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"Aw man! This is gonna be fun!"
— Matthew before engaging an opponent in battle

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Matthew Drakon



Mashū· doragon


Embodiment of Heaven and Hellfire




Male Male


25 (X805)




177 lbs


June 22

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Professional Status

Dragon Gunfire

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Drakon Manor
Magic Council
Rune Knights

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Dark Mage Disposal Squad
Team Dragon Gunfire


Victor Crassus

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Jason Gaebolg

Base of Operations

Era (Former)

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Unnamed Father


Purgatory Dragon Slayer Magic
Dragon Rage
Phoenix Magic
Holy Elemental Magic
Unison Raid


Adamantine Daggers

Matthew Drakon is a former member of the Dark Mage Disposal Squad, in which he is the strongest member there, under their leader Odin. In preparation for the upcoming war against the Bellona Alliance, Odin was promoted to General of the Rune Knights. In turn, Matthew was promoted to Captain of the Dark Mage Disposal Squad. He later forfeited the position, however, in favor of joining Dragon Gunfire, a guild he had grown a close bond with. He then formed a great rivalry and friendship with fellow Dragon Gunfire Mage, Victor Crassus.


Matthew has bright green eyes, and long, messy, crimson hair.  He is also light skinned.  He wears a black and dark red military uniform with golds buttons on its popped collar.  The suit also has shoulder pads and gold lines around the black parts of his uniform.  He also wears black pants.  When on missions as a Rune Knight, his attire would switch to the standard armor of someone in his profession, possessing a single blue line pattern on his armor, signalizing his membership as one of the Dark Mage Disposal Squad. He has since forfeited the armor when he joined Dragon Gunfire.


Matthew is very optimistic.  He believes in the philosophy that everything happens for a reason, and that people should always look for the good in their life.  Like most other Dragon Slayers, of any generation, Matthew enjoys combat. While possessing a strong drive to win, he'll throw in the towel in he knows he can't achieve victory. But, this doesn't mean he won't stop fighting for the sake of his friends. In more friendly scuffles, Matthew will often refer to his fights as "fun", evident by him laughing a joking with whoever his opponent may be. He'll even joke around with Jason Gaebolg, someone known to have virtually no sense of humor. But when push comes to shove, Matthew can put on a serious face, and take on the danger without any reserves or hesitations. However he is also prone to rage.  His rage usually stems from someone hurting or insulting, someone or something close to him, or by insulting his philosophies.  If pushed, this can draw out the Cursed Flames, but only when Matthew has entered his Dragon Rage state. Other than that he is genuinely kind and good natured, taking good care of his friends in the Dark Mage Disposal Squad, and later Dragon Gunfire. He also is a very big fan of Dragon Slayers, and "fanboys" around them (even though he's a Second Generation Dragon Slayer himself). His love for Dragon Slayers is actually why he had a lacrima implanted into himself to begin with. He initially attempted to copy the moves of other Dragon Slayers, but soon discovered his own path, which he follows to this day. In his later years (not much later though), he demonstrates mild overconfidence when in battle, using his Phoenix Magic to make himself seemingly untouchable. He often plays around with opponents that are weaker than himself, trapping them in his Holy Sphere and joking about them running out of air. While not sadistic, he is in fact very playful, highlighted by his attitude both in and out of combat. When fighting strong opponents, Matthew can sometimes get carried away, as he had when fighting Nina Kariyasaki. He became so excited that he unleashed his most powerful spell, the Fields of Punishment, which was so strong that he could've potentially brutally injured or killed his opponent, while also endangering bystanders. He is often chastised for this behavior by his guild mates. Like all Dragon Slayers, Matthew also has a terrible case of motion sickness. As a matter of fact, Matthew's the only Dragon Slayer to have actually been seen vomiting from his motion sickness, as he did from the constantly shifting gravity of the fourth trial in the X805 Grand Magic Game's fourth trial during the preliminary event.


As a young boy, Matthew was the son of a rich businessman.  He envied the power of Dragon Slayers, especially Natsu Dragneel and greatly wanted to have their powers.  Eventually his father acquired a Flame Dragon Slayer lacrima for him, which he implanted into his son so he could achieve his dream.

Matthew was eventually the last of the new recruits to join up with Odin.  Odin had asked his father if he could train his son, who had answered by saying that he could go if he wanted to.  In comparison to the other members of the Dark Mage Disposal Squad, Matthew joined Odin fairly quickly, with him only asking for a quick sparing match so Odin could gauge his power.


Dragon Gunfire's Promotional Trial: A Battle of Strength and Wit

Toxic Inferno: The Plague's Arrival

Grand Magic Games X805

Magic and Abilities

Purgatory Dragon Slayer Magic: Matthew is a Second Generation Dragon Slayer.  This magic allows him to increase his power and heal injuries by eating external sources of fire. His flames are also colored blue as opposed to red, and are more potent than normal flames, even in comparison to other Fire Dragon Slayers. He can use them to melt through the likes of Dragon Slayer steel, and even Adamantine. From just the mere passive exertion of his flames, Matthew can evaporate water from his body, and prevent it from touching him in a rain storm. The heat is so intense, that even his own sweat instantly vaporizes upon exiting his body, making it appear as though mist is coming directly off of his body. When used properly, Matthew can even burn incoming spells, weakening them, and allowing Matthew to overpower incoming attacks with his own. This magic is known to give people scars so damaging that the tissue can never fully recover. These are known as the "Marks of Hell". Matthew generally only leaves these scars on Dark Mages, or those who Matthew has no respect for. This magic can be used to fire off scathing blasts of fire, generate powerful explosions, or propel his body like a rocket by shooting fire from his feet or elbows (he can still generate fire from any part of his body). Essentially anything a standard Fire Dragon Slayer can do, a Matthew can do better. When activating his Dragon Slayer Magic, his skin becomes covered in flesh-colored scales and he gains sharpened canines, much like other Second Generation Dragon Slayers.

