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Name Marisa Sejren
Kanji マリサ・セジュレン
Romanji Marisa Sejuren
Alias Sejren Clan Leader (セジュレン族の主, Sejuren-zoku no Shū)
Black Knight Girlie (黒騎士ちゃん, Kurokishi-chan) (by Abyssion)
Race Human?
Birthday September 12th
Age 18 (Daybreak S1-S2, biologically)
Gender Female
Height 157 cm
Weight 33 kg
Eyes Brown
Hair Purple
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Tsuruko Faction
Occupation Sejren Family Head
Previous Occupation Unknown
Team Tsuruko Faction/Sejren Family
Previous Team Unknown
Partner Derrick Sejren
Previous Partner N/A
Base of Operations Luin
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Sincera Sejren (grandmother?)
Derrick Sejren (uncle?)
Alphonse Sejren (uncle?)
Kinos Sejren(cousin?)
Tsuruko Sejren (cousin?)
Hikari Zanna (cousin?)
Education Advanced
Status Alive (sorta)
Powers and Abilities
Magic Corpse Shell
Black Arts: Soul Eater
Curse None
Other None
Weapons Divine Tool Chimatsuri
Soul Armour
Soul Armour Name Corpse Shell: The Phantom Knight (鬼の力・幻夢黒鳥士の亡霊復(コープス・シェル・ザ・ファントム・ナイト), Kōpusu Sheru: Za Fantomu Naito lit. Devil's Power: Phantasmal Black Swan Knight of the Departed Spirit's Vengeance)

Marisa Sejren (マリサ・セジュレン, Marisa Sejuren) is the name of the 27th Head of the Sejren Family, a family that works also serves as an organized crime syndicate whose primary activities are protection racketeering, the arbitration of disputes between criminals, and the organizing and oversight of illegal agreements and transactions. The Sejren Family look over the city of Luin, protecting it from the Magic Council's iron fist while dealing with outside interference harshly and swiftly. Marisa is the one who first brings Tsuruko Sejren, her cousin, to their family, welcoming her and Hikari Zanna with open arms. Later on, she helps Tsuruko and Excellen Kilekion defeat the Dracolich. In the final two arcs of Daybreak S1, she joins the heroes as a 'sixth-ranger' of sorts, helping defeat Abyssion and preventing the Magic Council from just firing Deen Lhant and arresting the rest of the group for the collateral damage caused by the fight with Abyssion. While amicable, if a bit smug and arrogant, Marisa is ultimately kind-hearted, though Marisa herself seems to have a special connection to Tsuruko, and might not be who she says to be at first glance...

It is said that previously, when Marisa revved the Typhoon Driver, she could become the Soul Armour Knight Tachys (神鎧纏最高戦士 (ソウル・アーマー・ナイト) ・光速 (タチズ), Sōru Āmā Naito Tachizu lit. God Armour Clad Supreme Warrior Lightspeed God); a Soul Armour associated with Dzerve Sejren, who appears to be her ancestor. However, thanks to an unknown incident, Marisa has been rendered incapable of harnessing the power of Soul Armours- something most peculiar as members of the Sejren Family have perfect synchronicity with the Soul Armours. Instead, Marisa transforms into a demonic warrior with the Sejren Family's secret art, Corpse Shell (鬼の力(コープス・シェル), Kōpusu Sheru lit. Devil's Power); she was the one who taught Hikari Zanna everything she knows when it comes to bringing out the full potential of the demonic knight transformation- something that comes to bite everyone else in the ass thirty years after Daybreak, of course.


Marisa's full appearance.

Marisa Sejren has a short, small figure –taller than Tsuruko, but shorter than Excellen- with long grayish purple hair pinned up at the back with a purple bow with side braids and rose eyes.

In terms of attire, Marisa wears a long-sleeved black coat with a standing collar which has a magenta bow tie around it. The coat has two rows of gold buttons on the front, light green trims around both of her cuffs and shoulder epaulettes, which have a fourragère passing under and around her side. She also wears a pair of white gloves along with an armband on her left arm, and a white web belt with a gold waist-plate. She also has a black skirt, dark gray pantyhose and knee-high black boots.

Personality and Traits

Typical of a Sejren, Marisa seemingly has a very impulsive and outgoing personality; though unlike most of her family, she hides it behind a cool façade. Marisa is shown to have an iron will, and can be rather stubborn and bull-headed when it comes to decisions she believes will hurt others if plans are wrongly executed, often being compared to, well, an actual bull. Even so, Marisa is also noted to be a bright young lady; but similar to Excellen Kilekion, it's a rather subtle trait, as she's generally a lot quieter about it than her cousin. She demands utmost respect from others, especially her family, and is not hesitant to berate people if they refuse to follow an order. However, Marisa has a rather mischievous side to her—much like that of a certain devil woman, prone to teasing and flat-out insulting friends and foes alike, subtly manipulating them at all times, with varying levels of success. She also believes that she has the right to get whatever she wants and vehemently detests having to give something away if there's no benefit for her. Despite her rather paradoxial attitude of being relatively aloof and yet possessing a love of pranking people, Marisa is quite kind, and shows more similarities with Tsuruko deep down as both care about their friends and do not want to hurt anyone; this is shown by her reluctance to let the rest of her family to get involved in the Hellion conflict and scuffles with the Magic Council.

For all of her quirks, however, Marisa is also a realist, ready to use any means to defeat her enemy if they're a major threat- since she's very well aware that there's no such thing as a good war, she'll do anything to win. In battle, while she keeps up a calm and aloof façade, Marisa is one of the most pragmatic and straightforward characters, tending to often seriously analyze a situation rather than charge in guns blazing like her more hot-headed cousin- not only this, she tends to be overly paranoid at times as it is mentioned that she actually has a plan to "take care of" almost everyone she meets in the case that they betray her, no matter how implausible this is. Because of this, she can come off as quite insincere as when not dabbling in political matters, Marisa spends her time devising contingency plans to use in the event that she has to fight a given individual without possessing any real trust of anyone, to the point that Tsuruko begins to think that Marisa could beat anyone if she's "prepared"; generally, Marisa is one of the most intelligent characters in the Sun Trilogy and can fight on-par with an enraged Tsuruko; she's a master of multiple combat methods, including the usage of a rather impractical weapon, and only seems lacking in a world filled with fighters who transform into state-of-the-art armoured warriors; all of whom she can figure out how to defeat.

Her pragmatism and aggressiveness towards her enemies is a stark contrast to Tsuruko's "no-kill" policy; as her stubborn refusal to end the life of a dangerous foe because she still believed -as they were former friends before his turn to darkness- she could redeem him cost Marisa dearly and led to the deaths of almost everyone in her former home because of her hesitance; after this, Marisa resolved to kill her enemies no matter their causes and chances of redemption, as even if she spared them, there would be no doubt that they'd return and exact revenge either directly or indirectly, thus causing significantly more casualties and injuries in the long run for everyone involved. While this side of her is well-hidden for the most part, the main cast become aware of her barely-restrained fury towards Hellions and what they had done to her and her homeworld at the end of the Ending Story Part II arc of Daybreak S1, where she almost kills the Cancer Hellion after he was freed from Abyssion's possession and Tsuruko and Deen were attempting to convince him to join them. Indeed, even though Marisa has the same sense of righteousness that's almost hereditary in members of the Sejren Family, Marisa's perspective on it is warped in her desire to purge the world of evil, refusing to accept the world in grey as she has personally decided that while the ideal of everyone walking hand-in-hand no matter their race is beautiful, some kinds of beings will never be able to accept the hands of others due to all the suffering they've caused, and peace can only come after completely destroying all of demonkind. Because of this, quite a few of the main cast think she's rather unhinged even after her past is revealed and it becomes somewhat understandable.

However, despite her rather extreme nature and brutal behaviour when dealing with threats, like the rest of her family, Marisa has a flair for drama, and despite being entirely capable of subtlety, she prefers to make her entrance in a proud, flashy manner. While she mainly focuses of protecting that which she considers 'home', she is willing to extend her hand to others outside of her city, and will repay any debts she owes people. Deep down, Marisa is truly worried about the Old World and the fact that it could return at any time, due to their family (or rather, her) role in the emergence of the Hellions and the Universal Reboot, Marisa bears the pain of taking the responsibility of what she did; though unlike the rest of her family, she is willing to explain the mysteries of the Old World to Tsuruko, and her role in its collapse. The stress of keeping this bottled up for more than several centuries is hinted to be a major reason why she can come off as overly paranoid and vicious when dealing with threats of any kind, but other than these flaws, Marisa is relatively kind to those she truly considers allies and her family, as they are the only comfort she's had in a very long time; indeed, she hates hurting people she cares about and doesn't like seeing others suffering. When Marisa takes the stage, she says, "I'll tell you this for starters…" (最初に言っておく…, Saisho ni itte oku…) followed by something that concerns Marisa's strength or how annoyed she is. Interestingly, Marisa is the only fighter who has a pre-battle catchphrase despite not having a Soul Armour.




Marisa utilizing the Divine Tool, Chimatsuri.

Divine Tool: Chimatsuri (神器・血祭り, Jinki: Chimatsuri): Chimatsuri is the Divine Tool of Bloodshed. In its initial form, Chimatsuri takes upon the form of a scythe that has a green inner edge; the head of the scythe has a rather elaborate design resembling Victorian-era structures. The Chimatsuri, like all Divine Tools, is a "potent mix of science and sorcery"; and by using magic and precursor technology, the sword is exceptionally powerful. The weapon has proven to be incredibly useful in many a situation; being almost unequaled in power. The scythe is so unnaturally sharp that Marisa joked that it could "cut you just by looking at it", but on a serious note, Chimatsuri was able to cleave through diamond and even magic blasts effortlessly; and on one occasion, she was capable of using the cold steel of the scythe to absorb an energy blast before returning it to sender via another swing of the weapon. Similarly to a High-Frequency Blade, Chimatsuri is reinforced by a powerful alternating current and resonates at extremely high frequencies. This oscillation weakens the molecular bonds of anything it cuts, thereby increasing its cutting ability. Striking, cutting, and thrusting attacks are performed with the weapon, with the sharpened edge and point used for lethal attacks, and the blunt edge used as a clubbing weapon. It can also be superheated from friction to be hot enough to sear anything that it comes into contact with. Like most weapons, Marisa is able to channel magic into her scythe, endowing it with a bright red aura and causing runic symbols to appear along its length. Marisa makes liberal use of magic and uses spells with shadowy appearances. Lastly, in correspondence with her fighting spirit, Chimatsuri enables Marisa to control and regulate her power better. Even if it can't cut the opponent, they can be burned by the energy it emits.

  • Chimatsuri's second form, Chimatsuri IGNITE.

    Chimatsuri IGNITE (血祭り・IGNITE, Chimatsuri Igunaito): Chimatsuri IGNITE is the name of Chimatsuri's second stage form. When initiating the IGNITE command, scarlet magical energy covers the Divine Tool, condensing before solidifying into a new form. As Chimatsuri IGNITE, the Divine Tool's frame becomes crimson with jet-black trim, and its scythe blade becomes forged into a crescent shape. In it's IGNITE form, Chimatsuri is capable of utilizing its VT (Variable Transforming) System, which allows the scythe to transform into different combat modes, from a full-scale scythe and sniper rifle form to a condensed rifle form. This system was, chapter-wise, first seen on Dragredder. Although Chimatsuri can fold into the form of a gun, which bears a small resemblance to a shotgun, it does not have to be in that form to fire. It is able to freely transform from its compacted self, to its gun mode, to a full scythe in a short time. In this form, order to effectively use it in melee combat, Marisa must fire a shot immediately before a swing to increase the power of her attacks. Unlike most other weapons with the VT System installed, the Chimatsuri IGNITE's ammunition isn't simply one type; as it has two; whenever Marisa reloads her weapon, she is capable of switching the ammo to something more powerful.

Powers and Abilities

Physical Abilities

Ways of Combat

Scythe Utilization

Master Scythe Wielder: In the heat of battle, Marisa is shown to be a fearless and confident fighter, combining the trademark lightning-quick speed and steel-shattering strength of a Sejren with her own knowledge of her scythe, making her an incredibly difficult opponent to go toe-to-toe against; slicing away at multiple opponents with blurring speed; and she is also able to spin the scythe with exemplary skill and power, and executes chain attacks often. Her movements seem to be invisible to the naked eye, as she darts back and forth across the battlefield at a pace that she more often than not appears as a lavender and black blur, more akin to an embodiment of destruction than a person. Her boundless confidence translates into her battle skill, as she's shown to be capable of immediately immobilizing an opponent, quickly taking a glance at the vicinity to analyze the battlefield for vantage points and other targets before casually obliterating her prey without a care in the world. Of course, Marisa has superhuman mastery of the ability to leverage the scythe's ferocious kinetic energy to bolster her attacks, and her fighting style focuses on being aggressive, fast-paced and effective against single opponents, though weaker in prolonged combat and confined spaces, characterized by acrobatics, such as somersaults and leaping strikes, both for attack and defense, with Marisa unleashing fast, powerful strikes from multiple directions with Chimatsuri. Marisa is capable of utilizing her scythe like it is an extension of her own body, having surpassed the limit known as "humanity" in regards to her skills and displaying a mastery over it that surpasses all forms of mortality- it could be said that when wielding her scythe, Marisa can be considered a demi-god, having stepped into the realms of the divine in regards to her prowess with this weapon. With a snap of her fingers, she is capable of bringing the Divine Tool recognized as Chimatsuri into this current plane of existence in order to wreak havoc upon her enemies, displaying impeccable control over its sharp tip and impressive weight, even wielding it in a single hand despite these seeming limitations. Each and every blow that Marisa unleashes makes full use of her weapon's three meter range as to refuse the enemy the chance to evade by stepping back- indeed, even partially retreating from an oncoming blow does not guarantee escape, and attempting to catch Marisa with a counterattack more often than not results in grievous injuries all around, not limited to but including a slashed stomach and countless smashed ribs- the shaft of the scythe can bust through a human body like a hot knife like butter.

