Name Michelle
Kanji ミシェル
Rōmaji Misheru
Alias The Angel (エンジェル Enjeru)
Race Human
Birthdate 24 October.
Age 19

Female Female

Height 5'7
Weight 40 Kg
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Blood Type A
Guild Mark Location Left Shoulder Blade
Professional Status
Affiliation Hydra Head
Previous Affiliation Lamia Scale
Fairy Tail
Occupation Mage
Previous Occupation Student
Partner Jason
Base of Operations Hydra Head Guildhall
Personal Status
Status Active
Marital Status Single.
Relatives Jason (brother)
Alignment White
Magic Arc of Embodiment
Light Magic
Air Magic
Sword Magic
Water Magic
Weapons Darkenis

Michelle (ミシェル Misheru) is a Hydra Head Mage in addition she is Jason's Sister,she is also powerful and Intelligent,she has a lost magic with her,Arc of Embodiment,which helps her earn her living,she and Jason share a good relationship,she is also Beautiful.


Taller than the average, Michelle  is blessed with a voluptuous figure that complements her height perfectly. She holds herself with the poise and grace of one fit to be a monarch, elegance belying her mannerisms. The young woman consists entirely of slightly differing shades of Red and Blue, an eye catching combination to say the least. Her skin, unmarred by any visible scars or blemishes is soft alabaster. Perhaps a shade too pale – which, if it were combined with dark hair she’d look like the perfect vampire. The girl’s wardrobe is limited to differently styled clothes all in the same color – Black . The materials are usually of fine quality and she isn’t above sacrificing a bit of comfort for the sake of fashion.  All in all, the only splash of color on her is her vivid Blue eye which stands out in contrast to the rest of her. Vera is someone who knows she’s worth looking at and she’s comfortable in her own skin.


Michelle is calm and rather doesn't want to be angry at anybody,she is very shy but active,If in anger,she will try to control or break anything close to her,if provoked she will just stay silent.She is Intelligent and tries to spread knowledge everywhere,But she has grown from a skittish person to a young adult with a backbone. Most who know her well, know she is a true person. According to Jason, she has the purest heart anyone could ever have as she is always trying to do what's right and follow in her.This doesn't mean she's perfect.She respects Mages Powerful than her and respects her brother Jason greatly,Not only for he is powerful but he helped her to recover from her father's death,she was 14 then and just entered her teens. 

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