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Maria Ichinose
Maria new profile
Name Maria Ichinose
Kanji マリア・一瀬
Romanji Maria Ichinose
Race Human
Birthday June 16
Age 17

24 (post-timeskip)

Gender Female
Height 5'0"
Weight 91lbs
Eyes Light Blue
Hair Indigo
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Fairy Tail
Occupation Mage, Maid to Belrose Family
Base of Operations Fiore
Personal Status
Martial Status Single
Relatives Unnamed Parents (deceased)
Magic Water Magic

Ice Magic

Maria Ichinose is a mage of Fairy Tail capable of water and ice magic. 


Maria has the appearance of a petite teenage girl with light skin and blue eyes. Unlike mos

t female characters in Fairy Tail, Ichinose's chest is only slightly perky. She has dark indigo hair with a few short strands hanging at her forehead. Her is usually tied in two side-buns covered with fabric. When her hair is like this, the remaining hair
Maria hair down

Maria with her hair down.

makes it seem she has short hair. However,untied, it reaches her upper back. She often wears a lot of blue for day clothes. For a top, she w

ears a sleeveless, blue turtleneck. She also has long arm wear tha t goes just past her fingers. It looks somewhat like a cut-off sleeve. Maria often wears long skirts and a pair of ankle boots. Her silver guild mark is on her lower back. 


Ichinose is quiet and polite. During her meeting with Team Natsu, she adress them all as "Miss" and "Mister" (-san)Despite her seemingly kind appearance, she can be harsh at times. She is also very straight foward and states what she thinks about someone to that person. This was shown when she calmly told Erza she doesn't like when she's criticizing people. Her favorite season is winter and loves rainy season.


So far, only little can be said of Maria's earlier life. She grew up Rena city, which seldom rained. Living in such a dry area, Maria valued the rare rainfall. Her history is the reason for her love of the precipitation. Ironically, she later moved to a rainy town.

Magic and Abilities

Water and Ice magic: The constant rainfall at her new home has allowed Maria to practice more with her magic. She has learned to freeze the water she controls. As a result, she often combines her water magic with that of her ice abilities.

  • Water-Ice doll:This is sort of a combination of Juvia's water body and Gray's ice doll. Maria can transform her body completely into ice but still with the appearance of a human. As a defense method, she can quickly turn into water, dodging practically any direct attacks. However, she can only use this move once every 24 hours.
  • Water-Ice Conversion:As she can manipulate both water and ice, she has the abitlity to freeze water to ice and vice-versa.
  • Power Scanning:By examining a person carefully, even simply by appearance, Maria can roughly see a person power levels.
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