later moves his arms around in a circular form, forming a wind around him. He later closes the wind by pushing his arms back, and then pushes his hands forward with a powerful forceful push causing ice and snow to blow forward at freezing point winds. This attacks targets everything in the vicinity freezing everything around him. It is one of his strongest Ice Magic attacks.
  • Frozen Tundra (凍結したツンドラ, Tōketsu Shita Tsundora): Malek closes his eyes and moves his arms around in form of Tai Chi and quietly chants "Frozen winds gather around me, strike my foes with the wrath of the arctic and deliver to them unending punishment". After this he strikes a palm forward causing a misty icy wind that blows his enemies away while shards of ice strike them delivering a painful jab to any section of the body that even causes freezing.
  • Ice Clone: Similar to Ice-Make: Ice Dummy, Malek can create a clone version of himself, however the process itself is different. Malek shrouds his body with a icy mist that seemingly freezes his body in an instant. At that moment, Malek converges his body into mist and returns to his normal form almost instantly. The clone is often used to trick enemies into attacking it, giving Malek a chance to counterattack if needed.
  • Ice Mist Body: Through the use of his Ice Magic, Malek can transform his body into a mist which is at freezing temperatures, no matter how hot an area may be. Although ice generally moves slow, Malek uses the wind to his advantage and causes a freezing wind around his area and uses it to strike several frozen blows onto his enemies. While in this form, Malek is impervious to all physical attacks and certain magic attacks. He can rapidly appear in one area, where it almost seems he has teleported. Also while in this form, Malek can move on the ground and freeze his enemies footing keeping them stuck to the ground. Eagle can only maintain this while in motion, and it also slightly decreases the attack of his Ice Magic. If Malek is in an area of his element, this spell proves to be far more lethal, due to his presence being far more concealed and undetectable.
  • Ice Avalanche (雪崩, Nadare): Malek punches his hands viciously into the ground. After this he raises two frozen hands from the ground which grab onto his enemies and then he quickly pulls his hands out, causing the frozen hands to slam anyone who was grabbed hard onto the ground.
  • Ice Punch: Malek envelops either hands, or both in a orb of ice and punches his target with it, causing them to fly backwards. It does not freeze the enemy since he releases energy as soon as it impact, making it feel like if they were being hit by a powerful wind.
  • Ice Beam: Malek charges his hands and launches a massive ice beam at his target. The attack can either freeze his opponent, or send him flying.
  • Ice Wind: Malek waves his right hand and left hand around in a figure 8 shortly before splitting it open causing a massive windy wall to appear that blocks all incoming attacks. It can also block fire-based attacks.
  • Ice Javelin Storm: Malek summons a torrent of ice javelins and throws them at his opponents, all exploding on impact, freezing the enemy almost instantly. If the javelin hits the enemy, several amounts of damage is dealt.
  • Ice Claws (氷の爪, Kōri no Tsume): Malek generates ice around his hands and forms them into very sharp claws, which are capable of cutting even the strongest metal. Malek then swipes away at his enemies, slicing away at their body, causing several cuts which become infected with the cold cut.
  • Ice Bomb: A common and easy spell, which somehow involves the use of his ice clones, but to a different extent. Snapping his fingers, Malek surround his opponents with multiple ice sculptures, all of which carry his resemblance, and he then snaps his finger again while saying "And here we go"(さあ、いくぞ!, Sā, iku zo!), causing the statues to explode with a high amount of force. The explosion itself causes several waves of cold air and ice to impact the area surrounding it including the foe who is blasted away, either frozen, or with several icicles jabbed into their body.
  • Ice Slicer (アイススライサー, Aisu Suraisā): Malek quickly slices through the air, generating ice blades that are hurled in a specific direction. These ice cutters are capable of cutting through the strongest steel, and countering fire attacks.
  • Arctic Beam (北極ビーム, Hokkyoku Bīmu): Just like his sister Rika, and teacher Sapphire, Arctic Beam is Malek's signature Ice Spell, and one of his strongest. Bending his arm backwards, Malek charges a high amount of energy, followed by it's release, which in turn unleashes a large blue beam that increase in size, hitting the opponent almost as if hit by a spear, causing severe damage. Malek is rather quick in using this spell, and has great proficency, accuracy and control over it. Such beam is capable of breaking through a shield barrier. However, Malek uses this spell often to distract, despite him always managing to hit his target.