Thanks to her complete knowledge of how her Divine Tool functions in any and every situation, Marisa Sejren can defy the notion of "closing in with a large weapon is suicidal" while keeping the natural length advantage of a polearm over a sword, a weapon which has no effective way of countering nor parrying a large weapon such as Chimatsuri, effectively creating a combat method that possesses absolutely zero openings. Marisa's strikes are swift enough that even the afterimages released by each and every strike enable her to easily remove any possible openings, and she can constantly increase the speed of her attacks and make continuous attacks without allowing the slightest pause in between. Indeed, her attacking power is simply overwhelming—capable of ripping up the ground with every strike, while simultaneously being faster than the eye could register her movements. Marisa can slice multiple enemies with her weapon from the ground or in the air through a whirling attack. She can grapple other opponents or objects from medium range, bringing them into melee distance. Her swings, thanks to her great physical strength, have the potential to split the very earth with each swing, bringing mass devastation to every direction that the weapon lands; meaning that it often spells the end for her enemy the moment she brings out Chimatsuri. In a way, her fighting style is very similar to Tsuruko's, but for the latter, just replace 'flashy scythe swinging' with 'smashing people into fine paste'. Marisa can also use the weapon itself as a platform from which to attack, firing upon her adversaries while she rests her small body upon the handle. Often, when Marisa begins to fire the rifle portion of Chimatsuri's IGNITE form while standing still, she embeds the scythe tip into the ground in order to grant her complete stability and a method that enables her to absorb the recoil that would otherwise cause her to be thrown backwards.

Indeed, Marisa focuses on quick, precise strikes, always aiming to hit her opponent's vital points in battle. She uses misdirection in her attacks and even though doing so allows for holes in her defense she is more than capable of making it up with surprise attacks. Despite the ever-so-slight drawback of the heavy lump of iron known as her scythe, Marisa's swinging speed is extraordinary, as she has displayed the ability to counter attacks at a velocity that surpasses any form of precognition, all while standing still (even though it's rare to see her in such a position). Commonly using misdirection in her attacks -even though doing so allows for holes in her defense- Marisa is more than capable of making it up with surprise attacks; by taking advantage of her body's condition in order to, well, not feel pain, she is known to tank numerous blows from her opponent, no matter how strong they would normally be, before immediately countering with an overwhelmingly powerful strike of her own. Because of her scythe being two meters in length, she's only required to launch an attack when an opponent is within striking distance, though given her usual fighting style; Marisa Sejren is constantly on the offense- despite the length of her weapon, it doesn't seem to matter much as while it is easier to take a stab at an advancing adversary instead of taking the battle to them, Marisa commonly shoots towards her opponents with the speed and force of a bullet, taking them off-guard due to the sudden increase in velocity, closing the distance in the blink of an eye as she unleashes countless attacks which can all be considered a fatal blow that need to be evaded or defended against.

  • Recoil-Boost (砲火後座強化加速度(リコイル・ブースト), Rikoiru Būsuto lit. Gunfire Recoil-Enhanced Acceleration): Recoil Boost is a special property of VT-System equipped weapons; while not a technique per-se, it is an unintended side-effect; effectively, firing in a direction opposite of where the wielder wishes to go will give them a good push towards that direction- due to the sheer force of the shots by most of the weapons, while harnessing the Recoil Boost feature, the user can zip across the battlefield at amazing speeds. Due to being part-pistol, Marisa can use the recoil from Chimatsuri IGNITE's bullet shots to augment the speed and force of her strikes; being used to accelerate her own body towards her opponent, allowing her to travel at three times her normal speed. By holding the scythe in a backward wide stance, she releases a single bullet which has impressive recoil, allowing Marisa to change into a supersonic bullet that charges towards her opponent. If working together with another person, the partner can use the vacuum left behind by the attack to immediately rush in behind it by using the surge of air taken in by the vacuum as a slipstream. In addition to using Chimatsuri's recoil to make her even deadlier in melee, Marisa also uses it to increase her maneuverability. Marisa is able to disengage from close quarters to fight at range, or rapidly jump from range to close with an enemy; using the recoil to evade attacks, maneuver quickly around the battle space and then make attacks of her own; propelling herself directionally with extraordinary speed, and then rotate herself axially in midair to execute a devastating spinning slash attack.
Hand-to-Hand Combat

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Marisa is well-known for her amazing street-fighting skills- she's actually rather infamous for it, in fact. Whereas most of those whom are capable of harnessing the powers of the arcane generally focus on using magic alone or providing a mixture of close-combat/weapons usage and sorcery, Marisa herself is her own unique beast as it can be said that she uses her prowess in harnessing these mysterious supernatural energies simply as a supplement to where she really shines- in close-combat, no holds-barred, taking full advantage of the superior physical abilities that applying magic in selective amounts would grant her, focusing mainly on the enhanced strength that her magic would grant her and hones it to absurd levels, smashing flesh and bone with her fists and feet alone. As a contrast to many other fighters, hand-to-hand or no, Marisa's general fighting style is focused almost entirely on the ground, whereas generally any other warrior would have at least a few abilities and techniques to make them relatively competent in mid-air, allowing them to defend themselves until they reached the ground. Marisa's combination of overwhelming speed and strength, along with her hand-to-hand prowess and minute application of her special magic allowed her to become a boxing champion at a relatively young age.

Taking upon a boxing (拳闘, Kentō) -style approach to combat – a combat sport where two fighters square off in fisticuffs – Marisa generally fights by throwing her everything into the match, possessing an unrelenting fighting spirit that allows her to prevail more often than not. Marisa herself is known to possess a certain ingenuity in regards to how to go about boxing, to such an extent that it could be said that it was set in stone that she could become the middleweight champion of Luin's boxing championship when she first decided to take up the sport, and could have even won the world title with or without the teachings handed down to her by those at the gym she used to frequent when she was a teenager. She has a rather unorthodox fighting style in comparison to other, more "traditional" boxers- indeed, Marisa's boxing methods integrates all sorts of traits from almost every single "boxing type", though she mainly takes upon the combat method of a out-boxer, with a specific focus on footwork and swift jabs while creating a reasonable amount of distance between herself and her opponent after striking.

Marisa displays a highly unorthodox boxing style that is optimized for maximum usage of her natural speed and strength, allowing her to move and strike like lightning crashing down from the skies to the earth. While she is extremely strong physically which shows rather prominently, Marisa relies on her incredible punching speed, incredible reflexes, and her amazing speed. With her armoured hands constantly being in a low stance, she made lightning-quick movements forward with her mountain-like fingers, lashing out at her opponents in an unpredictable manner with a common strike; a quick, cutting jab with her left hand; with a crafty application of her speed and power, striking at least fifteen times a second as damage added up over time, gradually wearing down the opponent with her strikes causing them to become dizzier and dizzier, throwing vicious punches towards her opponent with such ease that more often than not, her opponent doesn't realize how damaging they can be truly be until it is too late with Marisa knocking them out in a single blow; as a result, Marisa has proven to be a devastating close-range fighter, with decent, if somewhat lacking, ranged abilities; though given how fast she approaches her enemies, this doesn't really matter much as a volley of blows land simultaneously and the effect of her punches are cumulative.

Marisa's movements in battle are sublimely swift, and her constant movement allows her to dance around all sorts of enemies for a majority of her battles, circling them with such a speed that she appears to be naught but a mirage when in motion, making it downright impossible for her opponents to corner her no matter their own speed or even if they harness speed-enhancing magics such as High Speed and Slowing Magic as she raced around, outmaneuvering her opponents while gradually wearing them down, lasting longer than most other boxers due to a combination of her speed and durability- her speed played into a special "technique" known as the Windrider Waltz (風手の円舞, Fushū no Enbu), a movement-based martial arts "technique" that is effectively a full-body feint by moving her entire body at random angles, confounding the opponent's reflexes. Thanks to her fighting style, Marisa often moves around like a gale while striking with enough force to stir up winds at the same time, throwing a barrage of punches while she was already in motion- when she was outside of the striking distance, as she accelerated forward, she was already beginning to launch a strike, meaning that waiting to get into range to hit her is an exercise in futility, and she has gone several battles without her opponent even capable of making contact with her. Despite her incredible speed being downright legendary in MMA circles, many an opponent, no matter what they heard about Marisa, didn't realize how lightning-fast she was until their matches, with her foes being overwhelmed in short notice as her speed and power forces the opponent to approach with caution, lest they be defeated in the blink of an eye.

  • Soulfreeze Shot (時止転撃(ソウルフリーズ・ショット), Sōrufurīzu Shotto lit. Time-Stopping Spinning Strike): The Soulfreeze Shot is Marisa's signature boxing move- it is a powerful straight-punch corkscrew blow aimed directly at the opponent's heart, stopping their body and leaving them vulnerable to successive blows. When performing the Soulfreeze Shot, Marisa, from her guarding position with her fists at eye-height, focuses for a brief moment, paying attention the bodily flow of the opponent and listening to their breathing patterns, subtly searching out a "weak point" in their motions, a point of contact where they would be most vulnerable. Once Marisa has discovered her opponent's weak point, she throws her fist forward with all of her might, with her hand of choice crossing her body in a straight line, racing towards the target like a bullet, with Marisa transferring her weight from her rear foot to her leading foot as her hips, torso, and her shoulder are rotated as to bolster the blow- but not only this, augmenting the strike further is the fact that she throws the punch while rotating her arm, resulting in the punch being strengthened throughout her entire body, effectively turning the blow into a spear that can penetrate through anything, with bog-standard guards from another martial artist to even supernatural-derived defenses which could possibly be reinforced massively through high-density particle concentrations. The fist rotates ever-so-slightly, simulating the effect of a drill piercing through stone and bedrock to reach its destination as the impact lands with enough force upon the opponent's heart to stun them and slow their movements to a complete crawl, effectively stopping the opponent's "time"; physically stunning them for up to three seconds, granting Marisa the ability to instantly launch a follow-up attack or take another action in any way that she deems suitable. As her signature move, Marisa has developed numerous variations on this technique, with about six alternate usages, two notable ones being a rising strike that appears as if it were a snake ascending from the floor almost at an extremely low height, as well as a rapid fire serial of strikes which seem to land simultaneously, thrown at her opponent's eyes to create a blur in their face, effectively removing their capability to see her other-handed strike shooting towards them from behind the vicious flurry of blows.
  • Marisa as her Corpse Shell form performing the Victorize Kick.

    Victorize Kick (閃光魔術蹴り(ビクターライズ・キック), Bikutāraizu Kikku lit. Flashing Magical Kick): Like all Sejren Family members, Marisa is capable of performing the Victorize Kick- which is normally a Limit Break for their Soul Armours, though those with enough willpower and hand-to-hand prowess are able to use it outside of their transformed states, as seen with Marisa and Tsuruko. In order to initiate this attack, Marisa imbues her leg with her fighting spirit, while focusing even more power around her foot; this intensifies the leg, focusing so much power upon her limb that it begins to shine golden. From there, she harnesses her immense speed by kicking off the ground ten times in the blink of an eye –the first kick releases a small shockwave with special properties- in order to leap a good twenty feet or so into the air, passing through a series of light orbs where she subsequently moves faster and begins to emit sparkles. Then by descending, Marisa uses her speed to propel herself downward, giving off an explosive boost while descending at an angle at an overwhelming velocity—when in motion, she thrusts her leg forward, initiating a flying side kick as she pierces through the opponent, leaving trails of flame and light sparks in her wake. This attack promises absolute destruction, which is granted by causing friction with the hydrogen in the air by the sheer ferocity of the blow, generating a medium-sized explosion upon impact. The resulting power of the diving kick can crush the target and is particularly dangerous to magic users. It is capable of tearing through diamond and even through weak defenses; the fighting spirit infused in her leg allows her to smash and tear through thick enemy armour with little effort. Because of the sheer velocity of the move, Marisa's movements seem to cause fire to be released behind her figure during her descent; the impact of her body releasing a powerful shockwave of pure power that is capable of destroying everything in the vicinity for meter away from touch-down. However, there is a secret about the Victorize Kick—if the opponent is hit by the initial shockwave of Marisa charging her jump, then they will become stunned by falling down, leaving them vulnerable to the rest of the attack with no way to defend against it. The Victorize Kick has the uncanny ability to strike characters who are airborne, even magic users in elemental transformations, but it is rather difficult to actually hit an enemy with it and avoid being struck if the attack misses. Another unique property is that if the Victorize Kick ends with Marisa shooting towards a wall, she is capable of instantly bouncing off and gaining height, allowing her to attempt the attack again. Something shared between Tsuruko and Marisa is exclusively is that both of them have developed variants of the Victorize Kick, though as the former's signature move, Tsuruko can adapt it for almost any situation- meanwhile, when enhanced by Corpse Shell, Marisa can perform the Victorize Kick – Eternal Avenge technique.
    • Victorize Kick – Eternal Avenge (閃光魔術蹴り・反旗の逆鱗(ビクターライズ・キック・エターナル・アベンジ), Bikutāraizu Kikku - Etānaru Abenji lit. Flashing Magical Kick - Wrath of the Revolt Banner)

Physical Prowess

Immense Strength:

Immense Speed:

