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Younger Nanamei
Name Mama
Kanji ママ
Romanji Mama
Race Human
Birthday 4th March
Age 57 (True Age)

21 (Physical Age)

Gender Female
Height 5'13
Weight 132lbs
Eyes Pink
Hair Ashy Blonde
Blood Type AB+
Professional Status
Affiliation Southern WolvesSouthern Wolves Guild
Previous Affiliation {{{previous affiliation}}}
Occupation Guild Master
Previous Occupation Test Subject
Team None
Previous Team None
Partner None
Previous Partner Dr.Hari
Base of Operations Southern Wolves Guild
Personal Status
Marital Status Divorced
Relatives Dr.Hari (Ex-Husband)
Ōkina Hozuki (Daughter)
Education Advanced
Alias None
Magic Smoke Magic
Magnet Magic

Mama is the Guild Master of the Southern Wolves Mercenary Guild. She is a famed mage and assassin from all around the world and the ex-wife of Dr.Hari.


Mama, despite her appearance is actually a middle-aged woman. She states that she was cursed with agelessness at the age of 21, she however does not explain why this is or by whom. She has pink eyes and ashy blonde hair tie up in a bun with two small kunai-like hair ties. Her most notable facial feature is a scard running down from her left eye.

She wears a black kimono with purple cloud designs on it. It is tied at the waist with a red obi and a pair of high-heel type sandals on her feet. She also has her nails painted red.


Mama is an eccentric woman who commonly has the tendency to end or begin her sentences with the phrase (-eh). She is also quite sassy, easily annoyed and almost, if-not always displays a tough demeanour. She used to brutally beat up her ex-husband and she eventually got to the point where she nearly killed him.

However she does have a softer side. She has great love for her daughter and even though she was created artificially, Dr.Hari used her DNA making thm blood relations.



Ōkina Hozuki


Turn back the Clock arc


Pipe: She also carries a slender pipe which she uses as a basis for her Smoke Magic. It can focus her magic into the smoke to allow her to create even more deadly spells.
Kunai Blades: Her two bladed hairpieces can become large, curved, oversised kunai blades. The are light and allows her to attack with ease.

Magic and Abilities

Smoke Magic (煙魔法 Kemuri Mahō): Through her pipe she can create and control pink coloured smoke and shape it into fists and restraints. The smoke can also act as a poison which can cause the enemy to see illusions.
Magnet Magic (磁石魔法, Jishaku Mahō): She is able to magically create and alter magnet fields, allowing her to levitate and control metal to the extent she can join them together to form large structures.

Major Battles

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