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Marta "Mars" Rayhunton



Maruta "Marusu" Reihanton


"Mars" (火星子(マルス), Marusu lit. Fire Planet Girl)
Crimson Dragon Overlady (紅龍覇后, Kōryūhagō)
Demon General Eleka the Untouchable (不可侵の魔司令官・エレカ, Fukashin no Mashireikan Ereka)
Brave Flame Dragon, Ddraig (勇炎竜・ドライグ, Yūenryū Doraigu)
Lord of the Red (爆烈火の覇王(ロード・オブ・ザ・レッド), Rōdo Obu Za Reddo lit. Tyrant King of the Explosive Raging Fire)
Master of Serpent Tail (不回蛇(サーペン・トテール)総長(マスター), Sāpento Tēru no Masutā lit. Secretary General of the Eternally Revolving Snakes)


Dragon/Human hybrid (reincarnated Dragon)


Female Female


27 (300+)


161 cm


33 kg


October 31

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

SerpentTailGuildSymbol Serpent Tail
Spiritus Terra

Previous Affiliation

DragunityKnightPerSymbol Dragunity Knights
Bailong's Legion

Guild Mark Location

Left Thigh



Previous Occupation

Demon General


Serpent Tail

Previous Team

Demon Generals



Previous Partner(s)

Unknown, possibly Daemon Mastema

Base of Operations

Serpens, Spiritus Terra

Personal Status



Queen (biological mother)
Adopted Parents (presumed deceased)
Elraine Ardygun (very distant cousin)


Fire Spirit Slayer Magic (Overstride, Spiritsphere)
Spirit Force
Dual-Element Spirit Mode
Take Over: Wyrm Soul
Smithing Magic


Dragonlance Ascalon
Flareshaper Constructs

Image Gallery

"What part of 'can transform into a dragon, fly above, and nuke the shit out of everything below' don't you fucking understand? If I even so much as decided to try and fight you goons seriously, you and your little cronies would be dead with a snap of my fingers."
— Marta Rayhunton, to Morgana Blackmore and the Eight Claw Clan.

Marta Rayhunton (マルタ・レイハントン, Maruta Reihanton), commonly referred to as "Mars" (火星子(マルス), Marusu lit. Fire Planet Girl) by her allies and by her moniker of Crimson Dragon Overlady (紅龍覇后, Kōryūhagō) which stems from her prowess in combat and her unique magic that was enabled through her special Magic Origin, allowing for a power of apocalyptic proportions whose very might shook the heavens and earth, is an enormously powerful magician who was formerly a member of the Bailong's Legion. However, soon after she was born, Marta was whisked away by an unknown knight in draconic armour, and she was raised as one of the very first members of the Dragunity Knights (竜騎士団(ドラグニティ・ナイツ), Doragunitī Naitsu lit. Dragon Knight Brigade), whom were a special tribe of warriors who invoked the "true power of a dragon" from four centuries ago up until the present day. Desiring to keep their connection to dragonkind burning throughout the generations by refusing to have their blood diluted, the Dragunity Knight clans resorted to inbreeding to retain the purity of their bloodline- however, such an action would only horribly backfire, as the clan's last members, were rendered crippled invalid and thus unfit to keep their connection to dragonkind as they lacked the physical ability to harness their draconic powers – because Marta was one of the grandchildren of the Pyro Dragon King Bailong, Marta has the blood of a dragon and a human flowing throughout her veins, giving her physical parameters beyond that of simple mortals, she was able to become integrated within the clan easily, adopted by a loving family as she was trained to become what could be referred to as the pinnacle of draconic knights. Marta was one of the very first wielders of Spirit Slayer Magic to come into this world, having learnt her signature magic from perhaps the strongest Spirit King around, the Red Overlord, embodiment of fire. While at first, she, like other Spirit Slayers, turned on the summoners and learnt her special magic for the sole purpose of eradicating any semblance of a threat they would pose to a potential harmony, eventually, Marta realized that attacking these squishy wizards wasn't going to solve the problem and simply left the rest of humanity and summoners to sort out their own business, deciding to become a traveler and explore the world in order to uncover its many wonders.

Marta is also the reincarnation of an actual Dragon, that of the Brave Flame Dragon, Ddraig (勇炎竜・ドライグ, Yūenryū Doraigu), a powerful western dragon whom was said to be capable of razing the heavens and earth with his power over the primordial flame which brought life to the world. A general for the pro-dragon side in the Dragon Civil War, Ddraig was dedicated to crushing anyone who could pose a threat, going after particularly powerful humans - he wasn't a dragon supremacist, but rather, he thoroughly believed that humans, even with the power to slay dragons, were incapable of ever defeating the strongest of dragons, and thus aimed to intimidate the pro-human side of the war into surrendering; after which, he fully intended to force his own group of dragons and potentially others to leave humanity alone, preferring to keep both races separate with neither side bothering each other again. However, one of his close companions, a pro-human dragon, betrayed and murdered him to prevent this. After this, the legend of Ddraig scattered to the sands of time, as simply regarded him as a myth or a tale told to young dragons to scare the ever-loving shit out of them to this day, and some survivors of the war in person numerous times. His hatred and regret lingering on in the mortal realm of Earth Land, Ddraig's actual soul reincarnated in the form of Marta, as his negative side rejoined her, forcing her to undergo a crucial test before Ddraig's anger was assimilated into Marta's very existence.

After some time spent training and learning the ins and outs of the way of the draconic humans, Marta decided to leave from the island beyond Serpens, the small island where the Dragunity Knights resided and a part of her land – returning to her biological family, she became a high-ranking member of the arm, specifically that of the eighth Demon General, referred to as her title of Demon General Mareolus the Untouchable (不可侵の魔司令官・マルレオルス, Fukashin no Mashireikan Marureorusu) from her Ley Sense spell, as it grants her a 'sixth-sense' of sorts, which, combined with her immense speed and Spirit Slayer Magic, makes her extremely difficult to land a hit upon. Despite being one of the candidates for the title of "Queen" (龍女帝(クイーン), Kuīn lit. Dragon Empress) of the legion if the actual one died and being reunited with her actual family, the teachings of those whom raised her were deeply ingrained within her psyche, as was her desire to reform the Dragunity Knights, whom had earned the scorn of the public for their arrogance, xenophobia, and morally dubious actions – a century after being conscripted into the army of dragon hybrids, Marta left when it seemed that the Bailong's Legion was on the verge of collapse, deciding to wander the lands. During her travels, Marta discovered a wonder of her own – before anyone else had realized its existence, she had become the first human to discover the large region of Spiritus Terra, which was located to the south of Minstrel near Serpens. Filled with naught but dusty plains and endless deserts, Marta decided that she'd colonize it and turn the land into a place for all sorts of spirits and other mediums to live without fear of persecution. As she settled in and used her abilities in order to call people all over the world to turn this endless wasteland into a prosperous nation, Marta also fought off numerous invaders whom wished to settle within the land and claim it for their own, thus gaining her the mythical moniker of Lord of the Red (爆烈火の覇王(ロード・オブ・ザ・レッド), Rōdo Obu Za Reddo lit. Tyrant King of the Explosive Raging Fire), a legendary title that belongs to the greatest of fire-and-heat-manipulating magicians, with only one holder at a time. This also caused her to become a magnet for trouble, as countless people sought that incredible power for both good and bad intentions, seeing the opportunity to wield the power of red as something near impossible to pass up.

Eventually, Marta Rayhunton formed the Legal Guild called Serpent Tail (不回蛇(サーペント・テール), Sāpento Tēru lit. Eternally Revolving Snakes) from its previous state as the Independent Guild, "Serpiente Tacon" (脚下で冥蛇(サーピエテ・タコン), Sāpiente Takon lit. The Invisible Serpent at One's Feet). Because of her intense desire to restore the reputation of her adopted family while ensuring that anyone in a similar position of being downtrodden through too much pressure or simple neglect has a place to stay and somebody that they can always count on, Marta's efforts in opening the Serpent Tail Guild while becoming its first Master, and experiences gave her a new outlook on life, and for the most part, the Serpent Tail Guild is full of people with "abnormalities" like herself. Her name echoing through Earth Land as the greatest of the great in regards to pyrokinetic prowess, Marta was soon recognized far and wide as the rightful ruler of Spiritus Terra, with the likes of the Magic Council and Dark Guilds not wishing to incur her ire. Her Fire Spirit Slayer Magic evocative of her title, Marta is infinitely more proactive than most other royalty, commonly going out and stopping criminals by herself, said to be the strongest Spirit Slayer to exist.



Marta's full appearance.

Marta could consistently be referred to as one thing – "tall". While she does appear as seemingly slender and overall befitting the standards of most fictional women to be considered "attractive", underneath her demure appearance is something that's anything but slim; indeed, she stands a full head above most other females that she interacts with; to those whose eyes manage to catch even the slightest of looks at this lady, she gives off an enigmatic and ephemeral air which only adds to her general mysterious aura that seems to follow her wherever she goes; her exact age is said to be quite difficult to properly determine, even by those (who themselves are incredibly scarse) who have known her for extended periods of time. Underneath her clothes, it's revealed that Marta has a deceptively toned build that makes her appear almost Amazonian in bodily structure – while not really apparent under her extravagant and gaudy-looking outfit, when her clothing is damaged, her nearly statuesque and muscular physique reveals itself – it'd be best to describe her as highly athletic yet voluptuous while not sacrificing a single drop of femininity; even so her skin is said to be so white and smooth that it appears almost like she's made of the finest of porcelain, almost paler than the full moon as it shines in the black of night; accompanying this is her dark red lipstick and long, curled eyelashes. Despite her jacked build, her facial features are noted to be rather soft and along with a full figure, with a large chest, long, slender legs, and a shapely rear, almost consistently being described as stunningly beautiful by those whom observe her in their sights; her sculpted physique is said to be a relic from her time as a Spirit Slayer during the Spirit Civil War that came immediately after the Dragon Civil War.

Her deep green eyes glimmering illustriously as if they were the finest of emeralds, Marta's silver hair appears similar to snow, as an unruly mop of white hair that is cut like it's a bother and just left without any tending to, though its most notable feature is how her bangs are parted in the middle to slightly expose her forehead, as two long clumps trail downwards to frame her youthful face; the rest of her hair is tied into a ponytail- the ponytail generally reaches down to her knees. There is a group of bundles of white hair exposed in the very middle of her forehead, all arranged perfectly and cut short so that her expressions are incapable of being obscured at the most inopportune of times – the tips of her white hair appear to be dyed in the lightest of reds, appropriate for her element of flame. Accentuating her snowy hair is a relatively extravagant a red and gold headband with small wings on the sides. She's known to be a D-Cup. However, her exact measurements are currently unknown. As acting ruler of Spiritus Terra, Marta's attire is a long-sleeved, red, white, black, and lavender dress. She wears red and white heels with ribbons that wrap around her legs. Her shoes and dress are decorated with green gems. Interestingly, it should be noted that originally, before she kept using her Spirit Slayer Magic, Marta's hair was completely black, and her eyes were gold – overuse of the power of red caused her to begin to undergo Spiritification, resulting in her hair and eye textures becoming what they are today.


Marta Rayhunton is a woman of oddness, a dishonest wildcard and a whimsical individual who, although knowing the basics of the modern era, does not seem to know about social norms. She has little regard for most beings, seeing them for their flaws, with "an old friend" being one of the few exceptions. Marta also believes that she has the right to get whatever she wants and vehemently detests having to give something away if there's no benefit for her. When she awoke for the first time in four hundred years, she stated that she was "glad to see that the sky's still blue". However, she can become cunning, ruthless, and pragmatic if the situation requires. She will go to any length to ensure that she comes out the victor in anything that interests her, even going as far as to demand "a second round" constantly. Despite this, she is slothful and childish, due to the nature of her upbringing, as noted by her old friend to be "erratic in her behaviour...I can't tell if she's just crazy or oblivious." She is usually friendly and cheerful to her friends, always being curious and not worrying much about things, though she subtly manipulates them at all times. She usually tries to raise the spirits of others, making her the mood maker of the group. She has problems reading the atmosphere in situations and just speaks out what comes to mind, sometimes making others surprised at her actions. Due to her upbringing, she knows nothing of the world or how to interact with others. During battle, Marta is prone to eccentrics like posing, pre-battle speeches and calling her attack names as loud as she can.

Despite being a wacky and ditzy woman, Marta focuses only on becoming the Queen of Desire to "rewrite the wrongs of the universe". She has however been shown to repay debts to people, giving her old friend the means to awaken his weapon, though this is mainly because she wanted to use him as a tool in her quest at first. Though she may seem malicious at times, Marta prefers working with him over with her fellow Unknown Demons as he is honest about his motives. She is however not above betraying him for her own benefit. Marta had taken an interest in him in a slightly sly and teasing manner, and constantly throws him off balance with embarrassing remarks and actions, all while maintaining a poker face in the process, which results in her being constantly treated with suspicion by him, who calls her 'that devil woman'. Even so, Marta has a very tactical personality, when she is not enraged she will study her opponent thoroughly if given the opportunity. She has become a brilliant fighter because of this and on-top of her normal survival instincts, this advantage of her brain allows her to survive some of the most difficult battles. She is prone to using decoys and tricks to defeat her larger enemies, on-top of evasive maneuvers and hiding while looking for a weak spot.

She serves the other main characters as 'mission control', supplying them with new goals. She has taken a liking for popsicles, taking them whenever possible without second thought such as taking them from a cart and making her old friend pay and scaring off children. She was also commonly seen carrying an iPad or an iPhone 4 for gathering information and keeping track of her "pawns", though when questioned by her old friend on how she obtained such devices, Marta simply shrugged and replied "Oooooh, I dunno~"; though now, she does not have access to them. One of her many eccentric hobbies is baking cakes, commonly birthday cakes often pulling an apron right over whatever she is wearing to do so. In fact, she has a very unsuitable oven kept in her office and built her office over a bakery. She usually has the other main characters eat the cakes she makes, whether they want to or not. She also has a strange intonation in her speech. Any items she has sent to others are normally referred to as 'presents' and wrapped up as such.



Powers and Abilities

Physical Abilities

Ways of Combat


Master Spearmanship Specialist: Marta is well known to be a master of armed combat, which, as the name itself suggests, revolves around the usage of weapons, which users employ against their opponents at close range, being highly competent in the art of sōjutsu (槍術, Spear Arts), which is the Japanese martial art of fighting with a spear, specifically, because of such a strange weapon, Marta treats anything that can be considered a "blade on the stick" as the same, so her mastery of sōjutsu extends to utilizing battleaxes, halberds, a guandao, bardiches, scythes, and many more. She has been deemed to be a master of combat with the pole arm, expertly knowing her way around the weapon to the point that like all members of the Dragunity Knights, Marta is capable of utilizing a spear like it is an extension of her own body, having surpassed the limit known as "humanity" in regards to her skills and displaying a mastery over it that surpasses all forms of mortality- it could be said that when wielding a spear, Marta Rayhunton can be considered a demi-god, having stepped into the realms of the divine in regards to her prowess with this weapon. The fact that she managed to become one of the finer fighters whom wield a blade on a stick in the world of magic in such a short time can quite possibly be attributed to the fact that it is relatively easy to train someone to use a spear effectively, as opposed to weapons like swords – to put into perspective, a half-decent swordsman would take the bare minimum of six months in order to wield their weapon competently, whereas a decent spearman can be trained in six weeks at the least – however, with a hint of irony, a martial artist would take longer to learn how to harness a spear, but to train a soldier in the art of wielding this point on a stick is must faster as the tactics both utilize are radically different. Even so, Marta herself is skilled in both the soldier and martial artist method, making one of the rare few users of a spear whom can switch between both tactics on the fly to adapt to the exact situation at hand as well as confuse those whom make the foolhardy decision to attempt to fight Marta even after they learn of her name which echoes throughout the lands.