  • Reduced Earth (縮地, Shukuchi) is a basic high-speed movement technique, developed long before magic became commonplace; effectively, through the user slamming their foot upon earth ten times in a split second, they are capable of kicking off the ground in the blink of an eye and live up to the technique's name of "reduced earth" as the technique shrinks the distance between the user and their target in a split second. When performing Reduced Earth, the user focuses the majority of their body weight to one of their legs of the briefest of moments, before stomping the foot where most of their weight is focused upon the solid surface of where the user is standing at a rapid velocity before shifting the weight back to the rest of their frame, generating enough thrust to propel the user forward at incredible speeds, at least akin to a master of High Speed and defying the abilities of Slowing Magic; accelerating at velocities that are almost untraceable to reach short or long distances near instantaneously- it should be taken into consideration that in order to perform the technique at all, the user requires a solid surface to kick into and thus produce enough thrust. According to the untrained eyes of those watching on while the user performs this technique, more often than not it appears as if the user has effectively teleported using sheer power and speed alone, moving faster than anyone is capable of following as they seem to reduce the earth between the themselves and the opponent in the blink of an eye. As the Reduced Earth technique is focused entirely on speed, it can be best characterized by 'the velocity at which the user gets from the starting point to the finishing point in the least amount of movements', attempting to waste no unnecessary motions while attempting to achieve its goal. Generally, in regards to how much any user is capable of getting out of the Reduced Earth technique, things like racial traits such as perhaps elves being faster than humans do not factor into the end result- rather, it relies solely on the user's training and skill to determine how fast they can actually move, and it is mentioned that if the user neglects the skill and rarely harnesses it or practices with it, they would move at a slightly slower pace as the body would have to be accustomed to undergoing the motions of the technique regularly- this is something that could quite possibly lead to a theoretically weaker user of Reduced Earth accelerating towards their point of choice at a swifter pace than somebody who was previously deemed stronger. However, despite being heavily compared to "true" Teleportation Magic, a user of Reduced Earth is capable of being stopped in their tracks if anyone who is in the vicinity of the distance between the user and their destination calculates the miles-per-hour as well as the ending phase of the technique that the user is accelerating at and takes steps to intercept the movement accordingly, and as such it can be quite predictable in comparison to actual movement-type magics, as it doesn't use supernatural energies to prevent any sort of interruption- indeed, with Reduced Earth, an opponent with swift enough reflexes can properly counterattack the burst of speed simply by blasting them with a higher-speed projectile no matter its origin, as in the case of most users, it is near impossible to stop and turn on a dime, requiring great effort of simply stop before reaching the destination, meaning that while in motion, a user can be seen as almost powerless against an opponent's attacks- however, commonly, it is shown that due to the speeds that they move at, this generally isn't a serious concern.

Immense Durability:

Other Skills

High Intelligence: Due to her nature, Marisa is almost constantly thinking- though this also means that she's thinking quite frequently; and despite her deceptively unassuming appearance (when not equipped with the Corpse Shell- otherwise she's just, is known to be frighteningly intelligent- of course, she would have to be, considering that she's been capable of evading people who are hunting her for almost half a decade, including the Magic Council as well as her archenemy and his legions of demons had not caught on yet; her smarts usually manifest in a natural aptitude to comprehend sciences and magical physics, allowing her to take advantage of them against an opponent or use then in order to bolster the potential of her own attacks, and she's known to have a good degree of foresight, anticipating events in advance. She has a great talent for analyzing and observing everything in her presence, allowing her to quickly understand a person's pattern of thinking and better utilize that against them in the heat of battle. Additionally, Marisa is shown to be a master of board games such as chess, and she generally spends most of her time reading books of any kind in her spare time- the reason for which is because the fact that characters made up by writers live quite interesting lives intrigues her. Lastly, she has also shown herself as a powerful and flexible tactician, capable of adjusting seamlessly to any given combat situation, if not plan out events well in advance. She understands the strengths, weaknesses and mannerisms of her enemies and creates strategies to achieve victory.

Her downright illogical paranoia of everyone and anything that she comes across left obscured by her general quiet and kind nature, while it can backfire horribly in several cases, Marisa's borderline obsessive cautiousness does provide her quite a few advantages in everyday life as well as in the political climate- because of her constant surveillance of her enemies and allies, she has information on most of them that would normally be exclusive to themselves alone, which she can mercilessly exploit to her advantage whether its in everyday conversation as a form of blackmail or in battle to help her gain an advantage over them, with her numerous moves and gadgets assisting her greatly in this area. Backing this up is the fact that she has a device to nullify the properties of Soul Metal of both friends and foes, just in case; however, what's not well known is that a while before Daybreak, Marisa decided to secretly tab every fighter on Earth Land that she could through a surveillance satellite so she could monitor them. Thanks to her intelligence, Marisa is capable of fully understanding the natures of several magics of all types, putting that knowledge into use in order to bring out the latent potential held within her personal powers and expand upon them so that they end up possessing a multitude of uses- indeed, because of this, it has been said several times that Marisa is perhaps the most potent user of Corpse Shell and Black Arts around, as only she is capable of negating the harmful effects.

Sejren Gene (セジュレン・遺伝子, Sejuren Idenshi): The Sejren Gene is a mysterious ability displayed by several members of the Sejren Family; it's described as a "bloodline awakening" not seen in any other family. It's noted to be a power that only manifests when a member of the family experiences an epiphany, reevaluating their life and coming to a conclusion of what exactly needs to be accomplished in order to overcome the turmoil in front of them. Doing so releases the body's natural limiters; granting them a physical prowess far above normal humans and even some other races, like great strength, speed, agility, accuracy and coordination. In consequence, despite the family's innate inability to harness magic, they are acknowledged as extremely powerful warriors, with many of them capable of overpowering strength-enhancing magic and outrunning speed-enhancing magic. However, the power seems to only awaken in a few members—but arises when the person experiences certain moments in their life that awakens it, and remains active for the rest of the user's life.

Corruption Resistance: Thanks to all of her time spent around evil influences –not only did she spend her childhood surrounded with darkness beyond compare, being exposed to its supposedly corrupting influence, she's also a user of the magic style as well- Marisa has developed an immunity to all sorts of evil influence and negative side-effects that it would normally project on other people foolish enough to call upon the power of darkness- if one relies too heavily on the powers that Corpse Shell and related black magics gives them, it will speed up the transformation into a demon and lose their sanity that is set into motion the moment that the user is branded with the Corpse Curse Brand; however, Marisa herself is capable of ignoring the side effects, as her experiences with the supposedly evil forces have led her to come a realization that she can accept them, giving her the ability to use the magic instead of the magic using her; this method is known as using Corpse Shell properly, wielding its powers without succumbing to its influences. Additionally, Marisa is immune to illusionary-based magic and anything that involves mind-control; meaning that only she is capable of controlling her own body.

Supernatural Abilities

Low Magical Power: Marisa has not shown any type of incredible amounts of magical energy. Indeed, she simply has the basic amount needed to be accepted as a pointless existence known as a 'magician'. Magic originates from a Magic Origin (魔原, Magen), which is exactly what the wording indicates—it is a special organ that is located within the body of a magician, that absorbs eternano and bunches it up into clusters, which is processed into magical power. Every magician has a container inside their body that determines the limits of their Magic Power; this is precisely what a Magic Origin is. If the case becomes empty, eternano will come from the atmosphere and enters the magician's body and after a while, their Magic Power is restored. While extremely powerful and considered a genius due to combining magical power and fighting spirit in the form of her fighting style; something that not many people know is that Marisa does not have a truly staggering amount of magical energy unlike most magicians this day and age, but this is most definitely not to say that she is weak—in fact, she is the exact opposite of such a term. Because Marisa's magical power is fairly minuscule, she has absolute control over it; as it does not leak out and seep into the environment like other magicians. While normally having only a small amount of magical power would be a disadvantage, Marisa has shown such masterful and precise control over her power that she is capable of shaping and utilizing her magical power in a multitude of ways; showing several techniques and applications that can leave magicians with more sheer power than her confused, as her mind is considered to be fairly advanced in its thinking patterns. Marisa is not bothered by her low amount of magical power, as an innate lack of magic was something inherited within her family anyway. Additionally, despite her exceptionally low amount of magical power, Marisa only uses it to activate her Corpse Shell form as it is an unwritten rule that the Black Arts are required to be initiated by those who are capable of manipulating the particle associated with the arcane to the point that they could form a basic magic- once she has transformed, Marisa simply lets her unbreakable fighting spirit born from her unflinching conviction to fix her mistakes and keep living until that time comes to handle the rest, harnessing all of her magics through Ardor alone once they are capable of being cast, meaning that her measly magical powers take a massive backseat to what truly makes her great as always.

Assorted Magics

Assorted Magic (魔法, Mahō): Magic is the main form of combat for all magicians; it is the physical embodiment of the spirit. When the physical spirit of an organism connects with the spiritual flow of nature, the spirit forms Magic as a product of the connection. To utilize Magic, a magician must use Magic Power (魔力, Maryoku) in their body. Magic Power is the source of Power for all magicians, it is composed of Eternano (魔子 (エーテルナノ), Ēterunano lit. Magic Particles), which is the term coined to name particles of Magic. Eternano dwells inside all living organisms and throughout the atmosphere. Nobody knows when Magic began, or how Eternano originated. Eternano is the source of Magic Power for all magicians; and every magician has a container inside their body that determines the limits of their Magic Power. If the case becomes empty, Eternano will come from the atmosphere and enters the magician's body and after a while, their Magic Power is restored. Eternano has near-zero rest mass - though, like any particle, its mass increases to reflect its potential or kinetic energy - and can carry either a positive or negative charge. In order to cast spells, a magician derives the power necessary from two sources: their own body's Magic Origin (魔原, Magen), and the atmosphere. A Magic Origin is exactly what the wording indicates—it is a special organ that is located within the body of a magician, that absorbs eternano and bunches it up into clusters, which is processed into magical power.

Every magician has a container inside their body that determines the limits of their Magic Power; this is precisely what a Magic Origin is. If the case becomes empty, eternano will come from the atmosphere and enters the magician's body and after a while, their Magic Power is restored. It appears that the concept of using a proportion to the user's Magic Origin or the atmosphere is dependent entirely upon the magic used in question. With internal magic such as High Speed, one requires the use of their own magic far more than external magic such as Fire Magic, where they generally rely more on atmospherically magic. By collecting eternano and subsequently imbuing it with a certain 'command' through either an incantation, hand gesture or a simple spell name, allow it to then mysteriously take upon a characteristic unique to that spell. Interestingly, some magicians, if they are descended from unique families, have shown that they are capable of replenishing their eternano faster thanks to unique traits. However, recent studies have identified another, unused, part of a magician's Magic Origin that contains a large amount of dormant power: the Second Origin. If a magician somehow manages to unlock their Second Origin, they will then receive an enormous boost in Magic Power, or they can wait until the right moment to unleash the Magic Power of their Second Origin in order to gain an advantage in the battle.

Marisa herself is capable of learning magics fairly quickly; in some cases, she is said to have the ability to master some magics within a day to a week, though as she simply stated it, it's unclear whether or not it really applies. Marisa herself doesn't seem to be all-too-fond of Magic aside from her clan's Corpse Shell ability, and thus she simply relies on her Divine Tool, Corpse Shell, Black Arts, and hand-to-hand combat to get herself through battle. It should be taken into consideration that like every other character, Marisa's fighting style and powers in general are an embodiment of some part of her personality and past. The ghostly and streamlined yet fractured nature of her Corpse Shell form along with her ability to devour souls with her power show off the fact that despite looking somewhat sinister and having dark powers, she's actually a decent person with the best intentions at heart. Her Corpse Shell's less noticeable aspects, like its numerous battle-damaged components as well as many of its attack and feature names such as "Broken Sword", "Tomb Shield", and "Ragged Wings" symbolize her entire life as a victim of horrible tragedy who had lost everything and sacrificed her personal happiness to avenge everyone who had died because of her stupid mistake; only reinforcing this is the fact that she refers to her Corpse Shell as being powered by the "spirits of those lost through sins". Many of the adjectives used in the titles of her Corpse Shell equipment and Soul Eater spells are words related to emptiness (Silent), disuse (Dusty, Fragile), and primarily disrepair (Shattered, Cloven, Broken), as well as darkness.

Black Arts

The Black Arts (黒魔術(ブラック・アーツ), Burakku Ātsu lit. Black Magic Techniques), also known as Black Magic (黒魔法, Kuro Mahō) are a forbidden type of magic which stems from most Dark Magicians, however, it is said to gained notoriety from a certain Great Magister. The Black Arts, like the derived Darkness Magic, seems to draw its own power from the negative feelings of the user, making it a magic the polar opposite of Light Magic. While extraordinarily powerful, the Black Arts have been known to have terrible consequences if one misuses or overuses them.

The Black Arts are an exceptionally dangerous set of magics which enables the user to manipulate life and death; a power considered forbidden ever since the beginning of magic as magicians wished to avoid incurring the wrath of what was assumed to be gods of evil; whom would punish those who broke the rules of life and death severely with a rather tragic curse. Despite this, some certain unsavoury individuals managed to master the Black Arts and create several unique magics derived from it; even the most notable user, has shown that the Black Arts can bring forth calamity. However, it should be taken into consideration that there is actually no punishment for overusing the Black Arts - at least, by a divine being; while the Black Arts do corrupt those who misuse it by darkening their soul and causing their morals to slowly slip down the scale to the point that they will see killing as nothing strange followed by the transformation into a demon, the Black Arts in the Sun Trilogy are just another style of magic utilization, albeit one with more taboos to be broken by overuse when compared to other forms of magic.

