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Mary Kelly.jpg
Mary Jane Kelly



Merii Jein Kerii




Human (Alstroemerian)


Female.png Female



Hair Color


Eye Color



2.0m (6'5"ft)

Guild Mark Location

Right Shoulder

Professional Status

Highrise emblem.png Highrise

Previous Affiliation



Guild Master

Previous Occupation
Previous Partner(s)
Previous Team

Team Highrise

Base of Operations

Fiore, Ishgar

Personal Status

Theia Jane Kelly (Great-Grandmother; deceased)
Unnamed parents
Alice Jane Kelly (Younger Sister; deceased)

Powers & Equipment
  • Sword Magic (剣の魔法 Ken no Mahō?)
  • Requip (換装 Kansō?)
  • Divine Providence (光の摂理 Hikari no Setsuri?, Lit. "Light's Providence" or "Providence of Light")

Sakegari Longsword (酒刈太刀 Sakegari no Tachi?, lit. "Sake Cutter Longsword")

Mary Jane Kelly (メリー・ジェイン・ケリー Merii Jein Kerii?), a Alstroemerian human female, is the Guild Master of the Highrise guild, former S-class mage from the Misericordia guild. She's considered to been one of the best swordswoman in Misericordia up to the ensuring battle against an dark guild, decimating the guild itself. One of the only survivors and with the death of her sister, Kelly traveled alone where she encoutnered Le Fay Highrise and Hyōsetsu Hakiba. Together, they traveled as an mercenary group known as Team Highrise before settling for a guild, named after Ley fay's family name, the Highrise guild.



Early Life

Mary Jane was born in the town of Alstroemeria and is a pure-blooded Alstroemerian with two unnamed parents who died 5 years after her birth. She was the growing childhood friend of Samuel Colt who attended the same academic school and both joined the guild Misericordia who rose to become a prominent member. During Samue's enslavement to the Tower of Heaven, she was promoted to the rank of S-Class and became one of Misericordia's most infamous and strongest members.

Orc Tribe

Mary Jane at some point decided to leave Fiore and ended in the distant continent of Eurasia where she began to travel across its lands. She eventually reached a Orc tribe being attacked by armoured individuals as one of them mercilessly killed a orc new-born. Fuelled with hatred for attacking a defenceless new-born, she went straight into the fray and unsheathed the Sakegari Longsword and cut down 10 armoured knights in breadth. The orc took notice of her but considered her a ally due to defending soon after blocking a strike against two orc children who lost their parents. In a single second, she sliced down the knight she blocked and the rest began to pull back. White Out walked forward to her as the armoured knights slowly stepped back in fear, her bloodlust and rage being felt just by the intense glare she's giving out. Eventually 3 began to assault her as they sprinted at her only to had their heads fall off and this in turn made the others flee in fear. However she believes them escaping will only cause issue and began to use a spell from her World Disaster class and imploded every single armoured knight, killing them instantly.

After the battle, the orc tribe invited her to the funeral service to the fallen and prayed for their rest in piece. After the funeral service, a orc medic tended to her wounds she obtained by unknown means as she began to speak to the Orc chieftain, who was thankful on her as a saving grace and asked for her name. Thinking White Out might be too weird, she decided to take on the name as Mary Jane Kelly and asked the orcs to refer to her as Mary. The chieftain informed her that a small group of humans from the pro-human faction of Athens and had been seen attacking demihuman societies due to not being human and has been more relentless in their attacks. She smiled as she said she'll happily stay with them to provide protection if she can stay, have a warm bed and allow her to teach orc fighters on how to more properly prepare themselves in another assault. The chief agreed and happily welcomed her to the tribe.

In the next day, Mary then began to do her research to gain a better understanding on her situation where she asked for the chieftain to explain where she is and what were the attackers exactly. She was told by the chieftain that she's currently in the Wild Highlands where they're located near to the an headquarters of the pro-human faction situated inside a ancient fortress. The chieftain showed her the map of the area, consisting of the kingdom of Athens, the kingdom of Hyland and finally to north is the kingdom of Camelot. She asked the chieftain if any of the kingdoms could help but it was said each of the three kingdoms were dealing with infighting among their councils and potential betrayals. She soon said she'll deal with the pro-human faction but needs time to form a strategy before going i. During the first week she decided to train the Orc warriors and others who are willing to learn further combat advances and began to become their combat instructor.

On the day she began to depart to confront the pro-human faction, Mary was confronted by the many orc she trained who offered their assistence to deal with the threat. At first she said they'll only get hurt but was moved when they want to protect their homes and love cares and changed her mind, allowing them to come.

Mary Jane believed it was further then it appeared on the map but it was way closer then she ever thought, having arrived to fortress in less then a day, thus is the reason why the attacks are frequent due to being closer. As she approached the fortress, a man soon emerged to confront her and introduced himself as Ian, the leader of the pro-human faction. Ian mentioned that he used Reconnaissance Magic to spy on small teams and found Mary effortlessly killing his armoured knights, and defending the Orcs from death. Mary stated she was doing any individual with a heart would do, saving those whose lives ended being something a human should do. However Ian does not share her sentiment as mages emerged behind him with a whole battalion of armed knights. Ian soon told Mary that she's a disgusting woman for even helping the orcs and that she must be killed so the purity of human can live. Soon after the mages summoned the esteemed Guardians, shocking Mary that they have individuals contracted with them.

