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Mermaid Magic
Mermaid Magic

マーメイドのマジック Māmeido no majikku


マーメイドのマジック Māmeido no majikku


Caster Magic


Delano Atargatis

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Mermaid Magic (マーメイドのマジック Māmeido no majikku) is a Caster-Type Magic that allows the user to transform their legs into a fish tail and breathe underwater. 


Mermaid Magic is a supplementary magic that is not intended to be used for Defensive nor Offense. It allows the user to transform their legs into a fish tail, with the color being their choice. Their lungs are adapted to act like gills so they can breathe underwater. This allows the user to freely swim underwater without experiencing difficulty.

The drawback of this magic is that it is constantly draining your magic, slowly, but surely. Experienced users are able to suppress the leak up to minimum levels so they are able to keep the form for longer. Because of this complicity of this magic and its constant draining use, Mermaid Magic is usually rare to come across. Though, once mastered, this magic can be used for a variety of things.

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