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Membrane Magic

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Dai Matsumoto
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Membrane Magic is a created Holder Magic/Caster Magic combination, made by The Shadow Broker Organization as it utilizes a special liquid that is enfused with the body and is bonded to the skin. When in use, the liquid can transform into anything the user can needs in most situations. This magic has not yet been seen by any Governments in the Earth-Land and no one outside the Shadow Broker knows of it's existance.



Example of Membrane Users

The creation of this magic was an accident when the great minds of Yukia Yamamoto and Mikumi were trying to figure out a way to boost the strength of any low class grunt in The Shadow Broker. Their experiment resulted in a lab explosion that caused an enfusion of magical esscense with that of a special liquid, creating a substance that was infinitly reusable, which they dubbed Membrane Magic. The substance is injected into the body, which then begins to collide with the user's own systems and magic energy, and if the bonds complete the user is rewarded with a powerful magic that can act like a suit of armor. Despite it only having two spells to it, this magic is considered the standard gun for all Shadow Broker Agents who were compatible with this magic.

Unknown to most of the SB, there was a prototype Membrane that was of a metallic density, making it much more heavier and stronger than most membrane suits. The current and only user of the suit is Brock Sanchez, who volunteered to do a testing of unification between suit and user.


  • Recall - When inserted into an opponent, the liquid can use the magic inside of it to merge with the opponent temporarily, giving the user access to all of their opponents secrets, putting them under their control for about ten minutes.
  • Harden - Completly covering oneself in the liquid, it becomes a harden exterior that acts as a sort of armor to enhance all natural abilities. It can also become change different shape with any part.
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