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, a martial artist and a soldier wield a blade on a stick in radically different way – for a martial artist, spear tactics are relatively simple in numbers as a martial artist trains to fight one-on-one or several-on-one battles, under which circumstances a spear is an awkward weapon; it's tricky to manipulate and is useless if the user's opponent gets inside it, although getting inside a trained spear-user's reach without suffering crippling or fatal stab wounds is harder than one might think. On the opposite spectrum, a soldier trains to stand in line, obey orders, have discipline and not have to defend themselves from more than one direction—unless their formation has crumbled, at which point they've got much larger problems than the fact that they don't know how to use their spear in single combat. Taking up the latter method was how Marta learnt how to utilize sōjutsu so quickly as a mere army grunt, but in the end, she mastered both methods and combined them while integrating her own ideas of how to go about combat to form an invincible fighting style. Due to the unusually large size of her Dragonlance Ascalon which is approximately four meters in length, Marta has a complete advantage over others who wield spears in combat in terms of range and power – however, because of this wider range and stronger striking power, one of the main advantages of her personal customized lance could also serve as a double-edged sword, as it would slow the speed of each and every one of her blows- a small sliver of time would be lost with every movement as she would be required to constantly pull her weapon back. The words "would" and "could" being emphasized here; as thanks to her inhuman reflexes and physical power largely negate these weaknesses, and unless the opponent is faster than the speed of lightning, then it is rarely, if ever, a serious concern.

With a snap of her fingers and a clever application of the supplementary magic which is referred to as Telekinesis, she is capable of bringing her personal spear, the Dragonlance known as Ascalon into this current plane of existence in order to wreak havoc upon her enemies, displaying impeccable control over its sharp tip and impressive weight, even wielding it in a single hand despite these seeming limitations. Befitting her weapon's nature as a spear, Marta's skill with the spear is said to be rather sophisticated when compared to other more "traditional" forms of sōjutsu, and it can be compared to wielding a quarterstaff; thanks to her mastery over the art, what would normally be a crushing weapon can be utilized in a similar manner to lighter forms of pole-arms such as traditional spears and halberds, effectively allowing Marta to merge multiple seemingly separate fighting styles into one. Even so, the length of her weapon grants her the ability to attack from afar when compared to other non-projectile weapons while often simultaneously swiftly closing the distance between herself and her target thanks to the length of her weapon and her speed; for a defensive maneuver, Marta is capable of spinning the spear around in order to deflect all sorts of projectiles which are launched her way, achieved by the kinetic energies produced by Marta's rapid twirling of her weapon producing such a force that anything heading her way which isn't connected to a body such a weapon is dissipated with ease. Speaking of spinning, Marta incorporates a liberal usage of spinning her weapon around into her overall fighting style which is quite similar to the twirling of a baton or flag-spinning of sorts. Due to her incredible strength, she is able of performing such a feat with relative ease and these twirling motions, Marta can slice multiple enemies with her weapon from the ground or in the air through a whirling attack – in fact, Marta has remarked that to her, the weight of her spear feels as if it is nothing but a twig in her hands, whereas most other warriors display considerable strain in attempting to even hoist the large pole-arm up and hold it for more than a few minutes at a time, much less swing it around in a manner that allows it to still be effective in combat.

Knowing the ins and outs of her weapon's strengths and limitations, Marta is capable of making the best usage of its attributes in the fields of war in order to keep a near-constant advantage when fighting, closing in on her enemy and then putting a fair amount of space between them while her opponent can't take the same advantages, effectively leaving them slightly helpless in the face of her pole-arm; thanks to her complete knowledge of how her weapon functions in any and every situation, Marta casually defies the notion of "closing in with a large weapon is suicidal" while keeping the natural length advantage of a spear over a sword, a weapon which has no effective way of countering nor parrying a large weapon such as the Dragonlance Ascalon, effectively creating a combat method that possesses absolutely zero openings. Making full use of the length of her personalized weapon, which is four meters long, Marta ensures that the enemy is deprived of ever the slightest of chances to evade by stepping out of the range of her weapon in any manner available – indeed, even partially retreating from an oncoming blow does not guarantee escape, and attempting to catch Marta with a counterattack more often than not results in grievous injuries all around, not limited to but including a slashed stomach and countless smashed ribs as it's well known that the shaft of the Dragonlance Ascalon can bust through a human body like a hot knife like butter, the sharp tip piercing through anything in its path while the wooden haft is capable of puncturing human flesh almost effortlessly. The blade of the weapon can be used, not only for simply hacking down the opponent, but also tripping the opponent, defending against incoming strikes, and disarming the opponent whereas both the head spike and butt spike can be used for thrusting attacks; she can also dismount cavalry, hook a gap in any forms of armour no matter its composition to cause a painful wound, and pull away defensive armaments such as shields. The haft can be used on blocking the enemy's blows as the langets help reinforce the head to extend the life of the pole shaft, "cross-checking" and knocking them to the ground. To go onwards, despite the seemingly gargantuan size of her personalized weapon known as Dragonlance Ascalon, Marta has displayed the ability to swing it around as if it were as light as a feather with a two-handed grip or just wielding her weapon in a single hand.

The various array of strikes which she unleashes in the name of offensive and defensive maneuvers can be considered comparable to that of a voracious dragon hungering for its prey – stabbing in the direction of her enemy with the speed and force of cannon fire, unleashing gusts of pure force comparable to the sword pressure technique as well as typhoons that tear everything that they come into contact with apart effortlessly, meaning that what Marta aims at with her spear isn't just limited to what can be considered as her "target", but rather, what she aims at is the "the portion of the world around the enemy", dealing mass devastation to anything in the general direction of where the weapon is swung, ripping up the earth and seas before her with every swing, untold amounts of damage landing with a swiftness that even the afterimages released by each and every strike enable her to easily remove any possible openings, and she can constantly increase the speed of her attacks and make continuous attacks without allowing the slightest pause in between. Her swings, thanks to her great physical strength, have the potential to split the very earth with each swing while simultaneously being faster than mortal recognition, bringing mass devastation to every direction that the weapon lands; meaning that it often spells the end for her enemy the moment that Marta enters the battlefield, brandishing her lance; for this reason, many individual factions have given a flee-on-sight order whenever she appears, as it's well-known that not many have managed to gain even the slightest of advantages over Marta in combat, being deemed impossible to actually defeat at that. Once she begins to attack, Marta is capable of perform an almost uncountable amount of grounded and aerial attacks, both physical and magical, effortlessly chaining her attacks into one another, putting an immense amount of pressure upon the opponent, attacking with impossible skill, separating and connecting her weapon in the blink of an eye while spinning herself and the lance itself around.

Marta displays no fear in the heat of battle, battling in a fluid manner and inflicting flawless blows upon her opponent. She has a very fluid style of fighting; the addition of various techniques enable her to bolster her reaction time and reflexes to the point that she can attack and dodge at high speeds; on that note, speed is a vital part of her fighting style—attacking so fast that opponents cannot see her moves; the same effect could come to fruition if she were to wave one of her hands in front of her face. Indeed, Marta generally focuses on quick, precise strikes, always aiming to hit her opponent's vital points in battle, though as mentioned above, smashing things isn't above her. She uses misdirection in her attacks and even though doing so allows for holes in her defense she is more than capable of making it up with surprise attacks. Despite the ever-so-slight drawback of the heavy lump of iron known as the Dragonlance Ascalon, Marta's swinging speed is extraordinary, as she has displayed the ability to counter attacks at a velocity that surpasses any form of precognition, all while standing still (even though it's rare to see her in such a position). Commonly using misdirection in her attacks -even though doing so allows for holes in her defense- Marta is more than capable of making it up with surprise attacks; by taking advantage of her inborn immense durability in order to, well, not feel pain, she is known to tank numerous blows from her opponent, no matter how strong they would normally be, before immediately countering with an overwhelmingly powerful strike of her own. Because of her spear being four meters in length, she's only required to launch an attack when an opponent is within striking distance, though given her usual fighting style; Marta is constantly on the offense- despite the length of her weapon, it doesn't seem to matter much as while it is easier to take a stab at an advancing adversary instead of taking the battle to them, Marta commonly shoots towards her opponents with the speed and force of a bullet, taking them off-guard due to the sudden increase in velocity, closing the distance in the blink of an eye as she unleashes countless attacks which can all be considered a fatal blow that need to be evaded or defended against.

As she is a member of the exceptionally powerful clan which is known as the Dragunity Knights, a group of people who worshipped dragonkind, wishing to be exactly like them and thus imitate them even in the heat of battle, it can be said that Marta Rayhunton possesses a mastery of the spear that is beyond compare, even to those classified as demigods people who have trained their entire life to unlock each and every secret of this already highly-effective weapon. To this extent, Marta, like the rest of her fighting style, relies heavily on aerial combat, following the teachings of the Dragunity Knights, whom trained their bodies as to mimic the motion of a dragon taking flight with a single beat of their wings, resulting in the knights being capable of leaping to heights that would enable them to touch the skies. While airborne and not preparing any follow-up movements; her affinity towards the skies grants her the capability to either close or expand the distance between her and her opponents whenever she wishes- indeed, due to her flexibility, it is not uncommon to see her vaulting around in the heat of combat with a beast-like agility that surpasses human reaction speeds, plunging down from above in order to wreak havoc upon entire armies as she makes excessive use of her synchronicity with the skies and her immense leg strength, as well as the high-speed movement technique referred to as Reduced Earth (縮地, Shukuchi) in conjunction with her natural speed, in order to flutter around in the air as effortlessly as breathing. All of Marta's attacks are versatile and execute immediately, they do great damage, can variably lead to her launching the opponent into, and in some cases, through a wall, before darting after the opponent- she attacks while dashing and leaping through the air with ease; after striking, she can continue her attack while her opponent is still staggering, and she can choose the orientation of where the final blow of her aerial attacks will send the opponent simply by applying subtle movements to where her weapon lands; this makes all of her attacks unpredictable and exceptionally difficult to evade; Marta is known for bouncing around upon her spear, her feet never even touching the ground, making heavy use of her spear as leverage to keep her in the air and pinned against her opponents, displaying absolute dominance over the heavens as she leaps around like a lightning bolt, descending and ascending in the blink of an eye with such a speed that she could be considered untouchable. Marta's reaction times and reflexes are so swift that she is capable of spinning her spear around by the haft, harnessing the precious seconds that she is whirling her weapon around rapidly to form a makeshift shield that can defend her against all sorts of projectiles while cutting anything that comes into contact with the Dragonlance Ascalon. Wielding her spear, in the heat of battle, Marta becomes an existence akin to Shiva, one of the three major deities of Hinduism whose power is said to be limitless.

  • Aerial Rave (力集竜槍下(エアリアル・レイブ), Eariaru Reibu lit. Power-Gathering Dragon Spear Descent): Aerial Rave is an extraordinarily powerful attack which is the secret art of the Dragunity Knights and their signature ability; it was born from the very first Dragunity Knights training their bodies to jump high as the dragons that they rode- even in the present day, with Marta remaining as one of two people alive whom are capable of performing such a feat in this day and age; it is a quick ascent into the atmosphere before a swift fall. When utilizing Aerial Rave, Marta focuses intently, before utilizing minute amounts of magical manipulation in order to kick off the ground at twice the speed of sound, leaping upwards in a spiralling motion, as she jabs her lance into the ground while leaping, resulting in her spear producing a jet-burst like effect which enhances her amazing jump height tenfold, allowing her to kick off and momentarily touch the clouds- if the opponent is in the immediate vicinity of the burst of pure energy released by Marta's spear, then the effect could possibly stun them for the briefest of moments as the miniature shockwave formed halves any defensive measures that the foe has put up, in addition to halving their own natural defenses. The leap upwards has Marta accelerating out of mortal sights in the blink of an eye- this effect can be enhanced by her immense speed, which allows her to stay in the air twice as long due to her mastery over her own sense of balance; while ascending, her lance becomes extended from the ground to the heavens in an arcing motion all the while – sometimes, this strike will catch her enemy in her grasp, but most of the time, it serves as a beginning for the attack as she rockets upwards a moderate distance off of the ground with some horizontal movement as well, uppercutting with a spear slash – during the first few moments of the attack's preparation, the arcing spear swipe seems to do more damage than the rest of the ascension phase of Aerial Rave. The spinning element of the attack increases the penetrative power of the attack while Marta launches herself upwards, the opponent being carried alongside her ascension if they were struck, and the moment that Marta reaches the maximum height allowed with the attack, she is capable of slashing downward while falling. Now that she is airborne, Marta gathers ambient eternano saturated within the atmosphere upon her lance as well as her feet, which condenses to its utmost limit and shapes itself on the end of her lance, giving it the appearance of a gigantic blade of energy formed upon a metal pole. As Marta descends, the speed at which she moves at quickly increases until she reaches the speed of sound; when she impacts upon the foe, the result of her lance striking the opponent causes a sonic boom; releasing all of that built-up energy for incredibly destructive results- a shockwave radiates from the tip of the lance, spreading outwards for a few meters while rending everything that just so happens to obstruct its flowing motions; as the opponent's defensive measures have been cut in half, Aerial Rave deals positively enormous amounts of damage and in most cases, is a one-hit-kill technique. Aerial Rave itself takes longer to execute than any of her normal swings, but does greater damage and makes her immune to attacks while in the middle of the jump. While the ascension period allows her to rise to incredible heights vertically, the same can't be said for its horizontal rising, but even so, Aerial Rave is known to be a highly rewarding spear strike to use that possesses a rather noticeable element of surprise if timed perfectly – the ascension phase of the sword strike comes out in a split-second, with the only indications of Marta beginning to use the attack being her sword lowering to slowly touch the ground. If the lance makes contact with a solid surface, Marta will stay in that position, and any opponents caught in the attack while it is held will be pinned with Marta, unable to move; when pinned, the enemy is unable to move until it wears off, though they cannot be grabbed. The amount of time an opponent remains pinned is dependent on that fighter's remaining stamina and magical power; the more exhausted they are, the longer they will be stuck to the ground. An enemy can only be pinned if already standing on the ground; and the opponent flaring up their magical energy can reduce the duration of time when pinned. When Marta pins the opponent to the ground with Aerial Rave, she can follow up the attack with a leaping kick either aimed forwards or backwards, she can leap into the skies for a breather, or simply cancel the attack; however, one thing is consistent – Marta user can time Aerial Rave to hit the ground or not. Sticking an opponent and kicking either forward or backward can allow Marta to lunge in that direction; though if lunging backward, any pinned opponents will be released harmlessly. Struck opponents are launched, and Marta will fly a considerable distance at a low angle. All of this combined, Aerial Rave is best utilized as the ending blow for a combo, as the arcing slash upwards can deliver an enormous amount of knockback to send the opponent upwards which scales based on falling speed and weight instead of damage, more often than not leaving them open to the second step of the technique.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Known to possess very few weapons on-hand with the exception of her lance, Marta Rayhunton, instead, displays unparalleled unarmed skill, focusing on direct, brutal, unrestrained and powerful hand-to-hand combat, with heavy reliance on magical manipulation and superb application of the power that slays dragonkind which is infused within her frame, showing immense hand-to-hand prowess to those who have the unfortunate fate of fighting her, and as one would expect from a user of Spirit Slayer Magic, close-combat, no-holds-barred is where Marta really shines, integrating her draconic powers into her fighting style to produce incredibly effective results that can effortlessly overwhelm anyone and everyone who's foolish enough to say that they can fight her on equal grounds. As a master of martial arts, which are codified systems and traditions of combat practices, which are practiced for a variety of reasons: as self-defense, military and law enforcement applications; as competition, physical fitness, mental and spiritual development; as well as entertainment and the preservation of a nation's intangible cultural heritage, Marta is a peculiar sort in that she doesn't really have a defined fighting style, nothing like boxing, which is a predominantly western style of hand-to-hand fighting, and wushu, which originated in the Eastern regions of the world; no, Marta Rayhunton discards any categorization of such in order to produce something that's completely unique to herself - thus, she could technically be considered a user of Mixed Martial Arts (総合格闘技, Sōgōkakutōgi), also referred to as hybrid martial arts, which involve the integration of techniques and theories from various other forms of martial arts around the world to create a fighting style best suited to its individual wielder; this fighting style does emphasize its origins as a mish-mash of styles, whereas numerous other martial arts simply borrow and adapt from other styles, they cannot really be considered true hybrids. Indeed, in line with her nature and potent abilities, Marta has adopted a fighting style where she fights her opponents using powerful blows, to which all of her attacks have a significant amount of force behind them. Lashing out at her opponent with countless flurries of strikes of all kinds, such as different types of punches and kicks, headbutts, elbows, knees, and palm strikes, Marta is able to overwhelm her enemies through brute force even without her spear being utilized.