  • Purgatory Dragon's Roar: The signature Roar of the Purgatory Dragon Slayer.  Like all Dragons' Roars Matthew first inhales deeply in preparation for the spell. He then exhales, and blows a large columns of intense flames from his mouth.  The flames are intense enough to melt through steel beams, and even burn Odin's Yggdrasil wood, which is a flame retardant material. This spell is much larger in size than the average Dragon's Roar, and is even considered superior to the average Fire Dragon's Roar.
  • Purgatory Dragon's Hellfire Shot: Matthew first holds his hands next to each other, with the fingers outstretched, and only his thumbs and index fingers touching each other. This makes an ovular shape in his hand. In this oval, Matthew briefly charges his fire, which he then discharges in an incredibly powerful sphere of flames, which explode upon contact with whatever it touches. The sphere also increases in size the farther it travels. This increase in size also means an increase in power, and a larger explosion when it finally makes contact with his target.
  • Purgatory Dragon's Battle Axe: Matthew either collects fire on one of his feet, or transforms it into flames. He then makes a swift kick, launching a wave of slicing flames at his opponent. It's easily capable of cutting through enchanted Adamantine with its sharpness and large quantity of heat. At the same time, this spell is capable of being used as a direct contact kicking attack, but still possessing the same cutting power. A blunt variation of this spell can also be used.
  • Purgatory Dragon's Halo: Matthew collects flames on one or both of his hands. He then moves it/them in a circular motion, creating a ring of fire. Finally he grabs the ring(s), and throws it/them at his target, sending it/them spiraling towards his target. Upon making contact with his target, it/them will continue to barrel into his victim with immense heat and pressure, growing somewhat in size as it does so. At will, Matthew can also detonate the ring in order to deal immense explosive damage to his target.
  • Purgatory Dragon's Inferno Fist: Matthew gathers fire into his hand, and makes a fist. Matthew can constantly gather power into this spell. Matthew then punches his target, generating a massive explosion reminiscent of the Fire Dragon King's Demolition Fist. Whatever this spell makes contact with will be utterly destroyed by the force behind this attack. Even if his target manages to avoid direct damage, the explosive yield is enough to damage them while they retreat, although the damage will not be equal to if they were struck by the spell directly.
  • Purgatory Dragon's Gabriel Lance: Matthew begins this spell by collecting fire in both his hands, or by transforming both of them into flames. He then pulls them behind himself, as if he were to throw an object, and makes throwing motion with both hands. This generates a powerful blast of fire that can pierce through opponents, as well as burn them greatly. This spell can have blunt force as well, instead of simply piercing through them, in order to prevent deaths when combating an opponent in a more friendly sparring session.
  • Purgatory Dragon's Flare Blitz: Matthew begins this spell by crouching down and covering his body in his flames. He then jumps towards his opponent in a manner similar to the Fire Dragon's Sword Horn, except he also spins in a circle, sending off cascading wisps of flames from the main body, and burning anything within this spell's radius. This spell's main power however, of course, comes from the immense blunt damage of the full body tackle/head butt. This spell is even stronger than Natsu Dragneel's Fire Dragon's Sword Horn, as the rotation of Matthew in midair increases its striking power, while also giving it a corkscrew effect from the spinning, constantly boring into his target's body until he runs out of kinetic energy. However, if he remains in contact, this spell will still have a powerful burning effect, even after Matthew's kinetic energy has diminished.
  • Purgatory Dragon's Will-O'-Wisp: Matthew collects flames in each of his hands, forming spheres, which he holds next to his hip and head under normal circumstances. He then throws the two spheres towards his target. The spheres initially appear to be moving in a somewhat curved direction, and that they are on a collision course with each other. However, mere inches away from their normal destination, the spheres suddenly pass by one another, and instead strike from either side of that target. This spell has a sort of tracking ability, and always strikes the opponent from the side. If this spell misses, however, the two spheres of flames will in fact collide with each other, generating an explosion that also aims to trap the target inside the spell's radius. The two spheres seem to bore into the target they strike before detonating, maximizing the damage of this spell.
  • Purgatory Dragon's Meteor: Matthew collects flames into the shape of a small sphere, which he then holds aloft above his head. It then automatically flies high into the air, before exploding and sending a multitude of flaming spears in all directions. This serves as an omnidirectional attack, hitting anyone not fast enough to dodge the large amount of flames utilized in this spell, damaging them with great blunt damage and burns.
  • Purgatory Dragon's Soul Flash: Matthew modeled this spell after Aether Cade's Plasma Dragon's Electron Cannon. Matthew cups his hands together to his side, gathering flames in them in order to make this spell more powerful. Matthew then forces his hands forward, sending a large amount of flames forward, aiming to severely burn, if not outright incinerate his target. The longer Matthew charges this spell, the stronger it is. At base power, this spell is still stronger than the Purgatory Dragon's Roar, demonstrating the immense potential for danger this spell has. It can have enough power to knock out a mage the caliber of Watcher, the current guild master of Muspelheim, in one shot.
  • Purgatory Dragon's Devil Orb: Matthew collects fire into a small sphere, about the size of a basketball, and throws it at his opponent. It then progressively grows in size the farther it goes, and even continuing to grow when it makes contact with an opponent. It increases in size by using the ambient eternano in the air as fuel, so the more eternano there is, the more powerful this spell is. Matthew can then detonate this spell at his leisure, generating a proportionate explosion based upon the amount of fuel this spell utilized. The best part of this spell is that it uses the magic in air, allowing Matthew to cast this spell with minimal difficulty.
  • Purgatory Dragon's End Spiral: Matthew collects flames on hands, then moves them in a clockwise motion, reminiscent of Natsu Dragneel's Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade. This generates a tornado of flames that constantly bombard his target with immense heat, greatly burning them while sending them backwards. In terms of sheer power, it is below Natsu's Dragon Slayer's Secret Art, but the lower amount of magic power it requires makes it much easier to cast, and can be cast alongside several other spells in rapid succession.
  • Purgatory Dragon's Rapture: Matthew uses his flames to create a tornado of fire around whatever or whoever he's targeting, usually activating it with the snap of a finger. His target can be several meters away, or right in front of him. He then spins his arms, generating a giant explosion reminiscent of Jackal's Exploding Spiral, just not in the shape of a helix. The tornado ensures that his target cannot escape the attack without burning themselves. The rotation of the flames also ensures that escape is not easy. The activation of this spell's final effect generates a powerful upward explosion of fire that severely burns the target, completely charring their skin. This explosion will also send them upwards, being constantly bombard by the flames. At the same time, the tornado becomes a vacuum, leaving the target unable to breathe.
  • Dragon Slayer's Secret Art:
    • Almighty Flame Blade: Matthew invented this technique from watching Julius Kaizar's Deus Gladium spell. Matthew claps his hands together, creating a large quantity of flames, which quickly form the shape of sword of gargantuan proportions. He then brings down the blade, cutting through almost anything it its path. It can cut through Adamantine, heat-resistant alloys, Black Steel, and even metals created through magic means, such as from Iron Dragon Slayer Magic and its derivatives. This spell has the most cutting power in his entire arsenal, or at least in terms of his standard Dragon Slayer spells.
    • Fields of Punishment: Matthew covers both of his hands in flames, and kneels down. He then punches both fists into the ground, and generates a massive explosion. The explosion covers the entire landscape, ensuring that nothing escapes unscathed. It tears up the ground, generating a large crater with himself at the center. Even those not on the ground will be affected, as the flames reach high into the sky. The spell has an incredibly large omnidirectional radius, appearing in the shape of a large dome. It can even hurt those hiding underneath the ground. The range and power of this technique rivals that of Jason Gaebolg's Amaterasu: Formula 100 seal. This spell has been described as a "weapon of mass destruction".

