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"The flames of the arrogant king spread the shadow of the honest hero."
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Dismount of the King, Uprising of the Rebel

In a lone empty room that had very little light coming in, fully decorated to fit that of a royalty and having a structure that was similar to a cave, sat a man that was known for possessing great power, being recognized throughout all of Earth Land as one of, if not the strongest, powerful Dragon Slayers to be born within this generation. Genghis Breningoch, more commonly known as the Dragon Slayer King, sat atop a throne that appeared to be made of an ivory material, greatly resembling that bones of the deceased. However what was peculiar was the bored expression that Genghis had on his face. With his chin resting within his left palm and his eyes closed as though he was sleeping, it was very clear that Genghis found the current situation that he was in to be very tedious. Briefly opening his eyes to reveal his cold amber eyes, he looked out one of the makeshift windows to see that it was nighttime, his least favorite time of the day. It was the time where he was unable to draw on his source of power, which would be heat, without having to worry about how much power his opponent has. Closing his eyes once more, he let out a sigh as he let out a silent plead for something, anything, to happen right now.

Luckily, or unluckily depending on who you ask, his call was answered in the form of Jadis Lissandra, one of the many members that happened to join his guild, as she busted through the door and ran up to Genghis, stopping directly in front of him. "Crow, are you asleep? I have something important to tell you, so wake up please!" the small blue-nette said in a happy-go-lucky voice, completely ignoring the dark atmosphere. A small smile sneaked its way onto Genghis' face as he opened his eyes once more and looked down at Jadis who was looking up at him with a cute smile. Such thing was why she was able to bring joy to the guild and was under the protection of nearly every single guild mate. Though he would never reveal such a thing to anyone but he actually views her as his actually daughter, wanting to protect her from harm, mostly boys that want to date her, but harm nonetheless. The last time he felt something like this was when he fist met Attila, his brother in bond. "What is it that you needed to tell me?" he questioned with a raised eyebrow as he masked his true thoughts.

Jades put on a thinking face as she tried to recall what exactly she wanted to tell him. She knew it was very important as she remembered that Annis told her it was something that Genghis, or Crow as she preferred to call him, was looking forward to. If she was correct, it had something to do with a battl-"Oh, I remember what it was! Annie told me that she information about your large battle thingie or whatever it is called." Jades said as she began to look around. Genghis' small smile turned into a full-blown grin at hearing those words, his boredom was finally about to come to an end if the information he was about to receive was exactly what he though it was. "Yeah, she said that some Damon guy won his battle and was on his way to come fight you." she continued as she was now focused on making a crystal of ice. If she had looked at Genghis, she would have jumped in shock at the bloodthirsty grin that was on his face. Getting up, he walked toward the door, ruffling Jadis' hair as he passed her, with one thought on his mind. "Oh, this is gonna be fun" Genghis said to himself as his eyes glowed a brilliant crimson, reflecting on his excitement.

As Genghis walked through the corridor with adrenaline pumping in his veins, surging throughout his entire body, as two figures suddenly sprang to his side though he did not react. The first figure came from the windows in the form of a fierce wind while the other came from seemingly nowhere in the form of a wispy shadow as both the figures revealed themselves to be two tall men, towering over Genghis himself as they walked beside him. The one on his left who had formed from the shadow possessed shaggy black hair, wore an rather casual outfit with fingerless gloves, and had a rather handsome face. This was Butch Magnus, one of the three Dragon Knights that Genghis had appointed within his guild, as he had a vicious smile plastered on his face. "Come on, Boss. Let me fight in your place!" He said as he left out a very strange laugh similar to that of a hyena.

The figure on his right that had formed from the gust of strong wind was even taller than Butch and wore a rather interesting choice of attire as it consisted of a large pink feather coat with an open white shirt, pink pants with various strips and simple dress shoes. He walked in a bizarre way and had a large smile on his face that even the simplest of people could tell held malefic intentions behind it. This man was Riku Tsuchi, or the Celestial Bane as he was commonly known throughout the criminal community, as he looked at Genghis as well and said. "Genghis, you should leave this to me. This short bitch over here is no fun" Riku let out a loud laugh that would send anyone running for the hills if they heard it as he teased Butch. Genghis didn't say anything as he was used to their banter by now. It was entertaining to see at times. Butch did not share that feeling however as he quickly moved to deliver a powerful kick towards Riku's stomach, though it was stopped as the kick was blocked with the simple raise of a knee.

The two stopped walking while Genghis continued forward, not bothering to look back. "Don't worry about it, you two. You guys have more important things to do...." He said as he made it to the door that left to the outside. "Plus I've been waiting for this for a long time. This urge that I am feeling is something that few people have made me feel. I don't want anyone to get in the way of battle, do you two understand?" He finished, not even bothering to turn around and see their response. They knew better than to stand between him and whatever he considered his goal. The last person that attempted to try such a thing was incinerated into ash and kept in the guild bar with Razia. As Genghis opened the door, he said one last thing, in the form of a whisper. "Alright, Damon D. Draco. Let's see why Dealok has put so much interest into you, shall we?" As he walked through the door and closed with a large bang for he was ready for this battle that was coming his way. 

When Genghis walked through the door, he was saw something interesting. Numerous bodies of wounded people on the snowy ground, Fiore was in its winter season and the country was blanketed by it. Although some didn't like it they had to live with it; the day that winter began were the days the Dragon Slayer Royale began. Flakes and flakes of snow descended from the skies to the ground, creating blankets of snow. It was night and luckily it was an calm one as no storms or so appeared which meant some Dragon Soul newbies wouldn't need to clean the white blanket. Jadis was probably the one who most enjoyed the snowy days, Riku liked cold breezes as well though not much as the young girl; Cyrus hated it the most although he didn't say it out aloud in order to not offend Jadis. Because of this he would stay in the guild's hall for the entire night, luckily during day-time the sky wouldn’t be clouded as it is now.

There in the snowy garden which Genghis had reached stood an tall man wearing an black large coat, probably to protect himself from the cold. The coat also had various yellow-colored smiles printed on its entirety; he also had an white thick bill hat with several brown marks on it, black boots which incredibly wouldn't make any sound and carried an long black sheath with an sword inside it. Lying on the ground were several bodies of Genghis' henchmen or Dragon Soul newbies in other words. Some of the snow was red due to their blood as they were barely conscious and still muttering words; there were probably around fifteen men and some women. The man near their bodies looked at the opened door's direction as his hat covered his eyes slightly with shadows "I have finally reached the king." He said with a visible smirk in his face as the cold breezes constantly hit his coat.

Readjusting his jacket, he began to walk forward to meet his opponent as heat began to roll of his body, the snow on the ground around him melting from the warmth as it revealed the verdant grass that was usually reserved for the springtime. He walked over the bodies that littered the ground, showing little to no care for his fallen comrades who were moaning in pain. If he was to be completely honest he thought of his lesser allies as nothing but pawns, being meant to be thrown away and used in whatever way that he deemed to be necessary for his cause. He stopped a few feet in front of the man, as he lightly kicked one of the bodies on the ground, hearing a groan of pain from said body. "I have to say this is some impressive work." Genghis said as he looked around, letting out a whistle in admiration at the work of the man. "So I am guessing that you are my opponent, Damon D. Draco right?" he continued to speak as he stretched his left arm, rotating it in circles. "I've heard a great deal about you. The hybrid dragon and the first escapee of Crimson World. One of my guild mates is even interested in you, though I don't understand why myself."

The now identified Damon watched on as Genghis approached him, striding over those that were considered his comrades. The Shadow Slayer frowned slightly as he had heard that despite his arrogant nature, Genghis actually cared for his fellow warriors. Apparently though, that was not true as he watched Genghis lightly kick one of his fallen comrades, a groaning sound being heard as the body, which upon closer inspection he noticed it was a young woman, and the sound of cough as well as the smell of fresh blood. He really did not want to harm the people but they started the fight and therefore they only had themselves to blame for the situation that they were in. He quickly payed attention to his would-be opponent upon hearing him start to speak. When Genghis began to stretch his left arm, Damon raised his as well, thinking that he was going to be greeted by his foe. However, he stopped when he saw that the Heat Dragon Slayer was simply stretching his arm, waving it in circles while going on about how one of his comrades had an interest in him.

"Oh, the old man. I bet you are wondering why he never returned to you? "Damon said as stood still, with his left hand grasping his artifact-weapon and his right hand inside the coat of his pocket. "However, you never did answer my former question about who you were expecting, Mr. Genghis." He finished as he looked around, fixing his eyes for a brief moment on one of Genghis' fallen comrades bodies. Quickly returning to his attention back on his foe to distract himself from the sight, he began to feel something deep within himself. A feeling that was reserved for the strongest of opponents. The feeling of excitement, the desire to fight. However despite his excitement, Damon knew there was no need to charge right in, that would be improper. The two needed to have a brief talk at the very least and he felt that Genghis shared such a thought with him, feeling the importance of going through such a task.

Genghis gave a shrug as he stopped stretching as well as messing with the wounded female's body after witnessing her cough up some blood. While he might be an asshole as some might put it, that didn't mean he was entirely heartless. "Well regarding the old man, I can't really say that I care if he returns or not. He can take care of himself and has this creepy vibe to him. Like he has something bigger planned." Genghis said in an offhanded manner, though there was some truth in his words. He truly did believe that Dealok was quite creepy and he had some alliterative motive but as long as it did not get in the way of his plan, he would pay no attention to it. "As for your original question, I don't really know who I was expecting. Perhaps I though you were a Dragon Slayer who wanted to join my cause or maybe I though that you were a powerful mage that could control the power of the sun while covering the world in infinite darkness. It's really hard to say." He finished with a shrug of his shoulders as he briefly swung his right foot forward, melting the snow that was in its trajectory.

"From what I've heard about you, they say that you can control heat by itself. I thought that you would perhaps be a Fire Dragon Slayer." Damon said, breathing heavily in the air as it had an noticeable white color due to the cold which Damon enjoyed. "I'm not really looking to join you and your guild. I just want to have a worthy battle and gain this title before I die." He said as though it was like he was making a comment about the weather. Damon glanced at the guild house that was behind Genghis, which he now only realized was a giant skull that resembled that of a Dragon, and saw that there was various children looking at them from the windows. That brought up a something that he heard when traveling the lands. Apparently, Genghis only accepted people who were Dragon Slayers, usually first and third generation Slayers only. Damon personally had his doubts when it came to the rumors but he would not ask and if it turned out to be true, he would reserve his judgement.

Genghis sighed in disappointment at hearing Damon's response to his offer though he was expecting such an answer from Damon. He remember Dealok often telling him that Damon would never join the guild as he would see their cause, as how he put it, "barbaric and plain stupid". Still it didn't hurt to try and get lucky maybe. "Well dang, can't say that I am surprised." Genghis said in a honest yet sarcastic tone as he clapped his hands together. "Well then, I think that we have talked for long enough don't you? I'd rather get my blood pumping and I am very eager to fight you." He continued as he let a large grin spread across his face. He was barely containing himself as he was now. If they continued to simply talk, it wouldn't be long before he snapped and tried to attack him. That would just be rude, especially for a king of so many. He needed to set an good example, well a somewhat good example, for his people.