Ice Dragon Slayer Magic (氷の滅竜魔法, Hyō no Metsuryū Mahō): Malek is the Ice Dragon Slayer, meaning he is the same as Kiyoko Kriya, Eugene Woodland, Natsu Dragneel, Wendy Marvell and Gajeel Redfox, but with the manipulation of ice. Malek is shown to have excellent skill in his form of Dragon Slayer Magic. As with all Dragon Slayers, Malek can consume his respective element, with the exception of that which he has created, to replenish his energy reserves. The temperature of his ice, which is seen to either be solid or in a misty way, can decrease depending on his emotional state, thus increasing the power of his attacks, just like his fellow Dragon Slayer, Natsu, who in turn, can increase the temperature of his flames. He incorporates the ice he creates into his into his fighting style, greatly increasing the damage of his blows. Because of how he uses it, Malek has been compared to Natsu on a certain level, such as having ice being produced over his entire body, which is seen in a mist.The ice he produces is exceptionally strong and powerful, as it's temperature is measured to be far below zero. He is immune to highly cold temperatures as well, being able to walk freely in arctic areas. The ability to eat ice grants him immunity to most ice attacks, most notably Gray's which he often eats. The ice itself is as strong as it's element of weakness, fire. The ice itself can freeze certain substances to the point of shattering, and is capable of easily stopping Water Magic, freezing it in the process and can be used to freeze targets in place. Because of his training, Malek is able to par up with Natsu, although Natsu's element of fire can melt ice. The ice of an Ice Dragon is said to be able to freeze anything completely, to the point of shattering. Malek's ice-based attacks is seen to deal painful, blunt and freezing damage to his enemies, due to most of his attacks being quick and abrupt, as certain attacks can cause cuts. When often slightly compared to Natsu, Malek stated he is not the same as Natsu, and that it is only Natsu who can truly beat him, to which has been proven. Also, after his Second Origin was unlocked, Malek noticed an increase in his Dragon Slayer abilities.

