Seirei's First Move

"Come on then, attack!" screamed Michello, while Seirei replied "Re-Quip: Water Key" creating a blue magic circle and summoning a blue key and he unlocks it on the ground while reciting "Tsunami!" creating a magic circle under his feet, releasing a huge tsunami from it at all directions with only him left dry. Michello calmly said "repel" and puts his hand in front of him and it creates a magic circle in front of it repelling all the water back at him. "Charybdis!" he cried while turning his key ceating a magic circle in front of it creating a whirlpool sucking all the water back into the key.

Michello creates a magic circle in front of his hand and creates a huge paw shaped bubble and fires a huge concussive beam of yellow light from it while shouting "Paw Shot!". Seirei simply replied "torrent" and he unlocked his key in mid air releasing a spiralling jet of water from it and it cancelled out Michello's beam of light.

"Re-Quip: Fire Key!" He summons his red key from a red magic circle swapping out his water key and turns it in mid-air creating a red magic circle at the end of it firing multiple orange crescents of fire from it and he shouts "Hot Wave!"

Michello counter attacked with "Major Fenway" which created a magic circle in front of his walking stick and he rapidly smacks all of the flaming crescents back twice as fast with it. "Double Re-Quip: Light Key, Earth Key!" summoning his yellow key and his green key. He turns his green key in the ground creating a green magic circle as he says "Rock Wrecker" creating a huge earthquake and he says "Glint Spiker" and turns his light key in mid air creating a yellow magic circle relasing multiple rainbow coloured spheres of light which explode when hitting Michello.

"Tail Strike", screamed Michello extending his tail knocking Seirei out cold. While Shi-Shi and Sora arrive at the scene.......

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