Damon could feel the killing intent that Genghis was trying to suppress, as it was pratically covering the area around them despite being attempted to be subdued. Damon himself could feel a large grin imprint on his face. The talk could end for now, Damon though to himself as he could tell that Genghis might snap and just attack him if they stalled any longer. "Well then!" Damon suddenly shouted as he began to kicked of the ground wit his left leg, sending him flying back a few feet without taking his eyes off of Genghis. As he landed, he shifted his stance as he now held the artifact more like a weapon with his left hand while pointing at Genghis with his right hand. "Shall we begin this battle, King Khan?" Damon said in slightly mocking tone as his right hand began to shine slightly, signifying that he was prepared to start this battle at last. While he had no clue what his foe would do now, that didn't mean that he would back down and in the end the best warrior will come out on top, becoming the new Dragon Slayer King.

Genghis let a ferocious grin spread across his face, one could describe it as blood-thirsty if they stared at his face for long enough. That expression of delight signifying that he was ready to begin this battle, to clash against a powerful foe. He had waited so long to fight someone that could actually challenge him, push him to the edge and force him to reveal his true power, a feat that he hasn't done in so long that it felt like ages ago. Nevertheless, he was ready to begin this fight and what a fight it would be. "King Khan, eh? I've gotta admit, I kinda like the sound of that." Genghis said as he actually pondered on the newly bestowed moniker before quickly focusing his mind bak on the task at hand. "Well then, let us begin this bloody and glorious battle! This will be told for generations as one of the most impressive Dragon Slayer Royale battles in history!" He proclaimed loudly as he unleashed a large amount of heat from his feet as they acted as propellers, sending him dashing towards Damon at an incredibly fast rate with the same grin still on his face and his fist drawn back.

World-Destorying Heat and Tenebrous Flames

Damon heard how Genghis responded with immense attention and became proud of the words spoken by his own opponent. "If you will allow me, Sir Genghis. Let me be your opponent in this battle. Let's fight until dawn!" Damon shouted with great honesty as his opponent was charging at him with great speed. "A battle so ferocious that the very earth itself will never forget what occurred!" He finished as he saw that the impact of the attack was going to be large. Throwing his artifact backwards in a spinning motion while putting his hands on the ground as one of his hands took hold of one of the bodies of Genghis' comrades and the other was simply placed on the cold ground. With great power, he threw the barely-alive body towards Genghis in a fast manner as he sat back, preparing to see how his opponent would react.

Genghis let out a brief snort at the sight of the incoming body which was traveling toward him at surprising speeds. Thinking nothing of it as the body was few feet of hitting him, he decided to react in the simplest way possible: by backhanding the projectile of a body away from him as its trajectory quickly changed to whee it crashed into a nearby boulder. The person was most likely dead or had sever back pain and a bruised after going through that. Either way, it was not his problem. Deciding to start off simple to this match, Genghis cut the heat energy that was being released out of his feet and took a deep breath, drawing the air around him while channeling a considerable amount of heat into his mouth. As his cheeks bulged from the result of doing so, Genghis opened his mouth and proudly proclaimed. "Vermillion Dragon's Roar!" From the moment he said that, a thin laser of vermillion-colored was unleashed from his mouth, traveling towards Damon at an immensely high rate as the snow below it began to melt at significantly fast.

Damon continued with the grin on his face as he kept his right hand on the ground and moved his left arm in a swing quickly in the air as the scorching heat from Genghis' roar could already be felt. With that movement, Damon disappeared from where he was and the body which was launched previously appeared on his place. Damon would then appear on the wall the body was as Genghis' roar was about to ultimately kill his comrade. However Damon did not do the teleport after the body hit the wall, he did it when the body was inches away from hitting it. Then Damon used his stretchability to bounce on the wall and dash towards Genghis with immense speed. "Shadow Dragon's Roar" Damon shouted as he launched a powerful burst of shadows from his mouth, as it towards Genghis who would probaly be busy with his on-going roar.

Seeing that Damon was able to dodge his previous attack and charge toward him even retaliating with his own Roar attack, Genghis quickly aimed his roar at the ground as he added more power to the attack, causing him to be launched into the air and letting him dodge the incoming attack. Reacting quickly, he forced his heat energy into the sole of his feet which allowed him to stay afloat in the air. Looking down at Damon, Genghis silently began to think on his next move. Preforming a roar would just result in the same thing occurring except that he might actually be hit the next time. Going over multiple plans in his mind at a fast rate, he stopped when he came to one that might work if he executed it properly. Acting quickly, Genghis formed an orb of concentrated heat in his right hand and quickly launched a myriad of bullet-shaped projectiles that traveled down towards Damon at an accelerated rate.

Damon kept his smirk as he stopped his roar after Genghis succesfully dodged it with skill "Smart and fast" Damon thought as Genghis' own roar made him fly high over in the midair. Damon kept his pose as Genghis quickly concentrated heat in his hand and launched various bullets out of heat towards him as they travelled at an amazing speed. Damon raised his left hand forward as he too raised his right hand, shadows formed around the two limbs as it started to mold into a large wall. The wall or shield had flames on it's borders, this was Damon's defense spell "Shadow Flame Dragon's Dome" He shout as the bullets hit his defense nearly passing through it. Damon on the inside side of the wall saw as the bullets stopped near him, one near at his chest as he held an calm expression although the heat could be felt.

At the same time though, Damon did something else while hidden by the shadow wall. Inflating his cheeks slighty while increasing the hardness of the flames which he just produced, Damon fired it in a concentrated beam towards his left hand which had an separated part of the dome. He started to shape his dome around the scorching flames while his right hand still kept the Dome-Wall active, Damon then completely shaped the dome in his left hand as an black sphere around the flames which were bright enough to be seen through it. Some flames were strong enough to flow out of the black sphere as Damon held it tight, trying to not let it escape or the balance be broken as he waited for Genghis' move.

Genghis rose an eybrow at the clever yet strange move that Damon managed to pull of. "How interesting. I wonder what he will do with such a combination?" He though briefly before focusing once more. Cutting off the flow of heat energy to his feet, Genghis fell to the ground, making a large impact when he landed and showed no sign of being fazed by said drop. Holding his left hand at his side, he manipulate his heat energy as he began to shaped and condensed it using his magic and will. Eventually he got what he desired in the form of a broadsword made entirely out of fire, the flames crackling as though it was burning wood. While he wished that had brought his own sword Dyrnwyn, this would have to do for the time being. Dashing forward great celerity, Genghis appeared in front of Damon in little time and performed a rising diagonal slash with his makeshift sword towards the left side of his opponent's body with both hands.

Damon kept his collected expression as Genghis quickly approached him while holding an heat-made broadsword. Keeping his grin Damon waited as Genghis dashed towards him with incredible speed and as the Vermillion Slayer brought his sword in a swinging motion, Damon only swung his right arm to his right. Genghis was near to cutting Damon in two but the shadow slayer somehow managed to avoid it, how? He disappeared again from where he was as an pile of snow appeared where he was. Damon didn't deactivate the Dominion therefore he could still use it, firstly he embued some of the falling flakes with his eternano and used it to switch places, if he didn't embue the eternano he wouldn't be capable of executing the switch as the flakes were little in size.

Damon reappeared at the same time at Genghis' back, the latter had just executed an slash which missed and Damon still holded his black flaming orb although his shield disappeared since he used his right hand to do the switching. Damon made the sphere stood in his hand while spinning as he took chance Genghis' arm would be inclinated forwards. The Hybrid Slayer would now aim at Genghis' north-west part of his back, since his arm was perfoming an slash it therefore "moved" slightly the bone protecting Genghis' back as Damon was about to hit it with his powerful combination spell.

Acting quickly, Genghis released his left hand as he continued to swing his right arm as he bended his arm in such a way that the sword to end up the path of the attack that was headed his way. This allowed him to somewhat block the attack though he did still suffer some damage due to blocking it in an unorthodox manner, being pushed back slightly. "That was pretty creative move that you did there. however....." Genghis commented as he twisted his body towards Damon as he spun one foot and held his sword out using his right hand with the intention of cutting his foe in half. "I'm not out just yet!"

Damon happily grinned at Genghis, calling out in an excited voice, "You truly are the worthy of being King." Seeing that his foe was able to quickly recover and turn himself in order to slash through him, Damon clenched his teeth as he was about to be severed in two by the incoming heat sword. Having little option, the Hybrid Dragon did the only thing that he could do in order to suffer little damage as possible. It is easy to manipulate the elemental dome in any way that he wanted and in this situation, he remembered that it was easier to shift the dome back into its original wall-shield hybrid form. Genghis's sword didn't have enough power to break through the dome and therefore, he could still use it.

However even if he were to do that, the dome would be less thicker and the sword would be able to slice through the defense and even himself in the process of it all. A great idea crossed his mind in an instant; using his skilled manipulation, Damon shaped the sphere into a more brick-like form as he moved it into the path of Genghis' makeshift sword, hoping that the collision would stop the blade though his hand would possibly be damage no matter what. Even if the dome wouldn't do anything, Damon had a plan for that as he raised his left leg in a swing motion similar to a kick towards Genghis' sword arm in order to deflect the blow or interrupt it.

Seeing that Damon was about to try and deflect his attack using a kick of some sorts, Genghis retaliated by moving his left hand, moving it under his right armpit and using his palm to put in the the trajectory of Damon's incoming kick, therefore allowing him to block said attack and allow his sword-swing to continue uninterrupted. Continue the path of his attack, Genghis decided to kick it up to eleven by increasing the heat of the sword, causing the blade to become significantly in size, and the sword would eventually collided with the brick-shaped shadow flame that Damon molded, intending on cutting through it like a hot knife through butter ironically.

Damon kept his grin as Genghis still attempted to cut him with the heat-made broadsword, as he saw the heat slayer stopped his kick, Damon thought of something else. Damon increased the size and power of the dome as he tried to cover the heat sword almost completely, then by producing and covering his hand with shadows he would use brute force to stop the sword although he was feeling the heat and blood dropped from his palm. Damon analyzed everything quickly, Genghis had his two arms busy and couldn't do much with his right leg, therefore only the left leg was a problem.

Damon quickly stretched and tried to surround Genghis' left leg with his own extended right leg, closing it while expecting Genghis to be trapped. Using Pyro's Essence, he was capable of creating the upper torso of an clone of himself who would now try to grab Genghis' right leg. While doing it prepared an powerful punch as his arm trembled and he aimed it right at Genghis' face, the latter would probaly be distracted with his two arms busy and his two legs about to be captured. 

Genghis, seeing that multiple attacks were coming at him towards at an incredibly speed, and there was practically no way that he could possibly dodge said attacks without getting hurt himself. Unless he were to activate that.. A smile stretched across his face as he looked Damon dead in the eyes. "I didn't expect to have to use this so soon. But you have forced me to do so and I applaud you for doing so." Genghis thought as the fist was coming closer and closer towards his face as well as his legs were about to be restricted. "I must apologize for not taking you seriously earlier but now, I shall treat you like a fellow king, instead of a commoner." Finishing his thoughts, Genghis closed his eyes despite everything coming his way and breathed. He could see nothing but he was able to feel. He could feel the heat now flowing through his veins, the burning sensation as it traveled throughout his entire body.