Dragon Rage: Occasionally Matthew can activate a state wherein his sclerae turn black, giving him access to even more power with his Dragon Slayer Magic. This state can only be achieved when he has taken a substantial amount of damage. This transformation is know as Dragon Rage. Through transforming damage he's taken into power, Matthew can use power equivalent to a First or Third Generation Dragon Slayer's Dragon Force. This levels the playing field, making him an even more effective opponent against supposed superior Dragon Slayers. Matthew's speed increases to a level that he appears as a red streak of light, bombarding his opponent with fast and powerful strikes that debilitate his target, leaving them unable to continue fighting. This ability does have drawbacks however. If Matthew cannot withstand the damage he's taken, or is otherwise overly fatigued, he will be unable to access this form. Also he is not healed upon entering this state. His wounds will close up using his magic, but Matthew will still be fighting injured. The transformation actually acts as a painkiller, causing Matthew to shrug off damage to his body as if nothing's happened to him. The more damage Matthew takes in this state, the stronger he'll get. If Matthew is somehow healed, then he will drop from his Dragon Rage state to his normal form. On top of this, Matthew's rage also causes him to become increasingly more and more angry the more damage he takes, leaving him in a somewhat uncontrollable mental state. In this form, Matthew was capable of overwhelming Jason Gaebolg while he was in his base form, and even continued to do so when his Dark Eyes were active. It wasn't until Jason activated his Dark Transformation that he finally regained an advantage. As his power with this form grows, Matthew's body becomes more and more Draconic, as well as his hair growing longer and longer.

