Marlow is a Kawari, altered for both High Speed and Sensory Magic, and the partner to Ryan Luz. As a such, she uses her magical abilities to help Ryan find the safest possible routes to follow when they cross the Inugaya Desert to get to the mainland.

Name Marlow
Race Kawari
Age 40
Gender Female
Height 2"
Weight 30 lbs
Eyes Black
Hair Tan
Unusual Features Protrusions from head
Professional Status
Affiliation Inugaya
Hornet's Nest
Occupation Nightbreak Runner
Partner Ryan Luz
Chad Darcy (Former)
Base of Operations Inugaya
Personal Status
Magic High Speed
Sensory Magic


Marlow is a small Quadruped creature who has a horn protruding from the back of her head and ears with tufts on them. Her fur is flowy and allows for reduced drag when running. She has beady black eyes and nude-colored fur that changes color to help camouflage herself with her surroundings.


Marlow has worked with many Hornet's Nest Guild Masters over her relatively long lifespan and as such, she has seen many die on the job. In addition, she witnessed firsthand the inherent dangers that constantly face those who represent Inugaya on the Toranku 15. As a result, she is very strict with whoever she is partnered with. Her experiences turned her into a very calculating, cautious, caring, and quick-witted individual who believes that there should be no shortcuts to getting a task done. She chides those who show reckless behavior and lack of common sense.

Magic and Abilites

High Speed:

Sensory Magic:

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