The Black Arts is supposedly nothing but pure evil, and it is constantly said that the black magic results in the loss of people's souls if they overuse the Black Arts, as it suppresses their inner goodness and erodes their mind as it feeds off of primal emotions of the caster such as revenge, hate, greed, and fear. In the process, it makes those it affects experience and exhibit these feelings while constantly making those feelings stronger, resulting in the mental transformation into a demon; not only this, as the user keeps harnessing this malefic power, their body begins to undergo a drastic change, with their eyes turning from red to gold continuously instead of staying a single colour and over-users tend to mutate, becoming grotesque and violent caricatures of their former selves who only crave more power. It also has a nasty effect on the environment, killing flora and fauna while transforming the vicinity into a desolate wasteland; indeed, those who follow the path of a Black Magician will usually gain untold power at the expense of something of their former selves.

Though the Black Arts is mostly used by Dark Magicians and dangerous criminals and is believed to be pure evil, it is not entirely malevolent; however, different characters have different views on the Black Arts; both Legal and Independent Magicians regard it as nothing but "hate and rage,"; an evil beyond all compare which goes against the idea of magic itself- while some philosophers argue that light and darkness are interdependent and cannot exist without one another. Though it is not necessarily "evil" magic per se, dark arts focus toward destruction, harming, cursing and otherwise complicating the lives of other people while advancing the user's own state, embracing magical techniques and practices that would traditionally be viewed as taboo and are generally willing to go farther than most would even consider if it serves their ends. Black Arts are aligned with fear, hatred, aggression, and malice toward all living things- while like all magic, the Black Arts' position on the morality scale depends on who's using it, it certainly is destructive, something that's almost impossible to change.

However, despite all of this negativity which comes part and parcel with being a practitioner of the Black Arts, there are a scarse few whom are capable of using the magic instead of the magic using them; in order to utilize the Black Arts properly, the user must have a an important revelation; a realization important enough to have an influence in the way the user sees magic. Since the usage of powers is related to the magician's emotions, the process of gaining "true" Black Arts could be described as similar to "maturing" or "growing up" mentally- depending upon the type of revelation, the power gained can be completely different; once this happens, once the magician accepts the Black Arts into themselves without allowing the darkness to consume them, they may wield its powers without succumbing to its influences; this type of Black Arts is referred to as achieving the Way to Dawn (均衡の明暗(ウェイ・トゥ・ドーン), Uei tō Dōn lit. Equilibrium of Light and Darkness)- after this point, the user's long-time exposure to darkness renders them immune to its corrupting influence. Marisa herself uses the advanced breathing technique known as Clear and Serene to control the Black Arts without succumbing to the tainting influence of the heretic ways.

Black Arts: Soul Eater

Black Arts: Soul Eater (黒魔術・霊気吸の魔法(ブラック・アーツ・ソウル・イーター), Burakku Ātsu: Sōru Ītā lit. Black Magic Techniques: Soul and Energy Draining Magic): Soul Eater is an extremely rare Caster Magic, Lost Magic, and a member of the Black Arts, which enables the user to reap "souls", which, in reality, is the magical energy of the opponent and from here they can rewrite the atoms of their target upon contact; this power can bring either salvation or destruction at the whim of the user.

Soul Eater is the Great Corrupter Abyssion's personal magic, and as such, any user of Corpse Shell is capable of harnessing the life-stealing power of Soul Eater as naturally as Abyssion can. Marisa herself has shown such prowess that she is capable of harnessing it at a level on-par or beyond the demon who had created the magic, displaying immense skill in wielding this nefarious ability.

Soul Eater is an extremely powerful magic that is said to be related to the Black Arts; it is known as a "wicked power" that drains the concept of life from all of existence and perhaps the greatest as well as most potent form of the Black Arts to have ever been created- it is the "ultimate black magic"; a member of the Black Arts which has no actual comparison to any other black magic in terms of sheer power, beyond the wildest dreams of any other magician associated with the darker side of the arcane. Something that should be taken into consideration is the fact that as an ability that steals life from the user's opponent and the environment, Soul Eater can be said to be the purest form of the Black Arts, performing the action of what the dark arts were forged for in perhaps the most distilled manner without any unnecessary strings attached to complicate the matter. When inducing Soul Eater, as a stark contrast to other forms of magic, there are absolutely zero counts of initiating the fusion between particles of eternano saturated within the environment and the caster's own magical energy- rather, the caster simply brings their magical energy outside their body and from there, these supernatural energies manifested are perverted by the user's negative emotions that reverse the usual positive take on the 'magic = feelings' concept, causing the user's malevolent thoughts and experiences to corrupt the energies, thus transforming azurite purity into a darker shade of energy that is an embodiment of sheer, unrelenting hatred; the magical energies expelled from their body take the form of a black and red aura that shrouds their frame, specks of darkness and scarlet scattering like light from the aura with every second spent while Soul Eater is induced.

The power of Soul Eater is at such a magnitude that it are unable to be consumed by any Slayer Magic, deflected by any other form of magic or manipulated by an outside source no matter what; instead overpowering the foolish magician trying to take their power for their own and devouring their magic in retaliation. Just like every other magic and Elemental Magic in general, when Marisa induces Soul Eater, she is capable of generating and manipulating that aura of darkness and crimson in any way that she deems suitable, allowing for almost limitless potential. The Soul Eater can be considered and is referred to as a curse; as while magic runs off positive emotions, Curses run off the exact opposite, with their power holding an origin in negative emotions displayed by humans, mainly greed, envy and hatred, making it far more powerful as no matter how many people would display positive emotions, negativity would always be there in a greater quantity- Soul Eater is no different. The aura of Soul Eater is known to be highly powerful, overwhelming normal auras of all kinds of the same quantity or even more with general ease; the aura is even hotter than any temperature that the earth can produce; though curiously enough, the sheer presence of the Soul Eater aura shrouding the user's body does not destroy everything on earth just by a single spark.

When utilizing Soul Eater, each and every one of Marisa's attacks will drain a portion of the opponent's magical power and add it to her own; this allows her to rejuvenate her wounds, as well as deal tremendous damage to her foe. While regular magicians use the magical power created from their soul to utilize their magic, fighting using a power from within; on the contrary, Marisa is capable of absorbing a portion of the foe's magical energy with any one of her attacks; it doesn't matter if the attack connects or is deflected; once the attack at least touches the opponent's body, then a small rift will open upon the foe, releasing a portion of their magical energy in the form of small emerald orbs that glitter with stardust as they move through the atmosphere towards Marisa, being absorbed into Marisa's own magical reserves upon contact; absorbing the diminishing magical power of those who she strikes by breaking it down into simple eternano, allowing her to use her aura to command the eternano into her Magic Origin, which finds its way into her body and enhances it, increasing her physical strength while the remaining eternano will be sent into her magic origin subconsciously, increasing the intensity of her magical energies and physical powers. While the glowing green orbs are only visible for a split-second, they are instantly recognizable and can be said that their mere appearance is an indicator that things have gone south for an opponent.

The properties of Soul Eater include high destructive potential to living beings and inanimate objects, anti-magic effects, and disruption of eternano. In addition, Marisa incorporates the magical energy that she steals from the opponent into her fighting style both physically, armed, unarmed, and magically, greatly increasing the damage of her blows. From there, the magical energy instantly takes effect; rejuvenating Marisa's wounds and bolstering her offensive and defensive power by the amount of energy absorbed. With Soul Eater's power, Marisa gains a perpetual power source, which can be used to power herself, granting her near-inexhaustible energy; as the magical energy is transferred to her, essentially healing her when they damage an enemy. Soul Eater inflicts damage based on the maximum magical power of a foe, and thus, it is effective against extremely powerful magicians. Interestingly, in a combo, the first strike with Soul Eater engaged has one hundred percent base magic steal value of the move used, while the second has one hundred and ten percent of the value, the third with one hundred and twenty percent and the fourth with one hundred and thirty percent. Subsequent Soul Eater strikes from there onwards scale to one hundred and fifty percent magic steal per successfully landed attack. As such, the more that Marisa strikes with Soul Eater, subsequently, the more energies that she will tear from the enemy and take them for her own. This mechanic is often the source of Marisa's penchant for long combos once she is ready to counterattack in order to reward herself for increased and consistent magic energy steal.

Interestingly, the Soul Eater will only raise Marisa's power by zero-point-five of the gained amount, as to prevent her from becoming overly powerful, but it is noted that the changes in power are permanent, with her power only rising and rising. When the opponent is struck with a Soul Eater-enhanced blow, they begin to experience a variable assortment of effects, such as intense headaches, nausea, fever, sickness, muscle spasms, and the ultimate deterioration of the foe's bodily functions; meaning that if one of Marisa's attacks didn't kill the foe, the effects would, as their body was violently dismantled, piece by piece, causing the foe to suffer an agonizing death; and then their corpse would be disintegrated by the sheer intensity of Marisa's dark aura-enhanced blows. Interestingly, Soul Eater is capable of being projected through a special Magic Seal known as the Lifedrain Glyph (気力吸収・魔法陣(ライフドレイン・グリフ), Raifudorein Gurifu lit. Energy Absorbing Magic Seal), which can expand from her feet to drain the vitality and magical energies of anyone that is foolish enough to set foot in the Magic Seal's area-of-effect, draining them of their energies by one Edea for every second that they are in the glyph's range, allowing Marisa to absorb it and utilize it for herself; depending on the amount of energy absorbed, the circle may spin faster or slower. Additionally, she is capable of merging Soul Eater's power with any other one of her powers; against foes linked with another power source, Soul Eater's life-draining power is capable of severing the connection by draining the link between the enemy and their power source instead of either one's life, thus removing it in just a few hits.

The second half of Soul Eater's power supplementary ability- slowly, but surely, as Marisa begins to become drained from her magical energies from making liberal application of Soul Eater, the aura produced by the evil power begin to intensity and expand magnificently, and as her negative emotions increase, the aura of darkness will increase in intensity and mass, as well as this, its properties will become more and more otherworldly, as the aura begins to display elemental aspects such as burning, freezing, shocking, etc while draining more and more energy from the opponent with each blow in an attempt to keep herself healthy after tackling numerous powerful blows head-on in the heat of combat. Because of this, Soul Eater can be considered almost apocalyptic in nature when compared to other magics of any and every kind. In fact, not even any Slayers of any element or any Dual-Element Slayer Modes are capable of consuming the energies of Soul Eater—if they did so, the pain they received from the magic would multiply twentyfold, more often than not completely blowing the opponent straight out of the water or kill them instantly. Soul Eater, as its name indicates, can absorb the life of living beings and even those linked with the Source of Magic, including Espers absorbing their power for the Marisa's own use; additionally, she is able to convert any form of energy drained through Soul Eater into something else, like modifying magical energies into fighting spirit. Because of this devious power, Marisa is said to possess the power to absorb all life, as she permanently continues to grow stronger the more that she fights, regardless of what form the energies that she absorbs actually takes.

Something that should be taken into consideration is that aside from her basic Soultaker Discharge, Marisa is capable of casting three other separate forms of spells with Soul Eater- these are the Abyssal Fogblade, Dark Contract and Ragna Triad lines- the former summons numerous ethereal blades which Marisa can use in combat for all purposes, the second focuses almost entirely upon creating a link between Marisa and her opponent which she can modify to her advantage to induce all sorts of effects, and the Ragna Triad spells revolve around pushing the lifesucking properties of Soul Eater up to the absolute maximum scope of its power, resulting in enormously powerful attacks that can remove an opponent from the reincarnation cycle and reduce them to naught at its highest point.

  • Soultaker Discharge (嚇怒反逆の生命吸収弾(ソウルテイカー・ディスチャージ), Sōruteikā Disuchāji lit. Life Absorbing Shot of a Greatly Enraged Rebellion): Soultaker Discharge is the most basic spell of the Black Art known as Soul Eater and one of the more offensive utilizations of this power that takes life; effectively, it is a helix of energy that extracting the enemy's magical and physical parameters upon contact while rewriting their Magic Origin to forcibly cause it to malfunction. When inducing Soultaker Discharge, Marisa focuses her energies into the blood-red and night-black aura shrouding her figure while she allows the to creep outwards, projecting the aura of Soul Eater in the form of a triad of crystals that are arranged in a trigram formation which rotate around in a circling manner. The crystals possess an eerie black and crimson glow; however, as they circle around; they gather magical energy to fuel the attack while Marisa holds one of her hands out - her hand serves as an activation point for the incoming attack. Gathering and compressing stray energies which are saturated throughout the environment into the crystals while still retaining a link to Marisa's spirit, converging innumerable amounts of supernatural powers into the crystals which constantly orbit her frame. When Soultaker Discharge is ready to be unleashed, with a single mental command that is accompanied by the snap of her fingers, the crystalline diamonds cease their movements and begin to emit an eerie glow that radiates throughout the area, instilling a feeling of absolute despair of those who witness it. In the blink of an eye, the triad of crystals project rays as Marisa releases the magical energy compressed upon her hand which magnifies the punching motion as the energy released fuses with the rays shot from the crystals and converges in the form of a wave of energy shaped like a black and red helix that shoots forth towards her opponent in the blink of an eye. While the Soultaker Discharge doesn't possess homing and tracking properties, it does move with such a velocity that it can be often mistaken for travelling at the speed of light. The helix's motion mows through the surface of the earth while rending everything it traverses in twain, and even if it is evaded, those close to the attack upon impact can be damaged by the sheer magical energy output of the blast. Upon contact with the opponent, the helix of energy has its Soul Eater effect activate, resulting in the attack slicing into the enemy and opening a small rift that opens upon the foe, releasing a portion of their magical energy in the form of small emerald orbs that glitter with stardust as they move through the atmosphere towards Marisa, being absorbed into Marisa's own magical reserves upon contact. Additionally, when Soultaker Discharge lands, its power rewrites the opponent's genetic code and extracts the magical pool while lowering their physical capacity; essentially serving as a "de-buff" that leaves them vulnerable to successive attacks for a period of time; functioning by reacting with the magic origin of the foe and counter-spins it, thus causing their defenses to weaken at the moment of impact; essentially reducing their defenses to zero and inflicting piercing, penetrating damage, unleashing a fiery explosion that deals immense damage; both comets erupt in a powerful surge of black and red that even after the strike, continues to rise, dissipating into the sky. The rewriting of the opponent's genetic code can also rewrite the electrical signals in the brain, curing people of their mental trauma or making it worse as he lowers their perception of reality, also shaking up their control of their own magical energy - at its strongest, Soultaker Discharge is capable of sending an opponent into a coma.
Abyssal Fogblade

A series of Abyssal Fogblades.