Snapping his eyes open after the heat finished flowing through his very being, Genghis let out a roar as his entire body was set ablaze, becoming wrapped in vermillion-colored flames and unleashing wisp of heat from his back. This was his Vermillion Drive, one of his four unique modes that he had access to as well as the most used due to its versatility. Looking around, he was able to see the world around him in a way that everything was moving slow to him. Acting quickly, he pushed the leg that he had blocked with his left hand downward, allowing him to be relieved of that problem. Looking down at the clone that was going for his legs, Genghis decided to go about this a simple way. Dispelling the heat sword that he previously created, he jumped slightly enough to bring his knees to his chest, making the clone miss his legs, and performed a double kick towards Damon's chest with the intention of sending him flying away, gaining some distance between him and his foe.

Even though it was very fast, Damon could still see Genghis' body begin to envelop itself in pure heat in a blink of an eye. Damon clenched his teeth as suddenly the heat sword disappeared, he couldn't also feel Genghis' palm restricting his leg anymore. Genghis had suddenly now raised both his legs while enveloped in heat in a very quick pace which Damon couldn't keep with up in the situation he was. His clone had missed in catching Genghis' leg but that wasn't the end for him, Damon made the clone wield an fire-molded spear and made the lower half of the clone emerge from the snow as it had an Shadow Dragon's Claw. Both parts of the clone prepared to hit Genghis' back whose feet were about to violently hit Damon who tried to at least decrease some of the damage by covering his torso in hardened shadows.

Damon was kicked brutally in his stomach by Genghis' strong & fast double kick which was enough to lift him up from the ground because of the impact that was also enough to make an powerful shockwave spread through the area. The shockwave sent some boulders of rock flying away in some directions as the kick was enough to make Damon vomit the shadows protecting his stomach, an action resulting in an not-so powerful Shadow Dragon's Roar which would now blind Genghis if he was hit. Damon was sent flying due to the kick and also due to the stream of shadows and blood he had coughed, he flew directly to the lake near the area as his clone was trying to attack Genghis' back which would be uncovered now. Some kids back in the building would mutter either incredible or awesome at the scene although they barely saw it completely.

After kicking his foe in the chest, Genghis was able to sense something coming at him from behind thanks to his newly enhanced awareness granted to him by his Drive. Turning his head slightly to the left as a way to look behind him, he was able to see another Damon was coming behind him, already in mid-thrust as he held a spear of fire in his hands. Still in mid-jump himself, Genghis arced his back with surprising amounts of flexibly and was able to add more distance between that area and the incoming weapon. He did not stop there however as he twisted his torso to where his entire body flipped and he was now facing the second Damon. Forcing his heat into his feet, Genghis propelled himself towards the clone, holding his left arm out as he prepared to clothesline the clone, ready to take its entire head off with a single swipe.

The original Damon had prepared an Dual Dome already, encasing it around his scorching and bright flames which in case produced another one of those combinations. He saw as Genghis had perceived the threats willing to hit his back with an mighty spear and an powerful slash, the heat slayer used his flexible body and agility in order to increase the distance between them. Creating an fire long-sword in his hands, Damon pierced the Ball-Dome with it as Genghis had twisted his torso to probably counter-attack the clone. Damon by holding his combination in the sword part threw it in a spiralling motion towards Genghis in a very amazing speed as he finally landed himself on the lake making water splash.

Clotheslining the clone with incredible force thanks to the momentum that was granted by the heat thrusters, he was able to slam his forearm into the clone and snap its neck, causing it to dispel in a burst of fire. Quickly cutting off the flow of heat towards his feet, Genghis shifted his center thus allowing him to flip himself onto his feet and land. Looking in the direction that he recalled sending Damon towards, he saw an incoming flaming projectile. Not wanting to go through the process of dodging the attack, Genghis took a deep breath as he gathered both the air and heat around him before closing it. Quickly reopening his mouth, Genghis unleashed as enormous vermillion-colored blast of heat from his mouth towards Damon. As the traveled forth, it collided with the flaming projectile as it absorbed it into the attack.

Damon quickly raised and jumped out of the water as he did not like it too much as normal people would, only to drink of course. So apparently, Genghis roar was so powerful and so scorching it could devour other sources of thermal energy, Damon's eyes shone for a second as he was full of amazement. He grinned in ecstasy as it only devoured heat, therefore his shadows were still there and with effort he could still manipulate them, it was still his dome after all only without the flame defense-resistance. He took control of it, making it shapeshift into a large wall of shadows in order to intercept further passage of the vermillion roar, however there was a part of the roar which had passed before the wall was brought up. The wall however wasn't much resistant to heat-based attacks now.

Said part of the roar which passed is meant to be an now uncontrolled part, flying towards the lake's direction. Then at the same time an figure could be seen emerging from out of the waters, one in Genghis' position wouldn't notice with eyesight or so, this figure is the Original Damon who had his left hand engulfed in obscure shadows and scorching flames. The uncontrolled roar flew at him as it moved faster than the normal since it was decontrolled and could travel easier through the air, it was an guessing and high possible thing that Genghis shouldn't be capable of controlling this part of the roar given it was took of his own control "range".

Time would literally stop as Damon mentally explained the situation "Given it's faster now I could say it's uncontrolable now, which could mean he keeps his roar or should I say he gives an limit to the speed in which heat would go out of his mouth. If he didn't, it would go out violently possibly hurting him and wasting too much magical energy than originally intended, so, that's why he would supposedly give it a limit" Time continued on normally after Damon's own reasoning of if Genghis really does it. "That's it, I have to try this" Damon though to himself with a wide grin printed on his face, he quickly moved his left arm towards the upcoming part of the roar in order to slap it. Yes, Damon was gonna slap it with an palm engulfed with hardened shadows and powerful flames, why? It wasn't just an slap, it triggered two things. First, with it he would use his Flame Dragon's Sense as he had dominion acivated in order to send an wave of heat through the area or air likely to scan things. Second, due to the arm-motion he had done or in other words an swing, he would activate one of Dominion's effects and switch his own place with eternano embued flakes of snow which were located right at the back-side of the uncontrolled roar.

For the heat of wave, Damon had given it an boost enough to influentiate nearby heat-particles and make them follow the course of Damon's wave. With force and this heat influence part, Damon sent the roar in Genghis's direction, accurately in the air at the angle of 45º. The Shadow-Switching is faster than the Flame's Sense therefore putting Damon in the course the roar would now take, however he would use the uncontrolled roar as a boos-rocket as it instantly hit his feet sending him in an very insane speed right to the area above Genghis. However, as some would think, it didn't form an straight launch but instead it formed an parabola or in other words an up-down curve. Damon flew high in the air due to it but then the roar began to "fall" following the default of said "parabola", it's end was Genghis' exact location, in other words if Damon continued with the rocket-boost given by the uncontrolled roar, he would land on Genghis. However the uncontrolled roar has lost some speed in the proccess, increasing the time it would take for Damon to reach right above Genghis' head which he just did luckily as the clone was having a lot of difficults holding up the dome.

Damon couldn't be noticed via scent due to the wet-factor as he had went out of the water despite coming into contact with heat, also via eyesight as the snow would block the vision of one looking for anything in the sky. One would think the heat was bright enough to be noticed, but Genghis would be focusing his eyesight on "Damon" who was holding the dome, therefore he wouldn't pay so much attention to his surrounds as he would normally. Also it was snowing a bit heavy now, an act which made loud noises enough to cover most of his own noises. Damon who was above Genghis, had enhanced his right arm with shadows to the muscle-level as he prepared to deliver an powerful not-charged Shadow Dragon's Stone Crusher in Genghis' face, the punch was influentiated by speed, gravity and Damon's own strength. He prepared himself should Genghis notice him.

Eyes widen at the strange spectacle that just occurred, Genghis watched for a brief moment as he saw that his foe was able to literally slap his own attack back towards him in an arcing manner. "God, I hate the fact that Dragon Slayers can't eat our own elements. It's bullshit honestly.", Genghis though to himself as he kicked himself off the ground, moving away from the incoming projectile composed of blistering heat as it crashed into the ground where he was originally standing, causing a large explosion to occur as debris was sent flying. Skidding to a stop, Genghis looked around as he searched for Damon. Getting a nagging feeling in the back of his head, he looked up to see that Damon was coming down towards him with his right hand in a punching position as it was noticeably leaking shadows at a very quick speed, making him appear like a black comet.

Enveloping his entire left arm in immense heat, Genghis launched himself off the ground as he charged to meet Damon in a clash. Figuring that Damon's own punch would most likely have more force behind it due to gravity and all that nonsense, Genghis once again used his heat propellers to increase his own momentum as he flew through the air like a shooting star. Genghis let a smile appear on his face as he neared Damon as he knew that he could consider this man a rival, someone that he could compare himself to and even possibly call a friend one day, second only to that man. As he moved within a few feet of Damon, Genghis threw his left hand forward as it was closed into a fist as he attacked with the purposes of delivering the upmost damage that he could possibly preform onto his foe as he bellowed with a great amount of vigor, "Vermillion Dragon's Corrosive Fist!".

Banquet of Kings

Among the noise and clamor that existed in this fight between tyrannous Dragon Slayers, there was one, rather melancholic, man who had stood upon the roof of Dragon Soul's headquarters. He was stained with fake blood and gashes across his entire body and, from the attire he wore, one could tell that he had blended in with the various injured by the Shadow Flame Dragon Slayer: Damon D. Draco. In the very instant the man perceived the duo beginning to clash with their fists, he began his own movements. His feet were silent, dragging across the snow as he reached the edge of the roof that tilted towards the ground. He had bent his knees, building up momentum and pressure. His arms had been flooded with a substance as red as blood, albeit magical in nature and they were behind his back, palms outstretched, awaiting for lift-off.

And he soared! Snapping both of his legs simultaneously, the springing force behind this motion left a shockwave that caused a circular area beneath him to be void of snow. However, that was irrelevant. The man, with hair as black as ebony and an attire as white as the snow that he stood upon, had been propelled away from the roof and managed to secure the perfect position at the center of the collision between both parties. His blood-red arms, now outstretched, clasped the forearms of both the Dragon Slayer King and the Hybrid Dragon Slayer, shocking both parties at his sudden appearance. Within that very instant, the man rotated in the air with his enemies within the palm of his hand — literally — the rotational force causing such momentum to be added to the subsequent throw that, on both ends, two great explosions occurred simultaneously at the site of his enemies, constituting of dark shadows and blistering heat on either end.

In the meantime, the man had steadily dropped down to earth once more. As his feet landed on the ground, he raised his hands and snapped his fingers, causing the red substance on his arm to fall flat onto the ground and seep into the snow, as blood would. Upon doing so, his voice finally beckoned, "Greetings, Dragon Slayers." He began to speak, "I am who you might recognize as the Blood Dragon King's apprentice...Ash Sangria. I have come to invite the both of you to my cause; to create a legacy for the Dragons that will last an becoming Dragons ourselves." His announcement stirred the souls of the other parties for sure, however he did not finish there. "However, should you fail to see reason..." The man drew his blade, "I will have to cut you down, lest you interfere with my plans for this world."

