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  • Ablaze: Set anything on fire when casting Fire Magic.
  • Aura: Undying Charisma... seriously?
  • A girl: It is very obvious, if not she won't have a V.
  • Bad Bitch: What Michelle were supposed to become before she exist.
  • Broken-hearted: Rejected by her crush despite her confession.
  • Big weapon: Refer to the halberd which she currently wield.
  • Blank Space: "I've got a blank space, baby".
  • Booty: Absolutely no booties at all.
  • Face: Look at that face.


  • Haters: "Ha! HATERS!"
  • IT'S OVER 9000!
  • Jealousy: Something over 9000!
  • Nearly flat-chest: Her boobs cannot be "seen".
  • No boobs: Same cases like flat chest tho'.
  • Oh my god: When she is surprised in somewhat; a comedical way.
  • Powerful: Just the way she is.


  • Que: Michelle Valance doesn't likes people who cut her or the lines;- wether she is talking, or some bastards were just cutting off the line while trying to buy some foods.
  • Queen: What Michelle always dream of. She wanted to became a queen, with him becaming her king.
  • Roar: She likes to roar a lot. When scolding, or attacking, or pissed off. That is what she do; "You're gonna hear me roar!"
  • Rolanda: Another unrelated metaphors added into a story.
  • Television: Michelle fall in love with television for the first time after she saw a prince-charming actor with hot muscles, six-packs abs and blonde hair inside a fantasy movie. Almark Giovanni greatly resembles this tho'.
  • The Tragic Hero, kinda or kind of?
  • V: Female private parts, remember that;- and don't say anything about this again. Leave me alone.


  • Witch: What Magnasium Dark reffered her as.
  • What The Hell: "All my lives have been good! But now, woahoahoahoah.. WHAT THE HELL!?"
  • What the fuck: When she don't understand something;- and don't forget to add "is this shit" after the f words.
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