Abyssal Fogblade (深悔いの幻夢剣(アビスアル・フォッグブレード), Abisuaru Fogguburēdo lit. Phantasmal Swords of Deepest Regret): Abyssal Fogblade is the first subset of special Soul Eater spells and Marisa's main method of combat, often accompanied by her hand-to-hand blows - effectively, it enables the caster to harness the air as a medium to manifest their malefic magical energies which they can shape into a series of ghostly swords referred to as "Abyssal Fogblades" that they can direct according to their mental commands and willpower. In any case, when summoning the Abyssal Fogblades, the user snaps their middle finger and thumb on any one of their hands- this gesture acts as a conduit which focuses and dictates the flow of magical energy, tapping into the magical energies that already exist within the earth and matter; representing the cyclical flow of eternano and turns that power to manipulable ends; allowing the user to mold and initiate the fusion of magical energy- however, as per the usual aspects of the Black Arts, the magical energies manifested are perverted by the user's negative emotions that reverse the usual positive take on the 'magic = feelings' concept—by fuelling their magic with these negative feelings, during the process of the usual fusion of eternano and magical power as per every other magic to exist, the user's malevolent thoughts and experiences corrupt the energies, thus transforming azurite purity into a darker shade of energy that is an embodiment of sheer, unrelenting hatred- this entire process could be compared to a "Molding Magic without an element" and a revolutionary series of steps in themselves as it was once said that shaping in a similar manner to that of creation magic requires an element actually achieve such a feat. But in any case, since Marisa believes that utilizing pure firearms is dishonourable, preferring place her bets on her fists and scythe above all else (though this won't stop her from using the sniper rifle attachment integrated into her scythe), whenever she has to engage in medium-to-long range combat, she commonly manifests a serial of dark red and black ethereal blades from thin air using the above mentioned process- the Abyssal Fogblades possess long and hollow concave edges, with a cross-shaped "handle" and a diamond-shaped gap in the center. The "handle" is connected to a guard that has two spikes on either side of sorts that is an extension of the sides of the blade.

In any case, once manifested, the spectral swords swirl around her in a circling formation upon being manifested, focusing the energy blades' explosive, glowy death into a protective ring around her resembling reverse shrapnel- the numerous Abyssal Fogblades spinning around the center they recognize as the "starting point" known as her body electromagnetically- these swords spin around at varying speeds which Marisa is capable of modifying to become any velocity that she deems suitable through thought- at its highest point, the swords whirl around her frame at speeds just below the speed of sound, or they can move as slow as molasses to allow Marisa to grab them and use the weaponry as swords just like as mentioned in the Deep Slasher section below if an opponent closes in too quickly. Ironically enough, alongside their close-range capabilities, the ghostly swords, known as "Abyssal Fogblades" have no difference in functionality from firearms, albeit they possess absolutely zero recoil, giving them a slight advantage over a gun. Once brought into the current existence after transitioning from the spiritual plane to the physical realm, the Abyssal Fogblades are instantly put under Marisa's thrall and are hers to command; first of all, however, is that any amount of ethereal blades are capable of being summoned at once, depending on how much magical energy Marisa pours into their manifestation and how much of the atmosphere she focuses on to serve as a fulcrum to bringing them into the world, though Marisa more often than not simply prepares seven-to-ten at a time to keep things pressuring yet not totally overwhelming so she can still observe the opponent and their capabilities; after she fires the first batch, instead of recalling them, she simply readies more spirit swords as shooting the weapons costs less time than recalling as she's constantly moving about in battle. The ring of blades orbiting her frame commonly serve as single-use barriers that can slice an opponent upon contact, damaging anything they come into contact with while slicing projectiles in half if they even so much as touch the blast homing in on Marisa's frame; however, upon contact with an existence that Marisa deems as a suitable target, the ethereal swords vanish, making this utilization a decent short-term protecting her.

Additionally, thanks to the sheer velocities that the spectral swords move at, the kinetic energy released by their movements can produce enough force to occasionally reverse an opponent, leaving the enemy unexpectedly open which Marisa can immediately take advantage of. With a snap of her fingers and hand gestures or more simply, direction through thought alone, Marisa is able to launch these ghostly swords to anything she designates at a suitable target, being fired towards her targets with a velocity far higher than that of a bullet; the blades penetrate the air itself while in motion, ripping straight through the atmosphere without any pause; their flight paths guided to Marisa's will, and as such, they are capable of homing in on an opponent to land a certain hit. Furthermore, because summoning the spectral swords does not interrupt the current action, they can be used at any time- even when attacking, Marisa can launch spectral blades in order to pin an enemy in place or to augment the damage caused by her assault; while in motion, Marisa is capable of changing their corporeality through mental commands, changing the Abyssal Fogblades into a more energy-like form as to phase through any obstructions in their way if the blades just do not blast past them, and after passing any element that could stop them cold, she can change them back to their physical form to render their ability to deal real damage to anything that they come into contact with available once more. After the ghostly blades strike a target, they instantly pierce them as long as they land upon a physical surface, resulting in a release of all the supernatural energies that compose ghostly edge—the foe's own magical pressure serves to contain and amplify the destructive power of the Abyssal Fogblade, causing a large explosion of dark magical energy that can cause a large amount of destruction with each sword similar to a carpet bombing.

While Marisa approaches an opponent, the swords can whirl into an opponent, slicing them numerous times while she holds them still or is on a constant offensive. Through thoughts and a hand direction in a chopping motion, the rings of swords can thrown directly forwards from Marisa's direction as a long-range attack that appears as a group of ethereal swords still arranged in a ringed formation shooting forth like a wheel. While in motion, Marisa can still mentally direct the Abyssal Fogblades, granting her the ability to rip an opponent to shreds or turn them into a humanoid pincushion in the blink of an eye while breaking through anything no matter its origin- she can also use the Abyssal Fogblades for defensive purposes as they can suddenly zoom in and knock an opponent out of their attacking motion or just serve as a semi-physical defense for all sorts of attacks. The Abyssal Fogblades can suspend themselves in midair around a target before firing at them; Marisa can also do a nasty alternate version where the ring of blades appears around the enemy and implodes instead, resulting in an instant hit that is borderline unavoidable unless certain precautions are taken to prevent being killed in the blink of an eye. Before being launched as the ring of spiky death orbits her body, Marisa is capable of moving around as normal with virtually no impediments to her actions, however, due to the downright miniature-sized spaces between the swords when they revolve around her body, the open areas are effectively undefended, creating an unexpected risk for Marisa. Overall, Marisa displays enough finesse with the Abyssal Fogblades that she can utilize them to take out a squadron of high-tier Hellions with relative ease. Exceedingly versatile, the Abyssal Fogblades possess numerous forms known as "Formations" (景厳陣(フォーメーション), Fōmēshon lit. Vibrant Display Battle Formation) that Marisa can arrange them in- each form possesses a different use and thus a different advantage and disadvantage, making this spell a power with incredible potential.

  • Combat Formation: Deep Slasher (接近戦景厳陣・悲幻夢深刀(コンバット・フォーメーション・ディープ・スラッシャー), Konbatto Fōmēshon: Dīpu Surasshā lit. Close Combat Vibrant Display Battle Formation: The Sorrowful Phantasmal Abyssblade): Combat Formation: Deep Slasher is an alternate usage of the Abyssal Fogblades, not a spell itself- effectively, it's simply the caster grabbing the summoned swords and using them as actual swords. When performing Deep Slasher, once Marisa has brought the Abyssal Fogblades into existence through the shaping and formation of these ghostly swords after using the atmosphere itself as a medium for her malefic magical energies, after drawing them near her small figure, Marisa simply grabs ahold of the spectral blades by the parts of the energy weapons that are designated as their "handles", holding them like anyone would a regular sword. As they are designed to serve multiple purposes rather than just working as "large arrows", the Abyssal Fogblades can serve as perfectly capable close-range combat weaponry just like their shape would suggest; indeed, when Deep Slasher is induced, the Abyssal Fogblades reveal their true worth as ethereal swords that can clash head-to-head with regular, solid blades and come off no worse for wear- they are capable of slicing straight through magical barriers of any and every kind no matter their strength and consistency like these supposedly impenetrable defenses were forged from wet tissue paper, always ensuring that just like their projectile form, the Abyssal Fogblades will reach their target no matter what stands in their way while being capable of slicing clean through alloy-forged weaponry and armour as well, being touted as "being so sharp you could cut yourself just by looking at it"; something which is probably enhanced by its composition as pure energy solidified and thus it would possess a certain intensity in its brightness. Each slash Marisa makes while wielding an Abyssal Fogblade in its Deep Slasher configuration is known to possess a truly incredible amount of energy -both kinetic and supernatural- behind its motion, releasing immense amounts of magical energy in every wake that trails along the ground in a similar manner to that of a Sword Beam, flying towards the opponent while travelling across the ground as if the magical energies unleashed were a jagged shark's fin hunting down its prey, more often than not dealing large amounts of damage to a target while busting through anything it comes into contact with. While in its solid form, the Abyssal Blade can endure even the strongest of attacks, making it quite effective in blocking and deflecting incoming attacks; and it can withstand getting crushed by a pressurized force up to ten tonnes. Marisa is capable of channeling her other magic into the spell, endowing it with an aura and causing runic symbols to appear along its length—something that drastically increases its cutting power; because the "lifesucking aura" more commonly known as Soul Eater is infused into the Abyssal Fogblades, the energy weapons can burn through all material they come into contact with while producing enough heat to instantly induce phase transition upon a large body of water, turning an entire ocean into naught but steam in the blink of an eye; as a side note, by pouring more energy into their composition, Marisa is capable of lengthening and enlarging the spectral weapons to reach the size and height of skyscrapers, granting her the ability to cause enormous amounts of devastation with every swing. Lastly, because of the "get up close and punch/kick until opponent is defeated" fighting style favoured by all members of the Sejren Family, when in they are in their Deep Slasher configurations, Marisa commonly utilizes the Abyssal Fogblades in the form of 'blades below the shoulder' in order to enhance her own close-combat blows, as even though they are mounted in such a manner, they lose none of their special properties.
  • Giga Formation: Disaster Disobey (大変景厳陣・狂乱の頻り速戦即決(ギガ・フォーメーション・ディザスター・ディスオベイ), Giga Fōmēshon: Dizasutā Disuobei lit. Enormous Vibrant Display Formation: Fury of a Constantly Quick Battle for a Quick Victory): TBA
  • Encompass Formation: Treason Killsphere (絶対滅景厳陣・怨念の八方吭景(エコンパス・フォーメーション・トリーズン・キルスフィア), Enkonpasu Fōmēshon: Torīzun Kirusufia lit. Absolute Destruction Vibrant Display Formation: Grudge of the Omnidirectional Mawscape): TBA
  • Final Formation: Sword of Requiem (大権景厳陣・未完業務の一刀両断(ファイナル・フォーメーション・ソード・オフ・レクイエム), Fainaru Fōmēshon: Sōdo Ofu Rekuiemu lit. Supreme Authority Vibrant Display Formation: Unfinished Business of Cutting the Enemy in Two with a Single Strike): TBA
Dark Contract

Dark Contract (千魂の刻印烙(ダーク・コントラクト), Dāku Kontorakuto lit. Carved Seal Branding of a Thousand Souls): The Dark Contract is the second subset of spells associated with the Black Art known as Soul Eater; is also referred to as the Ritual of the Dark King (冥王の儀式, Meiō no Gishiki); effectively, Dark Contract enables the caster to link with an aspect of nature or a denizen of the darkness and from there, automatically realize their powers accordingly with an aspect of the contracted being's soul - essentially, the Dark Contract is a deal with the devil itself.

The Dark Contract is an exceptionally powerful type of spell; it is said that through this power, Abyssion was capable of manipulating people into working for his whims just through the promise of power bestowed upon them by the Dark Contract alone. When engaging the Dark Contract, the user gathers and condenses the energies surging throughout their body, before focusing on a suitable target who wishes for "more power" or something hidden deeply within their heart, a secret desire. From here, the user and the target work out a suitable deal with the target commonly asking for their heart's desire and the user asking for something important to the target in return; but once the deal has been completed, the user expels their supernatural energies outwards, engulfing the target in their malefic supernatural powers which seep into the target's body, reaching their soul itself. From here, the caster is able to install a portion of their own soul into another person or object through a ritual that varies in complexity - once done, the Dark Contract grants the target who had received a piece of the caster's soul to spontaneously develop a power that is unique to them alone as well as their heart's desire -the power can vary from being a bog-standard magic of all types, a rarer Lost Magic, or a Curse- but once the power is bestowed upon the target, it will immediately manifest and from there, the one who made the deal with the caster is capable of learning to bring out its full potential just as if it were a "natural" ability of themselves, learnt through more wholesome magic.