Damon landed on the thick blanket of snow over the ground as it made an little-crater on where he landed, clenching his teeth, Damon cleaned the snow out of his clothes. After doing so, Damon would sustain his body and raise it in order to look at what had happened when he was about to clash with Genghis "Damn, just when the perfect opportunity appeared" He thought scolding himself as he looked at his left arm which shone slightly for a second. Damon closed his left palm in a fist as a sign of either anger or sorrow, why? Losing an opportunity like that is bad in battle indeed, but he didn't sense that this guy would intervene.

The man started to talk as Damon began to listen to him with great attention while also aware of his surrounds should anyone make any move. His name was Ash Sangria and he wanted them to help him on a legacy thing to continue with the lineage of Dragons, that's what Damon understood at least, Damon would think that is a weird thing to say and then put an shocked expression on his face as he imaginated various female dragons praising him. His body sweating while he had an shocked face-fault, Damon fixed his body position as he looked at Ash "Sorry Mr. Ash, but I don't have any intention on becoming an dragon" Damon said while secretly sweating at the thought of female dragons "As good as you offer is, I won't accept it" Damon blinked for a quick moment with a grin on his face "First, because you plan involves taking over the world for another dragonic era right? If yes, there, and second..." Damon's thick bill-hat covered his eyes with shadows as he looked coldly at Ash "You interrupted my damned battle..."

Genghis flew through the air as well as he crashed into the ground below skipping like a rock that was thrown across a lake before he finally stopped with a trail of ruined snow trailing behind him. Jumping to his feet in an instant, Genghis looked towards who interrupted what he believed to be his greatest battle yet. "Who dares interrupt my fight?!", he bellowed as the snow around him began to melt from the massive quantity of heat that he was exerting from his body. After hearing the man speak, Genghis was both shocked and angered. Shocked at the fact that here was Ash Sangria, one of the few Dragon Slayers that he was unable to uncover any information about even with Riku's various connection in terms of intel, was before him and asking him to join him in ushering in a new age of Dragons. However as mentioned before, he was angered at being interrupted at what he considered a glorious battle, a fight that he hadn't had in so long.

However out of nowhere, Genghis began to laugh, a laugh that was fitting for that of a king that has truly descended into madness. Genghis continued this laugh for a few moments before it began to become softer and eventually stoping. He looked over at Ash once more as he said, "So you want to usher in a new age of Dragons, you say? To become Dragons and then do what?! Rule over the pitiful humans that dare try and stand in our way? I'm sorry but no. If I'm going to be a conquer, I'm going to do it in this body, not in the form of some hulking creature that I killed when I was younger!" Genghis' face was now red from either anger or the heat he was releasing. He shifted his stance to where his right leg was in front and his left leg was slightly bent in the back. He raised up his hands as they were enveloped in heat. Looking towards his new foe, he said with a bloodthirsty smile, "So it seems like you are gonna have to try and take me out right now."

"Both of you..." Ash sighed in disappointment. "Negotiations have never been my forte..." His magical energy spiked once more, leaving him surrounded in a blood-red aura. "Especially against the likes of you scum that call yourselves Dragon Slayers!" His blood had been boiling, almost literally, as fumes of red had evaporated from his body. Within that very instant, Ash's speed increased to tremendous levels, as he pushed his feet off of the ground, leaping into the air in only one step. Suddenly, the man raised his sword-wielding arm and within an instant his blade was engulfed within blood. "Come! Fear the strike of the Blood Dragon's Claw!" Ash announced, swinging his blade in an arc that let out a massive wave of crimson blood-energy infusion which, upon coming in contact with the ground, let out two great waves of snow that attempted to engulf both of his enemies. At the same time, Ash had immediately gained standing on the small terrace nearby, awaiting his opponents reactions while he created a javelin-esque weapon in his left hand.

Damon engulfed both of his hands in powerful flames as Ash sent an powerfuk shockwave through the snow in his direction, probaly towards Genghis too, the Hybrid's arms shone a little. Damon smiled at the sight, as soon as Ash did it Damon had conjurated various mini-fire-made spears that fitted between his fingers, the ones in his left were threw randomly to the midair as they would probaly hit the castle albeit don't do much damage. His left hand instantly went to the ground as he threw the spears in his right hand in an random direction procceeding to hit the ground with a slap after doing it, said action actually caused the snow below him to erupt slightly covering his surrounds as Ash's attack was about to hit him. However as it approached the targetened area, the shockwave passed directly as it blew away the snow cover, Damon nowehere to be seen.

Various Damon's left hand spears travelled across the midair hitting through the building's terrace, provoking many little explosions through it, said action could potentially infuriate Genghis though it was Ash Sangria, the one at the top of the terrace. Many spears travelled through the ground-level area, hitting either the ground or the building near Genghis, Damon had actually produced 2 mini-spears for between each finger. It was then that Damon had suddenly reappeared near Ash's back while holding two Hybrid domes which were enveloping two flaming masses, the domes were rotating as Damon was ready to hit Ash's back with a lot of force while also boosting his speed with two fire thrusters from his feet. However one should think Damon would only attack the blood slayer.

Damon also appeared near Genghis' right side while holding the Pythias Artifact which had suddenly returned somehow, now shapeshifted in a very big burning hammer ready to hit Genghis directly on his ribs. Damon clenched his teeth and shout out loud as the ground beneath him would be visebly broken shouldn't the snow cover it. What had happened? Damon had created an clone which hiddened beneath the snow, then he would throw various spears with real spears aspect randomly and then activate Shadow Dragon's Dominion by touching the ground, since the spears had his eternano in it, he could switch with them. What one was the original though, wasn't clear as of now.

Genghis looked around him, spotting everything that occuring around him thanks to the enhanced awareness that was granted to him by his Vermillion Drive. Seeing that Damon was on his left side with a giant burning hammer and Ash was unleashing a wave of snow towards the both of them, raising down like crimson rain, Genghis decided to act accordingly. Focusing a immense amount of heat towards the ground below him, causing the snow to once again melt and form into a ring of fire on the ground, Genghis unleashed a large wall of blistering heat, causing the incoming snow to evaporate from being within near proximity of the heat. Following up with great speed, Genghis conjured another sword made of heat in his right hand though it was surprising to see that instead of a broadsword, it was shaped more so like a katana. Swinging the conjugated blade in a cross formation, Genghis unleashed a X-shaped projectile towards the last direction he saw Ash in.

"Hmph." Ash grunted, noticing the movements of Damon, in particular, very carefully. From rumors he knew that the man was quite proficient at clones, something that he didn't wish to get caught up in. And as soon as Damon appeared behind him, he used the rather indiscriminate explosions of Damon's spear-esque attack to his advantage. He immediately focused his strength on slicing through the terrace; he managed to do so with a single, precise, horizontal slash that bisected the terrain they stood upon, forcing both combatants to fall down. In the case of Ash, it enabled him to evade both Damon and Genghis' assaults simultaneously because they were both elevated through flame-propulsion.

Upon landing on the ground, Ash noticed that the falling debris caused a small smokescreen to envelop his position. Using this to his advantage, the Blood Dragon Slayer spun the spear on his left arm towards Damon's position, swinging his left arm outwards and throwing the spear with such force that ripples formed in the air as it traveled closer to Damon's proximity with the intent of causing a powerful explosion. On the other end, Ash had his feet push off of the ground and leaped to Genghis' location in an instant, sending a powerful overhead slash downwards in an attempt to cleave through his fiery sword.

Damon grunted as Ash destroyed most of the terrain with an single slash, an incredible feat indeed, and with just an single slash which didn't require much effort. Damon was amazed, his eyes shone for a single second for how much he admired Ash, yes he really did admire the Blood King even though the latter wouldn't feel the same. No terrain could be stepped in now with Ash's attack as the latter could nowhere be seen, he was probaly on the floor already though the smoke covered everything, some slayers could be seen inside the building either in shock or fear as an scarlet-colored spear suddenly raised from the smoke aiming at the hybrid. Damon still had the domes in his hands and in a quick pace he unwrapped the shadow-flame cover out of the flaming orb inside it which now erupted as Damon made his palms face his left. The orbs exploding would provoke an boost enough to send Damon to the right though it could still hurt him, Damon was thrown to the right wall but then he noticed as the spear travelled towards the sky, his wrist was nearly obliteared by it, his left one. Damon clenched his teeth as more than half of his wrist was blown away.

The other Damon saw as the terrain was blown away by Sangria's attack, it opened an big hole in the guild's building too as Ash would be there certainly. He clenched his teeth as Genghis had evaded his attack beforehand by sending an burst of vermillion energy from his feet. Damon tightened the grip in his artifact as he put way more force into his hammer-swing, he procceeded to hit the burst that Genghis let out and targetened the Heat Slayer who was in the midair. Damon let sweat out of his body as he increased the strength in his arms and used his own flames to protect against the heat of Genghis' burst, then he reached it, the Shadow Slayer reached a point of strength that was enough to violently bounce the burst towards Genghis' direction using his hammer, he shout out loud as he sent it violently.

Genghis briefly wondered for a moment as Ash proceed to destroy the terrain around him and his guild about how much it would cost to repair all of this. This just reminded Genghis that he really need to recruit an Earth Dragon Slayer into his guild. Getting his mind back into the fight, Genghis cut off the heat that he was unleashing to continue the blazing wall that raised to protect himself. Looking around, Genghis could see a white streak that was soaring through the destroyed area as it was coming close to him. Assuming it was Ash, Genghis was continued and saw another black blur that was also heading towards him, though it was hard to make out and figured it was Damon, possibly the real one of a clone. Seeing that both his opponents had similar intentions of attacking him, Genghis held out his left hand, conjuring another fiery katana of heat.

As soon as Ash and Damon appeared within range to hit him with their weapons, Genghis swung his weapons in a crossed formation, colliding with the weapons that would have cleaved in half and smashed with great force. However despite doing so, the weapons were able to break through his own swords, striking Genghis across the chest with a deadly slash and forcing him back with a powerful blow which sent him flying back. Being sent over to a nearby debris, Genghis flipped his body to land on it in a crouched manner and focused a great amount of heat around his wound, causing it to seal up quickly. Taking a deep breath, Genghis unleashed it as a vermillion blast was once again unleashed from his mouth, traveling with immense speed towards where Damon and Ash were.

"Tch." Ash grunted to himself as he noticed that his attack hadn't been completely successful against Damon. Furthermore, the fact that Genghis managed to so easily retaliate after suffering such damage bothered him considerably. However, he prioritized his own defense and had suddenly created another blood-red spear within his left hand and begun to spin it at great speeds. However, given that he held his katana in his other hand, in tandem with the speed of the attack, caused some of the vermillion flame-like material to cause slight burns on his body. Cringing for but a moment, Ash quickly managed to concentrate to the point where he stabbed the spear on the ground. While gaining more burns as a cause, the kinetic force from the action propelled Ash upwards, avoiding the rest of the blast while giving him an opportunity to attack both Damon and Genghis with a wave of red energy expelled from the wakes of his sword swings.

