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"You do not seem to fear me. Even among my own brethren, my fellow dragons, I have seen their fearful eyes look past me and ignore me. My solitude has been my only comfort, if it could be called that. Yet, you a human stand before me with no fear? Before a dragon that towers over your head. Yet, you are at ease? You are a fascinating man, Soran."
— Maximus to Soran Vista

Humanoid Form | Dragon Form
Human Maximus

Dragon of the Rhine (どらごん おうふ す りいん, Rhine no Ryū)
Name Maximus
Kanji まっくすひむす
Rōmaji Makkusuhimusu
Race Dragon (former)
Birthdate ????
Age ????

Male Male

Height 6'5" (human height)
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Pink
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Holy Guard
Soran Vista
Previous Team Holy Guard
Previous Partner Soran Vista
Base of Operations War Camp (former)
Personal Status
Status Semi-Active
Magic Unknown Dragon Slayer Magic
Compact Regression
"Sometimes the only thing some people desire in life is a person to call friend."

Maximus, also known as the Dragon of the Rhine (どらごん おうふ す りいん, Rhine no Ryū), was a powerful dragon that lived in the darker, war torn times of the past. Also, he was the companion of a young Soran Vista; would charge into battle with him in the conflicts centering around Zeref primarily. Maximus and Soran had their first encounter when the latter seeked him out in Rhine Valley, Maximus' abode. It was a surprise to him that Soran was not afraid of him but rather wanted to know more about him and befriend him. From their first meeting and onward, Soran and Maximus forged a strong friendship. Maximus allied himself with Soran's Holy Guard and aided in the war against Zeref, and they fought in many battles together. However, near the closing of the horrendous conflict, Maximus lost his life in battle protecting Soran. Even though history has forgotten him, the House of Vista still keeps a memorial in his honor on the estate grounds.

Or so history says, that is. As it turns out, Maximus survived by the last minute use of Compact Regression, a powerful spell that transforms a dragon into a human permanently—in Maximus' case, he took a more dragon-humanoid form, as he has horns and some of his shimmering, sliver scales remains on the sides of his face resembling armor. After his supposed death, he hid himself from the world and even from his greatest friend, Soran. He is a walking testament to the events surrounding the man's rise and Fiore's stabilization.



"Don't let his looks fool you, he's actually a really nice guy, well, dragon. I'd trust my life with him at every turn. As they say, don't judge a book by its' cover."
— Soran to Elena Vista



Magic and Abilities

"Walking history."


  • Maximus is the latin tem for "greatest" or "largest", this being in reference to his behemoth size.
  • In spite of his fierce appearance and titanic size, Maximus is actually very peaceful and level headed. Also, he is not a fan of fighting but will do so if it is absolutely necessary. This fact was a surprise to many around Soran, from Elena to the soldiers told to guard Maximus while he slept at their main camp.
  • Rhine Valley was Maximus' previous abode prior to joining Soran in warfare. The Rhine Valley is located somewhere in the nation of Bellum.
  • This is Zicoihno's first dragon.

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