The rituals themselves which enable the birthing of powers as a response to the caster's negatively-charged magical energies enveloping the target are more often than not extremely variable in both price paid by the target and the elements involved in the process, though what is seen as a constant is that the beginning of the ritual is preceded by a glyph composed of magical energy, textured in black and red that expands outwards upon the ground beneath the caster and their target, forming a circle from which neither participant can leave- incidentally, no outsider is able of entering the crest inscribed upon the ground while the ritual is taking place in an effect known as The Will's Cage (思念の檻, Shinen no Ori) and is signified by an almost transparent dome of burning scarlet shrouding the seal, patterned by numerous demonic-looking black chains that swirl around the shield of sorts slowly. From here, the target describes what they wish for, with the user taking note of the target's desires to assist them in better shaping the process of Dark Contract- indeed, with the caster's recounting and mental recording of their contractor's wants and needs, the magical glyph beneath both participants begins and mold itself in accordance with these flowing emotions. As the target gives the caster something as "compensation" for gaining these incredible powers, numerous items that are said to be a representative of the target's unmodified soul will appear from thin air, manifested from the target's soul in response to the entire process- these items are proper catalysts for the completion of the Dark Contract, serving as a medium for transference of power.

With the user chanting a mantra that possess a semblance of relation to the target's desires, wishes, and power they are about to receive, while the magic seal underneath both parties beginning to increase the velocity that it whirls around at, representing the near-completion of the ritual as the caster has their magical energy which is tainted by malevolence pulse outwards from their frame, being released from the caster's Magic Origin in an enveloping wave of black that surrounds the target from all sides, completely cocooning them before the stygian and crimson glyph releases a powerful surge of energies likened to an explosion that causes the sigil to rise from the ground momentarily, engulfing the target as the dark seal compresses upon their immobilized body, with the ritualistic crest travelling deep into the caster's target's very existence, reaching their very soul as the power of Soul Eater itself activates by the caster embedding a minuscule portion of their soul into the target, rewriting the target's genetic code while entering their magic origin, etching a power that is said to be an embodiment of their deepest desires into the magical pool and granting the target the ability to utilize that power as naturally as if it were a regular power. After this, the ritual ends with the cocoon and magical seal vanishing into black and crimson wisps that scatter into the air as the target is now empowered by the caster granting them their wish.

The power embedded within the target's soul grows at an unnatural rate, with a novice at a fire-like ability being capable of achieving full mastery over pyrokinesis in just a few weeks with such skill that they would be able to control the flames of the opponent and turn them against the original user with just a snap of their fingers, displaying immense prowess in such a short span of time. Additionally, the abilities bestowed upon the targets grow in power and intensity with every ounce of negative emotions that are flowing throughout their body - mainly greed, envy and hatred, making it far more powerful as no matter how many people would display positive emotions, negativity would always be there in a greater quantity, meaning that the power will continue to grow with no conceivable upper limit to its advancement. Not only this, if the one contracting the caster in wounded in any way, the Dark Contract will heal the target's ailments, no matter if they are physical, mental, or magical-related, serving as an alternative and superior form of Healing Magic of sorts. It is possible to affect a target with the Dark Contract inscribed at distance, with the caster projecting the red and black glyph of magical energy from their body to launch it outwards at high speeds, engraving it upon anything that they deem suitable. Something notable is that it generally doesn't matter about the nature of the contracted in question, as even the puny, worthless beings known as the Exceed can be forced into a pact by the Dark Contract.

While the Dark Contract is a subset of spells of a magic that is associated with the Black Arts and is utilized to contract with and manipulate others, as mentioned above, it isn't only organic beings that the Dark Contract is capable of affecting- indeed, the caster is able to "contract" with non-sentiment existences not limited to but including concepts such as the ground, seas, skies, and various metals; this is visually represented by the caster projecting the red and black glyph of magical energy utilized for the contracting process from their body, usually via their hands or feet upon their inorganic target just by making contact with the objects in mind. This enables the caster to forge a link between the object and their soul, and instead of giving the object a portion of their soul, since it has no "soul" to speak of, the caster's soul absorbs numerous traits that the inorganic object displays, such as its composition and properties such as sharpness and durability, causing the touched item to appear as if had been exposed to a century of decay once the process has been completed. After the process has been wrapped up however, for the caster themselves, they record the fragments of the object into their soul and from there, they are capable of transforming their extremity that made contact with the target to induce the absorption, changing the properties of their limb to fit that of the object - for example, if the user grasps the air and absorbs a portion of it into their soul, they would be capable of turning their arm invisible and intangible while it gains incredible cutting force, and by transforming their leg into steel after having absorbed it, their leg's toughness would be enhanced tenfold while granting the user increased striking force. Additionally, these effects can be installed within numerous items to take the opponent by surprise, such as engulfing a sword in flame or causing spikes to erupt from the earth beneath the enemy to skewer them.

Unbeknownst to most contractors is that once a portion of the caster's soul has been integrated into their existence, as it is downright demonic in origin, it possesses a corrupting influence that corrodes the inflicted's Magic Origin and soul, slowly, but surely serving as a catalyst for the transformation into a demonic being - overusing the bestowed supernatural ability or unleashing it in greater quantities results in the process speeding up greatly. Once they have been fully transformed, the contractor loses control of themselves and becomes a mindless zombie more or less; because of this, once the Dark Contract is finished, the foolish contractor's lifespan is drastically reduced to the point that they would be lucky to live for more than a decade afterwards. Since the Dark Contract is installing a portion of their very essence into the target to grant them powers beyond any mortal keen, and as a piece of somebody's soul is capable of being manipulated no matter where it is, the user more often than not allows the one they have contracted with to advance their powers to the point that they step into the realm of the divines in terms of prowess - at which point they complete the transformation into a demon- before recalling that fragment of their soul, instantly taking the contractor's life as the power in an enhanced state returns to the caster, along with all of their physical prowess and magical energies, causing the caster to become stronger while extending their own lifespan.

While gaining all these incredible powers is a boon of sorts, as mentioned in the opening section, as this magic is effectively the embodiment of a deal with the devil, agreeing to the Dark Contract is perhaps one of the dumbest things that anyone could ever do. Since the Dark Contract is effectively the caster embedding a small portion of their soul into the target, thus granting them incredible dark powers in exchange for the target giving the caster something important, thus being a deal between both parties, the caster can and more often than not will exploit it for all it's worth- obviously, the original user, Abyssion, being a demon and thus a sly creature by his very nature, will search for countless loopholes which can be casually abused, as well as using literal wordings and interpretations of a word's meanings unless otherwise specified, meaning that more often than not, Abyssion would get the last laugh. However, it is shown that in certain, though rare, cases, those whom are contracted are capable of carefully wording their wish so that they can gain a great deal from this supposedly almighty cosmic horror while Abyssion gets the short end of the stick, and making it worse for the latter is that until the contractor dies, succumbs to the contracted being's manipulations, or contracts with yet another being, they cannot break the contract themselves- Jeanne Sejren herself took advantage of this to gain Corpse Shell and retain it, going against corruption Abyssion could have forced upon her normally to keep it and pass it down through generations of her family.

  • Marisa utilizing Abyssion Summon.

    Gehenna Clavicula: Abyssion Summon (闇魔界の契約書・大悪化示現(ゲヘナ・クラビククラ・アビシオン・サモン), Gehena Kurabikura: Abishion Samon lit. Contract with the Dark Demon World: Great Corrupter Manifestation): One of the stronger forms of the Dark Contract out there- as the name ever-so-subtly indicates, Gehenna Clavicula: Abyssion Summon enables the user to bring the light half of the demon Abyssion into the mortal plane. When performing Gehenna Clavicula: Abyssion Summon, Marisa harnesses anything in the immediate vicinity as a medium for the manifestation of Abyssion, ranging from the air and the ground or something more stabilized such as metal- from here, Marisa projects a glyph composed of magical energy, textured in black and red outwards, compressing upon the area of her choice and Marisa fuels her supernatural energies into the fulcrum that she has targeted, causing the sigil compacted upon the area to whirl around at ever-increasing speeds, generating a massive upsurge of energies that allow Marisa to transfer the positive half of the Great Corrupter, Abyssion, separated from the full being upon the formation of Corpse Shell and passed down through the Corpse Curse Brand as it inhabits the seal. The light side of Abyssion manifests as a dark smoky amorphous creature with a wide "mouth," jagged fangs, and a pair of jagged horns that curve back behind its head. This "mouth" contains an eye-like glowing orb. It can even move and fight like her also, with the similar amount of strength as its wielder; due to Marisa's magical power giving it extra strength. When this is done, Abyssion is linked to Marisa's mind. Once an exploitable opening presents itself, it can and often will lead to lengthy and unbelievably high-damage combos. Marisa uses Abyssion as a pressure and confusing tool, forcing the opponent to switch between dodging and blocking until they make an unfortunate mistake. She is impossible to counter or predict without the use of meter. Abyssion attacks using his blunt strength and dark magic, but he is often seen in a hunched position doing nothing until commanded. She is meant to be as close as possible to the opponent. Many of Marisa's attacks chain together; capable of dealing tremendous damage to the foe via numerous heavy blows; her dodge roll is capable of dodging many attacks as well as faking out the opponent, disorientating them even more. Marisa can also summon and recall Abyssion; however, the demon is also automatically summoned through many of Marisa's more powerful spells. The main purpose of Abyssion is to add damage to her combos and to force disorientation on the opponent if they block. However, the main weakness to this ability is that when utilizing this, for stronger attacks, they cannot use or move their body and has to have someone guard them so that they won't be harmed. In addition, this unique property also makes Marisa and Abyssion much harder to grab (when one gets grabbed, the partner can simply counterattack, making them immune to chain-grabs), and conversely allows them to have a superior offense. However, they can easily be separated by strong enough attacks. Marisa and Abyssion are great at dealing damage when together, have decent attack speed, and possess a few interesting attacks in their arsenal.
Ragna Triad

Ragna Triad (黄泉無明長夜流(ラグナ・トライアド), Raguna Toraido lit. The Underworld's Long Night of Spiritual Darkness Style): The Ragna Triad, also known as the Ultimate Lifesucking Secret Arts (極吸生奥義, Kyoku Kyūsei Ōgi) is a trio of extremely high-level Soul Eater spells and the final subset Marisa is capable of harnessing. They are considered to be the most powerful of darkness-element magics to ever exist—even more powerful than Lost Magics or any form of Slayer Magic, no matter their origin- indeed, even if Marisa was incapable of utilizing fighting spirit to harm beings wielding Soul Metal and Hellions, the sheer power of the Ragna Triad would be able to do the impossible and deal damage to these irregular existences even if they were simply a magician. The power of the spells are such that they are unable to be consumed by any Slayer Magic or manipulated by an outside source no matter what; instead overpowering the foolish magician trying to take their power for their own and devouring their magic in retaliation. They were developed by the matriarch of the Sejren Family, Jeanne Sejren, during the Human-Dragon War, but how she discovered the triad of spells or created them is unknown; however, soon after the war, she sealed the spells away; hoping that they would never see the light of day again— she wrote down the eternano patterns and instructions in order to cast the spells in an ancient tome, which was buried deep within the earth. When a Sejren Family member activates Corpse Shell, they are capable of utilizing these spells.

