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Alliance Insignia

Malleus Maleficarum (まれうすまれふぃかるむ Mareusu Marefikarumu, lit. The Witch's Hammer) is a four way Alliance created by Dante Royard. It's purpose is the destruction of Zeref and all that who follow him.


Guild Name Description Guild Master Status Symbol
God Eater Known as The Rising Vanguard (起床先陣 Kishou Senjin), its power and goals are focused into making the actions of Legal Guilds and the Magic Council redundant as they believe that such a corrupt organization is unneeded. Dante Royard Active GodEater
Angry Angels One of the largest and most powerful all female Dark Guilds in Earth Land that is not, and has never been, part of the Balam Alliance. The guild owes its name to its history, where its founding members once used to belong to a Legal Guild, but has since left to exist independently due to a major disagreement between both guild masters. Morgana Edgeworth Active AA Symbol
Crime Sorciere An independent guild whos primary objective is to eradicate all evil brought about by Dark Guilds and Zeref, with the members seeking redemption for the crimes and atrocities they committed in their past. Jellal Fernandes Active CS Symbol
Dark Stellar Spirits A rogue group of ten very powerful Celestial Spirits who's opinions and goals differ from that of the Celestial Spirit King. They claim to be out of his jurisdiction. The truth is, each of their experiences have left them to bear a dark and twisted grudge against their very brethren. Commiting vile and unforgivable acts in retribution, they were exiled a long time ago. For that reason, they are summoned using rings rather than keys. The leader, Metatron, has decided that he will not render full support until all of his members are provided a Celestial Spirit Mage that will bring them to the Human World. Metatron Active DSS Logo
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