  • Ice Dragon's Roar (氷竜の咆哮 Hiryū no Hōkō): An ice variant of Dragon's Roar. When using this attack, Malek breathes out a blizzard-like blast, with it's movement similar to that of a hurricane, and is capable of freezing an area if in the way of the roar, causing heavy blunt damage. This wind is seen to be very powerful, as it was able to withstand Natsu's Fire Dragon Roar, causing an explosion, and almost freeze Wendy's Sky Dragon Roar, which ended up causing it to snow. This attack is also capable of freezing solid objects, to the point of shattering them. While the attack does deal an extensive amount of damage, it also causes numbness to his opponents due to the cold. The blast of the roar releases also various sharp and dangerous icicles that barrage the foe, causing cuts to the body.
    • Ice Dragon's Frozen Breath (氷竜の冷凍ブレス, Hiryū no Reitō Buresu): A stronger more potent version of his Ice Dragon's Roar, Malek jumps towards his opponent, grabbing them and throwing them in a certain direction, following with the release of a large and very powerful burst of ice from his mouth, in the form of a large twister; such spell was capable was almost completely destroying the Devil's Abode Guild, creating a large hole. 
  • Ice Dragon's Claw (氷竜の鉤爪, Hiryū no Kagizume): Malek ignites is feet in a piercing cold mist, thereby allowing him to deliever fast and painful kicks.
  • Ice Dragon's Iron Fist (氷竜の凍拳 Hiryū no Tekken): Malek covers his hand with ice and punches the target. The punches themselves are very strong, dealing blunt damage and can send someone flying.
  • Ice Dragon's Wing Attack (氷竜の翼撃, Hiryū no Yokugeki): Malek surround his arms with an icy mist and charges at the opponent, grabbing them, before releasing them, unleashing a blizzard-type wind in the form of whirlwinds causing anything nearby to be hit by it, and is capable of freezing the target and the area of where it was released.
  • Ice Dragon's Exploding Ice (氷竜の爆発アイス, Hiryū no Bakuhatsu Aisu): Malek forms an ice mist on his two hands and brings them together causing a frozen explosion, followed by a rapid and powerful freezing wind. On rare occasions, he forms a large iceball and throws at his opponent, which also explodes on impact.
  • Ice Dragon's Crushing Fang (氷竜の砕牙, Hiryū no Saiga): With either one of his hands completely surrounded with sharp ice, which resemble the claws of an Ice Dragon, Malek charges and swipes the enemy with claw-like fashion, causing a painful ice burn. In turn, the area struck can freeze completely, leaving the opponent with limited movement.
  • Ice Dragon's Scales (氷竜の鱗, Hiryū no Uroko): Malek covers his entire body in solid iced blue-white scales, just like Mirsoth, of which increases his defensive and offensive skills to a very high degree. He also gains claws and his longated canine teeth are seen to sharpen. Malek received the title The Arctic Demon from his Fairy Tail guild mates due to this form, and is commonly called that way whether in it's form or not. While in this form, Malek's body can freeze almost anything, by touch or impact with an opponent. It is resilient to Gajeel's Iron Dragon Slayer attacks and can withstand Natsu's flames to a very high degree, although Natsu managed to shatter them, but had his hand slightly frozen in response for a few seconds. This ice is far colder and harder than any normal ice known to man and Earth Land and is capable of absorbing ice damage as seen with Yakunan, a Dark Mage who wields ice magic along with his Darkness Magic. However, only Natsu has manged to defeat Malek while in this form.
  • Ice Dragon's Frozen Spear: Malek surrounds his body with a icy mist and charges at his target, viciously hitting the abdomen, or headbutts them. (Unnamed)
  • Ice Dragon's Wind: Gathering a multitude of wind and ice on each of his hands, Malek brings his hands together, blasting forward a very cold wind that hits the foe, freezing them. (Unnamed)
  • Dragon Slayer's Secret Art (滅竜奥義 Metsuryū Ōgi):
    • Sapphire Cross: Exploding Ice Blade (氷刃の爆発, Hyōjin no Bakuhatsu): Malek swipes his arms in a circular fashion, creating a powerful, and highly destructive, torrent of frozen winds and blades that barrages his target.
    • Sapphire Cross: Frozen Barrage (凍結された弾幕, Tōketsu Sa Reta Danmaku): Malek rapidly delivers several and frequent kicks to the enemy, with his hands and legs engulfed with ice, freezing them in place for at least two seconds, allowing Malek to time his kicks. He then finishes it by releasing a sudden blast of cold wind by punching the air, while avoid physical contact with his enemy, in which sends the enemy flying backwards. These blows can leave several parts of the opponents body frozen.
  • Dragon God's Exploding Ice (龍神爆発アイス, Ryūjin Bakuhatsu Hyo): An alternate form of Ice Dragon's Exploding Ice, Malek engulfs his left hand in the black ice of Ice God Slayer Magic, and his right hand in the ice of Ice Dragon Slayer Magic, and brings the hands together, generating a powerful and explosive icy wind, capable of freezing an entire area completely to the point of shattering (depending the objects frozen), and defeating Crystal, an Ice God Slayer, the second most powerful mage within Devil's Abode in one hit. However, this magic drains a lot of magic from Malek's body, straining him due to how much power is used. Malek himself is still capable of using this magic attack, but it requires a massive amount of energy, thus draining him of energy, making him faint in the process after using it.

