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Midi (Zico)
Countryside | Map Location
Name United Federation of Midi
Kanji ウニテド ペデラシーオン オーフ ミヂ
Romaji Midi no Touitsuteki Renpou
Nickname(s) Midi, the Midi, UFM
General Information
Government Federal Republic
Ruler(s) Grand Chancellor
Legislature Midian High Command
Federal Senate
Capital Ina'ri
Population 4.5 million
Demonym Midian
Currency Midian Dollar
Area ????
Location Earth Land
Global Status Neutral
Alliance(s) Fiore (loosely)
"Land of the golden sun."

The United Federation of Midi (ウニテド ペデラシーオン オーフ ミヂ, Midi no Touitsuteki Renpou), or simply Midi and sometimes the Midi, is a small, prosperous nation located on a peninsula at the southernmost point of the continent. Unlike most of the surrounding nations of the land, Midi is a federal republic that forwent a monarchical system many years ago, leaving their royal family to be simply symbolic and a cultural power. The Midians, as they are called, are known for their gospel of armed neutrality and detachment from foreign affairs that do not include trade and banking of which they are so apt at—to the point that not even the Magic Council has official jurisdiction over its' mages or guilds. Due to this, many high level rune knights, such as even Richard Aria of Corbeaux, acknowledge the Midi as "untouchable" and approach any and all missions near its' borders with caution. According to the council ace, the mages that hail from the country are "powerful and unusually clever in their machinations".

Midi is an extremely wealthy nation that was able to eradicate hunger and decimate poverty within its' borders, however, even as a democratic and so-called "progressive" society, the elite—new or old—have their record of corrupt games. Regardless, this nation dominates trade in the southern sea and is a major banking center on a continental scale. This federated stronghold has a long history, having existed in name as an ethnic region for some one thousand years. The capital of Midi is the official sister-city of Sole City located in the Kingdom of Fiore.


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Age of Lights

Confederation Era

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Dawn of the Nation-state

Gospel of Neutrality

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  • Inspired by the real-world nation of Switzerland in Europe.
  • This is a fanonized version of a canon nation created by Hiro Mashima, as such, the content of this page is purely fanon content and pertains only to the fanonized world of the ongoing storyline, Chronicles of a Mage, and the future storyline Fairy Tail: ARISE.
  • All Midian mage guilds are independent guilds by default.

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