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This page lists characters who, though members of the Dark Guild Mano Padrino, do not actively take part in any of the illegal activities of the guild's main members, and mostly remain within the Mano Reserve.

Audrey Steel (Claustrophobiatic)

Black Widow
Audrey Steel
音努利 鋼
Oodori Hagane

Audrey Steel (音努利 鋼, Oodori Hagane), is a member of Mano Padrino. Originating from Theoria in the mysterious Isle of Nome, she left to travel Earthland in search of someplace to settle down and call her "Home Away from Home." After hearing rumors of the corruption that branches out throughout the Magic Council, she came to the decision to avoid joining any Light Guilds. Due to her moral understanding, she has no qualms with joining a purposeful Dark Guild.

At some point of time recently, The Don stumbled upon her and thought her abilities and organized nature to be useful to the organization and invited her to join; she accepted whole-heartedly. Audrey now acts as the secretary of the guild, organizing meeting and important files on members and/or illegal activities.

Finn King (Phantombeast)

Finn King
Finrando nin Kingu

Finn King (フィンランド人キング  Finrando nin Kingu), is a member of Mano Padrino. Not much is known about his past before the 1st Don brought him to the guild, except for the fact that he hid his face behind a giant mask of a teddy bear.  He is often seen making sure everything is in order in terms of supplies, often making sure no one tries to steal them from the warehouse in Mano Reserve.

His most noticible features aside from his mask are his two katanas that he keeps on his hips in any case that someone would try to take what was not their's. 

Alice West (Claustrophobiatic)

Alice West
Alice West
亜利寿 西
Arisu Nishi

Alice West (亜利寿 西, Arisu Nishi), is a member of Mano Padrino. She originates from the town of ____ in ____. A pacifist by heart, she left in search of a place were she could open her heart and perform in front of large audiences. Unfortunately, at the time, Alice was not strong enough to accept jobs nor successful enough to maintain a constant salary, eventually falling sharply into bankruptsy and poverty for two years.

She was found by Antan Kuroari, who saw that underneath her battered and desperate visage was simply a girl who want to share experiences with loved ones: a family. He then proceeded to invite her to join Mano Padrino, explaining the true meaning of being a member; she immediately accepted. Currently, she works at the Mano Reserve as a part-time waitress and singer/entertainer.

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