Damon clenched his teeth while making an flaming orb on his right hand as once again as Genghis got up and fire an powerful roar made out of scorching heat against him and the Bloody-Head, the latter asured himself of evading the attack by going to the midair. In mid-time Damon covered his flaming orb with his dome and pierced through it with an flaming sword similar to what he did earlier against Genghis alone. Using an up-down motion of his arm, Damon threw the Dome at Sangria who would send an scarlet-energy slash in order to intercept it and cause an explosion. As his arm went down, Damon procceeded to touch the ground activating his dominion, sweat passing down through his face, Damon used it to call an not-so-thick boulder of earth to protect him from Genghis' roar. He still had his artifact in his hands but he couldn't shift it into a flaming shield as he was concentrated on the dome and dominion, and additionally on his clone.

Damon's clone which had it's wrist nearly blown off completely didn't stop and stood there paralyzed, he used an weak version of Flame Dragon's Roar in order to propel himself. He went flying towards the now-on-midair Ash who would supposedly be occupied with attacking both of his opponents with his bloody and deadly wings. The clone looked at the original who just gave an cold gaze against him though it looked like he was looking at Ash, this was the signal, the clone smiled as he would get near Ash oson. Of course the Bloody Head would notice him but that's it, the clone stretched his limbs in a parabola manner around the area of Ash as he would close it should the King not react while his body was very bright at the same time, signal it would explode. The original Damon was hit by an not-so depowered roar of Genghis due to the boulder, sending him flying across the place and then unto the lake's border.

Deciding to deactivate his Vermillion Drive as he could feel some strain on his body, Genghis kicked off the slab of stone that he had previously been clinging to, maneuvering form on stone to another as he maneuvered around Ash's red sword waves. As he was doing so, he began to gather a massive quality of heat in both of his hand and chanted, "With the heat of the exploding nova in my left hand, and the heat of the blazing earth in my right hand," As he recited this chant, his arms were enveloped in orbs of heat as he continued dash through the slabs of earth and finish his chant. "I shall destroy all that stand in my way and send them to a plane of major heat!" Combining the two orbs into one large sphere, Genghis competed his chant as he thew it towards Ash as he was flying in mid-air. "Vermillion Dragon's Incendiary Bomb!"

"Extendable foolish." Ash thought to himself as, what appeared to Damon's clone, projected his limbs towards Ash's location. However, before he could do anything substantial about the problem, the issue of Genghis had also arisen. "A spherical orb of magical energy..." He thought to himself, knowing full well that being in the air left him open to attack. However, he could not get severely injured this easily. To compensate, Ash concentrated his magical power around his person. "Witness...the skin of a Blood Dragon with your own eyes!" Ash declared, while the thought of "Blood Dragon's Clotting" ran through his mind. His skin suddenly turning blood red around his torso as Damon's limbs grasped him. He did not flinch. What Damon failed to see, however, was Genghis' incoming attack which immediately caused a massive explosion, forcing the clone's limbs to fade while also managing to injure Ash to a significant degree, leaving burns across his arms and torso while burning his attire at the same time as his "lifeless" body fell onto the ground, leaving a crater-esque impact.

However, what happened afterwards was peculiar. With only a little bit more effort than he previously required, Ash had gotten up from that large explosion, with little more than burns across his body as he let out one large breath. "Impressive...or so I would say. However you must realize...forcing me to this means nothing." He declared, gripping his sword and patiently awaiting for his enemy's attacks.

The clone clenched his teeth and surprise but yet smiled instants later as he knew what happened as he had saw the Pythias Artifact flying to the area left to Genghis. While Ash and Genghis had made moves which destroyed the clone's limbs, back in the ground not so far the original stood in his legs as he had activated his Shadow Drive. When? As Genghis roar blasted him away he took the chance to do it, this would stop Damon's body from blasying away as this mode enhanced him and his senses. Both his sleves were burned, his coat slightly burnt and his hat nowhere to be seen as blood came out of his forehead, he put his left hand on the ground very quickly while forming an Flame Dragon's Battle Lance in his right. The clone did an little spear too, it was an little sized because he hadn't time, he created it and an instant later the explosion of Genghis power occured as it clashed against Ash, destroying the clone's limbs almost completely. However the little spear was still near his torso, luckily it hadn't faded away with the explosion, the original smiled quickly switching places with the little spear as Sangri just finished his phrase.

Original Damon kicked the torso of the smiling clone in order to boost and propel himsel in the air towards Ash, as he did it, he launched the spear on his right hand, this action sent the clone flying backwardly to the building. However he still continued flying towards the Bloody head with immense speed due to his drive alongside the flaming spear and as he approached his enemy, Damon used his switching again as he smiled since it was faster with his drive active. He switched himself with the clone that now was about to hit the Blood Slayer alongside the spear while the original flew backwardly against the building wall, the latter using shadows crossed his arm and legs in a near fetus position in order to assimilate to a ball, as he would hit and bounce off the wall. The clone along the spear about to clash against Ash, just said "Oh it meant nothing? Good I don't want it to mean anything" The clone started to shine as he was about to explode due to Damon's own Pyro Essence in order to ignite the clone.

The original Damon flew towards Genghis due to the bounce-boost he received from the wall although it kinda hurt making contact with an wall. With his drive enhanced speed Damon flew past near Genghis as he stopped in the ground making the snow burst up making an type of cover, as he landed Damon found his artifact on the ground as he shot it earlier. He took hold quickly of it as the artifact was in the smaller form, Damon chanelled his energy through it and swung it in a fast pace against Genghis direction, was it gonna hit him? Damon didn't know but he had the sword shift into a flaming whip should the sword not reach Genghis, the whip which is longer would. Damon would now see how they would react to his actions, he only got to do all these moves in that speed due to the insane power of his drive which tired him enough although it would be worth.

Turning his head slightly due to feeling a source of heat suddenly pop up, Genghis was able to see that Damon had sent a whip toward him. He was able to notice that Damon was releasing a great amount of shadows, making him predict that this was his own Drive or something similar. Scowling at the fact he had to deactivate his own, Genghis held up his left arm as the whip of fire quickly coiled around his arm due to it being in the trajectory of whip. Ignoring the fact that his jacket was burning due to the intense heat of the whip, Genghis clenched his right fist around the length of the whip, making sure that it did not escape his grasp. Gritting his teeth, Genghis gave a big smile and called in a deep voice, "Get over here!" as he used his tremendous strength to try and pull Damon towards him while igniting his free right fist in blistering heat, preparing to punch his foe.

"This cloning a problem." Sangria thought to himself, conjuring a blood-red javelin in his arm once again as Damon had accelerated towards his proximity. Noticing his flaming spear, he had assessed the situation and calmly waited for Damon to reach closer in order to provide the same level of impact against him as well. However, suddenly, a limbless clone had replaced Damon, while he left behind his flaming spear. Noting that he had very little time left before an explosion commenced, Ash used the small distance available between himself and his incoming enemies to leap himself off of the ground using his feet to go backwards, prior to snapping his left arm forwards, propelling his blood-red spear towards the fiery spear that came to take his life. The sudden collision forced a powerful explosion of fiery red in a column-like shape to take form, disintegrating both the clone and the spear in a single shot, while leaving Ash unharmed in the process. "Since when have Dragons stooped so low as to use clones as a diversion? How cowardly."

Damon could just let the artifact go and be pulled by Genghis, but then he would lose it, the Shadow Slayer didn't like the sound of it. With his other hand Damon formed two flaming orbs and procceeded to shape the Hybrid Dome around them as he made both spin fastly, as he was drawn towards Genghis. Damon made two flaming daggers pierce through both spheres while tightening his grip on the artifact and using his strength to pull Genghis' arm and destabilize the King by forcing an body position change. Then Damon launched one of the spheres at Genghis and the other at Ash "Good thing I am a Dragon Slayer then Sangria" Damon replied in an calm tone as he heard what Bloody Head said after destroying the clone and the spear. The domes went spinning with te dagger through them, when their taget was hit, firstly the fire would come off from the sides of the dome as a thin stream since the daggers cut it there, then an big explosion would occur due to the release of the rest of the scorching flames.

Making a grunt sound as his balance was thrown off due to the surprise tug from his foe that he was pulling in, Genghis looked forward to see that a projectile that looked like a spiraling sphere and a disc combined together. Looking over around, he spotted Ash who was in the air with another of those projectiles moving towards him. Activating his heat thrusters, Genghis quickly propelled himself up in the air, maneuvering out of the path of the incoming attack while dragging Damon with him as he still was holding onto the whip that was coiled around his arm. Moving around the destroyed terrain at such speed that would force his dragged foe to hit some of the slabs of earth, he moved towards Ash with his fist lit ablaze, ready to attack.

"They aren't letting up...I'm surprised they're not attacking one another, however." Ash thought to himself, his feet swiftly returning to the ground and enabling him the opportunity to stand his ground against both onslaughts. "This ends here." His sudden declaration also revealed a hefty level of magical power emitted from him, creating a small shockwave that suddenly augmented his physical prowess. With a swift horizontal slash to the ground below him, he upturned a noticeable quantity of snow and earth that intervened with the assault of both Damon's projectile and slowed down Genghis' assault to the point where, once the man had broken through the makeshift wall, Ash managed to leap to his right by pushing his left foot off of the ground momentarily, returning to a proper combat stance approximately ten meters away.

"Now, now, Ashy, isn't that enough?" A rather mysterious voice could be heard, as a large gust of wind had interrupted the battle that had occurred between the three Dragon Kings. "Sorry about this whole issue, folks. Our Ashy here tends to be a bit...aggressive when it comes to Dragons." The man, now revealed to have blond hair and adorn a particularly regal outfit, laughingly said. "Oh! The name's Nōbu! Come visit sometime, yeah?"

At that moment, a mysterious figure hidden within a black cloak appeared in between the two men that confronted Genghis and Damon, softly chanting "Transgression" as the wind's speed suddenly intensified with the intent of taking them away.

"Both of you..." Ash began to say, "Remember this well. I will never tolerate your existence in this world." The words echoed to the two remaining combatants of the Dragon Slayer Royale, remaining as whispers in the wind as nothing more than rubble remained of Ash's existence in their battle.

"Your fucking bastard" Damon clenchs his teeth angrily as veins pop up on his bit-bloody forehead as he quickly stretched his free arm. Said arm went violently through the area in an insane speed due to the rate shadows were produced, his arm hit the building violently passing through it's walls as Damon made his wrist inflate with shadows in order to keep his arm from going back. Veins popped up on the arm which was holding the artifact, said arm was completely engulfed in shadows as Damon shout using a lot of his strength plus with the already tight grip on the artifact. Damon tried on forcing Genghis to fly to the building despite the latter was flying in the opposite direction with thrusters although his boost would probaly be decreased now due to Ash's actions. Using his flaming whip and his stretched arm, Damon would try to throw Genghis at the building while fleeing himself from the rocks and losing his grip on the artifact letting it go. Damon would land on the ground violently as Sangria stood with two other people, as Damon tried to approach them he could only hear Ash muttering some words and finally disappearing "Fuck" He thought as Ash's image slowly faded away.

