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Memory Remix
Memory Remix



Memorii Rimikkusu


Caster Magic

 Memory Remix (メモリー・リミックス Memorii Rimikkusu): Is an ancient Caster Magic thought to have been eradicated by the magic council after they found the dangers that it could bring. 


When the user succed's in hitting the opponent with a special metallic energy on them, the user enter's their minds through a doorway, which is different depending on the individual that the user invades. When they enter straight through the door, they are inside what is known as The Maxtrix of Memories, which is a manifestation for the user to see how things look in their mind. From there, they can sift through every individual memory of the user, selecting one, and going into it. The magic begins by creating two memory gauntlets that are control the memory, alternating everything inside of it to either change the outcome of how it originally was. 

The end result becomes that the opponent remembers things differently depending on how the user altered their memory. An example of this: If the opponent remembers a painful event that was caused by someone else and blames them for it, the new memory would result in the opponent remembering that it was their own fault, not the other person's for their event. 

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