What soon lead after is now known as the "Battle of the Eastern Wild Highland" where the pro-human faction attacked Mary Jane and her orc allies with their Guardians with one of them flew directly at her. However what surprised Ian was the fact Mary unsheathed the Sakegari Longsword and had instantly defeated the Guardian as it vanished. Mary noted that the faction was using summons no matter what will always have the power equal to their summoner, like Celestial Spirits. Soon after Ian commanded everything to attack her and her orcs, resulting in more Guardians being summoned again whenever another is defeated. She realized evading the Guardian's incoming attacks and destroying them is wasting energy, as they'll just be re-summoned by the summoners. To stop that, she decided to target them as she dashed forward. Armoured knights went to attack her only to be cut down easily and two of the six summoners being killed, and the third was kicked in their private before she sliced at their neck. She then leaped as two Knight Guardians manifested and used their blades to take a swing at her, including using the Longsword to block a incoming strike from one of the two Knight Guardians as she landed.

Ian was astounded by Mary Jane's physical prowess and her power to block the power of the Knight Guardians, but he noted that he has lost time to deal with her as he was summoned elsewhere. Ian then went to leave and told those around him to now take it seriously and kill her as he was teleported away. The battle recommenced when the faction's mages manifested more Guardians and the armoured knights going in to engage with the orcs. She quickly parried any attacks which resulted in the attacker's deaths. Getting sick of constantly parrying, she then told the Scripture to prepare for a blood bath as she stated began to chant and a light aura began to manifest around her. The orcs sees this and instantly retreated fearing on what shall happen if they stay. However the human faction scoffed at her and they went in to strike as one of the orcs told her to evade. As soon one of the humans got in close, he froze as enormous magic circle appeared on the ground and the magic Divine Providence was casted as an beam of brilliant holy light shined into the heavens, the spell called Special Providence and had defeated all of the faction mages as they became dust. The orcs cheered as Mary fell on one knee, tired. She was then picked up by a orc and taken before their tribe.

The pro-human faction was defeated and a celebration was in order as they prepared a feast. Mary Jane is seen drinking and eating with them as the chieftain thanked her for her efforts. While she said anyone with a heart would do it, she also said the fortress is now open for anyone to take and suggested for the orcs to take it, build a place for all demihuman races to co-exist. The chieftain found the idea enticing and said he'll do it. Mary also said she'll help and was now considered a true member of the tribe.

The Fortress



Mary Jane Kelly is a tall human female standing at 2 meters (6'5"ft) in height, known for her beauty with clean snow white hair that is swept to her left and golden eyes where her pupils are slits like a snake or reptile. She has a lean figure and a large chest where her skin is light complexion. Mary Jane is known for wearing colours of black and white, consisting of a long white coat with the left sleeve going to her elbows where her left forearm is covered in cloth while her right sleeve covers her entire arm, the coat extends down towards her legs with balck trimming along the edges of the fabric, with a red cloth belt-like garment that holds her sword. In the side of the coat is yellow where she wears a yellow panties made for public use. She also wears a black cloak held by a strap where there's a symbol on the left side, as well wearing a choker with a necklace. She wears leg-height black socks that exposes her upper thighs and white shoes.

Magic & Abilities

Sword Magic (剣の魔法 Ken no Mahō?): Mary Jane is an experienced user of Sword Magic and possess unique spells only being usable by the Sakegari Longsword due to their origins but can use the magic on most other swords she may come across. In most retrospects, she only uses more basic and well rounded spells before utilizing her special spells if she feels the threat requires it.

Requip (換装 Kansō?): Mary Jane can use Requip to manifest other swords or items.

Divine Providence (光の摂理 Hikari no Setsuri?, Lit. "Light's Providence" or "Providence of Light"): Mary Jane's most powerful form of Magic, a form of Holy Magic and category of Divine that allows her to cast two spells that projects an divine light that can vanquish evil and darkness with ease. Le Fay noted her strength in this magic would compare her to that of the Ten Wizards Saints.

  • General Providence (一般的な摂理 Ippantekina Setsuri?) is the generalization of the magic that follows something similar to the Bomb Curse, where the caster performs and light appears on the target, before erupting with divine light capable of obliteration to weak targets. This spell is considered the highest pinnacle of Light Magic spells and one of Mary Jane's most strongest spell, only surpassed by Special Providence.
  • Special Providence (特別なプロビデンス Tokubetsuna Purobidensu?) is something that is inherently unique to itself and others, a true Divine-based spell. It's outclasses even General Providence and even said to surpass the might of Fairy Law. Special Providence is the spell where the light rains down from the sky onto the target, with the intention dependent on the caster. According to Mary Jane, this spell relies on the intention of the caster and can kill anyone she deems as a threat or near-fatal wounding people regardless of their moral alignment.

Trivia & Notes