  • Ragna Blast (黄泉無明長夜流・冥王下月輪(ラグナ・ブラスト), Raguna Burasuto lit. The Underworld's Long Night of Spiritual Darkness Style: Demon King's Descending Moon Ring): Ragna Blast is a high-levelled Soul Eater spell- it enables the caster to manifest a blast of white flame resembling a comet. When the user is casting Ragna Blast, the user gathers magical energy from the atmosphere and condenses it upon their blade, adding their own magical power into the mixture, as well as the white flames gathered by the magic, merging the triad of energies and compressing them upon the sword, which causes the blade to become set alight with shining white flames, a flame which can be likened to that of the abyss. The user forces the flames to compress into two small wads which are focused on the tip of their blade; from there, the user raises their blade and stabs forward quickly, releasing the flames in the form of twin enormous pulsating and highly powerful spheres of magical energy that also have the likeness of a comet of immense power, blasting their foe with extreme force twice. This spell has the potential to deal overwhelming damage; as it reacts with the magic origin of the foe and counter-spins it, thus causing their defenses to weaken at the moment of impact; essentially reducing their defenses to zero and inflicting piercing, penetrating damage, unleashing a fiery explosion that deals immense damage; both comets erupt in a powerful surge of flames that even after the strike, they continue to rise, dissipating into the sky. What makes Ragna Blast so special is that the spell will lock onto the opponent's magical energy, chasing after them and curving in abnormal directions in order to reach the enemy. It will continue to chase them, even to the ends of the earth. The reason for the twin comets is that if the opponent defends themselves against the first blast, the second comet will instantly teleport into its place, and then strike the opponent with its own strength, guaranteeing a strike no matter what the enemy does.
  • Ragna Blade (黄泉無明長夜流・冥王神滅斬(ラグナ・ブレード), Raguna Bureido lit. The Underworld's Long Night of Spiritual Darkness Style: Demon King's God-Destroying Slash): Ragna Blade is a high-levelled Soul Eater spell- it summons a blade of white flames. When performing Ragna Blade, the user fuels their magic with negative feelings, fusing eternano and magical power, creating pure flames, before using the flames to perfectly replicate the form of an enormous blade composed of negative feelings; the blade is crackling with white energy. Because of this it can only be used in close combat. Ragna Blade is known to be highly sharp and durable, capable of slicing through magical barriers, and its slashes are capable of trailing large amounts of flames in its wake, which can damage the opponent. The moment that the weapon makes contact with the foe via impaling them, the composition of the weapon is altered to cause additional, smaller blades to protrude from the bladed weapon inside of the foe's body, drastically increasing the number of wounds dealt to the foe. When the Ragna Blade comes into contact with an barricade or anything attempting to defend itself against the spell, the flames that composes the Ragna Blade momentarily forges itself into sharp fangs, which tears through the so-called "defense" with ease. Only surpassed in power by Ragna Drive, the Ragna Blade's destructive force is enormous. Its effect extends to magic itself, and no being, not even high-level defensive spells can deflect it, although the stronger demons have bodies too big to be destroyed by a single swipe. It puts a likewise huge strain on the caster as well; it requires great amounts of magical energy to be cast (hence it requires amplification for a human caster), and the mere act of keeping the spell active drains the caster's strength tremendously.
  • Soul Eater Extremity: Ragna Exclamation (霊気吸の魔法・奥義・黄泉無明長夜流・冥王最力皆合(ソウル・イーター・エクストリーミティ・ラグナ・エクスクラメーション), Sōru Ītā Ekusutorīmiti: Raguna Ekusukuramēhon lit. Soul and Energy Draining Magic Secret Art: The Underworld's Long Night of Spiritual Darkness Style: Demon King's Supreme Power, All as One): Soul Eater Extremity: Ragna Exclamation is the strongest spell of Soul Eater; to use it, the user must reach into the very core of their being; their Magic Origin. Once they do, the user pumps all of their demonic energy into the core, essentially overloading it, additionally adding red blood cells to their body, which in turn allows for greater delivery of oxygen and nutrients to their body, essentially increasing the blood flow by forcing more blood through their blood vessels thus increase their potential. When performing the Ragna Exclamation, the user raises their arms, gathering demonic energy within them and forging a link between the realm of the dead and the current plane of existence. From there, the user summons the souls of the fallen Corpse Shell, and they lend the user their power, being manifested into the physical plane, allowing the user to summon Corpse Shell users of all shapes, sizes, types, and abilities from all possible points in time and space; as well as a few Corpse Shell users that do not exist because no timeline ever leads to their creation. From beyond the infinite come infinite Corpse Shells; filling the entire world, an endless army of Corpse Shells. Corpse Shells without a scratch on them, brand-new. Corpse Shells riddled with scars of many fierce battles, old veterans. Corpse Shells that were incomplete, just a bare frame. Corpse Shells that were destroyed, burning in their last moments of magic. Corpse Shells used by other Sejrens of other timelines. Corpse Shells used by people never seen before. Corpse Shells that had no user at all. Corpse Shells used by something inhuman. Corpse Shells that were not even magical. Corpse Shells made of flesh and blood. Huge Corpse Shells. Tiny Corpse Shells. Corpse Shells shaped like beasts. Corpse Shells that had no form at all. Corpse Shells made of liquid. Corpse Shells made of gas. Corpse Shells made of plasma. Corpse Shells made of stars. Corpse Shells that dual-wielded. Corpse Shells drenched with blood. Corpse Shells with two hearts. Corpse Shells that were people. Corpse Shells leading countless soldiers. Corpse Shells riding giant dragons. Corpse Shells that were space battleships. Corpse Shells with swords of light that could kill planets. Corpse Shells that had become gods. Corpse Shells that had fallen to evil. Corpse Shells fused to people. Corpse Shells that had been reborn as people. Corpse Shells of the past. Corpse Shells of the present. Corpse Shells of the future. Corpse Shells that were possible. Corpse Shells that were not possible. Corpse Shells that roamed the void beyond. Once every single Corpse Shell possibility has been manifested, the user performs a simultaneous Ragna Blast/Blade combo with all of their possibilities; the sheer power of which annihilates everything that it touches. The reason that Ragna Exclamation is a 'death and glory' spell is because, by using this spell the user becomes unstable due to their organs and blood vessels slowly tearing and their magical energy going haywire, beginning to suffer physical and mental deterioration, eventually disintegrating. However, their power increases exponentially during the breakdown; which lasts for five minutes. In spite of the fact that this spell is more than powerful enough to kill almost anything, a single use is enough to heavily strain the user's body and completely drain them of their magical power; after casting it, Corpse Shell is cancelled and the user will die.
Corpse Shell

Corpse Shell (鬼の力(コープス・シェル), Kōpusu Sheru lit. Devil's Power), also known as the Devil Factor (鬼の因子, Oni no Inshi), was a special Black Art that was classified as a "Forbidden Magic", akin to that of Abyss Break and Nirvana. It was known as a Bloodline Magic, due to being completely unique to the Sejren Family; however, the origins of Corpse Shell were something far darker than initially imagined. However, while it is not 'inherited', it does exist in the form of a Corpse Curse Brand (骸呪烙印, Gaijū Rakuin); a special magical glyph containing negatively-charged magical energy that is applied to the inheritor's body, granting them the power of Corpse Shell. Corpse Shell allowed for a person to have a parasite/host type relationship with the demon known as Abyssion, and Corpse Shell will allow the user to transform into a demonic figure with incredible powers and back; at the cost of the users' sanity.

Crux, as an experimental homunculus created by the Magic Council under Giselle Mercury's supervision in order to get a pardon for Giselle killing the previous Wizard Saints, using her own DNA and Alphonse's in order to create a "stabilized" Corpse Shell, thus technically making her Tsuruko's sister, as a member of the Sejren Family, she inadvertently inherited the Corpse Curse Brand as well. Hikari would eventually become Crux Kouga due to the seal's tainting influence, among other things. Crux's Corpse Shell looks exactly like the regular version, but it is slightly more powerful, and it seems to reduce his sanity by even more than usual. Crux has an "evolved" Corpse Shell, which takes the form of a black knight that possesses red markings and a flowing, crimson cape.

After continued losses to the likes of dragons in the Human-Dragon War and the deaths of many of her comrades, Jeanne Sejren, the very first history-important member of the Sejren Family, in her desperation as her Factor of the Dragon was not enough to kill a dragon, summoned an Etherious demon known as Abyssion, who was forged from one of the Books of Amadam—Abyssion, tier-wise, was at least as powerful as the Ancient Ones known as Origin and Varian. Making a contract with the demon, Jeanne was given a sample of Abyssion's blood which was infused within her bloodstream, which was actually a concentrated version of negatively-charged magical energy; demon blood. Since the Factor of the Dragon allowed her human body to resist demonic corruption to a certain extent, Jeanne was capable of mixing the negatively-charged magical energy with her draconic magical energy in order to forge a new Black Art; Corpse Shell.

After Jeanne's death, her body was split into six parts and the Sejren Family head of the time managed to obtain a portion of Jeanne's negatively-charged magical energy-tainted draconic blood. Taking the blood, the Sejren Family head used their Sealing Magic in order to create a seal powerful enough to contain the negatively-charged magical energy, sealing said particles within the formation of the seal; calling it the Corpse Curse Brand (骸呪烙印, Gaijū Rakuin). This Corpse Curse Brand was implanted upon the newest head in the Sejren Clan upon birth, granting them a symbiotic link with Abyssion from the moment they are born into this world. However, Abyssion can possess the person at any given time during the person's lifespan, even while still in their mother's womb or (apparently) just after death.

Corpse Shell was an unfathomably evil power, coming from the recesses of a heart stained with darkness; a darkness so thick that none could hope to escape from it's tainting influence. Essentially, in order to harness the power of Corpse Shell, the user would have to allow the lingering fragments of the negatively-charged magical energy located within their magic origin to emerge, taking over any traces of magical energy that the user could exude, with their draconic blood holding back the negatively-charged magical energy's corrupting influence, while also enabling the user to project it outwards, around their body. This took the form of a pitch-black aura of darkness which surrounded and compressed around their body, distorting their figure into a demonic shell of its humanized self. Normally, Corpse Shell took the form of the user gaining black slashes which form under their eyes, which then thicken noticeably and merge with the shadows formed on their face, which became stylized black; their skin tone also became much darker. The user's entire body turned a horrific pitch-black, with crimson markings around their chest, arms, as well as under and above their eyes. Finally, their hair would spike on end and grew out as twin chains manifested upon their arms. However, some members of the Sejren Family had vastly differing Corpse Shell forms; most notable was Jeanne's own form, which she used to end the Human-Dragon War.

However, for all the physical might and versatility that Corpse Shell provides, it did have one, horribly glaring, weakness—the origins of the magic itself. As Corpse Shell was created through a contract with an Etherious demon who provided negatively-charged magical energy in order to forge the magic, whenever a magician used Corpse Shell, they were tapping into the negatively-charged magical energy, which were toxic to regular magicians. Thanks to their "conditioning", the magicians of the Sejren Family who harnessed the Black Art were slightly resistant to the energies of demons, but since they were harnessing it with the bodies of humans, instead of destroying them from the inside-out horribly, it had a far more sinister effect—slowly, but surely, the negatively-charged magical energy would replace their regular magical energy, corroding their magic origin as their body's physiology slowly changed into that of a demon. This would cause them to forget their own sense of identity, as they became a rampaging monster—just as Abyssion intended.

There were a scarse few ways to avoid this fate; such as using a medium to carry the burden. An example of this would have been the relationship between Excellen Kilekion and Tsuruko Sejren in the original plans for Daybreak. When first activating Corpse Shell, as it took place in the exact same arc where Tsuruko became Gaiki for first time, since Excellen was there, and Tsuruko already had the Hellion known as Star Phoenix sealed within her, Abyssion would have immediately linked to Excellen instead, as her Exalted One and Esper blood could have withstood the degenerative effects of Corpse Shell, causing her to unwittingly become the medium, and thus whenever Tsuruko harnessed Corpse Shell, Excellen would have suffered its effects instead of Tsuruko. The medium method has not shown up in the Sun Trilogy properly, however. To fully remove the corrupting influence of Abyssion, the users of Corpse Shell would have to forge a contract with a true demon; who would bless them with an annulled corruption, allowing them to use the magic to their heart's desire. Aside from those methods, there was no way to reverse or stop Demonization, leaving the users of Corpse Shell with the only option to not use the Black Art in the first place.

Marisa Sejren's advanced Corpse Shell form.

Marisa Sejren is the current head of the Sejren Family; and intriguingly, the only member of the family who's been a pseudo-adviser to all the major members of the Sejren Family, being much older than she looks. Similar to Crux Kouga and their common relative Jeanne Sejren's versions, Marisa's Corpse Shell is evolved and is known as Corpse Shell: The Phantom Knight (鬼の力・幻夢黒鳥士の亡霊復(コープス・シェル・ザ・ファントム・ナイト), Kōpusu Sheru: Za Fantomu Naito lit. Devil's Power: Phantasmal Black Swan Knight of the Departed Spirit's Vengeance)- like Crux Kouga's Corpse Shell: Hades Revenger, Marisa's evolved Corpse Shell resembles a black knight, though instead of red highlights and a cape, the form is completely black and possesses a triad of curved fins on the helmet- the mask of which is left transparent and a dark blue, with one fin on both sides of the cheek armour, and another protruding from the back of the helmet- the helmet is known as the Shattered Helm (有罪の冕面頬(シャッタード・ヘルム), Shattādo Herumu lit. Crowned Face-Guard of Guilt); the Shattered Helm possesses incredible analyzing properties which enable Marisa to observe every possible potential outcome in the next move in battle she could make; effectively, the Shattered Helm siphons glimpses of the future from the fabric of space and time by using Marisa's immense fighting spirit as a fulcrum for breaking the laws of space-time, reaching ahead of the current time to grab a handful of potential outcomes from numerous timelines, flooding her brain with information about combat and all possible courses of action that can be taken to achieve total victory or total defeat; however, at first, Shattered Helm's ability caused great amounts of mental and emotional stress on Marisa until she mastered Clear and Serene to keep a cool head at all times in the heat of combat.

The chest armour of Corpse Shell: The Phantom Knight is referred to as the Marred Brigandine (痛みの胸部基板(マーレッド・ブリガンダイン), Māreddo Burigandain lit. Chestplate of Aching Grief); it takes on a similar, yet slightly darker shade of blue when compared to the visor of the Shattered Helm- it has two white lines near the top pectoral muscles, and overall, the chest-mail provides Marisa with a more-than-adequate defense as it grants Marisa an immunity to flinching, meaning that nothing -no direct attacks, no projectiles, no supernatural forces- are capable of interrupting her movements and her strikes are incapable of being stopped before they begin. The gauntlets and full-leg greaves of Marisa's evolved Corpse Shell form are known as the Silent Bracers (鎮魂の籠手と脛当て(サイレント・ブレーサーツ), Sairento Burēsāsu lit. Gauntlets and Greaves of Requiem) which function similarly to Gaiki's numerous exhausts and its Ardor Flame ability in that Marisa is capable of releasing her energy through the ports in the gauntlets and greaves, allowing her to achieve great bursts of speed and enhance her attacking power as she releases her Soul Eater power, leaving a trail of flames in the wake of her movements or shrouding her fists and feet in fire to unleash powerful blazing barrages of punches and kicks towards her opponent at high speeds.

Marisa Sejren's upgraded Chimatsuri.

When Marisa transforms into Corpse Shell: The Phantom Knight, just like any other iteration of Corpse Shell, her weapon receives an appropriate transformation to accompany the massive power boost- in this case, her Divine Tool Chimatsuri becomes known as Chimatsuri the Blood (血祭りの不朽夜(チマツリ・ザ・ブラッド), Chimatsuri Za Buraddo lit. Bloodfest of the Imperishable Night); in this form, the scythe becomes darker in textures and gains the ability to switch between scythe form and spear form, or even compact into a sword form- Marisa can transform the weapon through mental command alone in the blink of an eye. Finally, Marisa's Corpse Shell possesses a phantasmagoric defensive film attached to the back which is almost gradient-toned- this is known as Phantom Knight's Shadow Veil (幻膜の絶対潜勢力(ファントム・ナイツ・シャドー・ベイル), Fantomu Naitsu Shadō Beiru lit. Phantasmal Film of Absolute Potential Energy); it is well documented that the Shadow Veil possesses almost innumerable functions, and it is suited for offense, defense, and mobility enhancements; it bends and shapes itself all according to Marisa's willpower- in that way, the Shadow Veil could be considered a demonic equivalent to a Soul Armour's Arms Weapon, as both evolve indefinitely according to the user's thoughts, feelings, and fighting spirit.