Ice Flame Dragon Mode (氷炎龍モード, Mōdo Hienryū): After devouring Natsu's flames, and having the ice and flames inside his body fuse together as well, Malek gained the ability to fuse his Ice Dragon Slayer Magic with fire. While in this state, activated primarily by his anger, Malek can produce blue flames, that can cause painful burns. This has been described as Frozen Flames, since the fire and ice are able to cause a high amount of damage, when it freezes objects, it is completely incinerated a few seconds later. This ability heavily drains Malek of his magic energy, leaving him exhausted to the point of fainting. However, since unlocking his Second Origin, he has gained the ability to use it without much strain and thus requires less strain, and no longer faints. When in this form, Malek has been described to take a demonic appearance, due to his dark-red eyes, and elongated canine teeth being sharper. Due to his intimidating nature, Malek inspired fear into a Angelus, a Third Generation Fire Dragon Slayer while saying "You said you'd show me hell, and you have not shown me anything. To be more precise, I'll be the one to show you that hell you promised."

  • Ice Flame Dragon's Roar (氷炎竜の咆哮, Hienryū no Hōkō): An flame-enhanced form of Eagle's Ice Dragon Roar. Combining the flame and ice in his body, Malek gathers the two opposing elemnts and releases it in a large, destructive, flame that quickly freezes and burns anything in it's path, destroying it completely. Compared to Natsu's Lightning Flame Dragon's Roar while in Lightning Flame Dragon Mode, Malek is also heavily exhausted afterwards, due to the amount of magic used by such attack.
  • Ice Flame Dragon's Fist (氷炎竜の拳, Hienryū no Ken): An alternate version of Ice Dragon's Iron Fist, Malek's fist is engulfed with ice and flame, and, in addition to being burnt after struck, the opponent is also struck by a powerful blast of frozen winds, that cause ice burns as well. 
  • Ice Flame Dragon's Spear (氷炎龍の槍, Hienryū no Yari): An enhanced more powerful version of Malek's Ice Dragon Spear. Malek engulfs his entire body with ice and flame and strikes the force with devastatingly force. Even with his magic energy drained, Malek was still able to severally damage Yakunan.
  • Ice Flame Dragon's Exploding Ice (氷炎龍爆発アイス, Hienryū Bakuhatsu Aisu): Malek's alternate, more powerful version of Ice Dragon's Exploding Ice. Malek engulfs his right hand in flames, and his left hand in ice, and after bringing them together, generates a large, destructive, firey and frozen explosion around his opponent.
  • Dragon Slayer's Secret Art Revision (滅竜奥義 改 Metsuryū Ōgi Kai):
    • Sapphire Cross: Exploding Ice Flame Blade (氷炎刃爆発, Hien ha Bakuhatsu): Malek's alternate, flame-enhanced version of his Sapphire Cross: Exploding Ice Blade. Malek engulfs his right hand in ice, and left hand in flames. By swinging his arms around, Malek creates a highly destructive vortex of fire and ice, which greatly damages the opponent and pushes them away with considerable force.

Dragon Force (ドラゴンフォース Doragon Fōsu): By consuming ice fused with Etherion or the Ice of Sin, Malek has been show to be able to enter Dragon Force. This ability is said to be the final and most powerful state a Dragon Slayer can attain, and it has been said that their power becomes comparable to that of a real Dragon's, granting the ability to utterly destroy everything. When in Dragon Force, Malek's eyes become purely white and no pupil, and his hair also becomes white and no longer with an icy mist flowing. He gains scales similar to Mirsoth springing around his eyes, and covering arms and feet. Malek has used Dragon Force at two times, such the first being through eating the Ice of Sin, and through Yakunan's magic corruption, during the time of his possession.