Physical Prowess

Immense Strength:

Immense Speed:

  • Enhanced Reflexes:

Immense Durability:

Magical Abilities

Immense Magical Power: As one of Bailong's Legion, Marta is in possession of an absolutely overwhelming amount of magical power; it is possibly because of this that she is capable of utilizing her magics for longer amounts of time than any other magicians of a similar caliber. Marta has natural control over the exertion of her magical power, keeping it contained to the point where it is virtually impossible to detect her by normal means, though the constant effort can be taxing; however, keeping it contained is a major part of why she is considered a highly successful Dark Magician, as nobody can properly detect her. The presence it exudes is completely at odds with her personality; the magical energy itself is a vibrant emerald, surging like sickly-green flames, crackling intensely when Marta focuses as these auras of fire begin to affect the immediate vicinity, instilling a sense of humidity upon the atmosphere; when Marta's power is at it's peak, it transforms into the frightening visage of a serpentine dragon which surrounds her, striking fear into the hearts of her foes. Indeed, due to one's magical energy being influenced by their feelings, despite the fact that Marta Rayhunton has suffered more than most, especially in her childhood and days in war, her negative emotions haven't corroded and distorted such a pure concept, her upstanding moral character and burning desire to restore the legacy her adopted family has back to that of greatness providing an invulnerable protection against darkness corrupting her magical energies. In any case, even when she isn't exerting any of her magical energy, her power is capable of being felt from a great distance which is said to be around a few kilometers, and it has the tendency to make people perspire in fear. Her skill and control at using manipulating her magical energy aura allows her to perform a variety of abilities; her magical energy constantly interacts with the energy in the vicinity even when not in combat, changing their properties in a very minimal way. Her magical power can be simply regarded as immeasurable, that any individual that tries to sense the depths of her power will only find themselves lost in its vastness.

Marta has unlocked her Second Origin (二原, Nigen) and as such, it is permanently activated, granting her far greater reserves of magical energy than many other magicians. Magic originates from a Magic Origin (魔原, Magen), which is exactly what the wording indicates—it is a special organ that is located within the body of a magician, that absorbs eternano and bunches it up into clusters, which is processed into magical power. Every magician has a container inside their body that determines the limits of their Magic Power; this is precisely what a Magic Origin is. If the case becomes empty, eternano will come from the atmosphere and enters the magician's body and after a while, their Magic Power is restored. In any case, Marta is noted to have a larger Magic Origin than most other people—enough to the point that she seemingly never runs out of magical power—though Marta does use Eternano Haste to recharge herself every now and again within the heat of battle. As the offspring of a human and a dragon, unlike other magicians, Marta's Magic Origin is an existence referred to as a Factor of the Dragon (竜の因子, Ryū no Inshi); the dragon's origin produces a unique magical power that transcends what could be achieved by normal humans. Normally, the Magic Origin of a human magician could be considered a machine which creates magical energy; though on the opposite end of the scale, a Dragon's Magic Origin acts as a factory which creates magical energy independent from the body simply through breathing. Because of her heritage, her entire body's unique physiology allows her to bond more easily with Lacrima that is implanted within her body, her organs and the like synchronizing with the energies flowing throughout her dainty frame to have her body function as an organic adapter, a device that converts attributes of one electrical device or system to those of an otherwise incompatible device or system, with this adaptability tied to the separation of the power stored within the magical crystals, essentially making her a walking Lacrima in the vein of the strongest of the Four Gods of Ishgar, God Serena. Thanks to her arcane organ being a Factor of the Dragon as well being an organic adapter, when she has transformed into her past life as a dragon through her skill in Transformation, Marta is capable of harnessing the might of Illegal Move: Multiscale in order to shift her draconic body and by extension, her Spirit Slayer Magic into a form more associated with the conjured element in question.

  • Magical Aura (魔力の霊気, Maryoku no Reiki): Magical Aura is a common term given to the exertion of magical energy into a form outside of the user's body that isn't used in the formation of spells. It has been demonstrated by various mages of varying potency, and is a common means of intimidation. A magical aura is created when the body's container of Eternano particles exceeds the limits of what it contains, or is purposefully released by the user. Upon doing so, the magical energy surges around the body and is exerted outwards in the form of an aura, which holds considerable pressure surrounding it. Depending on the level of magical power one possesses and the control behind it, it can be used as a means to intimidate another individual, or as a preparation for a powerful spell. A single magical aura can have a wide variety of effects dependent on the power an individual exerts, which will be outlined in the following sections. A standard aura is produced by mages with a moderate level of magical power within their body. Upon release of her magical aura, the magical aura almost consumes Marta in their colour, leaving nothing but a phantom-like apparition to remain. It should also be noted that the aura is far wider, and is generally uncontrolled by Marta; however "Monster" auras aren't limited to intimidation, and can be used for the preparation of a spell; this is seen when Marta uses her Spirit Slayer's Secret Arts, which can cause the environment to become distorted due to the sheer level of magical power concentrated in the atmosphere thanks to her release of power. The presence it exudes is completely at odds with her appearance; the magical energy itself is a vibrant emerald, crackling intensely when Marta focuses on a singular target; when her aura is fully released, it takes the form of the frightening visage of a serpentine dragon form which surrounds her, striking fear into the hearts of her enemies. It is also worth noting that the pressure exhibited from such an aura can form a large column of energy, leaving the pressure enough to visibly cause strain on individuals even from a considerable distance away from the exertion of the aura, indicating at the sheer level of power within this aura. By exerting it outward, it forms a thin layer of pressure that can cause one to be intimidated if they are much weaker than Marta; this power can be seen throughout many of her battles, as she's generally holding back- the sheer density of Marta's aura can cause physical attacks to be repelled with notable ease.
  • Magic Skill: Eternano Haste (内魔導・復魔力(マジック・スキル・エーテルナノ・ヘイスト), Majikku Sukiru: Ēterunano Heisuto lit. Internalized Magic Arts: Magic Power Restoration): The Magic Skill known as Eternano Haste is a rather rare skill that only the most powerful of magicians are born with, or they develop later in life. However, firstly, as it has been discovered, some magicians, once they have mastered the art of magic, are capable of manipulating eternano, or just plain showing off unique ways to utilize magic, far beyond the norm. These skills are collectively known as Magic Skills (内魔導(マジック・スキル), Majikku Sukiru lit. Internalized Magic Arts) instead of magic proper; thanks to being simply a manipulation and extension of the basics, as opposed to using magic to create a new function entirely. In this case, while normally, eternano flows into the magician's Magic Origin from the atmosphere after their magical power has been expended. However, if the magician has access to Eternano Haste, then eternano will enter the magician's body much quicker; it works by converting half of the nearby eternano into magical power, which the user's Magic Origin absorbs, thereby cutting the cost of regular spells by half the amount, as the name suggests, enabling them to gather magical energy much faster than many other magicians who even use less magic; especially when they have been recently drained of power, allowing the user to get back to casting powerful spells easily, in addition to this, when they are half out of energy, the user's Magic Origin initiates a suction effect, absorbing any ambient eternano from the atmosphere and drawing it into the user's body, restoring their magical power. However, this can only be done five times per battle, as after that, the area will be devoid of eternano, rendering both magicians' magic effectively useless.

Magic in General

Assorted Magic (魔法, Mahō): Magic is the main form of combat for magicians; it is the physical embodiment of the spirit. When the physical spirit of an organism connects with the spiritual flow of nature, the spirit forms Magic as a product of the connection. To utilize Magic, a magician must use Magic Power (魔力, Maryoku) in their body. Magic Power is the source of Power for all magicians, it is composed of Eternano (魔子(エーテルナノ), Ēterunano lit. Magic Particles), which is the term coined to name particles of Magic. Eternano dwells inside all living organisms and throughout the atmosphere. Nobody knows when Magic began, or how Eternano originated; every magician has a container inside their body that determines the limits of their Magic Power. If the case becomes empty, Eternano will come from the atmosphere and enters the magician's body and after a while, their Magic Power is restored. Eternano has near-zero rest mass - though, like any particle, its mass increases to reflect its potential or kinetic energy - and can carry either a positive or negative charge. In order to cast spells, a magician derives the power necessary from two sources: their own body's Magic Origin (魔原, Magen), and the atmosphere. A Magic Origin is exactly what the wording indicates—it is a special organ that is located within the body of a magician, that absorbs eternano and bunches it up into clusters, which is processed into magical power. Every magician has a container inside their body that determines the limits of their Magic Power; this is precisely what a Magic Origin is. If the case becomes empty, eternano will come from the atmosphere and enters the magician's body and after a while, their Magic Power is restored. It appears that the concept of using a proportion to the user's Magic Origin or the atmosphere is dependent entirely upon the magic used in question. With internal magic such as High Speed, one requires the use of their own magic far more than external magic such as Fire Magic, where they generally rely more on atmospherically magic. By collecting eternano and subsequently imbuing it with a certain 'command' through either an incantation, hand gesture or a simple spell name, allow it to then mysteriously take upon a characteristic unique to that spell. Interestingly, some magicians, if they are descended from unique families, have shown that they are capable of replenishing their eternano faster thanks to unique traits. However, recent studies have identified another, unused, part of a magician's Magic Origin that contains a large amount of dormant power: the Second Origin. If a magician somehow manages to unlock their Second Origin, they will then receive an enormous boost in Magic Power, or they can wait until the right moment to unleash the Magic Power of their Second Origin in order to gain an advantage in the battle.


Marta's personalized Magic Seal.

Despite her prestige, Marta Rayhunton utilizes the bog standard Modern Magic System (近代魔導式, Kindai Madō-shiki), which is the most widespread magic system of all; as Magic began to evolve, so did people's interest in the arcane art, and as such, the old Formula Eltria was "updated" so that everyone who could do it would take an interest in magic in the many centuries to come. The Modern Magic System is exceedingly versatile as it is streamlined and considered easy-to-use compared to Formula Eltria, where the magician was required to sacrifice physical might for enormous magical potential, but nowhere near as powerful as what was made before; being capable of being adapted and utilized for many a situation, whether it be offense, defense, maneuverability, and many recreational uses such as construction and healing. While vastly weaker in terms of sheer magical output and power than Formula Eltria, the Modern Magic System has so many other benefits that over time, Formula Eltria was forgotten by the masses. The Modern Magic Style is utilized by almost every known magician around three hundred years ago to the present day- the trio of Legal, Independent, and Dark Magicians all harness its power. The Magic Seal of the Modern Magic System resembles a proper circle, with concentric rings and squares inscribed in it- the Magic Seal has numerous images symbolic to magic such as gemstones placed in the four cardinal directions emblazoned upon the seal. Marta's usage of the Modern Magic System is due to the fact that it is the magic system which has the greatest level of synergy with the power that kills spirits, assisting her Magic Origin in incorporating her element into her body and thus using it to bolster the potency of her blows. However, because of a combination of factors, including her ingenuity and the sheer versatility of her personal form of Spirit Slayer Magic, Marta's iteration of the Modern Magic System is more than capable of matching the output of a user of Formula Eltria, which is the very first magic style, having been around ever since the discovery of magic many millennia ago, as well as the Black Arts Magic Style, the magic system utilized solely by those who are capable of wielding the forbidden black magics referred to as, well, obviously, the Black Arts. Like many powerful magicians, Marta possesses her own customized Magic Seal that appears in the place of the generic crests whenever a magic seal is needed - Marta's Magic Seal is mainly a dark green in texture, but starts off pitch-black as it is gathering energy; it resembles a caduceus, or "herald's staff", which consists of two snakes coiling around a winged staff. In Greek mythology, it was carried by Hermes, a cunning trickster god who could freely move between the boundaries of worlds as an emissary of the gods and conductor of souls into the afterlife; overlapping each side of the seal is various runic writing in dragontongue.

Due to practicing magic for over four centuries, Marta has become one of the more skilled practitioners of the arcane around; indeed, she is capable of weaving her spells together; and her magic is noticeably more stable than most others with magic abilities, and therefore it does not breakdown at all and is not easily deflected; it can be said that Marta's spells are almost unstoppable. Marta, due to her incredible skill, is able to cast almost any type of spell without the need for an incantation without any loss of power. Due to her Spirit Slayer Magic which was granted to her by the Red Overlord, Marta is fairly prideful about the magic that kills the phantasmal cryptids that dwells within her body, and it is for this reason that she refuses to use any other magic as a way of combat, though she has known to have certain "mundane" magics alongside her pride and joy that are the symbols of her guild's power. Even so, Marta's prodigal talent in regards to the arcane has resulted in something that is completely out of the ordinary- she had unwittingly developed a method of using her Spirit Slayer Magic that is the result of the myth known as Unison Raid, which is known to have had people waste their entire lives trying to achieve the power without success, thus giving the illusion that it is an incredibly difficult spell to master, being streamlined and modified for use for a single person, combining a seamless replicate of another magic's properties which are generated through thoughts and her immensely powerful Fire Spirit Slayer Magic as well as knowledge of physics, she can achieve feats such as changing water to steam, ice, and mist, allowing Marta to adapt to any situation at hand. Because of her immense mastery of magic, Marta can chain up to a maximum of ten spells together by applying her great mind and concentrating; focusing to her utmost limit—because of this connection, the special effects of the released spells are sprung into activation instantly after the spell before it, or at the exact same time as one another, allowing Marta to unleash attacks in swift succession and effortlessly overpower her opponents quickly, keeping them on their toes.