  • Draco Burst: A rush attack that Matthew can only use with his Dragon Rage, as he's only fast enough to use this spell in the state. Matthew cloaks himself in his flaming aura before flying at his opponent at high speeds. All the while, he bombards his opponent with punches and kicks from all sides, damaging them greatly from both the immense burns and blunt damage to all locations of the body. The actual usage of the Draco Burst is the burst of speed, but Matthew can also utilize his other spells and techniques when he's using this spell, but he generally will move faster than his own spells, allowing him to strike his opponents into his spells in order to utilize impressive combination moves. A punch from his Draco Meteor was strong enough to shatter Jason Gaebolg's Dark Star, a spell known for its immense weight and power.
  • Cursed Flames: When overcome with rage from Dragon Rage, Matthew's blue flames turn purple. These flames are much stronger than his Purgatory Dragon Slayer flames, and even are stronger than his Holy Flames. Also known as the "Flame of Corruption", the fire generated in this form is incapable of being extinguished under normal circumstances. Not even God Slayers can consume these fires. They attach to anything they touch, and continue to burn until there's nothing left of the target. However, this comes with a trade off, Matthew can barely control these flames, even he can be susceptible to their burning effects. The only way for these flames to properly be extinguished is for Matthew to drop out of his Dragon Rage. As such, Matthew cannot combine these flames with his Phoenix Magic, and is incapable of molding the flames into any special shapes. He can only use general blasts, or empower his melee strikes with the flames. The only exception to this rule is Matthew's Flame Body technique, which allows him to phase through attacks while simultaneously incinerating them. When utilizing this power, Matthew's hair turns black. His usage of these flames is what gained him the "Hellfire" portion of his epithet "The Embodiment of Heaven and Hellfire".
    • Purgatory Dragon's Hell Flash: The Cursed Flames empowered version of the Purgatory Dragon's Soul Flash. Matthew charges his Cursed Flames in his hands, open-palmed, in front of him. After briefly charging a powerful amount of energy, he fires a devastating wave of his Cursed Flames at his target. The Flames don't exactly have much general force, but instead lather his target with the black flames, sticking to their body as it burns away any defenses the target has up, and proceeding to burn the skin off the body. It burns off layer after layer, until there's nothing left. Fortunately, this spell only momentarily makes contact with the target, so sufficient enough defenses can prevent any major damage from affecting the body.

Phoenix Magic: He has mastered his magic to levels that allow him to turn his body, or portions of his body, into flames, allowing attacks to harmlessly pass through him. Matthew has trained this ability to work on reflex, allowing him to take full advantage of this technique.  However, every second strips away a little bit of magical energy, so Matthew generally doesn't maintain his flame body constantly. In cases where Matthew is running low on magical energy, he can voluntarily "switch off" the ability working on reflex, preventing the small amount of magic power he loses to be saved, and Matthew will dodge spells using different methods. Matthew can even manipulate his body to change it's size while made from flames, even into something small like the size of a basketball. This does not change his weight however, making him just as dense no matter what shape he's in. He will transform back to his normal size and body shape when returning back to his human state though. His body can also be damaged by superior flames, such as God Slayer Flames. As a bonus, he can use his flame body to form extra appendages or body parts out of flames, attacking his opponents with several limbs, or using multiple heads to cast several Dragon's Roars. Through this magic, Matthew has gained the ability to completely alter his flames in a manner similar to Molding Magic. He can use it to create wings for flight, or weapons to fight with, such as spears, swords, whips, and various other items which he wields with great efficiency. Of course, as one would expect from a magic with this name, Matthew can use the flames he produces to heal his own body, or that of others he touches. This skill is dependent on the amount of magic power he has left, and becomes more difficult to heal himself or others when low on magic power. By combining his Phoenix Magic with his Purgatory Dragon Slayer Magic, he can make use of both aspects of his flames at the same time, making his normally cool Phoenix flames blazingly hot, and making him an incredibly dangerous adversary.

  • Wings: Matthew most often uses his Phoenix Magic in order to create a pair of wings with which to fly. They can either appear avian or draconic when used, and is often based upon what level of power he's using. They appear avian when he's using his base power, and draconic when he's using his Dragon Rage. They can either be created on his back, or he can transform his arms into flames and shape them into wings, although he generally utilizes the former method. He can fly around at high speed with these wings, and they are as strong as Dragon Slayer Steel, allowing them to block incoming assaults with these wings, while simultaneously burning opponents if used in conjunction with his Purgatory Dragon Slayer Magic. By flapping the wings, Matthew can generate small tornadoes of fire, burning his opposition with searing winds. The wings also appear to be serrated. This allows for the wings to be an effective close quarters weapon as well, allowing Matthew to cut through opposition with his wings. He once even used his wings to cut off the arm of a Machias. The wings themselves are incredibly durable. They can withstand full-force punches from Jason Gaebolg when he's utilizing his Darkness Magic, and even sword swings from Victor Crassus' blades.
    • Feathers: When utilizing his Phoenix Wings, specifically in the avian format, Matthew is capable of launching feather-like projectiles from the wings by flapping them at an incredibly rapid pace. He can either discharge a few or several, depending on the intention and power of his flap. The feathers travel at a very high velocity, piercing through skin with a serrated edge, and searing the wound shut as they go. They can even pierce through strong metals such as steel, but due to their small size, they have limits. They are similar to large, high-caliber bullets. When using the draconic form of the wings, the feather are thrown off in the shape of scales, still possessing the same piercing power, but enhanced by Dragon Rage.
    • Purgatory Dragon's Giant Wingbeat: This spell utilizes the immense physical power of his Phoenix Wings in conjunction with the burning aspect of Matthew's Purgatory Dragon Slayer Magic. It is an enhanced form of Matthew's standard wing flaps. After creating the wings, Matthew flies into the air, either just above it or high into the sky, and begins to beat his wings towards his opponent. This spell creates a powerful, wind-like, gusts of flames that get more powerful the more Matthew beats his wings. This spell is powerful enough to match and overpower spells created by his fellow Mages in Dragon Gunfire, and various Dark Mages, demonstrating his immense power. This attack is in the shape of a vortex.
  • Purgatory Dragon's Raze: A two-headed variation of the Purgatory Dragon's Roar, utilizing his Phoenix Magic to generate a new one. As per usual Matthew first inhales deeply in preparation for the spell. He then exhales, and blows a large columns of intense flames from his mouths. But instead of just firing the flames from in one direction, he moves his heads in opposite directions from the epicenter, burning the entire landscape in front of him, and tracking his target's movements if they attempt to avoid him. This spell has the same power as the Purgatory Dragon's Roar, but has twice as much initial range, and a much larger radius.
  • Asura: Matthew uses his Phoenix Magic in order to generate four extra limbs made from flames, while also using them to increase the power of his normal two. He can use this arms to increase the amount of his physical blows, utilize them to cast multiple Purgatory Dragon Slayer spells at the same time, or hold various weapons created from flames. The arms of this spell are also incredibly durable, allowing him to block and disperse attacks heading his way.