Thought Projection (思念体 Shinentai): Malek can create a Thought Projection of himself, using one to communicate with both Kiyoko and Eugene prior to their arrival at Nexus, following a confrontation with Hatsumi, and when warning them before entering Devil's Abode. Such intangible, faithful image of himself, impervious to any attack, and allows him to communicate over long distances without the need to leave his location or expose himself to threat.

Second Origin Activation: Malek has been seen in being able to tap into his second origin, thus unlocking more of his magic power. When using this, Malek's Dragon Slayer abilities are much powerful than usual, and allows him to stay in his Ice Flame Dragon Mode longer than usual, although he is still left slightly tired afterwards. Most notably, his Ice Magic gains more offensive power as well, with his signature spells being far more lethal.

Enhanced Hearing: Malek himself has exceptionally good hearing, something which, has been proven true several times. The first time was seen when he overheard Yakunan and Akuma conversation, both of which who planned to attack Cursed Flames and kill Naomi Kriya, despite the latter being a floor above, one action he spoke against, in which this was the time he was under the control of both Dark Mages. The Another time was following his fight with Kidd, shortly after the formation of the team, he heard Kidd talking to Katsuro on how Malek is always disappearing to his mysterious places, to which the Ice Drgon Slayer responded back, shocking Kidd, although Malek had already left the guild, being at a distance where they could not be heard, even wuith everyone in the guild talking all at once.

Enhanced Smell: Malek has has a very keen sense of smell. He was able to tell the difference between a magic copy of Erza and the original Erza, giving heavy notice on the difference between a man's smell, and the smell of a woman. He also is able to track a familiar smell, despite the fact not being in contact, and such was seen with Yakunan, whom he easily tracked.

Immense Strength: Malek has shown on numerous occasions to possess a high degree of strength, enough for him to perform a number of physical feats, such as pulling a palm tree with a single hand and releasing it, launching him in the air as if it was a slingshot. He was also capable of stopping a boulder, of which would have crushed the unconscious Wendy and Natsu, as Gajeel took the chance to smash it. Furthermore, he has used his sheer physical strength in challenging Natsu and Gajeel in a triple threat match, overpowering them on certain occasions, despite the fact all three of them were evenly matched. Malek's strength was also shown when he sent both Yakunan and Akuma flying in just one punch. Malek's strength is also seen when he palm thrusts his opponents, and one notable feature was when he knocked Kidd in one hit, thrust his face into the ground, generating small rocks to fly out, as the ground itself cracked. Since joining Hydra Head, Malek has noticeably gained more physical strength, where his blows are seen to be even more powerful.

Enhanced Reflexes: Malek possesses fast reflexes, having been capable of dodging attacks from Natsu, Gajeel, Erza, Laxus and, most recently, attacks from an Angelus, a Third Generation Fire Dragon Slayer.

Enhanced Speed: Malek's speed and reflexes are impressive, enough for him to close great distances in a blink of an eye and dodge swift attacks. Even Erza herself is amazed at how quickly he can evade some of her attacks.

Immense Durability: On several occasions Malek has proven himself to be incredibly durable. He has managed to take continual, deadly assaults from foes and continue fighting, and such was in his fight against Yakunan, where he received painful and near fatal blows from the dark mage who was using magic attacks that can pierce the foe. Also, during his fight with Angelus, Malek was seen able to have some resistance to his pressurized water attacks, although Malek himself can freeze water with a single touch, he is unable to stop water that is exerted with a high amount of pressure. He has also been able to withstand Natsu's fire-based attacks, although Malek's element itself is weak to fire, and one notable attack was an enhanced Fire Dragon's Roar where Malek remained unscathed by the flames, nor did he receive any burns, which included remaining unscathed by the following explosion. During his mission to the Devil's Abode Guild, where he had to bring Yakunan to the Magic Council, in order to reach him, Malek fought against several S-Class mages, all whom had high mastery in magic. He fended out against several mages, and while being heavily injured he showed no signs of fatigue and managed to catch the Dark Guild Master with barely any magic left in is body.

