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Name Meiko
Kanji 子迷
Alias Lost Child
Race Human
Age 22
Gender Female Female
Eye Color Blue or Gray
Hair Color Brown
Professional Status
Affiliation Yamase
Mark Location Unknown
Occupation Member of Higure
Dark Mage
Team Higure
Base of Operations Yamase's Mountain
Personal Status
Status Active
Relatives Dead
Magic Black Arts
Death Magic


Befitting her name, her demeanor is that of a lost child, a stray whom was found on the streets by Zen. As one of the few to not judge her for her abilities, she holds absolute faith in his vision and his dream, considering him her big brother and one of the few people that keep her abilities under control. In most situations, she has the intuition of a child, namely being curious and friendly, and displaying the typical bad habits, such as biting her fingernails. Most find it weird to see a 22 year old acting this way, however this "personality" stems from the trauma that came with the awaking of her magical abilities. Thus, while this the dominating personality, it is by no means the only one that she possesses. In fact, it is one of two distinct personalities that are within her. Thus, those who know her often approach her with caution, as they do not know which version they will get.

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