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"Speak The Truth!"

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"I am glad that I never got to know my identity, just like in Fairy Tale story"
— Mikael to Lucilia Shirai

"Every day is a Fairy Tale!"
— Mikael Stratus
Mikael Stratus
Mikael Valance
Mikael as a student
Name Mikael Stratus
Kanji マイケルストラそう
Rōmaji Mikaeru Sutoraso
Race Human
Birthday 1 November, X760
Age 24
Gender Female
Height 5'10 Ft
Weight 59.6 kg
Eyes Blue
Hair White
Blood Type O
Unusual Features Blue Rubber Band
Professional Status
Affiliation Overlord Lair
Previous Affiliation Unnamed School
Occupation Dark Mage
Previous Occupation Student
Team None
Partner None
Base of Operations Random
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown parents
Marital Status Single
Alias Lilith Queen
Magic Take Over

Light Magic (Take Over)

Darkness-Make (Take Over)

Ice-Make (Take Over)

Requip (Take Over)

Territory (Take Over)

Mikael Stratus (マイケルストラそう,Mikaeru Sutoraso) is an S-Class Mage from the same Dark Guild like Lucilia Shirai . Mikael formerly is a student who was named as Lisa , she study in an unnamed school and was among the Bullied Student. After she was done with her study, she decided to become a Dark Mage after discovered Take Over and become extremely excel at using it. Mikael is very fond of Fairy Tale story and even named her Take Over's skill as a tribute to Fairy Tale Fable. This was later taken as her trademark line, which is, "It's Story (Battle) Time!". Note that "Mikael Stratus" was just a Code-Name given to her by her Guild Master. Mikael is well-known for her credible usage of Take Over magic and was an excel master of using it, even being compared to S-Class Mage Erza Scarlet's requip skill for being either on par, equal, or even a cut above by her guild member, though she doesn't even know who in the world is Erza anyway.

She is currently working as one of the main assistant for her guild's Tactician Squad and as well as the guild's core female member aside from Kimberly Olivia. Mikael have a great amount of overall influences to Fiore's nation, mainly due to her great prowess and charismatic's appearances which would causes a goosebump upon the first sight. Despite this, Mikael possess an extremely low level of general knowledge about Magic, even reaching to the boiling point in which she doesn't even know about what is Slayer Magic and Lost Magic. Something which greatly pissed her Guild Master of the curtain secretly. In addition for that one, she doesn't even know about the existence of a strong and famous mage like Gildarts Clive and Laxus Dreyar, being just another strong evidence for her lack of knowledge.

Mikael Stratus was the author strongest female character.



Mikael Stratus' Battle Outfits

Despite becoming an extremely strong Dark Mage, most people have great problem when it comes to describing her general apppearance due to her Take Over which caused her to have multiple appearances in general.

But when describing about her Battle Outifts, it was rather easy. Mikael's general outifts were simple and attractive, it is consisted of many black and purple matching. As for the upper parts, Mikael wears a stylish black-purple bikini and have a pair of long gloves on both hand. While in lower parts, she wears a panties which cover small parts of her lower body. In addition for that, she have a another long black boots with some purple design. A small black flower can also be seen between her hair and ear. This outfits was a great help to her, she can temporarily caught the attention of male foes and attack them by using her "Kick Of The Tale". Mikael can moves freely while in this gear and become a master acrobat.

As for her younger days as "Lisa" , Mikael wears a grey long-sleeves jacket with some dark shade and a red ribbon for some decorations. She has a long light blue hair which reached her waist part with some typical haircuts style. She also ties a blue rubber band in a feminine style for her hair and could be seen at the right side of her face. Mikael possess a name tag with "Lisa" jotted down on it , she doesn't remember anything about her being "Lisa" and started to think that she have an amnesia after dashing through the school hallway and finally slip after stepping on a wet floor, something which she consider as "true" after asking her roommates.

Now, working as a Dark Mage, Mikael slowly build a more confident and revealing appearance as the time pass by. As a results for that one, Mikael started to develop a somewhat charismatic tendency and gives the goosebump to the people nearby, mainly because of her alluring appearance and seductive personality.


Unlike a typical Dark Mage, she is rather seemingly "nice-evil" type of person. Depicted some sassy behavior in public, but in a polite way. Due to being bullied when she is in school, she likes to torture an opponent in a battle and taunted them , she says this was just a thing for her to play with and the target shouldn't be concerned about it , showing her somehow "I don't care" personality. Awkwardly, she have a huge fondness towards Fairy Tale Fable despite being a Dark Mage, but this was not a huge problem to her guild members as the Dark Guild she resides in was not about Personality either. She enjoyed to refer herself as the "De Luxe One" to her guildmates, indicating that she is flawless and the others were powerless or simply said, inferior, which leads the Dark Mage to denote Mikael as "Lilith Queen". Though arrogance, she speaks in a nice-manner and polite way , something which clearly safe her from suffering her master's wrath. 