Ice Resistance: Having ice as his signature element, Malek is able to take, or even block, ice-based attacks without being injured.

Immense Magic Power: Malek possesses an immense level of Magic Power, which, befitting his Magic and theme, manifests itself in the form of ice. It is seen to appear in various parts of his body, either small to instant blasts of freezing winds or by having a potent icy aura surround his body that freezes anything. When releasing his magic power, Malek forms some sort of ice claws on his hands, which are seen to be very sharp and lethal. Such power has been able to cause fear to dark mages of the Devil's Abode. When Malek alters his personality, when provoked, his magic aura becomes red, although it still consists of his icy feature.

Master Strategist: Malek has shown himself to be highly intellectual as he was able to memorize all the abilities of his enemies along with their fighting styles and patterns. He is also able to create successful ambushes and attacks. This has helped him and his guild during several of other missions, and along with Eugene's help, both Dragon Slayers were able to defeat Akuma and Yakunan during their battle at Nexus.

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Malek is an extremely proficient unarmed fighter, often using his Dragon Slayer Magic in combination with punches, kicks, and even headbutts, to combat his opponents to great effect. In attribute to his physical prowess, Malek's skills are seen to be aided by such. He has demonstrated to have incredible speed, agility and reflexes allowing him to even take down opponents who are much larger than him, and has done so singlehandedly. Malek's skill in martial arts has been seen numerous times, such as when he took on Natsu and Gajeel in a triple threat match, easily overpowering them, or matching at certain times, when fighting Yakunan or Akuma, fending off against several Dark Mages of Devil's Abode without the use of his magic, and when fighting his teammate Kidd. He is shown to be also very deadly when in his devil-like persona. Malek, in certain moments is seen using palm thrusts, of which deliver very powerful and painful blows, and can knock out his enemies as well by simply using his strength. Also, Malek's skills in martial arts is enhanced with his acrobatic skills, using such flips to deliver quick blows, which leave his opponents off guard, and this is often connected with his strength as well.

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Aside from his hand-to-hand combat and magic abilities, Malek has demonstrated to be as equally skilled with a bladed-weapon. Malek possesses great mastery in swordsmanship, and such skill is seen to surprise not only his enemies, but even his friends and guild mates. When he was in Fairy Tail, Erza herself stated that Malek is a highly gifted swordsman who has been able to par with her, keeping her on the defensive quite a few times. Malek also fuses his Ice Magic with his sword skills, making his attacks deadlier and difficult to block. Malek learned how to use a sword from his older sister Rika, and gained more skills through tutelage from Erza, thus honing his skills to a higher level. Malek's sword slashes possess so much force behind them that they are able to slice through metal using only the air pressure from the swings. Malek's sword, dubbed Mirsoth's Wrath, has been shown to be a very powerful blade, as it generates cold winds whenever he strikes his opponents. Such sword is mostly fused with his Ice Magic, making it even deadlier.

After joining Hydra Head, Malek gave his Mirsoth's Wrath to his sister Rika, shortly after creating his own set of katanas which he nows uses in combat. Since he now carries a set of katanas around him, Malek switches them during battle, sheathing and unsheathing several of his blades, of which he employs great skill while still being able to fend of his enemy in the midst of it, as his skills in swordsmanship have significantly increased, having been classified as a master swordsman by both enemies and allies alike, and such enemies fear him for that. Since using katanas, Malek has employed incredible skill in the use of dual wielding in a reverse grip and is his main form of fighting with a bladed weapon.


Despite being an incredibly skilled and powerful mage in his respective term, if Malek uses too much magic, the strength of his Ice Dragon Slayer Magic greatly decreases, along with his basic Ice Magic, and can be countered by either Fire magic users, or a Fire Dragon Slayer, leaving him vulnerable to several attacks. Even if he consumes ice, his energy will not be restored due to his body struggling in keeping him conscious. Also, he will have difficulty moving his body, and even though he is immune to Ice Magic attacks, or being frozen by such, the attacks will still have an effect, freezing him in place. At this point, his magic becomes unusually unstable and can only be healed by Healing Magic, one example being Wendy's Sky Dragon Healing Spell.



