Marina Leiah is yet young and unexperienced, but she is hard working and wants to overcome herself everyday.Her biggest wish is to be in the same guild as her Idol Yuuma,so she tries to become member in Phoenix Feather Guild. Her fashion Idol seems to be Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail.



Marina's general appearance

Her hair is in a mild blue which is smoothly fading at her hair tips and bond with a purple ribbon, almost white seeming clear eyes to behiding behind a long fringe.

Usually wearing belly tops, short skirts and only one sleeve on the right site, but top boots are always needed for her.


Her attitude seems desperately cold and reserved, but if you can get closer to her she becomes more frankly and smiles most of the time. She is to silent and introverted for many people, so she is often alone.



Powers and Abilities

Molding Magic: Although she is still young, she can already mold with two elements, ice and water.

Enhanced Senses: She has, just like the slayers, the possibility to rapidly enhance her senses. With this she can almost see in a pitch black room or "see" the room with just listening to everything.

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