  • Neigh (いななき, Inanaki): Neigh is a very basic technique that shouldn't really be considered anything that requires any effort nor supernatural prowess in order to perform; it's a simple loud vocalization in which air is passed through the vocal folds with greater force than is used in regular or close-distance vocalization that's amplified by the user's Dragon Chords, resulting in the production of a powerful shockwave that radiates outwards, annihilating anything in its path. When "performing" Neigh, Marta focuses for a moment, before taking a deep breath as to prepare herself for what is about to commence - channeling the power of her draconic side, converting the majesty of a roaring dragon into her own power to turn said fantasy into a reality, air begins to pass through her vocal folds and lungs with greater force than is used in regular or close-distance vocalization, using the Dragon Cords (竜帯, Ryūtai), a dragon's equivalent of vocal cords which produce a louder and harsher sound while amplifying anything emitted from their mouth tremendously, enormously bolstering the sounds and vibrations produced by this simple action and using the resulting resonance to call forth a terrible power that's released outwards; no longer an intangible force that spews from her mouth that fulfills the purpose of filling anyone in the immediate vicinity with a sense of dread, the howl that emanates outwards has the volume of the voice increased by five hundred times in order to produce a higher-pitched, sharp sound in the form of a sonic boom, which is the sound associated with the shock waves created by an object traveling through the air faster than the speed of sound, generating enormous amounts of sound energy, sounding much like an explosion; in its tangible state, it results in a demonic sonic wave that destroys and tramples not only the body of any listener, but also their mind. The release of this attack results in a disturbance in atmospheric conditions, stirring up winds to transmogrify them into countless invisible blades of air pressure which happen so fast that they would normally be unable to properly react in time, carving up their body into mincemeat and devastating everything that the pressure released from Marta's mouth even so much as touches while vaporizing incoming projectiles and rending the landscape in twain - the entire process occurs in the span of a second, leaving any unfortunate opponent with very little time to take evasive action as innumerable howling gales are whipped up and slam into them at supersonic speeds.
  • Three Great Magics of Serpent Tail (不回蛇(サーペン・トテール)の三大魔法, Sāpento Tēru no Sandaimahō): The Serpent Tail Guild, very much like the Fairy Tail Guild, has a trifecta of highly powerful spells which are referred to as the Three Great Magics of Serpent Tail; this triad of spells are exclusive to the Serpent Tail Guild, which itself is the strongest Legal Guild in Serpens, having being formed exactly a century after the Dragon Civil War which was waged between humanity and dragonkind over supremacy and the right to rule the lands; an unofficial continuation of the Dragunity Knights, the warriors who were at one with dragonkind, the Serpent Tail Guild is regarded as one of the most powerful Guilds in existence - so naturally, the Three Great Magics of Serpent Tail would be a perfect representation of their overwhelming might, arcane skills, which, when invoked, bring down unimaginable power upon anyone and anything that the wielder deems to be a suitable target in accordance to the user's willpower. The Three Great Magics of Serpent Tail can be considered similar to the Three Great Fairy Magics, which are Fairy Law, Fairy Glitter, and Fairy Sphere, but aside from the barebones descriptions - gigantic wave, pillar of energy, and absolute defense - respectively, that's where any similarities end, though they share the distinction of being a symbol that represents the guild as a whole with said magics, with countless magicians, friend and foe alike, wary of their overwhelming strength; over the course of history, many had attempted to replicate such an incredible power, but to no avail, their activation sequences and mechanics being restricted knowledge that's kept to Marta herself; however, one thing is for certain - none of the Three Great Magics of Serpent Tail are derived from or associated with the likes of the Black Arts nor Ankhseram Black Magic, possessing no taboos as well as absolutely zero negative-side effects. Indeed, every attempt for a non-Serpent Tail magician to use these miraculous magics has been a complete and utter failure- many lives lost with little to no advancement in refining this incredible magic for general use- it was said that it would be completely impossible to perfectly duplicate this member of the Great Magics of a guild. While snooping around the remains of Tenrou Island, the Magnus Magus, Persephone Tray, came upon the grave of Mavis Vermillion, one of the founders of Fairy Tail and the first Guild Master. Taking note of several "hieroglyphs" inscribed around the grave, Persephone realized that these held the mechanics of the Three Great Fairy Magics- and while studying the ancient inscriptions upon the gravestone and dedicating many years to replicating the effect, Persephone was capable of creating her own version of Law, a spell which destroys everything the caster saw as an enemy- it had overwhelming power, but had many risks, which lacked the dangerous side-effects yet was slightly weaker. However, not stopping there, she also produced her own versions of Fairy Sphere and Fairy Glitter, each spell containing an number of modifications in order to prevent taboo breakage so that they could not really be called the Three Great Fairy Magics, but rather, entirely new spells which could mimic said magics; with her knowledge, she contacted Marta Rayhunton, and together, both ladies were capable of strengthening the Three Great Magics of Serpent Tail to grant them incomprehensible power. Normally, the Three Great Magics of Serpent Tail are exclusive to Marta as the Guild Master of the Serpent Tail Guild, but through the means of a tattoo that resembles Marta's Magic Seal which is known as the Great Serpent Crest (大蛇章, Orochishō), similar to how Fairy Glitter and Devil Slayer Magic is transmitted, Marta is able to transfix these tattoos upon any one of her subordinates, blessing those affected with just the right amount of magical power and the knowledge in order to unleash these overwhelmingly powerful spells.
    • Ouroboros (無限龍神の錬封焉塵(ウロボロス), Uroborosu lit. The Tempering, Sealing and Dusting of the Nothingness Restricting Dragon God): Ouroboros is an extremely powerful uncategorized spell that
    • Basilisk Benediction (皇蛇顎の滅烈餓(バシリスク・ベーネディクション), Bashirisuku Bēnedikushon lit. Emperor Snake Jaw's Ruinous Violent Hunger):
    • Ophidian Barricade (絶対防御の蛇神(オハイダイアン・バリケード), Ophaidian Barikēdo lit. Absolute Safeguard of the Serpent God):


Enchantment (魔法転移(エンチャーントメント), Enchāntomento lit. Magic Transference): Enchantment, also uncommonly referred as Alchemy (錬金術, Renkinjutsu), is a core skill of Magic which is practiced across all of Earth Land, and is described as the skill of "bestowing and affixing one's Magic" (自分の魔法お与えと移設, jibun no mahō o atae to isetsu) by manipulating the flow of matter using both science and sorcery through manipulating the composition and structure of molecules, which are an electrically neutral group of two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds that compose the entirety of existence, granting the user the ability to manipulate the molecules of all matter and energy.

In summation, it can be considered the core discipline of Magic that inevitably gave rise to Elemental Magic and associated classifications. Unlike regular magic, Enchantment can also be used for the purpose of altercation of matter toward scientifically practical ends, and to the extent, it allows the user to induce complete destruction or recreation of anything they so desire. While antiquated by modern day Mages who specialize in offshoots of the discipline, those who become capable of performing Enchantment on "all things" (万物, banbutsu) are touted as "High Enchanters" (高位付加術士(ハイ・エンチャンター), Hai Enchantā lit. High-Ranking Effect-Date Addition Art Warrior) and individuals of peerless skill within Magic.

Enchantment can be considered a type of magic all on its own akin to Black Arts- not only does it have countless branches, it has its own Magic Seal- this seal appears similar to a pentagram inside an actual Magic Seal, with eight points and symbols representing the eight directions of the world; while it's a magic by its lonesome, Enchantment also incorporates alchemic theory, which is a philosophical and protoscientific tradition that aimed to purify, mature, and perfect certain objects into its mechanics; hence it's less-used name of Alchemy (錬金術, Renkinjutsu). Effectively, Enchantment functions by the caster focusing the magical energies dwelling within their frame intently – unlike regular magics, where the caster then projects the arcane energies outwards and initiates the fusion of magical power and eternano which is ambient within the atmosphere, Enchantment results in the user to only release the influence that their magical energy would have by pulsing their energies forth, which are dramatically bolstered by the caster overlaying their Magical Aura upon their frame ever-so-slightly in order to serve as a vector, which is a quantity having direction as well as magnitude, especially as determining the position of one point in space relative to another; the Magical Aura modifying the vector values of the caster's released magical energies to enhance and reinforce the effects that these arcane energies would have in a manner that could be said to be akin to recreating the effects of a jet burst during the expulsion process – this causes the user's magical power to have properties beyond the normal release of magical power. As the magical energies surge outwards, anything that they wash over is instantly classified as something that the caster is capable of "enchanting" everything that the arcane force comes into contact with; "enchanting" being defined as affixing the energies upon the molecules, which are an electrically neutral group of two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds that compose all sorts of structures, allowing the caster to change the molecular structure of anything which is inorganic in accordance to their thoughts by changing the molecular bonds.

The results of this grant a user of Enchantment the ability to imbue their own energies within each and every aspect that's known to reside within Earth Land, allowing the wielder to change every atom that composes matter which the world is made up of into that of their own energy and from there, have their supernatural energies take upon the properties of other forms of matter, granting the user the ability to produce a variety of effects – doing so has the user's spells of all kinds accompanied by composition alteration; effectively altering how these particles would bond together in order to modify the properties of any object right down to their chemical composition. Indeed, when exerted to its fullest extent, this magic grants the wielder the ability to casually manipulate the present state of various landscapes, climates, and the very earth itself on a whim. But more than that, due to it's activation mechanics, Enchantment allows the wielder to manipulate the molecules of all matter and energy, whether it's superimposing their own energies upon the world, changing molecules, absorbing them, and many more, causing the magic to be almost superbly versatile, showing countless applications and it has a high adaption rate, as a skilled user can seemingly do anything if they put their mind to it. While the scope and range of what the area-of-effect of the magic has yet to be determined, it's known that with Enchantment, the wielder is capable of conjuring things entirely from thought alone just by manipulating and arranging the structure of the molecules which are saturated throughout the entire of existence.

Generally, Enchantment can be considered an extremely versatile magic which functions in a similar manner to that of the Lost Magic which is referred to as Arc of Embodiment, as it mainly runs off of the caster's thoughts, feelings, and more importantly, their imagination; as long as they can perceive something happening as an end result of enchanting something, it is within the scope of the caster's power, effectively resulting in an incredibly wide variety of effects; with Enchantment, a skilled user is capable of combining all sorts of materials, raw or not in order to forge something completely out of the ordinary or to reshape something which already exists, enabling the user to utilize nearly anything in the environment to supplement their abilities in battle and attack in countless manners on the fly. Since Enchantment is more or less powered by the caster's imagination, thoughts, and feelings instead of having a specific theme to the magic like other forms of Caster Magic, Holder Magic, also extending to the likes of Lost Magic, which would theoretically be superior to Enchantment. No, as Enchantment runs off of the process of "eject energy outwards > affect molecules > imagine an effect and it's done", Enchantment can be considered akin to reality warping, a supposedly almighty power that allows the user to create, change, destroy, and even alter the very fabric of reality through nothing but their thoughts. Going even further, as Enchantment seems to work off of the caster's mental commands, the power is able to mimic various magics of all classifications and induce effects upon the world similar to their corresponding magics without those arcane powers taking up a spot in their Magic Origin's capacity – since it's more "installing the thoughts of the caster into the world through molecular manipulation" than anything else, Enchantment possesses a near infinite potential in regards to its effects.

Not only does the caster possess the ability to manipulate any and every form of Elemental Magic through the Elemental Five command by converting molecules and magical energies into a desired element using a series of chemical reactions as a catalyst, with an example of this being superimposing their released magical energies over a certain area in the atmosphere in order to change the oxygen in the air into an enormous roaring orb of white-hot flame in an imitation of Fire Magic, with the smouldering sphere of fire burning anything that it comes into contact with, or having these flames spread over the target, they can imitate the kinds of magic which are based around items as well, such as using Enchanted Arms to imbue various properties into anything that could be classified as a weapon or protective gear – additionally, the caster can use Reaction Force in order to induce a variety of nuclear reactions in the molecules affected by the magic. With Enchantment, the caster is capable of speeding up molecules to the extent that they either catch fire or melt or speeding one's own molecules up, they possess the ability to cling to solid surfaces and move their body at will even without overt locomotive features, and clean toxic or contaminated molecules such as poisonous water and smog, and through invoking an imitation of Transformation, the caster can copy the molecules of another in order to transform into a copy of them. Of course, this dominance over molecules also allows them to slow down molecules to make something move in slow-motion in a similar manner to Slowing Magic, and stopping the molecules of something in motion so that it completely stops moving as per Time Magic. In terms of pure offensive force, a user of Enchantment is able to dissociate chemical bonds and tear apart the tethers of molecules which hold together anything that they come into contact with, causing protons and electronics to destabilize and disintegrate into oblivion as per advanced magics such as Crash.

Certain users of Enchantment are able to effectively manipulate matter with minimum bodily movement, such as by using only their head. Additionally, any form of matter generated through Enchantment is unable to be devoured by any user of Slayer Magic, as they would simply kill them instantly by overloading their Magic Origin. In a similar manner to the various forms of Dragon Slayer Magic, a highly skilled user of Enchantment is capable of affecting and tapping into the Ley lines (竜脈(レイ・ライン), Rei Rain lit. Dragon's Vein), a virtually untapped, raw source of magical power that has filtered through the depths of the earth for years on end- they are alignments between places of magical power; while normally, only Dragons and Dragon Slayers can tap into them to gain their powers; places where multiple lines intersect at nodes attracts magicians like moths to the flame; but in the case of Enchantment, a user of this fighting style is capable of drawing power from the source of magic resting beneath the earth at select locations while utilizing their own Magical Aura and Magic Origin as a sort-of conduit which enables the user to draw power from the Ley lines, absorbing energies which already exist within all matter; tapping into the so-called Dragon's Veins with their own magical energies and allowing them to manipulate the magical energies beneath the earth in any way that they wish. However, in order to actually utilize this power, the user must first understand the inherent structure of the properties about to be reproduced; including the flow and balance of magical energy within, before using their magical energy and thoughts in order to induce the transmutation of matter, whether it be magical or physical. Doing so massively increases the parameters and power of the next Enchantment, and not only this, stronger wielders of Enchantment, such as the the Scarlet Despair, are capable of affecting the terra firma of the world, allowing them to modify the landscape and climate, which is the weather/atmospheric conditions of an area as described over a long period of time in any way that they deem to be appropriate at the time in a similar manner to Terrain Effect Magic, manipulating natural phenomena within the area where the caster surged their magical energies to induce effects such as changing seasons.

Not only this, with Enchantment, the caster is able to transfix their magical energies within anything, including various objects and people – another example of this is the Irene Belserion using Enchantchange to inscribe her arcane might into a pair of swords, one white and one black, allowing Irene to induce an effect similar to the Black Arts known as Living Magic, enchanting the swords into human beings and giving them a lifelike appearance as well as their own personality settings, resulting in the blades of black white becoming Heine Lunasea and Juliet Sun respectively – doing so can be considered akin to the creation of a Familiar, and with assistance by separate sub-abilities of Enchantment, these familiars can take upon almost countless forms alongside a myriad of powers as long as the user has an item to enchant and give life; a variant of this is that the user of Enchantment is able to transform an inorganic or organic being into an animal by mimicking Animal Transformation through Enchantment, as seen when Irene transformed Hisui E. Fiore into a mouse. Going further, this also allows the user to enchant and thus reinforce their own body, granting them the ability of flight by making their body as light as feather, and it can also be used to increase their physical parameters as well as control their state of existence by vibrating their molecules at a high frequency, allowing the caster to become intangible while reinforcing themselves. This reinforcement effect can extend to anyone else that the user desires, enabling a user of Enchantment to enchant weapons, tools, and spells of their allies, allowing a user of this power to serve as a decent support fighter as the amplification effects that molecular manipulation bestows upon others are comparable to Sky Dragon Slayer Magic's status buffing powers in both function and scope, if not moreso. Additionally, Enchantment is capable of being utilized to separate magicians who have received a boost in power whether it by from themselves or by outside sources by inducing an effect similar to Anti-Link - Irene had offered to detach Fairy Heart from Mavis Vermillion, something the latter considered to be an impossibility, but learnt moments after that that it was no problem for someone of her caliber - theoretically, this could also separate a user of Dragon Slayer Magic from Dragon Force and much more.

A user is capable of utilizing Enchantment in order to replicate Healing Magic by transmitting the energies beneath the earth using Ley Line manipulation through the Magic Pathways of the human body to heal their targets of all sorts of ailments or just replenish their magical power and restore them from a fatigued state- it is said that just like with regular Healing Magic and Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, the magician with this magic can heal all sorts of injuries, even restoring people from a half-dead state and healing injuries which were caused by a dragon, whom are some of the strongest races on Earth Land. Of course, these healing properties are capable of being used on the user themselves, and can be projected onto a wide area. Like the original purpose for alchemy, a user of Enchantment can perform synthesis by gathering numerous materials to make all sorts of items, whether they be drinks, armour, and weapons for anyone- not only that, Item Synthesis allows a user of Enchantment to combine two or more items to make a new, much more potent one. Enchantment has been described as being relatively similar to Living Magic and Weakness in that all three magics revolve around the creation of objects forged from the user's own magical energy. In order to get the most out of Enchantment, a user of the magic is almost required to have keen eyesight and knowledge of the surroundings down to the molecules composing everything and what effects they have on each other, meaning that they need a near omniscient understanding of their surroundings at all times. Additionally the scope of the powers displays are hampered by the laws of conversation of mass and energy; a user can't create something greater from something smaller; they're limited to transmuting only things which already exist within this world. As mentioned frequently, as long as the caster can imagine it being doable, the sky is the limit, more or less, resulting in Enchantment being quite possibly one of the most variable magics around, if not the most versatile.

