Herself Olympic Code(formerly)




Weather Magic, Various Earth Magic, Healing Magic, Plant Magic

Marisa, formerly known as Demeter, was the former member of Olympic Code, before being replaced by Hades.


She is highly aloof, and elusive, not needing to talk to anyone about anything. She prefers to live in solititude and will not come out of her home for no reason. Despite all of this, she is a kind person, who willingly helps those who truly deserve it, and will do all in her power to help them.


It is known that she was once a member of Olympic Code, and that she was replaced by Hades.

Magic and Abilities

Master Magician:As a former member of Olympic Code, she is highly powerful, being able to take out several low ranked mages, and low level S class mages with ease. She prefers to stay stationary in battle, and will only move when she needs to dodge a lethal attack. She wields Weather Magic, Earth Magic, Healing Magic, and Plant Magic, being exceptional in each magic's use.

Weather Magic:

She has a unique and powerful magic which allows her to control the weather effects in an area. Ranging from intense heat, to powerful rainstorms and tornades. This is a versatile magic which can give her an edge in the battlefield.

'Earth Magic':

She is also exceptional in the use of earth magic, being able to use it almost reflexively in battle when needing to block an attack. She is able to create highly dense and large walls, which can block attacks of low level Wizard Saints.

Healing Magic:

She is highly knowledgeable in the healing arts, she is said to be able to heal someone who has been stabbed, shot etc in the chest, and make them to normal condition in less than 24 hours, she is also able to heal monsters, Kiishim and other races without much difficulty as well, she states it is easier to heal people with higher level of magical power and skill.

Plant Magic:

She is able to literally control the cells of a plant orgasm, making her highly efficient in the usage of plant magic. She is able to grow normal plants to monstrous sizes, and can even control their movements without needing to even use seeds.

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