It was then that he remembered it, as Ash's back was turned to him while he faded away, Damon blinked and Ash was replaced with an figure with black long-wavy hair. Probaly a woman although she couldn't be fully seen, for the said second everything would go silently and calmly, the sound of the breeze couldn't be heard. Damon's vision was a bit blurred as he began to hyperventilate slowlydue to the heavy breathing "Don't go...don't" Those words echoed in his head as he snapped instantly, everything went negative colored, his heartbeat could be heard by himself at this same second and his eye twitched violently, he looking like he was about to burst and scream. But then, his vision went back to normal in the same instant, the breeze now could be heard normally, the negative effect disappeared and Damon was sweating through the entirety of his body probaly, he panted and breathed heavily as he looked down at his left hand which was pierced by his own flaming-construct sword. Why? Damon had used the sense of pain in order to distract his brain from the memories he recalled.

Damon deformed the sword as blood was coming out of the wound in his hand as he got up albeit with a bit difficult. The Hybrid took out the Holy Wrap from his pocket and procceeded to wrap some of it around his palm and back of hand order to decrease the pain and heal the damage done. Damon closed his eyes and opened them an instant later, though he launched Genghis, he should still hold his guard up. He looked around again and Ash plus the two people were gone, probaly due to an spell, Damon clenched his teeth again as he turned towards the Dragon Soul's building, wondering if the King procceeded to hit through the building or if he avoided it and is now hiding. The Shadow slayer tried to focus, he couldn't lose this battle now although he was breathing a bit heavy and it could be noticed due to the cold air leaving his mouth.

Soaring through the air after being thrown by Damon, Genghis quickly activated his heat thrusters once more to allow himself to float in the sky, preventing himself from crashing into his own guild, and looked down at Damon. He had seen Ash and what he assumed to be team but decided to ignore it and his passing words as he focused on the battle at hand. "Well now that the interference is gone, we can get back to fighting between us." Slowly cutting the power of his thrusters to where he landed on the ground, he looked at Damon with a smirk on his face. "I think it is time that we take this to the next level!" His body exploding with an immense amount of heat, signifying that he activated his Drive, Genghis threw his tattered jacket off and leaped into the air as wisps of heat energy followed behind him, going into his body. Eventually, a colossal sized warrior slowly began to take shape and was towering Damon, staring down at him. Genghis, who was inside the head of the giant, cried out with a grin. "This is my Dragon's Arrival! Fear the power of Smaug!" As he said this, the large warrior took a step forward to try to crush Damon.

Damon tried to keep his mind in line due to what had just happenned within his head "Smaug, the Vermillion Dragon King, father to the Heat Queen!" Damon said as he got his composure back, after giving in an deep breath and inhaling fire, he released it as an concetrated stream of flames which propelled himself out of the way of Smaug's crushing. Damon was now flying above the lake near the building as he escaped from the foot crush "It seems you won't give in this battle so easily" Damon thought for an instant " be it" Damon claps his hands making his fingers intersect although his thumb and little fingers would go out of the closed-fists intersection as the former would make another formation with the left thumb on top of the right one which is right above the three middle-fingers that are intersected while the latter would make an formation right below the three fingers. Taking advantage he was in the midair right above an lake, Damon also made his two feet clap together, said actions had triggered many and many shadows to erupt around Damon while mixed with magical energy, said shadows were beginning to take shape and right below Damon, an black smoke exploded out blocking the man completely.

Only this phrase would be heard now "Emergence! Arrival of the Dragon!" Damon shout intensely as an dragon's head rised from the smoke, it had shining red eyes and it's head looked like an armored with it's teeth being seen as it was grinning. The dragon continued to rise with it's intimidating face as it began to look down upon Genghis and Smaug as it towered the duo easily alongside the black smoke. Damon could be seen with an serious face above the rising dragon's head "Noo--NOO MOAHK!!" Damon shout once as the Dragon spread it's tails in a quick manner while openning it's large black wings, action enough to make the smoke fade away revealing the entirety of it's body. He was almost if not completely covered in an gray-black tone, having four arms with the secondary ones forming into two draconic wings, an well-built torso shared by most dragons and oddly various large tails. Some of it's scales would ressemble metal-plates and it's eyes were an shining and intimidating red with an vertically crossed pupil.

Damon's black coat was now almost completelty opened, his right slevee was completely destroyed which showed off his well-built and muscular arm while again, his hat was missing and blood came out of his mouth and forehead. He had the drive aura around his body and due to his coat being opened, his torso could now be seen, oddly Damon didn't like using so much shirts when he would be already using an large coat, he looked at his rival and enemy Genghis from the atop of Noo Moahk since the latter towered Smaug by around some feet in height. "It seems, we are very armed up here, Genghis Breningoch!" Damon moved his right arm straightly forward as Noo Moahk roared out loudly and moved his right arm in an backward motion in order to delieve an powerful punch to Smaug while approaching the latter with the use of his black wings. The dragon's roar would be heard in the nearby town and probaly some guildmates inside Dragon Soul would wonder what was happening. Simply...Titans were about to Clash!

Unleashing a battlecry that shock the very earth to its core, Smaug manifested its own pair of wings that destroyed the ground below it and dashed towards Noo Moahk in a steak of vermillion heat, the ground exploding with heat as it traveled to meet the beast in a clash. Drawing its right fist back, Smaug brought it forward in order to punch Noo Moahk's own punch, canceling out each others attack. The lake below them exploded as water shot through the air and painted the picture of two titans: the dragon and the warrior clashing and destroying whatever may stand within their path with one goal in mind. To have the greatest battle in their entire lives. With a laugh being released from his throat and a grin on his face, Genghis called out, "Come Damon! This will be the battle where fate decrees who is the strongest among the Dragon Slayers!"

As the two Dragons clashed and water shot highly in the air, the sky was ripped open slowly as the strays of solar light passed through the opening and illuminated the location, now snow stopped from falling. "Genghis, Yinchuan shall be defeated alongside you and you will only look as it is destroyed while you fall from your horse, not being capable of doing anything" Damon shout out as Noo Moahk flew away from Smaug, as some distance as created between the two while Damon did some movements with his right hand by extending it straight as a sign of Go. Said actions were enough for the Dragon to quickly accumulate lots and lots of powerful flames as it started to mold into an sphere near his mouth, shadows could be seen rising inside it as Damon shout "Shadow Flame Titan Dragon's Roar!!" An powerful and destructive large beam of shadows and flames was launched towards Genghis and Smaug by NooMoahk as the dragon roared while doing it.

While surprised at the sight of the enhanced Roar attack, Genghis kept his cool and controlled Smaug once more as he made the giant warrior beat its wings, sending massive debris flying before taking off into the air and dodging the cataclysmic beam of dual elements. Flying in the air, Smaug moved its left arm in a manner that looked like it was holding a bow. Soon, the heat that made up its hands expanded, forming an actual bow made of heat. Holding out its right hand, an arrow was soon formed as the heat around it gathered to form said object. Loading the burning arrow into the heat created bow, Smaug pulled back on the arrow as it aimed for Damon. "Take this! Vermillion Dragon Warrior's Ballista Rain!" Letting the arrow soar through the air, it quickly split into a myriad of small arrows as it rained down toward NooMoahk.

The Shadow Dragon's roar was stopped by an really big Dome that Damon helped create, molding it right around the roar and then compressing it into an sphere just like Damon would do normally but this version was way bigger and more powerful. This all while at the same time the secondary arms forming two giant flaming katanas, with the left one Damon made it pierce the sphere to have the same effect as before and threw it in an spiralling manner. This would be enough to cut through some of the arrows fire at them and go directly towards Smaug and Genghis albeit with a bit less of power, Damon saw it passed through some of the arrows with it's insane power. The Hybrid Slayer clenched his teeth, despite the spell passing through the barrage and stopping some, there were still arrows willing to hit both, with the flaming sword held by the right-secondary arm, Noo Moahk procceeded to do many and many powerful slashes against the upcoming myriad. Although he did the best he could, many arrows passed through the slash and hit the right knee of the shadow Dragon making it groan slightly as it kneed the right leg on the lake while Damon clenched his teeth with an annoyed and funny face fault "It seems our adventure ends here..." Noo groaned again as they waited for the result of their actions.

Seeing the incoming deadly projectile, Genghis tried to command Smaug to manuever out of its trajectory. However while he was able to move most of Smaug's body out of the way, the bladed sphere of fire was able to slice through its wings like a hot knife through butter and contiuned onward as it sliced through trees, rocks, whatever happened to be in its path before exploding into a brillaint fire. Feeling a searing pain in the upper part of his back that made him want to hurl, Genghis swallowed the pain and angled it to where his giant dragon warrior landed on the ground, cracks forming as he impacted. Dashing towards NooMoahk, Genghis manipulated the remaining heat energy that was still surfaced on Smaug back to form a five pair of arms, each possessing armor on it as well, and moved them to unleash a fierce barrage of punches as shoot towards Damon with the force of a raging meteor that would destroy anything that tired to stand within its path, regardless of its intention, and a loud battlecry.

Damon clenched his teeth as the enemy duo evaded his attack although it looked like they half took it as both fell to the ground. He saw as the spiralling dome procceeded to cut through many things and finally explode in an big explosion which brightened the place and also sent an slight shockwave through the surrounding. Damon smiled, glad the attack passed through an entire forest and then exploded, showed how much resistant his attack was although that wasn't an show-off of him. However the shadow slayer lost his smile as Genghis and Smaug recovered upon touching the ground, as five sets of arms appeared on the Heat Dragon which procceeded to dash with insane speed towards Damon and Noo, prepared to hit them with various and powerful punches. Damon made an movement with his arms, bringing them in an closing-motion to his chest as the Shadow Dragon moved all of it's tails in a spirralling manner around itself in order to defend both, literally shaping itself into an black sphere.

With the fists colliding against the makeshift barrier, Genghis continued to force Smaug to continue his onslaught, not letting up. As he continued to force the barrage to continue, he noticed that there were cracks forming in the barrier as he progressed with more cracks forming as he continued. Gritting his teeth as he knew he couldn't keep up Smaug up any longer if he wanted to be severely drained later on. Acting quickly, he broke the gem where in Smaug's helmet where he was located and jumped out, using his heat thrusters to propel himself through the air. As he did this, the heat that formed Smaug began to dispel and slowly go back into Genghis' own body. Soaring through the air, he brought his left fist back and lit it a blaze as he prepared to punch through the barrier with immense power thanks to the momentum of his heat thrusters.

Damon could eventually see that Genghis deactivated his own Dragon's Arrival, while clenching at the sight, he really wanted to clash against the legendary Smaug again but if that's the case he couldn't do much. How could he see it? Well Smuag left some cracks in Noo's tails and that made it possible for Damon to see through them with his enhanced sight and perception, Genghis now used his thrusters in order to reach them as he deactivated Smaug, preparing to hit Damon and Noo with an powerful destructive punch. Damon made Noo take one tail out of the way as he comanded the dragon to send his right arm out, why? Because while Smaug hit them with his barrage, they've prepared an powerful sphere which encased an compressed dragon's roar. Noo held the dome out of the shell as Genghis came falling/flying, now the damned king would hit the Dome which was now releasing some streams of light since it was near to explode.