  • Combination Spell: Shesha Surge (二魔法の合・高速滑龍蛇咬(コンビネーション・スペル・シーシャ・サージ), Konbinēshon Superu: Shīsha Sāji lit. Fusion between Two Magics: High-Speed Sliding Dragon Snake Bite): Shesha Surge is, as the prefix would ever-so-subtly indicate, a Combination Spell, which is, well, a combination between two magics, not dissimilar to that of a Unison Raid; however, it is notably somewhat weaker than a Unison Raid thanks to the user being the only mage who unleashes the spell; the attack is also a forbidden Dragon Art, which were a Dragunity Knights' secret techniques that were hewn from the properties of a dragon that were bestowed upon them by their dragon partners and their natural mastery over the method of changing the supernatural energy known as magical power – but Shesha Surge is a Dragon Art that combines Enchantment and Dragon Slayer Magic in order to unleash chain-like snakes of various sizes and shapes which carry a variety of effects. In any case, when performing Combination Spell: Shesha Surge, the caster focuses intently, before pulsing their energies forth, which are dramatically bolstered by the caster overlaying their Magical Aura upon their frame ever-so-slightly in order to serve as a vector, which is a quantity having direction as well as magnitude, especially as determining the position of one point in space relative to another; the Magical Aura modifying the vector values of the caster's released magical energies to enhance and reinforce the effects that these arcane energies would have in a manner that could be said to be akin to recreating the effects of a jet burst during the expulsion process – this causes the user's magical power to have properties beyond the normal release of magical power. As the magical energies surge outwards, anything that they wash over is instantly classified as something that the caster is capable of "enchanting" everything that the arcane force comes into contact with; "enchanting" being defined as affixing the energies upon the molecules, but in the case of Combination Spell: Shesha Surge, the caster transfixes their arcane energies upon a medium-sized area, before they use the power of morphology modification into a draconic being ever-so-characteristic of Dragon Slayer Magic, utilizing Enchantment as to apply these constantly activated traits not to themselves, but rather, to install them into the area that their arcane energies have affected; from here, the caster uses Shape Transformation as to carve the forces that have been enchanted in accordance to their willpower in a manner not dissimilar to Molding Magic, fashioning these magical energies into the form of a draconic-looking snake head attached to a never-ending chain of pure energy. From here, similar to how Enchantment has the potential to perform any action, these snake heads are capable of being bestowed with almost unlimited properties through the caster's thoughts and feelings. However, more than this, the snakes that are manifested through Combination Spell: Shisha Surge act as pseudo-Familiars of a sort, being sustained by the caster's magical energy, with a certain degree of sentience that makes them separate from the caster themselves. Through Enchantment's infinite potential, the serpentine existences summoned by this spell normally possess properties that are similar to Sky Dragon Slayer Magic's 'buff' spells such as Troia, Vernier, Arms, Armor, Re-Raise, Deus Corona, and Deus Eques, plus all of their derivative spells and Healing Magic; directed towards the caster's friendly targets and/or themselves, the snakes biting an organic body produces a special phenomena where the infinite potential of Enchantment interacts with their Magic Origin, causing a swift distribution of the tremendous quantities of arcane power that compose these snakes, accelerating the output and flow of magic from the Magic Origin to the user's body in order to enhance all of their fortes, increasing the strength, speed, and potential that the target possesses by an enormous amount while completely refilling their Magic Origin as to prevent these energies from expending quickly and rejuvenating their wounds, overall increasing the power of the target by a staggering amount. In Hinduism, Shesha is the king of all nāgas and one of the primal beings of creation.
  • Gallia Sphyras (魔法転移・念動管飛翔器(ガリア・スーフイラス), Sphyras Garia Sūfairasu lit. Magic Transference – Psychokinesis-Controlled Soaring Weapon): Gallia Sphyras is an Enchantment spell of the Enchanted Telekinesis sub-ability; effectively, it enables the caster to control the movements of their weaponry independent of their physical input, thus allowing the user's equipment to rush about in the air and affect anything the caster wishes through their thoughts alone. In any case, when inducing Gallia Sphyras, the caster focuses intently, before pulsing their energies forth, which are dramatically bolstered by the caster overlaying their Magical Aura upon their frame ever-so-slightly in order to serve as a vector, which is a quantity having direction as well as magnitude, especially as determining the position of one point in space relative to another; the Magical Aura modifying the vector values of the caster's released magical energies to enhance and reinforce the effects that these arcane energies would have in a manner that could be said to be akin to recreating the effects of a jet burst during the expulsion process – this causes the user's magical power to have properties beyond the normal release of magical power. As the magical energies surge outwards, anything that they wash over is instantly classified as something that the caster is capable of "enchanting" everything that the arcane force comes into contact with; "enchanting" being defined as affixing the energies upon the molecules, but in the case of Gallia Sphyras, the caster transfixes their arcane energies upon their weapon, whether it be a sword, shield, spear, hammer, bow, or pistol – as long as it can be harnessed as a weapon, Gallia Sphyras is capable of affecting its molecular structure, altering its composition as to bring out the most aerodynamic and flight-friendly result available. Through application of Gallia Sphyras, Marta is capable of incorporating the idea of launching the weapon as a projectile into her masterful sōjutsu style in order to increase her already impressive range with her fearsome weapon tenfold. Normally, a spear would be too much of a heavy weapon to launch like a javelin, which is a spear designed to be thrown and be written off as a completely laughable notion – at least, it would be if it weren't Marta, whom possesses almost superhuman strength, doing the deed. Given the technical details of her weapon, this results in an effect which is quite similar to that of feathers attached to an arrow, providing Marta with the maximum potency for lobbing her weapon towards her opponents from a overhand position after building up speed over a considerable distance through running forward before releasing her weapon through a process that involves the transference of physical power and force from the ground through the body to the spear. Shooting through the atmosphere at a speed of one hundred and fifty kilometers per hour in a style not dissimilar to that of a speeding bullet fired from a handgun, the Dragonlance Ascalon turns into the relative wind, which originates from the ground at the weapon descends, thus the spear turns to face the ground. Passively, when Gallia Sphyras is active, Marta's lance is usually seen floating behind her and it will thrust forward as she punches and kicks before returning to its neutral position. She can also throw it so it lands, erect and upright, far away from her, and she can later make it fly back to her, twirling rapidly like a wheel so that it slashes at anyone in its way; Marta is able to enhance this property even further to the point that she can control her personalized spear through thoughts alone, sending it hurtling towards distant enemies in order to take them out if closing the distance proves to be too bothersome, smashing through any forms of defenses which were futilely put in place for the sole purpose of protecting the enemy from the incoming projectile referred to as the Dragonlance named "Ascalon" as her weapon rends them in twain, breaking past any attempts to stop the incoming slaughter and piercing straight through the enemy like an arrow.

Fire Spirit Slayer Magic

Fire Spirit Slayer Magic (火の滅霊魔法, Ka no Metsurei Mahō) is a Caster Magic, Lost Magic, obviously a Slayer Magic, and last, but not least, a Spirit Slayer Magic which is focused upon the transformation of the physiology of the caster's body into a spirit, an extremely powerful type of legendary creature that's classified non-corporeal substance contrasted with the material body; this includes those brought into the physical realm through the power of other magicians that can be categorized as belonging to the definition of Spirit Summoning Magic and are of an ethereal composition, but also encompasses a wide variety of terms, including ghosts and sprites, all attuned to this particular element, resulting in Fire Spirit Slayer Magic revolving around the generation, manipulation, and consumption/absorption of the element known as fire , which is the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products as well as heat itself, which is energy that spontaneously passes between a system and its surroundings in some way other than through work or the transfer of matter in addition to the flames of hell that appears as a place of after-death destruction of the wicked. Indeed, Fire Spirit Slayer Magic doesn't only manipulate anything that's classified as related to the fire and the flames, but it encompasses the "concept", which are a generalization or abstraction from experience or the result of a transformation of existing ideas, the concept being instantiated by all of its actual or potential instances, whether these are things in the real world or other ideas that's known as burning, allowing Fire Spirit Slayer Magic to transcend most, if not all other pyrokinetic-type magics, also encompassing the entire concept of "red".

In order to learn the power of Fire Spirit Slayer Magic in the first place, the beginning stages of obtaining its power takes place in a similar manner to a wielder of First Generation Dragon Slayer Magic; being taught by a spirit itself; of course, it doesn't matter what kind of spirit it is, as long as it can be classified as "an incorporeal body with an existence composed entirely out of energy" as per most forms of spirits. A willing user can learn Spirit Slayer Magic from almost any type of spirit, as long as the spirit in question has the methods in order to teach the magician; though "Spirit Kings"; leaders of a spirit race cannot teach a magician, as if they were to attempt to teach a human their magic, they would be unable to accept the force of their magic - however, some exceedingly rare exceptions exist to this. Once a hopeful wielder of this incredible power has decided what spirit to have them teach this magic, the caster must forge a contract with spirits of any type, even ghouls hailed as Summon Spirits which are located within the world of Earth Land —usually one per town. These beings are part of a set created by the 'higher spirits' for the sole purpose of keeping order within Earth Land. First, the foremost requirement is to locate a spirit. Finding one isn't a walk in the park, that's for sure- the user must be knowledgeable in its habitat, its favorite kind of food, and what it wishes to make out of the contract. From here, the spirit and the caster work out a suitable deal with the target commonly asking for their heart's desire and the user asking for something important to the target in return; but once the deal has been completed, the spirit expels their supernatural energies outwards, engulfing the target in their malefic supernatural powers which seep into the target's body, reaching their soul itself in a ritualistic process. From here, the spirit utilizes their mastery over the arcane and the supernatural particles that are strewn about through this world of whimsy and wonder, engulfing the hopeful wielder with their arcane energies as they seep inside of the target's body, with the spirit reaching inside the humanoid's soul, searching for that otherworldly organ referred to as a Magic Origin and from there, making a few changes here and there as to alter the process of how the Magic Origin functions and its properties, therefore transmogrifying their Magic Origin into a strange hybrid between that of a spirit's Magic Origin and a humanoid Magic Origin, possessing the traits of the former but the arcane storage capacity of the latter, effectively causing their body to be bestowed with the magical powers of a Spirit - otherwise known as Spirit Slayer Magic. Continuing with this process, this magical power acts alongside the energy of the body in order to catalyze a variety of bodily processes, therefore allowing the morphing of their physiology to a point where the individual has adopted some physical traits, a myriad of abilities also shared with their teacher, as well as the element from the said spirit, which can be conjured from the magician's body for countless purposes; upon teaching the magician their form of Spirit Slayer Magic, the spirit enters the caster's soul in a manner not dissimilar to the Dragon Soul Seal and engraves their powers within the wielder, constantly boosting Spirit Slayer Magic to a level akin to Primal Dragon Mode. As one may notice, Spirit Slayer's mechanics are extremely similar to that of any other Slayer Magic; however, there's more than meets the eye.

However, as well as what's detailed below, what sets Spirit Slayer Magic apart from other forms of Slayer Magic, including Dragon Slayer Magic, God Slayer Magic, Devil Slayer Magic, and Phoenix Slayer Magic is that the installment process of the user's spirit teacher's magical energies and subsequent change in their physiology results in an exceedingly beneficial mutation alongside the regular boosts in bodily properties a wielder of Slayer Magic receives during the learning process. Indeed, the Magic Origin of a Spirit Slayer becomes transmogrified into what can be semi-accurately described as a "pendulum", the caster's Magic Origin serving as the weight while their thoughts and feelings fulfilling the purpose of a pivot. Referred to as the Pendulum of Souls (振子の魂, Furiko no Damashī) once Spirit Slayer Magic has finally become integrated within the caster's existence, the user's Magic Origin, just like a pendulum when it's displaced sideways from its resting position is subject to a restoring force due to gravity that accelerates it back towards the resting position, seemingly bounds around the caster's body while dramatically enhancing their particle draw far beyond the likes of fellow Slayer Magics, swinging back and forth, this results in a greater output of magical energy at the wielder's beck and call, effectively enabling the wielder of Spirit Slayer Magic to manifest a multitude of high-level spells and power-ups at once. While this does result in the wielder of Spirit Slayer Magic having to charge their power up to enable this effect by invoking Trance, the ability to manifest countless varying-levelled spells and power-ups all at once still proves to be a powerful force in a battle, especially since this effect extends to other magics the caster possesses, and thus makes extremely powerful abilities such as Abyss Break and World Reconstruction Magic: Universe One far easier to pull off and can be unleashed in quick succession without any rest in-between their casting sequences, whereas even the most skilled of magicians would be exhausted from utilizing their power. Because their Magic Origin is swinging back and forth like a pendulum, as magic is fuelled by the thoughts and feelings of the wielder, the wielder of Spirit Slayer Magic is known to have their emotions affect their elemental power on a much greater level and scope than ordinary forms of Slayer Magic, continuously surpassing itself as the user fights and progresses in power, adapting and evolving through a wielder's emotions, gaining certain abilities and qualities as the caster becomes stronger. Tachyon Spirit Slayer Magic is said to bring the potency of this pendulum of souls to its utmost limit, surpassing all alternative versions of Spirit Slayer Magic easily as the speeds that the pendulum known as the caster's Magic Origin swings back and forth at utterly defy the laws of casualty, allowing for an even greater particle draw and output than normal Spirit Slayer Magics. As flame is one of the most common elements of all, Fire Spirit Slayer Magic seems to continuously absorb traces of oxygen and anything that could be considered to be able to produce fire in order to allow the caster a quicker casting time and boosted strength.


Marta Rayhunton utilizing her Fire Spirit Slayer Magic.

When inducing the activation process for Fire Spirit Slayer Magic and thereby performing the signature flame manipulation of the magic, the caster utilizes an activation sequence not dissimilar from fire-element Slayer Magics such as Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, Purgatory Dragon Slayer Magic, Fire God Slayer Magic, and of course, Fire Devil Slayer Magic, as they focus the voluminous quantity of arcane energies that dwell within the supernatural organ known as their Magic Origin intently, before using naught but a singular mental command in order to release these energies outwards into the immediate vicinity, from here inducing the usual fusion of eternano that's ambient within the atmosphere and said arcane energies while forcing a certain level of domination over these energies as they take the concept of magic equaling the feelings of the magician to the very next level – harnessing their willpower as a perfect catalyst, the wielder of Fire Spirit Slayer Magic, using their burning ambition and blazing blood that courses through their veins excites the movements of the eternano, thus increasing their thermal energy, which is the internal energy present in a system due to its temperature, and kinetic energy, which is effectively the energy that is possessed by any object while in motion and the necessary work that is required for anything at all with a given mass to move, to the point that the particles strewn about throughout the vicinity spontaneously ignite, thereby manifesting a noticeable quantity of flames that burn exuberantly, flickering wildly and continuously. Of course, no matter the activation method for Fire Spirit Slayer Magic, the end result is always the same in that it grants the caster the ability to manipulate, modify, consume, and generate from their body the element of fire, which is the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products in addition to heat and hellfire. Effectively, this grants the user of Fire Spirit Slayer Magic the ability to call upon the assets of a spirit even if their bodily structure isn't one-hundred-percent the same as the beings from which this magic originated, the caster is capable of inducing a metamorphosis of their body structure as to take upon traits of a spirit instantaneously which is done in conjunction with the activation sequence as mentioned above, bestowing upon the user of Fire Spirit Slayer Magic the lungs and enhanced vocal folds of a spirit that are capable of spewing heat waves to simulate the effects of prolonged periods of excessively hot weather as well as fireballs to blast the enemy, a corporal body and defenses which are naturally laced with high quantities of flame in order to withstand high temperatures that come about due to a variety of factors as well as protection against anything considered to have an affinity for flame, and last but not least, fierce limbs, whether prehensile or not which are enshrouded flame as to specifically attune them to dealing incredible amounts of damage, allowing them to melt through all kinds of alloys, whether they be manmade or natural with relative ease, overall incorporating the element of flame into their body – all of this combined, results in the wielder of Fire Spirit Slayer Magic transforming their entire existence into that of a make-shift weapon whose ownership is unique to them and them alone, wielding the element of flame that was harnessed by the spirit that taught them and passed down to them alongside the natural physical superiority of a spirit in combat, utilizing offensive ability, stamina, and vitality, to transmogrify themselves into the greatest weapon of all, thus dramatically increasing the damage inflicted upon anything that they come into contact with using the sheer force of their strikes in all ranges; however, as one may have suspected, like a majority of Slayer Magics, close-combat is where Spirit Slayer Magic usually shines thanks to the physical might of a spirit; as the magic massively bolsters the power of their unarmed blows with the user unleashing countless vicious strikes which are empowered with wakes of destructive heat and high-intensity flames which wreak havoc on anything and everything that they come into contact with through the transference of heat from one source to another as well as scorching anything they so much as glance past. More or less, as mentioned before, this grants the wielder of Fire Spirit Slayer Magic the ability to manipulate, modify, consume, and generate from their body flames to their fullest extent- they have absolute dominance over all forms of fire and everything related to and dwelling within it – but going onto the opening paragraph, this also includes heat and anything else, even if it is a small byproduct of flame, granting them dominance over the concept of "red".