In battle, she still brings her obssession towards Fairy Tale and oftenly names her spells as a tribute to the Fairy Tale Story she have read. Mikael likes to use her infamous trademark line , "It's Story Time", before a battle which means she is not holding back against him or her. That "Story" was a references for "Battle" as stated by her guild member. Once she win, she would say, "The Next Time You Battle, It Will Be A Study Time" , but when she loses, "I think I should read more stories" and dissapears from the battlefield. She tends to use original spells and use a rather unique way to cast it. Sometimes, Mikael likes to tease her opponent with her "teaching" segment, saying that they're weak and need to train more , furthermore, she keep "trains" her foes when in a battle , pleading herself to only shows interest with a strong opponent to spar with.

Before she become a Dark Mage, she is rather a typical sweet and shy ordinary female student. Oftenly get herself bullied by the mean girls for being nerdy and no-style in their point of only stylish views. According to her apprentice , Lucilia Shirai , Mikael was given the code-name "Lisa" by the Magic Council during her tenure in the school but she never knew about her relation with the Magic Council. The school was located somewhere in a demilitarized area in Fiore. If Mikael Stratus were about to met again with the students whom always demoralize her during her study, she would denigrate them all and make sure they don't want to live in the world anymore, something which indicates that she is an avenger. She used to be a dilettante of both Music and Arts in her school rather than just reading a whole 200 pages book of Fairy Tale story in her class. Also, she take a gymnast class at some point before leaving her school and still continues it even after leaving her school, untill she became a Dark Mage.


Mikael was once a girl named Lisa , she study in an unnamed school and become the bully target due to her "amnesia". According to her, she never knew about her real self and believed that she has an amnesia. There is one time when one of her classmate calls her a "Magic Council's Failed Project" , but she never understand this word and continue her habit of reading Fairy Tale in class. After graduating from the school, she discovered a book about Take Over while packing her thing inside her rooms and leaves with it.

After discovering the Take Over and read whole book about it. She started to trains the magic and become a master of it after 3 years, by that time, she was already 20 years old. One day, when her appartment's room mate saw her transforming into her "Take Over : Lilith" , she screams in terror and causes the other residents to attack her. As a result, she used her "Red Eyes Of The Lilith" and accidently murdered them all. Once done, she went into a remote forest and met with another Dark Mage who planned to invites her to join his guild. From that day forward, she becomes a full-fledged S-Class Dark Mage and grew stronger by year.


Magic And Abilities


Master Hand-To-Hand Combatant : Despite not being in her Take Over form, Mikael has shown a decent skills in street fight. She also take some martial arts after graduating from her school, thus, increasing her profiencecy in Hand-To-Hand Combatant. She is able to apply a take down to an adult twice her size and strong enough to fend off a pack of wolves without using magic. Increased by her Mastery Acrobat skill, Mikael could perform an agile and speedy attack in a blink of eyes. Though her punch and kick doesn't send someone flying through a wall, she could perform multiple combo's attack and deal some damage to people with above-average durability. Adding some versatility in her ways of combat, she uses her "Femme Fatale Style" and some dirty technique when fighting in direct combat. While she focused mainly on speed, Mikael know how to control her power and could deal significant damage though it was not many. Those who received any attack from her oftenly describe her as strong as a grizzly bear, powerful enough to land a major damage on a normal-made metal armor such as Heart Kruz Armor which was wielded by Erza Scarlet. Another proves for her mastery over hand-to-hand combatant where shown as she could apply many kick variations to an opponent's face or any body parts , Mikael's kick variations were those of spinning heel kick, leg TKO , side kick , jumping kick and such.