Holy Elemental Magic: This magic is similar to White Dragon Slayer Magic, but without the Slayer capabilities. Matthew is capable of creating powerful constructs made from Light Magic. This light is incredibly powerful, being capable of nullifying, or purifying magic objects affected by Darkness of Black Magic. This can counteract the effects of Black Magic, such as Seith Magic, and even the Black Arts utilized by individuals such as Living Magic, allowing for a proper defense against things such heinous Magics. It can even provide defense against Ankhseram Black Magic, although it only slows it down instead of completely nullifying it. It also has the ability to completely eradicate spells using Darkness or Shadow Magic, even the corruptive power of Pluto Morior's Darkness Magic, whose is user considered unmatched in the art, is susceptible to this magic. On top of that, this magic even works as an effective counter to the Curses of Etherious, weakening their effects, if not outright nullifying them. Although, as this is still a magic, it is subject to the effects of Magical Barrier Particles, but can temporarily hold them at bay. As this is a variation of light magic, Matthew's body is naturally faster when this magic is active. It even affects him at a biological rate, causing his magic to flow faster. This increases his energy gathering, allowing him to utilize his strongest techniques in a short period of time. When activating this magic, Matthew's hair turns golden, and it sticks straight up, similarly to Gajeel Redfox when utilizing his Iron Shadow Dragon Mode.