Just as how the God Slayer Magic known as Flame God Slayer Magic manifests the blackened flames of the divine, when utilizing Fire Spirit Slayer Magic, the Spirit Slayer whom harnesses this incredible power is known to conjure spiritual flames – these blue-white flames are referred to as will-o'-the-wisp (燐火, Rinka), a form of atmospheric ghost light seen by travellers at night that resemble a flickering lamp and leave behind eerie tracks of light. While they normally pursue an enemy relentlessly with great speed, strength, and accuracy, upon contact with anything and everything the caster designates as a suitable target, the will-o'-the-wisps come "alive", so to speak, displaying the power that they are well-known and feared for – their ability to feed on the souls of anything classified as 'living' that they come into contact with, latching onto what the caster aims them at and inducing a life-drain-esque effect which enables them to absorb the energies and stamina of the target, causing further forms of combustion to intensify and increase the masses of blue-white ghostly flames, further enhancing this soul-sucking aspect of the flames made manifest through the power of Fire Spirit Slayer Magic. These flames are unable to be extinguished nor are they able to be taken control of by a secondary-source, including the likes of fellow Slayer Magics and Lost Magics such as Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, Flame God Slayer Magic, and many more; indeed they move and burn according to the will of the user. No matter the enemy of the wielder of Fire Spirit Slayer Magic, the will-o'-the-wisps disregard whether they're immortal, are divine in nature, or are a dragon and of course, if the adversary is a spirit – the soul-devouring flames will continue to burn upon contact with their opponent, extinguishing their life while nullifying any supplementary magics such as the buff spells of Sky Dragon Slayer Magic and Healing Magic, negating even negation-type magics like Nullification Magic as well to ensure that the enemy's life is forfeit, the will-o'-the-wisps becoming stronger with every soul that they burn up. The spiritual flames which are produced by the power of Fire Dragon Slayer Magic are said to be an embodiment of the power of flames in all religion, culture, and traditions – as flames have been an important part of all cultures and religions from pre-history to modern day and was vital to the development of civilization, due to Spirit Slayer Magic in general constantly tapping into the concept of symbolism, which is something indicating, signifying, and being understood as representing an idea, object, or relationship, what Fire Spirit Slayer Magic can and cannot do is more or less limited by the caster's sense of imagination, causing its utilization to resemble the likes of Memory-Make and Arc of Embodiment than anything more suitable to a form of Slayer Magic; ever since its discovery, fire has been creating miracles by paving the way for humanity to develop and destroying all that those whom wield the flames set it upon, thus granting the will-o'-the-wisps immense power.

As pyrolatria, the worship and deification of fire, has been a major part of various cultures ever since its discovery, just as how divine figures such as gods and angels receive power from the ones whom pray to them through their belief, Fire Spirit Slayer Magic displays a similar effect – the wielder of Fire Spirit Slayer Magic is able to acquire more power from spiritual flames by targeting opposing sources of flame, whether they be natural or manifested through supernatural manipulation and from there inserting their spiritual essence into the fires, transmogrifying them into spiritual fire to absorb, which dramatically augments the user's spiritual and physical attributes. The user's body and spiritual fortitude are heavily increased as a result of assimilating these flames, producing an aura which can protect the user as long as the connection to the spiritual flame source remains active. Because of these traits, the will-o'-the-wisps are said to derive their power from the prominence flames held in all of these acts and beliefs throughout the numerous eras of civilization, granting it immeasurable power when compared to other forms of pyrokinetic-type Magic and Curses – it's said that perhaps only the Primordial Flame of Gehenna Dragon Slayer Magic is able to properly match Fire Spirit Slayer Magic in terms of pyrokinesis. The will-o'-the-wisps are always shown to pack as much strength and potency as the wielder of Fire Spirit Slayer Magic requires, meaning that the stronger its target, the greater its power – ergo, the will-o'-the-wisps simply annihilate whatever the wielder of Fire Spirit Slayer Magic direct them at with the precise amount of force needed, no more, no less. Thus, the will-o'-the-wisps of Fire Spirit Slayer Magic will automatically defend the Spirit Slayer against any attack, then destroy the attacker, even if the caster is completely unaware of the attack. Since the will-o'-the-wisps of Fire Spirit Slayer Magic enable this particular form of Spirit Slayer Magic to perform any feat that has ever involved the element of fire, the caster is able to do almost anything, including cast spells that would normally be exclusive to other forms of pyrokinetic-type Magic and Curses, such as standard Fire Magic, Explosion Magic, Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, Flame God Slayer Magic, and on the opposite end, the Bomb Curse – this even includes feats that have been accomplished by the likes of gods and dragons with the element of fire. However, this infinite replication property of Fire Spirit Slayer Magic does have several limitations – for one, it's incapable of successfully mimicking Combination Spells and Unison Raids that involve fire, nor is it able to duplicate the effects of subspecies abilities which involve elemental-shifting such as Illegal Change: Multiscale and Switch: Spiritmorph, as well as the likes of Dual Element Dragon Modes, Dual-Element God Modes, Dual-Element Devil Modes, and Dual-Element Spirit Modes – flame by its lonesome and any natural extensions such as explosions, heat, light, and magma is perfectly fine, however.

Indeed, as one may have guessed from the name of this Slayer Magic, the purpose of Spirit Slayer Magic is to slay the existence referred to as spirits, and thus, the absolute greatest advantage that Spirit Slayer Magic has over the other Slayer Magics is that, unlike many other Slayer Magics, Fire Spirit Slayer Magic can be utilized to kill all sorts of spirits, whether they be "summon beasts" (召喚獣, Shōkanjū), such as Celestial Spirits and its accompanying magic, Elemenian Spirits, Virago Spirits, Shikigami and its accompanying magic, Different Dimension Demons manifested through Lemegeton Spirit Magic, Planetary Spirits, Familiars, embodiments of the four fundamental elements, spirits who dwell in the atmosphere, souls of the departed whether reanimated or not, sprites, and even some demons and countless others as the term "spirit" is known to encompass a wide variety of terms, only loosely categorized as "doesn't fit in other races but definitely isn't human, also ghost as fuck". Thus, the wielder of Fire Spirit Slayer Magic has their attack and defensive power massively boosted against everything that can be considered to belong to the race of spirits - indeed, as the term "spirit" is open to a vast amount of interpretation, in a manner similar to Devil Slayer Magic, Fire Spirit Slayer Magic could be considered a rare gem in that it can be categorized as an extremely rare and powerful type of subcategory of magic known as a Semantic-Type (意味型, Imi-gata), meaning that it is a supernatural power that can be defined solely by the caster's interpretation of what it governs over, all depending on their wording rather than anything logical—because of this, Spirit Slayer Magic can theoretically affect anything that constitutes a "spirit", allowing for a great deal of stretching of what it is capable of. In that manner, Fire Spirit Slayer Magic could be considered a power akin to that of Memory-Make or Arc of Embodiment, in all three heavily rely on the caster's imagination in order to bring out its full potential- while the former two are simply confined to using the power of creation to forge objects and attacks from the magician's thoughts to do battle, Fire Spirit Slayer Magic is only limited by the creativity of the caster, as mentioned before, anything that can be referred to as a "spirit" causes their maneuvers to power up; indeed, this simple concept can be applied to a near countless multitude of unconventional uses as to almost give a Spirit Slayer a distinct advantage in any situation.

With Fire Spirit Slayer Magic, the wielder of this power possesses an absolute dominance over anything considered to be produced by heat, flames, and any byproducts and everything related to and dwelling within it to the point of being able to controlling the fire-related magics of others with naught but the simplest of hand gestures, even utilizing heat in any manner they deem to be suitable in accordance to the situation at hand. Of course, just like all other iterations of Slayer Magic, Fire Spirit Slayer Magic has virtually unlimited customization options in regards to the flames which are formed through simple magical manipulation and reinforced through the power of a spirit – the colour of the fire is able to be altered freely, its properties which aren't limited to but include temperature, the smell that it emits, its taste, and overall "feel" is capable of being modified to the caster's liking for countless different effects and powers, more often than not being attuned to their own personality and ambitions; the type of damage that the fire inflicts upon anything that it comes into contact with is able to be changed at will – but even so, Fire Spirit Slayer Magic seems to have a "blunt" effect to each and every attack unleashed through its power, seemingly causing pulverizing damage alongside the user's burning ambition given a corporal form in their element; in turn, because of their status as the strongest type of pyrokinetic-type Slayer Magic around, the hellish flames of Fire Spirit Slayer Magic is known to completely ignore the basic weaknesses and limitations of ordinary flames and thus pyrokinetic-type Magic as well as Curses. Of course, as the highest form of elemental manipulation around, the caster is capable of harnessing their magic in any manner that they deem to be suitable, commonly changing between offensive, defensive, evasive, or supplementary potencies in accordance to the situation at hand; but generally, as long as the caster is able to imagine their element being used in a particular manner and it doesn't break the laws of physics or conflict with any established limitations, then the sky is the limit, more or less. This absorption ability additionally allows a user of Fire Spirit Slayer Magic to absorb heat, while removing it from the source, into their body and use it in various ways, gaining some form of advantage, either by enhancing themselves, gaining the drained power or using it as power source for a brief period of time, functioning in a similar manner to a "life drain" effect that turns potentially opposing sources of power into the caster's own. As a wielder of Fire Spirit Slayer Magic, the caster is known to be unaffected by extreme temperatures that would instantly freeze even another fire-elemental magician, and because of this, their bodily structure is known to be almost infinitely tougher than an ordinary magician.

Marta herself is one of the most powerful users of Spirit Slayer Magic to exist; as Brave Flame Dragon, Ddraig, she is recognized as a "relic of the Dragon Civil War", originally possessing her pyrokinetic-type Slayer Magic in the form of Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. As an antagonistic force towards humans in the war, Brave Flame Ddraig was rivals with Fire Dragon King, Bahamut (炎竜王・バハムート, Enryūō Bahamūto), whom was perhaps the strongest fire dragon on the side of humanity at that time and the equivalent to Igneel. Deciding that war was the best time to master the ins and outs of the Dragon Slayer Magic which harnessed the flames of the dragon, Ddraig quickly adapted to the situation and managed to slay around one hundred dragons before the end of the conflict – and from here, the dragon's power only grew and grew to the point that it could be quite possibly be considered one of the strongest users, if not the strongest user of a fire-elemental magic in Earth Land. Ddraig's dragonfire is known to act completely separately to regular flames, and pursue an enemy relentlessly with great speed, accuracy and strength; they are also hard to douse, as they continue burning even when struck with a large amount of water, burning straight through magics such as Water Dragon Slayer Magic that would normally be this magic's equal. Additionally, the flames are shown to completely negate the wind and earth-based weaknesses that ordinary fire-basic magics possess, serving as intense masses of pure heat that blaze straight through anything in their path without remorse. As she was reincarnated as Marta Rayhunton and learnt Fire Spirit Slayer Magic, the accumulated memories of her past life as the Brave Flame Dragon transferred over to her current state, thus tapping into an ingrained part of Spirit Slayer Magic that's something unlike any other form of Slayer Magic known as Slayer Imitation (霊性・滅法複製(スレイヤー・イミテーション), Sureiyā Imitēshon lit. Spirit Property: Slayer Magic Replication), allowing her to induce a peculiar style of mimicry, which is a similarity of one species to another that protects one or both in evolutionary biology, with the arcane patterns of Marta's Fire Spirit Slayer Magic evolving to share perceived characteristics with Ddraig's Fire Dragon Slayer Magic by copying the processes and mechanics of another form said Slayer Magic perfectly. So in a sense, Ddraig's Fire Dragon Slayer Magic evolved into Marta's Fire Spirit Slayer Magic, and thus it gained traits that are heavily associated with dragons, a legendary creature that's scaled or fire-spewing; with serpentine, reptilian and avian traits as well as Dragon Slayer Magic, with Fire Spirit Slayer Magic retaining all of Marta's spells as well as subspecies abilities and the ability to deal super-effective damage against dragonkind, with these properties being permanently active and accessible along the numerous other properties of Spirit Slayer Magic, giving this form of Spirit Slayer Magic a little extra oomph when compared to other forms of Spirit Slayer Magic – additionally, several spells normally exclusive to Dragon Slayer Magic such as Drive are integrated into the composition of Fire Spirit Slayer Magic, effectively making Marta stronger than she was when she was a member of dragonkind.

Typically, unlike most users of pyrokinetic-type Slayer Magic, Marta forgoes fighting at close-range, no holds barred – though she's certainly able to do so as her skill in armed and unarmed combat is anything to go by – instead, Marta prefers to fight at long-to-medium-ranges, channeling her spiritual flames into powerful ranged attacks such as scorching fireballs that far exceed the likes of the standard Fire Bullet and slightly more advanced Fire Dragon's Roar that she launches from her hands at incredible velocities, razing anything these smoldering spheres of flame come into contact with while in motion – these fireballs tend to expand continuously as they rip through the atmosphere, resulting in their area-of-effect constantly widening while dramatically reducing the chances for her opponent to evade these strong spells. Thus, given Marta's almost exclusive focus on mid-to-long-ranged combat with the exceptions of the basic spells of Fire Spirit Slayer Magic, even lacking essential spells that would normally transfer over from Fire Dragon Slayer Magic such as Fire Dragon's Wing Attack, Fire Dragon's Sword Horn, Fire Dragon's Flame Elbow, Fire Dragon's Crushing Fang, and Fire Dragon's Grip Strike as in the eyes of Marta Rayhunton, these are not deserving of separate spells, but maneuvers that any user of a pyrokinetic Slayer Magic worth their salt can do at any moment as part of Slayer Magic's ability to incorporate their element into their strikes, indicating that she is even greater than the Salamander in regards to her pyrokinetic abilities. Typically, with a few exceptions, Marta does not go to the trouble of naming her spells as recording too many spells within her Magic Origin can be exhausting, and any fire-elemental magician who knows what they're doing can conjure flames for almost unlimited purposes without a need for announcing their spells.

She is able to control the intensity of these fireballs as well as the form they take upon using a mixture of Shape Transformation and Flareshaper, transmogrifying them into bolts of flame and long-range surging rays of scorching fire, or simply releasing the fireballs as waves of heat that automatically cover a wide expanse, even encompassing every direction imaginable; indeed, with this simple utilization of her spiritual pyrokinesis, Marta is able to effortlessly down myriad opponents at once with just one spell. Of course, each and every emission of these spiritual flames is accompanied by great shockwaves of incredible concussive force that wreaks even more havoc as they rip through the immediate vicinity, ensuring that no force imaginable is capable of evading Marta's blasts for too long. Additionally, every movement with her Fire Spirit Slayer Magic, the simplest of her motions release and leave behind eerie tracks of blue-white flames that resemble light. From a single motion ten more are born, and as such, anything or anyone unfortunate enough to come into contact with the will-o'-the-wisp will be subjected to dozens of flaming strikes that can incinerate them in the blink of an eye. The spiritual flames associated with Fire Spirit Slayer Magic also provide an "absolute defense" against the likes of other pyrokinetic-type magics and those magics that are weak to flame, ensuring that Marta takes the minimum of damage when hit by those powers. However, her more powerful spells tend to have a slight delay in their activation when she is gathering overwhelming quantities of spiritual flames, and as such, she can be left vulnerable if the target is not regularly being kept off balance. Even so, all of her spells have a large radius and can affect nearby enemies if they happen to flock or when she is surrounded, even capable of hitting multiple enemies if they happen to be close by, regardless of height. Even so, in conjunction with the Flareshaper subspecies ability, the Shape Transformation Magic Skill, and her Smithing Magic, it's common to see Marta infuse her flames within her arms and legs as well as her weaponry and just charge the opponent head-on before utilizing her fighting style to become as immobile as a rock, striking back with flame-enhanced blows of all kinds that can easily overpower her enemy – more detail on her close-combat application of the magic is above in her hand-to-hand combat section.Overall, this makes Marta Rayhunton an incredibly skilled user of pyrokinesis, more than deserving of her title of "Lord of the Red".