  • Femme Fatale Style : A form of "style" which was created by Mikael herself, it was used to deal with forward opponent. When using the style, she becomes flexible and oftenly use some interesting stance such as back-bend or back flip to dodge an attack. Due to her flexiblity, she can easily perform this type without a single injury. Proves for the effectiveness of this style is when Mikael were able to use a basic take-down with her leg and deal more damage rather than using hand. According to Mikael, this style focuses on the use slap, kick and take down, with some agility were used to perform it. Along with flexiblity.
  • Kick Of The Tale : Among all of Michelle's kick variations, Kick Of The Tale was considered as her signature and is the most used. It was strong enough to break a lion's fang and took down most of her guild's member in one hit. Kick Of The Tale was originally a high heel kick and Mikael's most powerful non-magic attack. Due to the fact it was just an ordinary high heel kick, Mikael decided to add some effect into it to increase the proficiency and effectiveness in combat. She inserted some spinning to the kick and thus, making Kick of The Tale as a spinning heel kick instead of high heel kick. The spinning was proved to be more effective as it added more force into the kick. Mikael has depicted some versions for Kick Of The Tale, with the most notable one being the Mid-Air Kick Of The Tale, in which Mikael jumps twenty meters high into the air, aproach the opponent as near as possible , spins for numerous time and then choose either leg to apply the kick. Once done, she would lands on the ground using either both leg, back body or two-finger hand stand without much efforts. According to her, she never used full force for her kick as it was a burden and doesn't worth an effort for her, leaving the fullest power and potential of the Kick Of The Tale as an unsolved mystery.

Enhanced Strength : With the usage and power boost granted by Take Over , Mikael's overall strength increased tremendously , from "normal" to "superhuman" power. Her great physical prowess even match those off Mirajane Strauss and another Fiore's powerhouse mage , being either a cut above them in term of raw power. Due to her monstrous strength that she obtained after harsh training, she was among the most powerful front-fighter in her Guild, even surpassing most male hand-to-hand combatant's expert in it. She regained the reputation as the "Devilish Monster Crusher" for being a fearsome mage, even regarded as an equal with powerful mage like Jellal Fernandes and Laxus Dreyar . Proves to her enormous physical power was shown clearly as she could easily take down a Vulcan which was twice her size from little-to-no efforts. Thanks to Mikael's Take Over , not even a well-cordinated iron wall could withstand her physical might, an event which was shown when she effortlessly destroy a gigantic Iron Wall from an unnamed Iron Mage during her quest to the south. In fact, Mikael Stratus was one out of the only two powerhouse female in her guild.

Enhanced Durability : With her immense durability combined with her Take Over form, Mikael's level in term of defense greatly increased, even reaching the bloody point where she could withstand being smashed through a mountain and still stands firmly to continue fighting with her foes. Not a single sign of being injured and weak was shown by her eventhough she received a brutal assault from 10 Sword Magic's users using their blade, instead, she calmly took the damage and waited for a chance to push back. By using her Take Over's eternano, she could quickly heal the injury suffered through her body with ease , both internally and physically , but still doesn't take much time to do so. Mikael's superhuman durability is something that she naturally got when she is still a student, added with some brutal training during her days before she was an S-Class Mage made her nearly immune to damage , both slight and moderate .

Tremendous Speed : Though Mikael was not in any of her Take Over form, she was shown to be possessing an extremely great amount speed and could perform it incredibly well with her flexiblity , along with Mikael's mastery over acrobatic skills. With the combination of these three, Mikael's overall speed can't even be denied by her opponents as soon as the battle starts, she could co-ordinate her strategy extremely well eventhough she move in godspeed level and do multiple back-flip. Thanks to her speed level, Mikael could moves as fast as the wind and appears behind her opponent in the blink of an eyes or simply said, a mere second. As she added more speed to her attack, Mikael could use both wind and air force to aid her in physical attack. Resulting with great damage to land upon enemies. For most of the time, her speed was one of her main factors of winning and gradually tries to increase her movement's reflexes. According to Mikael, she started to focus on mastering her speed after Take Over magic, as her mid-air spins and mid-air rolls' proficiency depend on her speed. She likes to start off slowly before breaking through a godspeed movement to confuse her opponent, a tactic which were half-effective as stated by herself.

  • Immense Reflexes : In addition for her tremendous speed, Mikael have shown an immense reflexing skill. Her reflexes was among the main factor of why she manage to dodge and evade every single attack thrown to her. She could easily react to any assaults without having any hard time evading, putting most enemies' attack into vain as it always misses her. According to Lucilia Shirai , slow opponent will hardly ever hit Mikael because she possess a great reflexes and could react fairly fast to a gun shoot. Added by her superhuman durability, even if Mikael received some damage while in combat, she still can move in extreme speed with ease. She also have an eyes which is as sharp as an eagle, capable of catching an opponent fist using her palm and send them flying with her Kick Of The Tale. As the time passed, her reflexes' level started to increased tremendously and eventually become a master of self-defense.