As the enormous orb that was releasing rays of light that signified that it would explode soon was inbound with a collision with him, Genghis realized that there was no way that he could possibly break through such an immensely powerful attack with just a simple punch, even if it was infused with his magic. As he rack his brain to come up with an idea on how to get through such an attack while taking as little damage possible, Genghis came to two options: either he could active his Dragon Force and hope that it would give him enough power to break through the orb or he could activate that. Weighing his options and going over each scenario, he knew what he had to do. Taking a deep breath as he deactivated his Drive, Genghis closed his eyes and spoke in a voice that didn't seem fitting for someone of his nature. "I, who is about to awaken, am the Heavenly Dragon who has stolen the principles of domination from God.." As he recited this chant, his body began to unleash massive amounts and tattoos appeared across various parts of his body, signifying that he activated both Drive and Dragon Force at the same time.

Continuing from where he left off in his chant, he screamed out in a voice of power that demanded for all to knee before him and submit to his will. ""Born from the Great One and blessed by the Burning Hand, I shall rule in a world of blazing heat, incinerating all that dare try to stand within my path..." His body pulsed with energy as his veins were bulging, visible to the world as his blood flowed through his body at an extremely fast rate and his skin began to turn a blistering red. "I laugh at the though of "infinite" and taunt at the possibility of the "dream", as there is no limit to my power!" Finishing this line, Genghis could feel his muscles burning from the magical energy that was flowing though his body. It felt powerful, inhuman. It felt like that of a dragon. Snapping his eyes wide open, Genghis gave a loud roar as he called out the last verse of the chant. "I shall wander this world until I become the Red Dragon of Domination, who shall sink you into the depths of the crimson purgatory!" As he finished this line, his entire body began to shake violently as the heat that was being trailing behind him from forming Smaug, swirled around him, concealing his entire body in a sphere of heat.

Just as fast as the sphere was made, it was quickly destroyed as Genghis was revealed through his entire appearance had changed. His skin was now extremely pale, being the color of paper white and his eyes were now crimson as well as slitted like that of a dragon's eye. His red hair was noticeably longer as it flowed to the middle of his back. However that was not all as he now had a set of black horns that sat atop of his head and a pair of wings that were more demonic than draconic when looked upon. Overall with his new appearance, Genghis looked more akin to that of a devil than a dragon. Gripping his left hand into a fist, Genghis looked over at the orb that was still traveling towards him and gave a small smile. "You have pushed me this far. To force me to use my Draconic Sovereign is a feat that not many can claim. In fact, you are the third person to have forced me to use this and for that I respect you but now, I must defeat you." With a flap of his wings, Genghis soared through the air as a massive amount of heat surrounded his body and he began to spin, molding the heat as he spun to form a giant burning drill to burrow its way through the obstacle that stood in his path and hit Damon with everything that he had to offer.

"Yes...finally" Damon thought with an smile as Genghis muttered some words, it sounded as a chant the way he said it. Happiness and amazement filled the heart of the Hybrid Dragon, the latter because it was the first time ever that he witnessed such mode and the former because he pushed his opponent to his maximum power. The sky shone in a vermillion tone as the red light illuminated everything, upon coming into contact with that figure, the latter had it's front completely blackened although it's eyes were shining in a blood-red, it passed violently through the shadow dragon's attack nullifing the explosion although an strong shockwave was caused. Some sunlights enforced with heat made Genghis seem like a True King or a Intimidating Dragon as he flew through the attack with an powerful drill in order to pierce Noo and Damon "I have finally reached the Altar of the Kings…" The shadow slayer thought with glory as he smirked, while all that happened, Damon didn't move an single muscle since he was smiling from the beginning, therefore it was the requirement to use that spell.

As Genghis would crack and try to pass through Noo's tails while the latter made additional shadow limbs to enhance his defense, Damon was already in his Dragon Force. The man's skin had changed completely in tone...from that white'ish like tone it went to a completely black'ish one as shadows covered the entirety of his skin both outside and inside, many red markings which would be the scales appeared through the entirety of his body alongside an flaming aura. They were present on his arms, torso, little on the face and legs, technically all of his body, they weren't normal red scales as they shone slightly, in the end of his arms at his hands, red claws were formed in a sharpy way around all of his fingers. With the burning aura, both of his sleeves were now completely gone and some of the frontal part too, showing his baring muscular torso now envolved in an black tone while that big cross-shaped scar shone in a red tone similar to the scales as Damon stood with an fierce look. Red claws formed in the fingers of his feet as his shoes were nowhere to be seen, his hair went up completely in a spiky and flame'ish way while also acquiring the color of the scorching flames, his teeth now were all very canine-like, his eyes were blank for a second as an image of a Shadow Flame Dragon appeared at his back.

Damon concentrated as he gathered energy, the energy of his unlocked Second Origin which was opened many years ago giving him the possibility to control his Dragon Force state. His pupils appeared back at his eyes, but this time they weren't completely black but instead had an black vertical-like irises with it's background being red surrounded by the normal black of his pupils, akin to that of a real dragon. Dragon Force was completely entered now as the Almighty King pierced through Noo's while the dragon himself raised his head in order to take Damon out of Genghis' way, all the proccess happening in a very quick pace as Noo would be hit in the throat by Genghis now. And now while doing Dragon Force, Damon had done something else, something taught to him by a father-figure and friend he liked very much "Buddha's Blessing: Miracle of the Great Sage" Were said in a nearly unheard whisper, while activating Dragon Force, he used his own aura in order to bring back the natural eternano, he would be expending his own to bring on the natural one which was stronger and in a bigger quantity. This spell was finished the moment Dragon Force was finished, Noo Moahk was deactivated as his eyes stopped with it's red shining and his body would fall to the ground, but before that the Pythias Artifact would be given to Damon since it was inside Noo apparently.

Damon's Dragon Force literally evolved with the natural eternano's help, grabbing the artifact while making six powerful and compressed flaming orbs at his back, Damon dashed towards Genghis. With Buddha's Blessing, the red markings increased in size as some appeared as pigmentations around Damon's eyes, he could execute some spells in seconds, the Hydra Head's guild mark appeared in a burning way at the back of his coat while he made various Domes surround the flaming orbs transforming them into black compressed balls which floated near his back. The Artifact in it's true form was transformed into an black Trishula covered with flames being held by his left arm. Damon was called as the Great Dragon Sage while reaching the peak of his individual's strength, he knew many things of the Earth Land now, in a jokingly way " king, we shall both defeat you! Earth land doesn't want you as the king!!" Damon shout as he threw an very powerful flaming-shadow punch towards Genghis, it stretched and was thrown faster than an Drive-empowered one as Damon said those words with immense anger and confidence as he was clashing against the Almightiest of the Almighty. The impact provoked an explosion big enough to cover the entire area and make it's bright reach past through Dragon Soul and even reach the nearby cities, now those above Titans were clashing, the King against the Rebel!

With the combined efforts of his wings and heat thrusters, Genghis propelled himself through the air as he dispelled the heat that once surrounded his body. "Sorry to disappoint the people of Earth Land but this is a dictatorship, not a democracy!" With that said, he continued his trajectory toward his transformed foe who seems to enter his strongest form as well. With a smirk at such a though, Genghis manipulated his heat around his right hand to conjure another sword, however this time it was a Scimitar or a curved sword. Twirling the heat created weapon, Genghis gathered the heat around him to create eight small heat orbs that surround his being and with a simple gesture, sent them flying towards Damon like that of a small meteor shower. Not letting up, Genghis changed his pattern and soared up into the air as he made sure to observe how his opponent would react to his incoming doom. Seeing that they were close enough, Genghis snapped his fingers and the silent command for the orbs to detonate was given.

"No worries for the disapproval, I shall take your throne soon...but again don't worry, you can rule, I just want to be recognized as such by defeating you" Damon said as Genghis seemgly stopped the heat drill and instead used another moveset. The Mad King had conjured an long curvy sword in his right hand and also various heat-made orbs which were sent to the Sage who could only mentally complain as he wanted to physically clash with Genghis. Damon kept the tight hold on his long spear as he quickly sent off many slashes with it, some of the orbs passed through them and the slashes destroyed almost if not more than half of them, as the rest went to hit the Rebel, the latter commanded his own Domes wrapped around the flames to release them so they could be brought together in order to form an wall of shadows. While doing it the three flaming orbs released from the dome apparently disappeared from sight as the entire dome-wall covered Damon and the heat orbs exploded violently destroying most of the dome.

As most of the wall was destroyed, Damon was nowhere to be seen, however, Damon appeared right above the King while thrusting his spear enveloped in magic towards Genghis' right arm. How that all would happen? Once Damon unwrapped three domes off three flaming orbs, he changed the texture of their fire in order to them to camuflate within the environment, plus that they were fast and Genghis was not so far from Damon as they travelled to Genghis back. Damon used the Shadow Switch with one of the orbs as they had his own magic inside them, therefore they had a link. Damon used Pyro's Essence around himself in order to camuflate within the air as he aimed for Genghis' arm while taking off the camouflage of the two other orbs who went to hit Genghis in the frontal side.

Thanks to his now enhanced sense and physical capabilities, Genghis was able to react with swiftness as he swung his heat-conjured Scimitar towards Damon to counter his incoming thruster, causing both weapons to be locked in a struggle. Slightly turning his head to look behind him as he now come to expect his foe to pull a sneaky tactic, he was not disappointed when he saw two orbs coming from the direction he was initially staring at. Acting quickly, he rose his left leg behind him and increased the output of heat energy that traveled forward and consumed the orbs, causing them to dispel. Taking care of small problem, Genghis face back to his opponent who he was still in a clash of weapons and formed a orb of heat in his left hand, thrusting it towards Damon's stomach.

"Good" Damon thought as Genghis was a very fast reaction guy, this transformation even increased his perception, and that was very good to be noticed. He wasn't surprised when his flaming orbs were destroyed by Genghis' leg, maybe he should have given more effort into them since they were dispeled with an heat kick given by the King. Damon looked as Genghis clashed with his spear using his own heat-made scimitar, the weapons clashing provoked an powerful shockwave as they trembled against each other, one trying to pass through the other in order to reach it's wielder. Soon as they clashed, Genghis had formed an heat orb in order to hit the Rebel but the latter clenched his teeth and made an big arm made out of shadows and flames appear out of his torso, he then made it take hold of the heat orb and Genghis' hand at the same time, Damon took advantage of the heat flowing out of the orb and tried to use it in order to influentiate the temperature of his defensive flames. He would make the shadows of this additional limb go on through Genghis' arm in order to take hold of him, Damon would then command the arm to throw Genghis away towards the ground, this would separate their weapons as Damon commanded the rest of his orbs to come together and made shadows in it's inside as he would throw it to Genghis who would be in the ground.