Mirsoth's Wrath: Malek previously wielded "The Blade of Judgement" (審判のブレード, Shinpan no Burēdo), Mirsoth's Wrath, a blade forged from the scales and a single horn of Malek's foster mother, the Ice Dragon of the Frozen Arctic. With this blade he can perform the Style of the Invisible Sword. The sword is strong enough to cut through the strongest of metals and can destroy buildings. This ability is almost similar to Kagura's Style of the Undrawn Long Sword, but the difference is in it's form of grip. Malek keeps the blade in a reverse slanted grip. According to his sisters, if Malek were to fuse the sword with his Dragon Slayer magic, it would bring forth a temporary Ice Age. As of yet, Malek has not unleashed the full power of his word, and has stated that he hopes he won't. Before joining Hydra Head, Malek handed this sword to his older sister Rika.

Katanas; Since joining, Malek has shown to be using katanas as his main weapon of combat, and as seen with his first sword, Mirsoth's Wrath, Malek has incredible skill with a katana, delivering even stronger, faster and more powerful blows, using flexibility to his advantage. He carries six katanas, and can easily switch between them during battles, since each katana itself displays different attributes and have their own abilities as well.


  • Malek was my first Dragon Slayer on this site, and the main focus of the series.
  • Malek was originally meant to be a Fire Dragon Slayer, but later he was made into the Ice Dragon Slayer.
  • Please note, the Ice Dragon Slayer Magic here is my own creation, despite it already having being created by True-Clown-Prince and all credit goes to him on the name. Here, Ice Dragon Slayer Magic is used as to how I wanted the abilities.
  • Malek's stats are
  • Amongst his siblings, Malek has the darkest personality and is physically the strongest.
  • Some Ice Magic ideas came from fellow wiki users. Ice Sword was from Djoletz and Ice Javelin was from Adepto Tech.
  • Malek is also a main character in my exclusive story, Fairy Tail: Frozen Winds, but carries the name Eagle.
  • Malek's counterpart in Frozen Winds is exactly the same, in terms of history, personality and relationships, with minor differences, that being never having his mother abducted by a band of Dark Mages and Kiyoko being his biological sister.
  • Malek was also the only Kriya mage to have fought Yakunan on even ground, or has fought him more than anyone else.
  • It was currently unknown at what point Malek and his sisters joined Fairy Tail, since they joined it at some time during the seven years Team Tenrou disappeared, after Acnologia supposedly killed them and destroyed the island. It is later confirmed that Malek and his sisters joined Fairy Tail in X786.
  • Malek, unlike most male Dragon Slayers, is one of the only to have had a female Dragon teach him Dragon Slayer Magic
  • Malek's Dragon Slayer Secret Art spells is named after his teacher Sapphire, hence always saying Sapphire Cross.
  • It is revealed in the Fallen Arc, that when Malek was younger, he was a freelance Dark Mage Hunter, prior to him adding it to his career when joining Hydra Head.
  • Malek makes an appearance in A Tournament, For The Golden Sword!, which is non-canon to the original storyline, although the only similarities are his sword, family and being a mage from Hydra Head. Despite his wife not being mentioned, he implies that he is married.
  • Although Exodus possessed Malek's body, it doesn't officially place him as a member or Dark Mage.
  • Malek is a direct ancestor of Malek Kriya I, one who is the patriarch of Malek's side of the family, that both being direct descendants of Kol Kriya.