  • Holy Flare: Mathew collects light onto his body, causing it to glow a brilliant golden color. Matthew then expels the light from his body, causing temporary blindness to anyone who looks directly into the light. The brightness is so great that their eyes will be in immense pain for approximately one minute if they don't shield their eyes during the casting. This gives Matthew an opening to deal more damage to his target, giving him just the amount of time he needs to defeat them with a decisive blow. Other than the pain this spell causes to the eyes, this technique doesn't have any offensive capabilities, and is purely supportive.
  • Holy Sphere: In general, Matthew will create spheres using this magic. They rotate incredibly fast, allowing Matthew to use them as a solid defense and offense. The spheres can be created in any number of sizes, from handheld ones, to ones large enough to encompass Matthew's entire body, along with several others. The rotation of the spheres he creates allows him to diffuse the power of incoming attacks, and counterattack with his own. He can also telekinetically control the spheres, meaning that if he throws them, he can still manipulate their trajectory, or if he's inside one of his spheres, he can fly in his own personal craft. Attacks also cannot pass through the inside of the sphere, so Matthew cannot attack while inside it. But he can use his spheres to trap opponents, or get them stuck in the range of certain attacks. Matthew can create spheres anywhere within his line of sight, or around his body, and any number of them. The larger spheres are more taxing on him however, and repeated damage to the spheres will cause them to break overtime. As an added bonus, when trapping an opponent inside a sphere, their is a finite amount of oxygen inside, but this acts as a negative for allies he puts in it. Upon running out of oxygen, his opponent can lose consciousness, and if they continue to be deprived of oxygen, could die. Although, Matthew will not normally allow this spell to progress that far. As the sphere is airtight, this spell also makes the one trapped inside unable to make any sound escape the sphere. When caught inside it, the purifying affects of this magic were enough to heavily damage Calypso Gloompond's Huldra Take Over form just from being inside the sphere. Even intangible foes are incapable of leaving this spell's thickness, preventing even density shifters or ghosts from exiting.
    • Holy Bullets: Matthew collects his holy light inside his open palm. He then unleashes a barrage of spheres from his hand in a linear pattern. The bullets have the same properties as the standard Holy Sphere, allowing Matthew to deflect incoming assaults with this spell, and damage people with the rotation of the spheres. The spheres proceed to bombard the target with the spheres, crushing them, and dealing an immense amount of damage.
  • Holy Shield: Just like Sting Eucliffe's White Dragon's Talon, by either punching or blasting his target with a unique blast of light, Matthew can create a stigma on his target, preventing them from moving. The stigma can be removed quite easily (it prevents physical movement, but magical energy can still flow through body easily, allowing the target to remove the stigma one way or another), but during the few seconds it might take the target to remove the stigma, Matthew can unleash a powerful barrage of attacks. If Matthew is to remove his own stigma however, he has to want to do it, and cannot do so involuntarily, such as striking the stigma with a fire-based attack. His stigmas are also capable of sticking to spells. While it doesn't outright stop a spell in its tracks, it can weaken a spell's effects, allowing Matthew to more easily counter them.
  • Holy Wrath: Matthew first behind the spell by creating a ring of light behind himself. From the ring, Matthew then fires a multitude of light beams from it. The beams that he creates have the same durability as the spheres, but lack the same rotation, instead having a higher amount of piercing power. This allows him to overpower certain spells by simply plowing straight through them. Each light beam is incredibly powerful and great in size, each one about the size of a steel beam. When fired, the beams impale his target before generating a medium sized explosion. The sheer number of beams makes this attack even more dangerous. Even if the beams don't hit the exact target, they still generate a cluster of explosions wherever Matthew's beams hit, damaging anything near the cluster of beams, and having an explosive yield large enough to critically injure anyone caught within this spell's range. Matthew can use elements of this spell in order to fire singular powerful beams of light in order to harm his opponents. Matthew can also use a non explosive version of this spell, with the spears instead only impaling opponents.
    • Light Wave: A defensive technique. Matthew briefly charges up energy in his hand, then unleashes a hail of invisible needles upon any attack coming his way. They pierce through the spell, and destabilize the magic in the spell, causing it detonate, or the spell to go off prematurely. This spell can also be used on Mages, but is much less effective than if it were used on an actual spell. This spell is effective on both fluid and solid spells alike, but the power of this technique is dependent on the spell being defended against. The more powerful the spell, the more intense the reaction from the needle.
  • Holy Blade: Matthew first collects light onto his outstretched middle and index fingers on one or both hands. He then slices his fingers through the air, sending a multitude of light blades towards his opponents. The blades are easily capable of cutting through skin. They can even easily cut through reinforced steel, Admantine, and various other metals of varying strength and flexibility. These blades appear similar to waves, being reminiscent of Larcade Dragneel's Pleasure light blades, but not with the same effects (intense physical pleasure that leads to death). This blade gets a great deal of its cutting power from its vibration, allowing it to vibrate on the same frequencies of certain materials and cut through them. This spell can also be used with Matthew's feet.
    • Spirit Sword: Matthew collects light onto his index and middle fingers, concentrating it and increasing its power. He then points his fingers outwards from his body, sending a powerful blade of light from his fingertips, impaling whatever it makes contact with. It can even pierce through Adamantine, breaking through the strongest of defenses. This spell can be elongated or shortened at will, making it a dangerous and surprising technique. If he so desires, Matthew can even skewer multiple people on the Spirit Sword at the same time.
    • Shining Pinwheel: Matthew collects light on both of his legs, and jumps towards his opponent, spinning in a forward circle. The spinning is so fast that Matthew appears as a wheel of light. He then moves into his opponent, boring into their body or defenses repeatedly, and easily slicing through the metals. This spell has the same general cutting power as the Holy Blade, but more speed, granting it more effectiveness in terms of cutting through things. The spinning of this spell can be stopped by a perfect block on the bottom of Matthew's heels, but the act of stopping this spell still causes damage to the area used to block. More often than not, it still draws blood because of how sharp it is.
  • Holy Flames: Matthew combines his Fire Magics with his Holy Elemental Magic. This creates an incredibly potent, and highly malleable flame that can burn anything in its path. It has the destructive power of Matthew's Purgatory Dragon Slayer Magic, the malleability of his Phoenix Magic, and the purity of his Holy Elemental Magic. While the flames appear similar to the Flame of Rebuke, they do not share the same level of power or effectiveness, but should not be considered weak. This does not make the flames weak however. Through the flames, Matthew has the all the abilities his Holy Elemental Magic normally grants him, but the flames also burn those that it makes contact with when used as a defensive measure. Also, the increased malleability makes it even easier to generate his defenses and weapons, allowing for decreased usage of magical energy through transforming his already expelled magic into different forms, such as transforming his Phoenix Wings into a sphere for defense. He can also simply use the normal flames as an offensive weapon without molding it into a specific object. He can also utilize his standard Purgatory Dragon Slayer Magic, Phoenix Magic, and even his other Holy Elemental Magic spells empowered by the power of his Holy Flames. This includes all named spells. It is this skill that gave him the "Heaven" portion of his epithet "The Embodiment of Heaven and Hellfire".
    • Purgatory Dragon's Heaven's Flash: A Holy Flames empowered version of the Purgatory Dragon's Soul Flash. Matthew charges his Holy Flames in his hands, open-palmed, in front of him. After briefly charging a powerful amount of energy, he fires a devastating wave of his Holy Flames at his target. Despite appearing as a unison beam, this spell is, in fact, thousands of small needles of Matthew's Holy Flames, which bombard and pierce through other spells on their way to their target, giving them the same treatment as any defense or offense they come in contact with. It encompasses the entire area in front of him, dealing immense damage to his target, while simultaneously making it incredibly difficult to dodge. This spell can destroy mountains, and decimate armies.
    • Nova: Matthew begins this spell by holding out his hands above his head. He gathers his Holy Flames in the shape of a sphere, which gradually increases in size the more power Matthew gathers. It can range anywhere from a small handheld sphere, to a giant one that is reminiscent of the sun. He then follows up by throwing the sphere at his target. The sphere continuously bombards and crushes his target with the immense weight of this spell. It is essentially impossible to stop this spell using pure physical force. On top of that, the immense heat of the flames makes it burn the more someone is in contact with this spell. Matthew then detonates it remotely, engulfing the target in Holy Flames, and grievously damaging them. The power of the detonation is linked to the size of the sphere (the larger it is, the stronger it is). The larger variations of this spell are considered the strongest spells in Matthew's arsenal, even surpassing his Dragon Slayer's Secret Art. This spell has the same abilities as the regular Holy Flames, just focused into a more damaging ability.

