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Mercy is a powerful blade forged through the combined magics of Silver-Make, and Smithing Magic. It is the strongest blade made by the Sayu family that wasn't imbued with a magic lacrima, and is capable of holding its own against most blades that do have lacrima imbued in them, so long as the user isn't insanely more powerful than the one wielding Mercy.


Mercy was forged through the efforts of Lucian, and his teacher Kenryo. It was forged using the pure silver necklace Lucian once wore, and also the bracelet that had been given to him by his mother. The sword is almost entirely black, aside from the strange pattern along the middle of the katana, and the edge never appears to need sharpening. It was named Mercy due to the fact that when hunting with the blade every animal instantly died, and did not survive long enough to feel the pain of the strike. The handle of the blade is capable of being manipulated, in order to create a hollow part inside of it, and thus have lacrima placed within it to enhance the weapon even further. It is contained in a sheath constructed from wood magically grown by Kenryo, enhanced with his magic in order to assist in defending the wielder, and wrapped in a cloth that has numerous marks across it showing it as a creation of The Sayu Family.


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