Ellena Hotaru

Markus loves his wife with all his heart. Despite when they first met they were at odds. Over the years Markus has come to understand why he fell in love with the raven haired beauty, he saw something that made him feel at ease despite not knowing anything about his past at the time.

Zero Asahi

Markus' oldest friend who is more like a brother than a friend. Despite Zero's goofy attitude at times he is a valued ally and is willing to share almost all his secrets with him.

Motoko & Itachi Hotaru

The news of him becoming a father shocked Markus at first but on the day the twins were born he didn't feel fear or shock he just felt love the the need to guard these two new lives with his own life. He favors Itachi due to the young mage acting almost like he did when he was young and being raised by Bolterus.


Though not his real father the Storm Phoenix treated the young orphan like a son (more often or not a friend). Between the arguements over food or best mage ever the two worked well together. When Bolterus left and left MArkus to fend for himself the young mage was angry at first but after reading the note left behing he understood the reasons and went on his quest. Markus still hopes for the day he'll meet him again.

Mochina Royal Family

Markus is great friend with the King and his granddaughter. He is on good terms with the rest of the royal family despite his one sided dislike for the crown prince's youngest sister (she flirts with everyone despite bieng married). His friendship is so great that he's an unofficial bodyguard to the family and has proven to be better than The Royal Guards more than once.

Twilight Phoenix Guild

This doesn't need much detail as Markus is loyal to his guild and will never betray them for any reason. He formed this guild and will not give it up to anyone.

The Sentinels

Markus doesn't entirely trust The Sentinels save for afew members such as Kevin Azure and Ferus Kluft. He trusts Kevin due to his ideals about justice and trust Ferus because simple put. "He's too hard nosed and strict to be a bad guy."

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