Unison Raid: An extremely powerful ability that allows two Mages to unite two kinds of Magic, similar in nature, together, thereby creating an even stronger attack.  Although a seemingly difficult ability to master, Jason is easily capable of doing a Unison Raid, seemingly, whenever he wants to. Although, it is evident that whenever he activates one, he is fighting with someone close to him, or at least someone he respects. He is capable of performing Unison Raids with William Mercury, Jason Gaebolg, and Victor Crassus. The fact that his Unison Raids are made from two individuals' magic power also decreases strain on the casters when used.

  • Neutron Star: A combination of Matthew's Holy Sphere and Jason Gaebolg's Dark Star. Jason creates the sphere of concentrated Darkness Magic from his Dark Star in his hand. Matthew then surrounds it with the power from his Holy Sphere, causing it to glow a brilliant white. Jason then moves it forward from his hand, initially moving slowly. Matthew then uses his own energy to send it towards their target at blinding speeds. The spell will crush and diffuse any spell sent its way because of how dense it is. It'll then crush whoever or whatever it makes contact with before detonating it a spherical blast, also having the added effect of acting as flash bang, blinding opposition, should they manage to dodge. The explosion however does not burn. Instead, it creates an increased gravitational field, which continues to crush whoever is caught in this spell's large field of influence. This increased gravity is active for approximately 2 minutes before deactivating, allowing opposition to move without any problems.
  • Holy Barricade: A combination of Matthew's Holy Sphere and Jason Gaebolg's Barrier Magic. Unlike many Unison Raids, this is a defensive technique. Matthew creates a sphere using his Holy Elemental Magic in his cupped hands, which quickly expands in size. At the same time, Jason creates a Barrier sphere in his hands, which increases in size to match that of the Holy Sphere. The two spells then mix together, with the two mages crossing their arms together as the spheres burst open and mix, creating an immensely powerful, white barrier that can block even the most powerful of attacks. This spell possesses the Holy qualities of Matthew's Holy Sphere, alongside the incredible defensive strength of Jason's Barrier Magic. The Barrier can actually absorb the power of whatever technique is utilized on it, increasing the spell's power the more it is attacked. And those too powerful to absorb, more often than not, it can still refract the spell, greatly lessening its effects.
  • Black Heaven's Flash Cannon: A combination of Jason Gaebolg's 9000mm Black Cannon, or any of its other derivatives, and Matthew Purgatory Dragon's Heaven's Flash. Jason collects his Darkness Magic in both hands, as he normally does with his 9000mm Black Cannon, while Matthew does the same with his Holy Flames, but instead of using his usual stance or charging stance, he matches that of Jason. The two energies mix together as they're charged, and the two fire a large blast of their combined power at their target. It appears as a blast of Darkness Magic, with Matthew's Holy Flames surrounding the Darkness. This spell has the combined burning abilities of Matthew's Purgatory Dragon's Heaven's Flash, and the crushing power of Jason's Black Cannon. This spell is so powerful that it can overwhelm two mages of equal caliber to this spell's creators almost effortlessly.

Master Weapons Specialist: Matthew learned swordplay and overall weapons usage from Odin.  He can easily fight on par with the master weapons specialist in a sword fight, and was the most proficient amongst his comrades in the Dark Mage Disposal Squad in one-handed swordplay. He is also fairly adept in the usage of daggers, being capable of wielding them at either close range, or using them as throwing weapons. When thrown, Matthew is able to perfectly calculate the trajectory of his daggers, and even how to calculate their trajectory when he's changing it with miniature explosions. On top of that is his skills with various other weapons that he wields through his Phoenix Magic. He can wield any weapon he comes into contact with using great proficiency.

Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: After training with Odin in the ways of combat, Matthew learned many martial arts from his centuries old master.  He's easily capable of fighting on par with several different members of the Dark Mage Disposal Squad and others from Sect. He can even combat multiple opponents at once. His fighting style revolves around the usage of his flames to increase the power of his melee strikes, making him quite effective at close range. After gaining the his Holy Elemental Magic, this skill became even more dangerous. Due to his skill in flying, Matthew is both a skilled fighter on the ground, and in the air, able to seamlessly transition between the two fronts as naturally as breathing. He can fight evenly in hand to hand against Victor Crassus across any medium, with the exception of in water, proving how adaptable his fighting style is.

Enhanced Strength: Matthew has a high degree of physical strength. He can easily lift and throw a person several times his own size, and can lift large boulders with his physical might. His blows are strong enough, especially when enhanced with his Magic, to deal incredible raw damage to his guild mates, such as his eternal rival Victor Crassus. His punches can even match that of the incredibly dense, Darkness Magic infused blows of Jason Gaebolg, when enhanced with his Holy Elemental Magic.