Subspecies Abilities
Basic Spells
  • Phosphorus Fire Bullet (燐火弾, Rinkadan): Phosphorous Fire Bullet is a basic Fire Spirit Slayer Magic spell and the signature attack of Marta Rayhunton – it involves her unleashing an enormous, roaring quark-gluon plasma in the shape of a sphere of high-intensity flame towards her opponent that's laced with the eerie tracks of light associated with this form of Spirit Slayer Magic, causing a convergence upon contact with Marta's designated target. In any case, when performing Phosphorous Fire Bullet, Marta focuses the voluminous quantity of arcane energies that dwell within the supernatural organ known as her Magic Origin intently, before using naught but a singular mental command in order to release these energies outwards into the immediate vicinity, from here inducing the usual fusion of eternano that's ambient within the atmosphere and said arcane energies while forcing a certain level of domination over these energies as she takes the concept of magic equaling the feelings of the magician to the very next level – harnessing her willpower as a perfect catalyst, Marta uses her burning ambition and blazing blood that courses through her veins to excite the movements of the eternano, thus increasing their thermal energy, which is the internal energy present in a system due to its temperature, and kinetic energy, which is effectively the energy that is possessed by any object while in motion and the necessary work that is required for anything at all with a given mass to move, to the point that the particles strewn about throughout the vicinity spontaneously ignite, thereby manifesting a noticeable quantity of bluish-white flames that burn exuberantly, flickering wildly and continuously. At this point, Marta adds more magical energy into the equation, rapidly exciting the flames and energies - both supernatural and particle-wise - so that they experience an increase in density and multiply continuously, using Shape Transformation to spin the compressed flames and energies in numerous directions at once while increasing the output of their magical energy, before completing the final step, which is the merging of the previous two steps to contain the magical energy and eternano and shape it into an ever-expanding sphere that's classified as a quark-gluon plasma, a state of matter in quantum chromodynamics which is hypothesized to exist at extremely high temperature and/or density, thought to consist of asymptotically free quarks and gluons, which are several of the basic building blocks of matter; this orb of fire exists in front of them for the briefest of moments. Now that the activation sequence is complete, Marta launches Phosphorous Fire Bullet forward through mental commands alone, sending it towards her opponent with incredible speed and force. While in motion, the Phosphorous Fire Bullet continues to compress enormous quantities of thermal energy the sphere not dissimilar to the basic Fire Magic spell known as Fire Bullet which explode upon impact with anything she deems to be suitable. These scorching orbs of flame seek out Marta's target with dogged determination, snuffing out any chances of the incoming projectile being negated through sheer power through the vast temperature emitted by the ball while in motion, guaranteeing that the power of Phosphorous Fire Bullet will destroy at least one obstruction on Marta's path to a clean strike; indeed, this spell requires a fraction of a second to cross a distance of ten thousand kilometers, impacting near-instantly; Marta can immediately utilize Phosphorous Fire Bullet again after firing the attack and landing successfully just like Fire Spirit's Harangue. Trailing the motions of these scorching orbs of flame are eerie tracks of light – a manifestation of the spiritual flames associated with Fire Spirit Slayer Magic. Anything that comes into contact with these tracks are subjected to an incredible pressure that causes the atoms that compose their existence to be sliced into innumerable fragments, one moment of contact expanding into ten more – as these tracks of bluish-white coat the hyperexpansive sphere of flame, this effect also applies to direct contact with Phosphorous Fire Bullet, meaning that not only does the attack detonate in a contained release of energy upon contact with Marta's target by using a chain reaction to compress all the energy within the atmosphere before detonating it, the eerie tracks of ghostly light shred the opponent's body as they converge on Marta's opponents all at once, an effect that can expand to multiple adversaries at once if Phosphorous Fire Bullet continues to grow in size. Indeed, as Marta's signature spell, she prefers to utilize Phosphorous Fire Bullet over Fire Spirit's Harangue, as while both are similar in end result, she has absolute mastery over the former, leading her to discard the typical Spirit's Harangue of Spirit Slayer Magic and substitute this spell for it instead – given her unparalleled skill with pyrokinesis, she even takes this one step further, adapting any Additional Attacks and extensions normally associated with Fire Spirit's Harangue for Phosphorous Fire Bullet.
    • Additional Attack: Triple Azure Flame Souls (追加攻撃・三蒼炎魂, Tsuika Kōgeki: Sansōenkon): Additional Attack: Triple Azure Flame Souls is a basic Fire Dragon Slayer Magic spell, and as the prefix of "additional attack" would indicate, a variant of the basic Fire Spirit's Harangue spell; though Marta Rayhunton has adapted it as a variant of Phosphorous Fire Bullet - in contrast to the regular version where the spiritual yell is unleashed as a powerful straightforward fireball, Additional Attack: Triple Azure Flame Souls involves the wielder of Fire Spirit Slayer Magic launching a triad of spiraling azurite fireballs towards their opponent; more than triple the power of a regular Fire Spirit's Harangue spell.
Intermediate Spells
  • Phlogiston Burst (総力燃焼の霊炎(プロゲステロン・バースト), Purogesuteron Bāsuto lit. All-Out Combustion of the Spiritual Flames): Phlogiston Burst is an intermediate Fire Spirit Slayer Magic spell which taps into the symbolism aspects of Spirit Slayer Magic in order to make the superseded scientific theory known as the phlogiston theory, a theory that postulated that a fire-like element called phlogiston is contained within combustible bodies and released during combustion, a reality, enabling the wielder of Fire Spirit Slayer Magic to invoke high-powered combustion and subsequently rusting on anything they aim their spiritual fires at.
  • Aestus Terminus (天蓋の烈火・天ヲ刈ル焔(アエストゥス・ターミナルス), Aesutusu Tāminasu lit. Japanese for "Dome of Raging Flames: The Flame that Cuts through the Heavens, Latin for "Boundary of Flaring Heat"): TBA
  • BurningRedPer

    Burning Red, Marta's Manifesto-Type Trance.

    Trance: Burning Red (謎霊幽力演・炎煉我巨人保護者(トランス・バニング・レッド), Toransu: Baningu Reddo lit. Spiritual Awakening State: The Refined Flame Colossus Defender): Trance, formerly referred to as Geist Charge (開眼態(ガイスト・チャージ), Gaisuto Chāji lit. Spiritual Awakening State), is an uncategorized Spirit Slayer Magic spell that's an Magic-amplification technique and equivalent to Dragon Slayer Magic's Drive; Trance brings out the true power of their capabilities as a user of Spirit Slayer Magic, excluding the power boost granted by Spirit Force, yet, at the same time, seemingly enhancing the user's physical prowess to a rather extreme degree. Indeed, as there's only one generation of Spirit Slayer Magic so to speak, unlike its draconic equivalent, Drive, which is exclusive to Third-Generation Dragon Slayers, due to Spirit Slayer Magic being incompatible with Lacrima, the magic crystalline substance found on both Earth Land and Edolas which can be used to implant various forms of magic, Trance is known to be capable of being harnessed by any user of Spirit Slayer Magic as long as they possess the power necessary to induce its effects and the knowledge of how to do so. The iteration of Trance that comes automatically equipped within Fire Spirit Slayer Magic is known as Trance: Burning Red. When invoking the power of Trance: Burning Red, the caster focuses the voluminous quantity of arcane energies that dwell within the supernatural organ known as their Magic Origin intently, before using naught but a singular mental command in order to release these energies outwards into the immediate vicinity, from here inducing the usual fusion of eternano that's ambient within the atmosphere and said arcane energies while forcing a certain level of domination over these energies as they take the concept of magic equaling the feelings of the magician to the very next level – harnessing their willpower as a perfect catalyst, the wielder of Fire Spirit Slayer Magic, using their burning ambition and blazing blood that courses through their veins excites the movements of the eternano, thus increasing their thermal energy, which is the internal energy present in a system due to its temperature, and kinetic energy, which is effectively the energy that is possessed by any object while in motion and the necessary work that is required for anything at all with a given mass to move, to the point that the particles strewn about throughout the vicinity spontaneously ignite, thereby manifesting a noticeable quantity of flames that burn exuberantly, flickering wildly and continuously. From here, after obtaining enough magical power to transform, the wielder of Fire Spirit Slayer Magic focuses their magical power, establishing a connection with their spirit teacher, no matter the distance between the two and the dimensional differences before the wielder of Fire Spirit Slayer Magic summons the spirit whom taught them to the current dimension using their spiritual link. Once this is done, the user utilizes their spiritually-attuned Magic Origin as a medium for their spirit teacher – Burning Red is a Manifesto-Type (幽傀儡型(マニフェスト・タイプ), Manifesuto Taipu lit. Ghost Puppet Type); a Trance in the form of the user's elemental power that is manifested in a physical form that acts on its own; because of this, the user does not need to lift a finger to strike; their flaming energies will do it for them. While the Manifesto-Type resembles any sort of summoning magic, it's an extension of the user rather than a separate entity; the Manifesto-Type hovers around the Spirit Slayer in a similar manner to that of a wraith; hovering behind and above the user while usually being invisible to those unaware of them. The Manifesto-Type can attack in tandem with the user, bolstering their strength significantly while working as a medium to cast higher-powered spells. Burning Red is the first member of the Grimoire Five (五大現巨人保護者(グリモア・ファイブ), Gurimoa Faibu lit. Five Great Elemental Embodiment Colossus Defenders), which are, well, as the designation would indicate, Manifesto-Type Trances whom are an embodiment of the five fundamental elements of nature. They are known to manifest only in exceptionally powerful and determined individuals, with, as their sub-name would indicate, there only being five in existence- once a previous owner dies, their Trance will reincarnate in somebody else. The power of the group is unmatched by any other Trance type and even summon spirit, except for spirit king-class beings. They have the ability to consume their element to further enhance their own power; this can be from any source, such as Lost Magic and Slayer Magic. Burning Red takes upon the form of a large demonic humanoid which is, well, burning red. Its large arms also function as black claws, and its body glows with a bright yellow light which constantly seeps out from its gigantic body. Its feet are covered in a hardened, black crust of lava, and its head has two, black horns extending from the sides, along with glowing emerald eyes. Burning Red protects the user, like a guardian, sometimes using their powers without direct orders in order to protect the user, and by extension, themselves. As Burning Red is part of the user, damage is reflected between the two. In most circumstances, if the spirit's leg is sliced off, the user will lose their leg as well; essentially making it a larger target to a sufficiently stronger opponent. The further Burning Red is from its user, the weaker it becomes, with most only being capable of acting within three meters. As Burning Red is just an image created by the user's flames, the user is able to shrink them, mostly to enter the body of the opponent and attack its inside. Staying small, however, is very hard and is incredibly taxing on their magical energy. Burning Red copies the movements of the user to devastating effect, allowing it to deal out colossal amounts of damage; and in addition to its overwhelming strength, despite its enormous size, it is also deceptively fast, as it instantly copies all of the user's movements. Burning Red, as the name would ever so subtly indicate, has the ability to generate massive amounts of flame effortlessly; these flames are said to be a special type, referred to as the Cursed Fires (呪いの炎, Noroi no Honō), which suck away life energy; upon contact with normal beings, the flames suddenly become alive, so to speak, and latch onto them, sucking up their energy which allows the fire to intensify, draining the environment of life while burning it to ashes.
Trance Spells
Advanced Spells

Of course, like every other Slayer Magic, a Spirit Slayer has access to "finishing moves", the advanced spells of a Spirit Slayer are known as Spirit Slayer's Secret Arts (滅霊奥義, Metsurei Ōgi); which are generally much more powerful than basic techniques. All Spirit Slayer's Secret Arts boast overwhelming power, being dubbed the "ultimate spear" of a Spirit Slayer; however, they usually cost a large amount of magical energy to properly cast. However, in addition to these "finishing moves", when in any powered up state, a Spirit Slayer can harness Oversoul Arts (滅霊奥義・改(オーバーソウ・アート), Ōbasōru Āto lit. Spirit Slayer's Revised Secret Arts), which are further enhanced to the point that it is said that even the weakest spell can smash through anything unfortunate enough to be in its path.

  • Mars' Passion: Helltide Inferno (烈火霊・霊王烈炎柱陣(マルスズ・パッション・ヘルタイド・インフェルノ), Marusuzu Passhon: Herutaido Inferuno lit. Raging Flame Spirit: Spirit King's Conflagration Pillar Array): Mars' Passion: Helltide Inferno is an advanced Fire Spirit Slayer Magic spell which is one of the Spirit Slayer's Secret Arts, the strongest spells of a Spirit Slayer – in the case of Mars' Passion: Helltide Inferno, it involves the wielder of Fire Spirit Slayer Magic focuses the flames dwelling upon their hands before outlining a circle around anywhere they deem to be a target, trapping the enemy while exposing them to the heat generated by the fires swirling around the target.
  • Mars' Passion: Salamander Brave (烈火霊・凄霊割轟炎旋(マルスズ・パッション・サラマンダー・ブレイブ), Marusuzu Passhon: Saramandā Bureibu lit. Raging Flame Spirit: Threatening Spirit Cleaving Roaring Flame Rotation): TBA

Spirit Force

Dual-Element Spirit Mode

Smithing Magic

Smithing Magic (鍛冶の魔法 Kaji no Mahō) is a Caster Magic that allows the user to use their Magic Power and other materials in order to forge a sword and all other forms of weapons and armour befitting their own specifications in accordance to their imagination through the usage of eternano and magical energy as a fulcrum and hardening and forging it into any structure alloy-wise and form-wise, giving them almost unparalleled versatility in and out of combat with the secondary effect of being able to alter the traits of any weapon as they wish, effectively generating tools out of thin air to use at any time with an absolute dominance.

This magic is a rare art, and is passed from master to student, reserved within select training lineages only; as such, stray and/or rogue users of the art are difficult to come by. While other methods to create magical swords exist, Smithing Magic is by far the most efficient, and its blades have forced these other arts to fade into obscurity. Masters of this magic are given the moniker God of the Forge (鍛神 Tanshin). The creator of this magic, and the original God of the Forge, was a man who lived centuries ago, known only as Tōtōsai (刀々斎 Tōtōsai).