Flying through the air, heading towards the ground, Genghis made use of his wings and slowed his descent towards the ground. Looking up towards Damon to keep an eye on him, he instead saw a large orb of blackened flames soaring towards him. Snorting at such a simple attack, Genghis gathered two large orbs of heat within his hands and combined them to form a gigantic sphere. Launching it with great strength, he sent the his attack to clash with Damon's, causing a massive explosion of shadow and heat to be unleashed the moment they clashed. With his eyes narrowed, Genghis called out with a voice that held great dominance. "I think it is time we end this! This shall be my final attack!" Suddenly, wisp of heat energy began to rise high into the air and travel towards Genghis, swirling around his entire body as he absorbed it into his very being. As he absorbed the heat, the ground around began to burn to the point where earth began to become more liquid-like, similar to that of lava. Holding out his left hand with the palm flat, Genghis began to channel all the heat that he had gathered up within his body to create a large crimson sphere of blistering heat. As he rose his hand up to point it towards Damon, he gave a smile and screamed. "This is the end of your era, Damon! Now take this and witness the complete destruction of heaven and earth!" With that said, Genghis launched the sphere towards Damon as it soared through the air like a meteor.

Damon grinned as he sent his last orb against a falling Genghis, he expected the king to counter it of course! But while this would take place, in that timeskip Damon had procceeded to form an big orb of scorching flames while making a long claw-like thing out of shadows, at his left and right hand respectivelly. As expected Genghis had countered his black-flame orb with ease, the king shout out at him with dominance evident in it "I say the same my King!! May the strongest Dragon win!" Damon shout out with honesty and glory due to the immense feeling he was having now, not now in truth, more like he began to feel it since the start of the fight. Battling the King, no no, battling Genghis was one of the best things had happened to him in life, their clashes, wounds being opened, one trying to outmaneuver and outsmart each other "Just to leave it clear, here at this exat moment the Great Dragon Sage isn't battling the Infamous Dragon Slayer King but Damon is battling Genghis, we are just two men in the peak of their youth!" Damon said in a happy tone as he had an honest wide smile in his face, the giant flaming orb was absorbed back into his body alongside the sharp shadowy claw, an immense wave of magical energy burst out of Damon's body, it took the shape of an big black flaming dragon which roared, the skies turned to an dark-crimson tone.

"My era is not ending, Genghis! But is beginning! I shall stop the destruction of helms with my strongest spell which was born due to the sacrifice of both my Ultimate Arts! An meteor which is the end of the cataclysm!" Damon went flying in a violent manner with the Dragon's figure around his own body meaning how much great his magical power was. Damon approached Genghis' Ultimate Attack thrown at him as the Dragon roared out loudly "Hell's Night of the Disastrous Fire: Black Meteor Crash Down (祝融の獄夜・暗流星墜 Shukuyū no Gokuyo: Anryūseitsui)" Damon threw an furious punch using the entirety and rest of physical strength he got also his will as he started to have contact with Genghis' spell, the blinding light illuminated both sides as the contact was created. And then. An explosion followed, the red color was spread through everything while light illuminated everything, earth shaked as the explosion covered the entire area, the smoke given off it was black colored and it didn't end there. The two men's strongest spells were still clashing in it's core and within a moment, the explosion got bigger to the point it's top ascended in a giant mushroom form over the sky passing through the clouds, if one lived in the moon he could probaly see an weak red light symbolized as a red point.

As Genghis continued to try and push force his Ultimate Dragon Slayer Art to collide into his opponent, he began to notice something as their struggle progressed longer. He was gradually running low on both stamina and magic power. Even someone of his caliber would eventually tire out especially since he did unleash some powerful spells earlier and he entered Draconic Sovereign which drained him at an accelerated rate. Feeling that Damon was pushing the gigantic sphere of heat and would break through it soon, he gave a small smile and though in a sad manner. "Heh. I guess I'm not the strongest after all. Despite all that I have defeated and conquered, there is another person that I am unable to beat. I guess this is the end for the rule of the Vermillion Dragon. I can only hope that you serve as a better king than I, Damon D. Draco." With that though, Genghis watched as his foe broke through his attack, resulting in it exploding and Damon charging towards him at high speeds.

The explosion had ended completely after all, it's smoke slowly fading away with the breeze of the area, the snow pushed back various kilometers. A very big crater was created from the clash of the two, some rocks which flew high in the sky were now on the crater's around and near one of them, lied Genghis, the man with blood through most of his body as his eyes would lose some of it's bright, in the left side of his chest however Genghis had a really huge hole likely made by Damon's powerful punch. The hole was covering most of Genghis' left chest as it blew up through it, blood coming out of it. Should he try to raise his eyes in order to look around, an black figure would walk in the smoke as it eyes shone a crimson red similar to those of other Dragon Slayers, it was Damon who now only possessed some of his pants with shoes, hat and shirt blown away, blood covering the entirety of his body while he held his right arm with his left, he was now the new Dragon Slayer King!

Damon vomitted blood as he stepped closer to where Genghis was, slowly walking towards the man, he held his right arm which was probaly broken and he himself could barely walk since his body was too damaged from the use of Dragon Force. Shouldn't he be well trained, resistant and possessing a great will power, he would be lying on the ground like his rival, he panted heavily more like his heart would be vomitatted out of his chest. Once he was some meters away from the previous King, his previous king, Damon clenched his teeth as he tried to talk "Thanks...for this...gah...really great-" Damon coughed a bit of blood "Battle...Genghis Breningoch" He took some steps closer, feeling a bit better for a talk "Really glad we got to battle...and now since you don't know I should probaly say the truth about-" Soon as he said this, a thin stream of air sliced through between them likely separating both as three figures landed violently near Genghis. Said figures were Jadis Lissandra, Riku Tsuchi and Butch Magnus, they have arrived probaly to defend Genghis in such state from harm.

With eyes full of tears and a look of worry on her face, Jadis looked over Genghis, the one person that she could consider as a father figure. Looking over him, she resisted the urge to hurl as he was covered in blood and burns while there was a noticeable hole that was on the left side of his body. Speaking with a voice of filled with worry and sadness, she asked as he reached out to touch him. "G-Genghis, are you alright? Please don't die on us! Who'll lead us if you are gone." As she placed her hand on his chest, he let out a groan signifying that he was still conscious despite taking immense damage as he spoke with tiredness being clear as day. "Hey, could you stop with the waterworks already? I just got through a huge battle, so I need some rest now." As he struggled to push himself off the ground, he coughed up a large amount of blood and quickly fell back down. "Okay, that was a huge mistake."

"You will need to get past us in order to reach Boss!" Butch said while laughing maniacally as he looked at Damon and stood in a defensive position in front of Genghis. Riku did the same as well while putting his tongue between his teeth as he moved the fingers of his hands in an impatient manner although he kept the wide smile in his face. Damon looked at them, not really surprised they would come to defend the Heat Slayer "At the state you are in, you can't defeat us all although I would love to have a match with you! Gyahahahaha!"

Damon's black wavy hair covered his eyes for an instant as he then looked at the group "I don't mean any harm..." Damon coughed a bit "I just want to tell the truth about your guys' former comrade" The New King looked at the ground with an undescriptable expression and a few seconds later with a serious gaze, he looked at the slayers again. Damon took one more step forward as he finally stopped and asked "May I?" While asking so he would also remind himself about something "Hope I say out the entire thing before they arrive..."

Jadis glared at injured Damon with such fierceness that if looks could kill, he would be dead twice over. She clenched her hand into a fist, grinding her teeth together as he had an inner debate with herself. As much as he wanted to attack this man for bring harm to her father figure, she knew that he would not want such a thing and would scold her when he was fully recovered. Barely keeping herself from attacking Damon, Jadis turned her head as her bangs covered her eyes and said in a voice that was filled with rage. "You may go but know this. If I you ever put Genghis in this state again, I will do everything that is within my power to destroy you.." The coldness in her voice was clear as the very ground was covered in not only snow but ice as well.

"I shall tell you all long as you guys don't spread it over the world" Damon said to the group, as he received a nod from Jadis and noticed she was furious, Damon began to talk. He continued talking on, in a normal way it showed him only muttering words as the snow began falling again although not violently. Damon continued talking to them as suddenly Butch lost the smile in his face, acquiring an not-amused expression, the snow continued falling down filling the crater with some of it. After a long time then, Damon stopped talking as he had finished telling the story he had to tell, the reason why Dealok wouldn't go back to them although they probaly partially knew what the Ace did.

Riku didn't have a smile on his face but a very shocked expression as he gritted his teeth, Butch had a poker-face expression, yeah that really surprised them and they didn't know what to say about it "What the-" Riku grunted with shock apparent on the tone of his voice, he gulped looking back at his comrades, waiting for Jadis' and Genghis' response to what the new Dragon Slayer King had just told them.

Genghis, who had awoken sometime during the story and was caught up by Jadis, was now leaning on a pillar of ice that was conjured by the little Frozen Dragon Slayer. His face was consumed with rage, a hatred that was directed towards Dealok. Despite his injured state, heat was rolling off him as the air was becoming hot and stuffy, snow melting and even the ice pillar that he was leaning on was clearly begining to melt as well. "I see." Genghis said, grinding his teeth together. "I thank you for telling me this information. Now, I must deal with Dealok for he is my responsibility." His eyes now shone a bright crimson, signifying his rage at the Guild Ace.

"Mr. Genghis, didn't you hear what I just said? I said that..." Damon looked at them and mutterred some words again, hoping the happening of 8-9 years ago during the Dragon Slayer War against Dragon Soul would dig into his mind "There is no need for you to feel any rage for him at the moment..." Damon sighed and then as he raised his head, he heard the sound of wings beating, of an helicopter's and then of pressurized air, it was his hitchiking "I got to go as of now"

It was a huge airship-like thing which appeared above the crater, it strangely had moving wings instead of non-mobile ones, an helicopter's propeller above it's back, it looked really trashy but could be really resistant and used for many missions. It was then that the right-side door of it opened to reveal various...Eneguins from different colors and with varied clothes. One grabbed other's legs and they continued on doing so while starting to descend from the airship to the crater.

A red colored Eneguin using airline pilot's glasses could reach Damon's side due to the others' help. He touched the ground while the others stayed like a stair "Sir Damon Sir! Everything is ready for us to travel!" He said putting his hand on his forehead. Damon nods as the Eneguin takes out a lacrima which expands itself as a comfortable floating chair, the chair being attached to his hand.

"Thanks for it Jay" Damon answers as he turns his back to the armchair-like thing, sitting on it "I guess we shall meet again, Dragon Soul, depending on the fate of your guild" Damon says to the group near Genghis as the eneguins begin to roll themselves back to the airship while Jay held up the chair with some kind of magic in order to bring Damon as well "Farewell".

Some of the Eneguins shout up as well.


"Nice meeting you guys!"

"But dude we didn't talk to them!"

"See ya later!"

"I'm hungry!"

"THAT'S ENOUGH" Damon shout with a very angry and comical face fault as the airship began to change direction to where it came from, wings beating, the propeller rotating and the Eneguins singing a very weird song.

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