Immense Speed: Matthew is rather fast, capable of closing large distances in an instant, and easily outpacing slower foes. His reaction speed is great enough that he was able to avoid multiple attacks from Seraph Kinmichi and Theia Zhulong by shifting into flames. As Matthew cannot automatically transform into fire, this speaks leaps in bounds for his reflexive abilities, as he can barely even needs to think about transforming before shifting into his fire form. He was even fast enough to shift to flames before being cut in half by Victor Crassus, and a surprise punch from Calypso Gloompond when she was right in front of him (although the latter was injured). He could even match the immense speed of Alexius, who had been propelling his body at much faster rates than any human could reach using his Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic. His reflexes are sometimes even faster than his mind, as he can shift to his flame body form without even thinking about it. He can fly across the battlefield with immense speed with either a pair of flaming wings, or by propelling his body with fire jets, and has reflexes that allow him to dodge any multitude of spells launched at him without shifting his form. Matthew can increase the speed he can propel himself even further with the aid of his Holy Elemental Magic. Through the usage of his magic he can even keep up with Victor Crassus' Shadow Bar Armor enhanced speed, and match him in a clash of rapid fists. While in Dragon Rage, Matthew's speed doubles, making him even more difficult to track.

Immense Durability: Matthew has a large amount of durability.  He has taken various powerful blows from sneak attacks, and was the only one that lost to Odin in his recruitment match while standing up (Odin ended the match because Matthew refused to give up). He managed to sustain damage from attacks from both Theia Zhulong, and Seraph Kinmichi, even managing to get right back up to his feet as if nothing had happened after consuming a small amount of fire. In a sparring session against Victor Crassus, he withstood multiple blows to the head in quick succession without showing any sign of pain, simply regaining his footing and continuing the battle as if nothing had happened. Has also managed to sustain multiple injuries from Alexius' Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic, and merely dust himself off before continuing the fight.

Immense Magical Power: Matthew has the highest amount of magical reserves out of the entire Dark Mage Disposal Squad, even more than former member, Oscar Miles.  He was only considered weaker than Oscar due to Oscar's greater level of skill and magic control. This was still only at the time, and Matthew has since surpassed Oscar in strength. The only exception is Odin, but he's been absorbing magical energy for centuries.  He is even capable of continually fighting for hours. He was capable of fighting against two fellow Dragon Slayers, Theia Zhulong and Seraph Kinmichi, although he failed to defeat them. He can maintain his Flame Body technique for an extended period of time, and suffers almost no ill effects from utilizing his incredibly powerful Dragon Slayer spells, despite only being a Second Generation Dragon Slayer. He doesn't even show signs of fatigue from his powerful spell the Purgatory Dragon's Heaven's Flash, and many other supposed magic-taxing spells. After Matthew joined Dragon Gunfire, William considered Matthew "no less than S-Class in strength". He most certainly lives up to his epithet of the "Embodiment of Heaven and Hellfire", due to his unique and powerful combination of magic. He was even capable of holding his own against Alexius (the second strongest member of the Legion Under the Black Sun and a fellow Dragon Slayer) for some time before William stepped in. Vincent Alvaro, as with Jason Gaebolg, believes that he could hold his own against Silicon. An interesting thing to note, is the how Matthew's mood affects the power of his magic. When feeling intense emotion, of any kind, Matthew's magic will be somewhat erratic, increasing in potency the more intense his emotions are without an increased drain on his power. However, when Matthew is feeling relaxed neutral, Matthew's spells become laser focused. He can put the maximum power behind his spells without putting any more strain on his magical reserves, and use his most energy draining attacks without showing any signs of fatigue. This is referred to by many as the "True Flames of Emotion". When exerting his magical energy, his magical aura is red with a blue outline, and gold when utilizing his Holy Elemental Magic.


Gram: A sword given to him by Odin, made from his Yggdrasil wood.  It's the most powerful of the weapons given out by Odin, and is the most resilient.  It's said to even rival Gungnir.  The sword is magically conductive, allowing Matthew to stream his magic through it.  It's even stronger than steel, and is flame retardant despite its wood makeup. It can even resist Matthew's own flames, which are capable of melting through steel. This sword is capable of matching all of Victor Crassus' individual blades in clashes, whether it be his Black Steel longsword, or his Adamantine Blade. If somehow damaged, Matthew can easily take the blade to Odin to be repaired, or can even receive a stronger, new weapon.

Adamantine Daggers: Matthew wields twin daggers made from the strongest material in Earth Land. Matthew can stream his magical energy through them to increase their power and cutting ability, and use them effectively as throwing weapons. They can even store a small portion of Matthew's magical energy, allowing him to use sneak attacks by having them generate explosions when his opponent least expects it. This ability can be activated remotely. Matthew can store a variable amount of magical energy in the daggers, and discharge it at will. This allows him to change the trajectory of his daggers, creating a chain of small explosions to even move the dagger behind his opponent's back when thrown at them from the front. The daggers, like his sword, is also capable of withstanding a the strength of the various swords used by Victor Crassus.


Originally Matthew's name was going to be Drake Atlas.

Matthew was originally going to be a trainee of Atlas Flame, but this was not allowed by Per.

  • Black Dwarf Star does not blame her or hold any ill will against her for that, or any other times he has been unable to go through with character concepts.

A Drakon is a draconian creature with a paralyzing stare in Greek Mythology.

Matthew's stats are:

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