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Medallion Magic



Medarion no mahō


Holder Magic


Xander D. Hayama

Medallion Magic(メダリオンの魔法 Medarion no mahō) is a rare type of Holder Magic which involves the use of Magic Medallions to steal the Magic of a certain person(s).


Medallion Magic grants the user the ability to steal the Magic of a certain person(s) by "medalizing" the aforementioned Magic. Once the user obtains the Magic of a certain person(s), the victim will no longer be able to access the aforementioned Magic. Of course, the theft happens under strict conditions:

  • The victim must be killed by the user manually. Additionally, if the victim is revived or has yet to be killed by the user, the Magic cannot be stolen.
  • The user must flip open the medallion and write down the victim's full name, age, birthday, blood-type and designated Magic on the other side of the medallion.
  • The user must see the victim's Magic in use with their own eyes.
  • The user must make physical contact with the victim's Magic.
  • The user must question the victim about their Magic, and the victim must answer back. 
  • The victim must use their Magic on the medallion.
  • All of the above must be done within 45 minutes.

Additionally, if the medallions are destroyed, the victim will regain their Magic. Also, the user cannot steal any form of Lost Magic and Slayer Magic under any circumstances.


  • This Magic is obviously and majorly inspired by the Bankai Stealing Medallions used by the Wandereinch of Bleach.
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