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Maxwell Strifer
Main Picture
Name Maxwell Strifer
Rōmaji Makusū~eru Strifer
Race Human
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 5'7
Eyes Sky blue
Hair Navy Blue
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation 25px-Blue_pegasus_symbol.png Blue Pegasus Guild
Occupation Mage
Team Night Storm
Partner Jaerik Magveill
Base of Operations 25px-Blue_pegasus_symbol.png Blue Pegasus Guild
Personal Status
Marital Status Active
Magic Tarot Spirit Summon magic

Maxwell Strifer is a mage that belongs to the Blue Pegasus Guild and a member of team Night Storm. He is a young, naive but very skilled mage.


Main Pic
Maxwell is quite tall with navy blue hair and sky blue eyes. He has a quite muscular despite his appearance and has his guild mark on the back of his left shoulder.

He wears a uniform with a badge on his right part of his shirt and a red rose in his left pocket. His cards are in a small bag attached to his equipment belt around his waist. The bag has been well attached so it can't be stolen easily. He mostly leaves his shirt unbuttoned since it is much more comfortable for him.


He is usually a quite person but very naive. Getting into very dangerous or even horrific circumstances from he's naive personality. Unlike the other members of the guild, he is not one to womanize women at any chance he gets. Instead he spents his time studying or training to become stronger which leads to him being naive in certain situations. If he is not training, he spent his time being carefree of his surroundings.

During missions, he is one to charge first and head-on towards the enemy. He is always serious in missions as he tends to try and swoop the enemy quickly. Though he is serious in missions, he can be very naive and almost un-cooperative at times which lead to disastrous results.

He treats his friends as family, respecting his seniors and juniors, helping them in any way he can. He treats his Tarot Spirits with respect and kindness. More kindness than towards his friends.



Magc and Abilities


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