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Merida McGillicutty
Merida McGillicutty
Name Merida McGillicutty
Kanji メリダムクジリクッティ
Rōmaji Merida Mukujirikutti
Alias Sniper Queen
Race Human
Birthdate November 15th
Age 24

Female Female

Height 5'11"
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Blood Type O-
Professional Status
Affiliation Sorrow Ocean
Previous Affiliation ???
Occupation Mage
Personal Status
Status Active
Marital Status Taken
Relatives Rowan Harper (Boyfriend)
Nettie McIntyre (Student)
Magic Arrow Magic
Weapons Bow & Arrows
Merida McGillicutty is an S-Class Mage of the Sorrow Ocean guild whose deadly in both her looks and her skills with the bow & arrow.


Merida is a very tall and beautiful woman with moderately long dark hair and dark blue eyes. She's a standard Fiore woman with an hourglass figure and big breasts. Her current outfit leaves much to the imagination with a top that exposes her stomach while the bottom half of her attire consists of what appears to be the bottom of a dress and matching boots. She is also seen regularly carrying her bow and arrows along with her.


Merida can be a nice if not supremely proud individual. She will always be willing to help out others out no matter what even if she's not required or even needed for even the smallest task.


Born into an unknown village hidden in the woods Merida grew up learning how to fend for herself and prepare herself for whatever dangers may present themselves to her as she grew up. She learned several hand to hand combat techniques as well as being amongst many children of her age taking up archery in which she was at the top of her class and was considered by many of her peers to be a sniper of sorts. As she grew older Merida learned she was one of the rare few in her villiage to be able to fully tap into magic and began to experiment (being drawn to Arrow Magic naturally) until she came of the age where she could freely explore outside the villiage without being accompanied by one of the elders. During her travels she came across a young girl who herself had some skills in archery and Merida took it upon herself to help in the girl's training by taking her in as a student and the two set off on a journey until it took them to a guild known as Sorrow Ocean which happily took them in and allowed the duo to train not only in archery but their Arrow Magic as well.

Magical & Physical Abilities

Arrow Magic: Merida's preferred type of magic due to her natural proficiency with archery.

Master Hand-to-hand combatant:

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