As everyone knows, Holder Magic is one of the four major classifications for the arcane powers that saturate this world referred to as Earth Land; unlike its sister classification, Caster Magic, which revolves around supernatural powers that are expelled from the user's body, Holder Magic is a power that originates from the external instead of the internal –Holder Magic requires the magician to use an external source to produce the magic, most commonly by using a medium commonly referred to as Magic Items as a catalyst for activation, and thereby fuelling their magical energies into said catalyst in order to invoke the activation sequence; however, in the case of specific catalysts, a user of Holder Magic can simply regard using their arcane energies as fuel as an afterthought; these include Edolas Items, which are magic items that originate from the parallel dimension known as The Land of No Magic and magic items that have been modified with Lacrima, which is a magic crystalline substance found in both Earth Land and Edolas. Because Holder Magic requires a potential wielder to lug around a Magic Item or two, or use Requip to store them in a subspace dimension to prevent the weight from hampering them, in which case it will require the Holder Magic user to take up two separate slots in their Magic Origin's twelve slot limit, Holder Magic is often seen as one of the least popular magic classifications around, with only a few being willing to use it and from there make good usage of it, as seen with the Titania and various wielders of Spirit Summoning Magic. However, unbeknownst to many, there exists a primeval form of Caster Magic that can be considered the stone from which every form of weaponry and armament-creation type magic was hewn – and yet, it's relatively easy to discover. Found within an assortment grimoires, books that contain knowledge on how to perform various forms of magic or simply learnt through intense study and an intimate understanding of Molding Magic, Smithing Magic works on a similar basis to that of the Lost Magic known as Arc of Embodiment or even Memory-Make, in that the user is capable of creating something from what can be perceived as nothing. Designed as a "jack of all trades" type of Caster Magic with attributes shared by Holder Magic, Smithing Magic was one of the very first Magics to come into existence at the "beginning of magic", and as such, it existed before the entire concept of "infusing a weapon with magical energy and using it for a variety of purposes" was branched out into a myriad of specializations – thus, it encompasses anything that could be categorized as a "weapon".

In any case, when utilizing Smithing Magic, the user focuses intently as they intensify the volatility of the magical energies that are dwelling within their Magic Origin as to excite them exponentially, unlike its distant relative, Molding Magic, a wielder of Smithing Magic does not need to assume a specific position, but instead, the user analyzes anything classified as a weapon within their view, granting them access to any and every statistic pertaining to it – this is limited solely by their eyes when studying the weapon, giving them full knowledge of the properties of a blade, exposing the statistics, such as type of steel used in its forging, if it has Lacrima infused within it, what magical ability it has, its strong points, its weak areas, and elemental affinities. This allows the user to literally learn everything about the sword, granting them an edge over the opponent wielding it – but more importantly, to create a perfect replica. From here, simply by understanding the inherent structure and properties of the tool about to created, which includes the flow and balance of energies within the object, they incorporate alchemic theory, which is a philosophical and protoscientific tradition that aimed to purify, mature, and perfect certain objects into its mechanics into the activation sequence while invoking the process of nuclear transmutation in alchemy by grabbing ahold of any object no matter its size or quality, such as a small pebble, from there using their magical energy and thoughts in order to induce the transmutation of physical matter and shaping said matter into the material composition and design of a weapon or object that immediately comes to mind, effectively creating a weapon out of thin air through magical power and a catalyst alone. The caster's Magic Origin, which is the "starting point" of the magical energies that are dwelling within their body functions as a metallurgical furnace used for smelting to produce industrial metals with the caster's power working in conjunction with the wielder's thoughts and feelings to instantly produce all of the raw materials such as an assortment of metals and motions that are required for the formation of these countless armaments, magical energies manifesting fuel, ores, and limestone to keep this furnace working, the caster's imagination producing oxygen-enriched hot air blasts to force a continuous series of chemical reactions while the materials move about accompanied by the processes of weaponsmithing using a forge, anvil, hammer, a variety of other smithing tools, symbolizing a steel-manufacturing factory, the caster's mental commands automatically shaping these armaments of various metals from the very moment that the wielder of Smithing Magic grabs ahold of something that could be used as a catalyst. Depending on the user's imagination and the amount of magical power used, Smithing Magic can be utilized to form almost any weaponry at all; a master is capable of conjuring anything from nothing.

Creating the weapons within their very existence, the moment the activation sequence is complete, a process not dissimilar to Summoning Magic is immediately invoked, conjuring said weapons over the catalyst after the process of transmutation is complete, essentially "evolving" the catalyst into the weapon. Because of the caster's Magic Origin, magical energies, eternano that's ambient within the atmosphere, and the catalyst encompassing all materials that are required for the formation of the weapons, and as long as the user can remember it, or has seen it, there is no limit to what weaponry can be manifested, the activation sequence for Smithing Magic taking place within a split second. The myriad of tools which are manifested through Smithing Magic can be almost anything, whether they be weapons, including close-range implements such as swords, shields and ranged-focused tools such as bows and arrows as well as cannons from their body for both close-range and long-range combat, and to cover their body with armour in order to dramatically increase their defensive power, at the same time greatly boosting their offense, or any other form of object that could be classified as a "tool", which means Smithing Magic has some strategic element to it in regards to espionage and the like, as the user is capable of creating exact replications of keys or scanners in order to access previously unavailable areas; these can even include more complex creations of any tier, with a user being capable of manifesting a normal steel sword and a God-Mower level sword such as Archenemy. Anything the user manifests using Smithing Magic can stay corporal for hours before vanishing, as a contrast to normal Molding Magic, which can only create single-use weapons of elemental energy. If used to replicate high-tier weapons, these copies are slightly inferior due to the fact that only so much information can be gathered by sight alone, and as such, the power of these imitations are slightly degraded when compared to the originals unless the user fuels more magical energy into their creation; however, Enchantment is capable of mitigating this weakness somewhat. Another thing to note is that upon manifesting a tool of any kind, the user will instinctively realize how to bring out its full potential. Additionally, a wielder of this incredible form of Caster Magic is able to record and analyze all weapons and defensive armaments encountered in order to reproduce them for their Smithing Magic at a later date, adaptability of the magic enabling an instant proficiency while inheriting all combat skills and techniques that were utilized by their original users.

Once Smithing Magic's smithing process has been finished, the second main ability of Smithing Magic comes into play – indeed, as mentioned above, Smithing Magic is considered a precursor to all sorts of weapon-based magic, such as Sword Magic, Guns Magic, Bow Magic/Arrow Magic, Chain Magic, or to put it more simply, anything that's classified as involving the usage of a tool infused with the wielder's magical energy in order to invoke a variety of effects. From the exact moment that the weapon of the user's desire has been brought from fantasy into reality, the various tools manifested, since they were forged using the caster's own magical energies as one of the many materials, there's generally no need to invoke the activation sequences of said magics when the wielder of Smithing Magic grabs the tool as they could be considered to have their activation sequences continuously complete and thus the user can simply take ahold of the tool and from there invoke the ability said armament possesses. Going onto what each weapon generated is capable of doing, in a manner not dissimilar to how Enchantment enables a caster to manipulate the particles of all matter and energy in order to invoke any effect that the Enchanter can imagine, a wielder of Smithing Magic is able to invoke the magic's true nature as a Semantic-Type (意味型, Imi-gata) just like Boundary Breaker, Devil Slayer Magic and Spirit Slayer Magic, meaning that it is a supernatural power that can be defined solely by the caster's interpretation of what it governs over, all depending on their wording rather than anything logical—because of this, Smithing Magic can theoretically affect anything that constitutes a "weapon", allowing for a great deal of stretching of what it is capable of, which, coupled with the infinite creation power, enables the user to bestow upon the tools forged with a wide possibility of effects that vary from item to item, ranging from the more mundane such as launching attacks that are derived from Elemental Magic, encompassing the four main elements and other more obscure elements, to special properties like a shield that reflects anything that lands upon it, a sword that expands and contracts near-infinitely, and many more. However, unless reinforced, exact replications have ability outputs that are slightly weaker than the originals – for example, a sword which could summon fire upon its blade would have its emission properties reduced from manifesting raging firestorms on a whim to simply setting the blade alight, while not weak per-se as it grants the sword the ability to still set things alight, the copy is forced to make contact, meanwhile, the original would just need to be pointed at the target.

A property that's damn near universal is the fact that once an implement manifested through the power of Smithing Magic transcends the realm of fantasy into the current plane of existence, a wielder is able to wield these tools in a manner that's not dissimilar to Telekinesis when it's harnessed in conjunction with various subspecies of weapon magic such as Sword Magic and Guns Magic or even controlling items like Time Space Magic – sending them flying through the air at astounding speeds that can rival the likes of a user of High Speed or Slowing Magic; in the heat of combat, it's not uncommon to see a user of Smithing Magic call out a myriad of tools to rain down upon anyone designated their opponent like a vicious hailstorm, annihilating anything in their path. Because Smithing Magic is the prototype to all weapons-based magic, the wielder of Smithing Magic is capable of utilizing the spells of other weapons-based magics no matter their tier simply by flawlessly replicating the activation sequence of these magics and modifying some aspects of it as to attune these spells to their own magic; for example, by forging a sword, Sword Magic is automatically enabled without taking up a spot in the user's Magic Origin, and it also enables Sword Beam and other blade-based spells. However, Smithing Magic is said to have quite a few weaknesses in order to balance the whole thing out – for one, it's known that close-combat weapons such as swords and spears can be created through the process of Smithing Magic effortlessly, though due to the intricate workings of existences such as guns, they are slightly more difficult; elongated wands such as Magic Staves and large weapons designed for decisive large-scale destruction a wave-motion cannon that fires an enormous blast of pure arcane energy which do not constitute a hand-held weapon or aren't of the same materials used to create weapons involved in Smithing Magic can be reproduced with a somewhat greater struggle, and since they are more often than not composed of something very different than metal, they are tremendously more difficult; as the cost of manifesting those is two or three times greater than something much simpler- for an example, while the user could normally project fourty swords, if attempting to summon staves, they would only manage to summon ten for the exact same cost. Another weakness is that only specific metals can be used in the designs for the tools the user can materialize utilizing Smithing Magic - for one, Soul Metal (and thus Soul Armours) and Orichalcum is impossible to manifest- as the former is made of materials that do not exist in the current world, and the latter is on a tier of its own- it would expend half of the user's magical capacity to make a weapon forged from Orichalcum. As they are created from magic power, creating many weapons causes the user to lose a considerable amount of energy. Quite notably, there is a combat form of Sword Magic similar to Smithing Magic wielded by one Jason LaHote — referred to as The Hundred One-Sword Style (百一刀流, Hyaku Ittōryū). Despite the similarities to Smithing Magic, The Hundred One-Sword Style is noted to be an inferior art as it merely replicates the existing blade of Jason into hundreds of copies, as opposed to creating an entirely unique blade or augmenting an existing one.

With Smithing Magic, Marta has reached an incredible level of skill to the point that she is able to create virtually anything with no discernable limitations on what she can and cannot do, possessing a dominance over forging that's beyond the wildest of imaginations – using her thoughts and feelings, she is able to bestow innumerable properties upon her creations, allowing for almost infinite possibilities to be spawned. By using passives the likes of Enchanted Arms and Enchantchange in conjunction with Smithing Magic as a semi-Combination Spell, this potency only increases. Not only this, all of Marta's weaponry are unique in that they've been fortified with the Smithing Magic spell known as Reinforce several times over – this ensures that they would be safe from damage even when coated with destructive-type magics, enabling her to utilize incredibly destructive energies in conjunction with her tools to achieve maximum power. Among other things, with Smithing Magic, Marta can, among other things, create perfect clones of anything that she's seen before, regardless of their power level, ranging from a standard magician to a member of the Ten Wizard Saints or the Spriggan Twelve alike. Through Enchantment, she is also able to make them even stronger by applying supplementary buffs to their Magic Origin, allowing her to make them faster or stronger through Vernier or Arms respectively. Indeed, with guidance from the Magnus Magus of Earth Land and her Incantamentum, Marta has created various Codes by reverse engineering several precious ores and a blank Code, as well as the "Three Sacred Treasures of Serpent Tail", a trio of unfathomably powerful weapons. Applying World Reconstruction Magic to her usage of Smithing Magic, Marta is even able to flawlessly replicate entire areas, with no real limitations to the scope of her powers. Theoretically, Marta would be capable of forging the greatest army of all time, but she instead prefers to craft and build for the enjoyment of it and places the priority of her fellow guildmembers over artificial beings.

  • Smithing (鍛冶 Kaji): The most basic spell utilized by a user of Smithing Magic, but also the most versatile, Smithing's effect is quite simple: weapon creation. Smithing is the basic application of Smithing Magic, the creation of a blade weapon. It is through this spell that the magic is refined, and weapons are forged, and other spells are devised for use.
    • Sword Summoner (嵐の剣 (ソード・サマナー), Sōdo Samanā lit. Storm of Blades): Sword Summoner is a special Smithing Magic spell that is mostly associated with mechanical beings, but regular humans can harness its power as well. When a regular human harnesses the power of the Sword Summoner, they generate their magical energy in front of them, before using Shape Transformation to shape the manifested magical energy into the form of a highly sharp blade; essentially using Smithing Magic to manifest multiple blades at once. Generally, the user manifests these blades in groups of ten or more—using Telekinesis to allow them to hover around the user in any formation that they wish. Upon a snap of the user's fingers, the seemingly infinite number of swords can be fired without pause. They move and take aim at the target according to the user's will, allowing the user to fire without having to even touch them; they are shot with enough force to repel a high-powered elemental spell. While it is possible to block many of the strikes, to do so can be seen as suicidal. When the user harnesses the power of Sword Summoner, it is not uncommon to see a flurry of swords materializing out of thin air and disappearing just as quickly, flying and attacking rapidly from many angles at once; overall overwhelming the foe; or at least, placing tremendous pressure upon them, forcing them to keep their defenses up lest they be struck by a sword—causing dozens of other blades to perforate them in a matter of moments. The blades can be brought together to form a circular ring that is spun to fire a powerful green laser that is capable of splitting into many smaller beams; which is powerful enough to slice through metal with ease, and are seen to take down two attacking aircraft by cutting them apart. The skill that the user displays when utilizing Sword Summoner blurs the line between the physical and the mystical, conjuring mighty dragons born of blades to descend upon their opponents, or erecting nigh impenetrable barriers of blades as strong as the greatest binding spells. Upon firing them, the user can allow them to pierce the ground after striking the target, causing a large amount of destruction with each weapon, or they can instantly resummon them back to their vicinity.
      • Reinforce (相増強(リインフォース), Rīnfōsu lit. Aspect Augmentation): Reinforce is a Smithing Magic spell that enables the user to push an selected item to its utmost limits, surpassing all limitations in order to quadruple its effectiveness. When performing Reinforce, the user gathers and condenses their magical energy upon an object of their choosing, using them to stabilize the coordinates and structure of the eternano and magical energy, as well as the atoms of an affected item, within a narrow area, with the energies filling the openings of the inner structure, resulting in the item receiving a massive boost in its parameters all across the board; effectively, Reinforce allows the user to add something to an object that is already complete, making what is already seen as good great, in other words, the spell 'reinforces' the potential of the item of the user's choice. This spell can works on almost everything- it is capable of augmenting the sharpness of a blade, which could enable the weapon to slice through any magical barrier like a hot knife through butter, and enhance the defensive capabilities of shields and armour, allowing a wearer to shrug off high-tier magical spells and harsh physical blows as if they were simply a cool breeze. It can also be harnessed on other things, such as reinforcing the stability of a building or increasing the tastiness of a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich. Interestingly, Reinforce has almost infinite uses- to create a weapon, all the user needs to do is apply the spell on anything from a paper poster to a an actual weapon, and they'll get stronger. If the user wants to bolster their speed or strength, they can reinforce their legs and muscles/hands respectively. To give the user sniper sight, all they have to do is reinforce their eyes, granting them the ability to see as far as ten kilometers away. In the case of a living being, Reinforce would function similarly to the buffing spells of Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, boosting their physical capabilities- however, as living things will resist invasion of the user's magical energy, reinforcing someone else can be taxing on the user's magical energy. By the very nature of Smithing Magic, by using Reinforce, the caster is capable of altering the composition of an already-created weapon into another type of the weapon summoned, such as changing a lance that changes the size of anything it comes into contact with into halberds, a guandao, bardiches, or even more esoteric forms such as a scythe. However, for all its power bestowed upon the user by harnessing its might, Reinforce is known to have quite a few limitations which prevent it from being overly "broken" in a video game term; for one, when harnessing Reinforce, the user cannot add more to something; for example, the spell cannot enhance the impact of a bomb by adding another bomb alongside it- but rather, it would increase the area-of-effect of the explosion magically; everything reinforced simply has the potential of an object quadrupled, but nothing physical is added.



  • Marta is the very first Guild Master that the author has ever created.
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