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Maryse Greenwood is a Mage of Fairy Tail wherein she is a member of Team Bella and a part time member of Team Natsu.


Maryse has long, silky blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. She is slim, but this gives her the advantage of agility. The green Fairy Tail guild symbol is located on her left upper arm.

Maryse doesn't typically wear the same type of clothing, but normally on a mission, she wears a light green shirt with a design of a miniature tree on the upper chest. She also wears a dark green skirt with brown boots.


Maryse has an amiable and enthusiastic personality. She is the life of the party. Maryse can also be brisk and business like as a nurse when she is healing. She is a very likeable and trusting person. While normally being a support wizard, when she must, she uses her attacking spells. For this, she is known as the Rose Thorn.

Magic and Abilities

Green Magic: Maryse is a Green Mage. She can grow trees and vines to attack the enemy. She is able to encase the enemy in a tree trunk or restrain the enemy with strong vines. She can grow plants ten times faster.

  • Wave of Nature: Maryse thrusts out one arm and long and strong vines come from the ground behind her. She can direct their attack any way she chooses.

Healing Magic: Maryse practices the Lost Healing Magic. She can heal most wounds, even some mortal ones, but there are wounds she can't heal, and healing magic from Sky Dragon Slaying Magic still is more powerful healing magic than Maryse's own.

  • Recharge: A spell that Maryse can use to restore magic power to one person. The magic power restored will be equivalent to her own, and Maryse cannot use it to restore her own magic power.
  • Genesis: Maryse's spell that can heal wounds. It is shown not to be able to heal every wound, notably poison from Cobra, the Poison Dragon Slayer, and the life threatening magic wound on a dying Jedediah Backburn.


Maryse joined Fairy Tail at a young age, where she would make plants grow and heal wounds. Over the years Maryse became the healer of Team Bella. She is seen hanging around with Sandra and the twins.


  • Maryse was named after a character from the Mortal Instruments character, like Jace, Sebastian, and Ella Dispel.
  • If Maryse had a voice actor, it would have been Kate Higgins
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