Having learnt Corpse Shell at an early age –indeed, it was said that Marisa was born with a nigh-unparalleled synchronicity to the Corpse Curse Brand, she is said to have mastered the Black Art, so much so that she is one of the few people capable of fighting on-par with a Soul Armour in its Super Mode without having one herself with the power of Corpse Shell, making Marisa one of the more powerful characters in the entire Sun Trilogy; Daybreak S3 confirms that Marisa in her Reacted form can fight on equal terms with Devius, the main antagonist of the Sun Trilogy overall in his Hyper Armourize Hellion form. Interestingly, in a manner similar to that of the Dragonar Mode form that is exclusive for dragonkind, instead of using her magical energy in order to fuel and maintain the demonic transformation, Marisa can harness her fighting spirit alone for a suitable power source. Once Marisa discovered Hikari had the Corpse Curse Brand, she taught her a little bit about the magic and how to not be afraid of Abyssion; something that Hikari would completely disregard later on in her life as Crux. Marisa is seemingly immune to Abyssion's corruption, as she has mastered the art of "Clear and Serene" (明鏡止水, Meikyō Shisui), an advanced breathing technique that allows the user to enter a state of tranquility, enabling them to focus their fighting spirit and block out all harmful influences, something she would later teach Tsuruko so that the latter could harness her Deus Machina form without going berserk.

Something of note is that just like Crux Kouga, Marisa's Corpse Shell has an evolved form known as Corpse Shell Reacted: The Phantom Knight -TERMINUS- (鬼の力・究極体・幻夢黒鳥士の亡霊復・奮闘力解(コープス・シェル・リアクテド・・ザ・ファントム・ナイト・ TERMINUS), Kōpusu Sheru Riakutedo: Za Fantomu Naito Tāminasu lit. Devil's Power Final Stage: Phantasmal Black Swan Knight of the Departed Spirit's Vengeance: All-Out Power Released); in this form, the transparent deep blue parts of the Corpse Shell armour gaining a stained glass appearance as well as elongated fins, stained glass wings which constantly glow, and a surging aura of black and red; other than that, The Phantom Knight remains visually identical. In this form, as expected, all of Marisa's parameters are bolstered significantly to the point of being capable of matching Tsuruko with Gaiki Kai in Bakken Mode blow-for-blow as well as putting up a good fight against Devius in his Hyper Armourized Hellion form. The glass is symbolic of Marisa: the glass which coats her first Corpse Shell before shattering to unleash The Phantom Knight -TERMINUS- is symbolic of her previous state and the ideal of bringing smiles through her achievements being torn apart by her mistakes that continued even after she was launched into Earth Land. The form's stained glass portions evoke a church, which often have graveyards in their grounds, thus being symbolic of Marisa's sorrow at the loss of those innocent people and desire to avenge them by destroying her enemy and all Hellions. A terminus is the final point, or the end of an event.

  • Phantom Knight's Shadow Veil (幻膜の絶対潜勢力(ファントム・ナイツ・シャドー・ベイル), Fantomu Naitsu Shadō Beiru lit. Phantasmal Film of Absolute Potential Energy): The Phantom Knight's Shadow Veil is, as its name would ever-so-subtly suggest, an attachment to the back of Marisa's Corpse Shell that takes upon the form of a dark-blue phantasmagoric film that extends from Marisa's spine and arcs around to form an arc that reaches the sides of her shoulders; the film seems to be composed completely out of Marisa's spirit with only the tips and the starting point of the attachment being metallic. According to Marisa's own will, the Phantom Knight's Shadow Veil is capable of taking upon multiple formations and shapes, changing itself in order to suit the current situation as the spirit that makes up the majority of its existence is completely malleable, being molded by Marisa's mental commands alone in the blink of an eye without any lag. The Phantom Knight's Shadow Veil can be modified in a variety of ways, making it both a versatile weapon and an impressive defense as it can be used for cutting, blocking attacks, or ensnaring the enemy, as well as extending to form a full-ring around Marisa's body and the film draping down to cover her entirety, providing an impromptu shield that can protect her from the toughest of blows- not only this, the armament is capable of taking on forms not just suited for offense and defense, but supplementary purposes, such as wings for flight. When the Phantom Knight's Shadow Veil is struck by any sort of attack, it twists and tears chaotically like a membrane before rearranging itself back into place instantly, making it almost impossible to fully penetrate unless Marisa willingly allows it to happen.
    • Phantom Knight's Broken Sword (幻膜の絶対潜勢力・沈痛伸縮自在一刀(ファントム・ナイツ・ブロークン・ソード), Fantomu Naitsu Burōkun Sōdo lit. Phantasmal Film of Absolute Potential Energy: Sorrowful Telescoping Single Stroke): Phantom Knight's Broken Sword is the "offensive form" of the Phantom Knight's Shadow Veil phantasmagoric film- it is an "absolute offense" that has both ends of the film expand and contract rapidly according to Marisa's will, lashing at her enemies wildly. When inducing the Broken Sword formation, the attachment to the back of Corpse Shell: The Phantom Knight –the phantasmagoric film- extends outwards as Marisa eyes those whom she deems as suitable targets for the oncoming attack; what the Broken Sword can affect of course isn't limited to living beings, as its immense power can affect anything that possesses material consistency. Once she has designated what the membrane of energy can attack, with a snap of her fingers, the film of energy begins to glow eerily with the dark radiance emitted illuminating the area briefly before it instantly extends at velocities behind mortal comprehension, aiming at those Marisa has targeted, striking and slashing at her prey from various distances in the blink of an eye- since it moves according to Marisa's thought patterns, the film is capable of not only slicing through all sorts of alloys, supernatural defenses, and even flesh as if they were all recognized as wet tissue paper by the membrane, each movement that the Broken Sword form makes is accompanied by tremendous pushing force, blowing anything that it passes by through sheer pressure alone – additionally, Marisa is capable of maintaining the extended size and length of the film as to enable it to move around in wide arcs, striking anything in its path of motion with enough speed to have numerous blows land before the targets can react; the prime example of this is the Broken Sword form cutting an entire skyscraper in half while standing two kilometers away.
    • Phantom Knight's Tomb Shield (幻膜の絶対潜勢力・憂鬱封鎖領域(ファントム・ナイツ・トゥーム・シールド), Fantomu Naitsu Tūmu Shīrudo lit. Phantasmal Film of Absolute Potential Energy: Melancholic Blockade Territory): Phantom Knight's Tomb Shield is the "defensive form" of the Phantom Knight's Shadow Veil phantasmagoric film- it is an "absolute defense" that covers Marisa's frame from head to toe in a pillar of energy. When activating the Tomb Shield formation, the attachment to the back of Corpse Shell: The Phantom Knight –the phantasmagoric film- expands instantly, reaching around to loop around Marisa's small frame, both ends of the membrane connecting. Once this starting process has been put into motion, the energy that composes a majority of the film begins to pulse in dark blue textures, glowing to the point that such a dark colour becomes capable of illuminating the immediate vicinity for the briefest of moments before erupting in the form of a pulsating aura of darkness which discharges electrical static constantly, taking the form of an ultimate defense- the aura washes over the vicinity like a tidal wave. Nothing much is known about the limits of its defensive power, though it possesses a rather immense duration and durability, more than capable of defending against a spell the likes of Abyss Break with relative ease; this shocking and illuminating shell erupts upwards like a pillar, piercing the skies as the stygian feel of the whole thing echoes out like a powerful shockwave, more often than not pushing friend and foe alike backwards while doing the same for all sorts of attacks, both of the physical and supernatural variety, forcing away from Marisa's body as effortlessly as blinking, making it a sort of defensive maneuver when the regular Defenser won't cut it. It should also be noted that the aura is far wider, and is generally uncontrolled; but his aura isn't limited to intimidation, and can be used for the preparation of a spell. It is also worth noting that the pressure exhibited from such an aura can form a large column of energy, leaving the pressure enough to visibly cause strain on people even from a considerable distance away from the exertion of the aura, indicating at the sheer level of power within this technique.
    • Marisa summoning wings.

      Phantom Knight's Ragged Wings (幻膜の絶対潜勢力・報復天翔翼之陣と羽黒(ファントム・ナイツ・ラギッド・ウイングズ), Fantomu Naitsu Ragiddo Uinguzu lit. Phantasmal Film of Absolute Potential Energy: Formation of Avenging Soaring Wings and Black Feathers): Phantom Knight's Ragged Wings is the name of the greatest formation that the Phantom Knight's Shadow Veil phantasmagoric film is capable of taking upon- when Phantom Knight's Ragged Wings is activated; pitch-black wings extend from the shoulders of Corpse Shell: The Phantom Knight. The black wings erupt from the shoulders of the black knight armour near instantaneously, without giving Marisa's opponent the time to react appropriately. The wings are dyed completely stygian in texture, with no signs of light or any other colour appearing on these extensions- almost angelic in shape, the black wings are light and feathery, with plumage constantly molting from their existences with every motion that Marisa makes; these wings are sharp and jagged—so sharp that they are capable of being utilized in a similar manner to that of an impossibly sharp sword; which can even slice straight through Orichalcum or even Soul Metal with relative ease. When the wings are out, Marisa gains the ability to understand laws that are hitherto unknown and unexplainable to her, and no longer needs to be touching opponents in order to attack the foe. These wings do all the supernatural-related calculations for Marisa, implied to be a much faster rate than her regular casting abilities- perhaps infinitely so, and she can harness the power of the wings for combat, as they are extremely tough and hard to cut through, and she can also shoot the feathers of the wings in the manner of high-speed bullets which pierce through almost anything in the blink of an eye. It is shown that the size, shape and appearance of the wings can be altered, as well as speed and efficiency in the air. With powerful wings, Marisa can fly at incredible speeds, breaking the sound barrier, additionally granting her amazing maneuverability while she is airborne, able to stop and turn on a dime.
Physical Powers

Berserk (暴走(ベルセルク), Beruseruku lit. Out of Control): Berserk was a status ailment that Corpse Shell grants an untrained user, whether or not they want to accept it. Upon activation of Corpse Shell, the corrupting influence of Abyssion would begin to seep into the user's brain, causing them to display a savage, nearly animalistic battle frenzy in which the user's strength and capabilities would dramatically increase. This special effect of Corpse Shell made it seem as if the magic was a vastly more superior version of Mask of Truth—though in reality, the two magics couldn't be further apart. However, it should be taken into consideration that once trained, a user of Corpse Shell was able to activate Berserk on a whim, and unlike the untrained version, an experienced magician did not feel fatigued by its usage; they also showed relative amounts of restraint, as some users were capable of controlling who and what they see as a target. Berserk increased the user's physical parameters to the point that every step that they took would cause a rippling shockwave to be released from their feet, and they were capable of smashing through almost any defenses, either physical or magical, with their bare hands. Indeed, during the Esper Excellen Part II arc, when the Dracolich attacked Luin, Marisa Sejren in Corpse Shell form was shown to be able to effortlessly tear draconic beings in half with her bare hands. In addition, Berserk allowed the user to ignore all senses of pain, even shrugging off the loss of a limb. In that way, it could be considered akin to 'super armour' of fighting games.

Enhanced Physical Prowess: When in Corpse Shell; the users' attributes were drastically enhanced; because, with a simple swing of their weapon, the user was capable of manifesting a violent tremor that obliterated the ground it came into contact with and knocked their foes away; in addition, their blows with their weapon and unarmed were positively overwhelming and could be bone-shattering. The sudden boost in strength upon activating the form allowed the user to break free from any attack which bound them or prevented them from moving. The user could grab a blade with their bare hand without feeling any of the exerted force, though said force could do considerable damage to the surrounding area. In addition, their endurance had been upped significantly; enabling the user to receive damage like it was nothing and ignore all senses of pain—though it should be noted that this varied on the factor of how powerful the blow was. Finally, the Sejren Family member's naturally immense swiftness was augmented to the point that they discarded any need for speed-enhancing techniques, enabling them to outstrip almost anyone in a contest of pure speed. What is interesting to note is that the negatively-charged magical energy enhanced all of the user's moves, greatly increasing their area-of-effect as well as improving their damage.

Magical Prowess

Enhanced Magical Prowess: Naturally, Corpse Shell also bolstered the user's magical power to the point that it could be considered leaps and bounds above any other magician's. This drastically increased the area-of-effect of any spell that the user casted, and the overall power of the spell; this is best shown with Crux Kouga's Arrow of Light spell, which, normally, would pierce the opponent and then vanish, but in Corpse Shell form, the Arrow of Light is able to drill through nearly any defense and pierce several opponents in a row before it vanishes. Another plus to having their magical energy augmented was that they gained the ability to perform "advanced" versions of their regular spells or new spells entirely; another example regarding Crux is his Ain Soph Aur spell, which is essentially an amalgamation of all of his previous Light Magic spells. However, due to the demonic influence of Abyssion, all of the user's attacks gained a certain black/red tint to it as the spells pulsed ominously, showing the demon's power. When in this form, the user was able to manipulate nonliving matter by changing its atom structure through the sheer force of their aura, i.e. turning air into a wall of water or turning a stone column into a large uprising spike.


Tsuruko Sejren

Derrick Sejren

Hikari Zanna

Excellen Kilekion

Giselle Mercury


  • Marisa's birthday is two days after Tsuruko's.
  • Interestingly, Marisa's Corpse Shell looks exactly like Tsuruko's own version did in the planning stages for the story. Word of God confirms there's a reason for this, and it's linked to the reason why Marisa can't use her Soul Armour anymore.
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