  • (Malek Kriya) "Everyone has their demons. It's all a matter of whether or not one chooses to release it. Such demons are the demise of one's humanity and it's a sad fact that the very monsters we all fear are not conduits of books or magical spells. We are the very monsters we fear."
  • (To Angelus) "You said you'd show me hell, and you have not shown me anything. You are something, but are far from reaching my level. Now, let me be the one to show you that hell you promised me."
  • (To Tsukiko) "Don't lower me to your level Tsukiko. It matters not what type of Dragon Slayers we are. Power means nothing, and it never has. You are just an ignorant fool drunk on your own power, and if you don't stop, it will be your downfall. But still, your interesting. Your skills are amazing, but you have the brain of a child. So come, show me your power, Shadow Dragon."
  • (To Eugene Woodland) "You surprise me Eugene. You are the Forest Dragon Slayer, yet people call you the Ghost Dragon. I don't see any relation, but I can still see why. By far, you are the only person to ever surprise me, and that my friend is a gift".
  • (To Hatsumi) "You, who called yourself our friend and ally betrayed us that day on Frozen Mountains, the day you almost killed me. You shattered the family trust we had. For the sake of my family, and those at the guild, I will stop you".
  • (To Akuma) "There are a few mistakes one can make in life to which can either be fixed, forgotten, or people won't even pay mind and act as if it never happened. However, there are some that are unforgivable, unforgettable, mistakes that should never be done. That is the mistake that you made Akuma, targeting Fairy Tail, attacking our members who couldn't defend themselves. Akuma, I thought attacking one's family was an unforgivable act in your guild, but I guess demons don't need any type of forgiving at all. Prepare yourself Akuma, today your guild will fall."
  • (To Kiyoko Kriya & Rika Kriya) "Fight on sisters.......fight and show what it is to mess with a Kriya. Regardless of what happens, the decisions you two will make will affect you more than you think and.........Kiyoko, please don't do anything reckless in my stead......and Rika, please don't lea-......".
  • (To Kiyoko Kriya) "Emotions are the one part that some people never want to reveal Kiyoko. You've known me for several years now and you know I am a man who rarely shows it. Not because I don't care, but because everyone has a way of showing it. One doesn't need to show emotions to show that they care. I care for you and Rika in my own way, as I do for everyone else. Regardless, you mustn't let your emotions get the best of you. Just as they serve as our weapon, they are also our downfall."
  • (To Yakunan) "I am never alone, and I never have been...I have friends and family. Those friends and family are the Fairy Tail Guild. The feelings we have for one another gives us a power you will never be able to defeat. We fight for one another and I am willing to die to keep them safe. Say your prayers, for picking a fight with Fairy Tail was a mistake. I am the Ice Dragon Slayer, the Arctic Demon, Malek Kriya."
  • (Malek to Fairy Tail) "I care not for the outcome. The only wish I have is to see you all killed and gone from this world. I'll make sure no one remembers any of you."
  • (To Angelus) "I may no longer be a Fairy Tail mage, but I carry their principles and beliefs with me. So let me repeat myself, I may be a Hydra Head Mage, but if you mess with Fairy Tail, you mess with me."
  • (To Yakunan) I care not for what happens to me. I will protect my family and friends until my last breath. And targeting them became your biggest mistake. That is why I am stronger than you, and it is why I will always be stronger than you. Family, friends, and unity is what makes me strong.

Battles & Events

Battles Events
  • Malek Kriya & Rika Kriya vs. The Hunters (won)
  • Malek Kriya & Rika Kriya, Kiyoko Kriya vs Hatsumi & Akuma (withdrew)
  • Malek Kriya vs Tsukiko (won)
  • Malek Kriya vs. Akuma (won)
  • Malek Kriya, Naomi Kriya, Kiyoko Kriya & Rika Kriya vs Devil's Acolytes (won)
  • Malek Kriya and Eugene Woodland vs. Crystal and Yakunan
  • Attack on the Frozen Mountain
  • Meeting in the Unknown Forest
  • Meeting at Nexus
  • Formation of Falcon's Talons
  • The Creation of A Thorn Between Two Roses
  • Betrayal atop the Frozen Mountain
  • Encounter with Naomi Kriya
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