Great Flexiblity : As shown for so many times, Mikael have a great overall flexiblity which match her slender and womanly figure. She could perform back-bend and some gymnast moves to avoid most enemy's assault with ease. Through some harsh training, Mikael become very tolerance to pain which was caused by some mistake when performing flexible moves and later become immune to it. Due to her great flexiblity, she could dodge any attack which were thrown to her flawlessly, both physical and magical. According to some of her guild member, she have a body as flexible as a snake and durable like a beast, a combination which was considered as fearsome and unique for normal human to achieve. Without much efforts put into it, Mikael have the potential to be a great gymnast due to the boost which was given to her athletic personality and body.

Master Acrobat : Having a great experience as a gymnast during her tenure in school, she was able to performs many acrobatic moves. Not to be confused with great flexiblity, acrobatic moves were consisted of many agile mid-air moves rather than twisting body moves. As a result, Mikael could keep dodging while flying and floating freely in the mid-air with her Take Over form or normal form. Proves the her mastery over acrobatic moves were shown during her training with Lucilia Shirai as she keep continuosly dodge the latter attack using her acrobatic skills , as mentioned before , Mikael could perform back flip, front flip, side dodge and somersault in rapid succession to avoid any assaults, making her nearly impossible to hit for a basic mage that have no proper training unless they manage to lure her into their traps and pray for her to made a mistake.

Keen Intellect : Ever since she was a student, Mikael possess an impressive overall intelligence. She was able to plan and co-ordinate an attacking formation extremely well to launch a suprise attack for the unexpecting opponents. Due to her intelligence's level, she was among her guild's tactician, with Mikael being the one of the main assistant for the Tactician Squad. As expected from an intelligence mage, she could easily lure an aggresive and straight-forward mage into her traps. Even if it's fail, she have another back up plan waiting for it target. Her foes always remarked and praise Mikael for her great intelligence as she could take 1-On-1 against most opponent without using her Take Over. A great feats to prove her worth as an S-Class Mage for her Dark Guild.

Overdrive Vitality : When it comes to vitality's term, Mikael was arguably on par with most renowned S-Class Mage such as Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail Guild or even a match for the Ten Wizard Saints. Vitality is a term which defines a mortal's life force, and as such, considered as their lives' endurance. Mikael has shown an unexplainable amount of vitality and was shown to be able survive a hundred gun's shoot and a fatal stab to her chest, something which was considered as inhuman and overpowered by most of her guild members, even reaching the point of which she could surprise her own Guild Master which was among the strongest mage in the guild. During her guild's S-Class Promotion Trial, Mikael completely shocked the audiences with her unconsiderable godly vitality as she can merely fight well while was grievously injured by another S-Class Mage and completely hold against her own for 20 minutes. Resulting with Mikael becoming a full-fledged S-Class despite her last trial match ended with a draw. In addition for her great vitality, Mikael have stated for several times that she basically have 6 lives because her Take Over's entities were using their own lives and eternano while fighting on the battlefield, thus, giving her the "overdrive vitality" status.


Inexhaustible Magical Power : Being an S-Class Mage from a powerful Dark Guild means that Mikael possess an astonishing amount of magical power within her slender and womanly body figure. The magical energy comes out with an appearance of a blue aura and later on turned to a red-violet colour, the presence and immense aura of Mikael could be felt in a large cicular area surrounding. Even the power itself was great enough to send the wrath striking through an opponent's body, giving them the signal that she was not a person to look down with. Having a great amount of eternano means that she could use and manipulate it extremely well to recover her injury. Due to her monstrous magical power, Mikael was greatly respected by her guild members. Added by five of her Take Over's forms, she is the female with the most magical power in her guild overall. With the addition and boost given by her Take Over entity, she will never ran out of magical supply in her battle except if she was grievously injured and can't fight any longer, in fact, if she's not using another four of her Take Over's form, the entities could rest and gather enough power before emerging into battle once again. Or simply said, if she use either one of her Take Over, the other four could replenish their strength and eternano. Making Mikael's magical energy to be nearly inexhaustible.

  • Second Origin Activation : In same case like Lucilia Shirai, Mikael could easily uses her Second Origin Activation as a last resorts. By doing so, her magical power got a way high tremendous boost and the same thing apply to her physical strength. To active her "Second Container" or in other word "Second Origin", her initial's eternano have to be extremely low in mage's standard, then, gather enough surrounding energy to replenish her own eternano in order to applies her Second Origin Activation. When her "Second Origin" was activated, she could perform and have the access for "Take Over Fusion", an extremely rare skills to be learned by a Take Over Mage.
  • Magical Aura : Like most S-Class Mage in the series, Mikael can concentrate on her eternano to active her own S-Class Aura. Her aura alone was strong enough to strike the fear of an inferior mage as the wrath could be felt at a large area. Even strong mage like Ha-Na herself admitted that Mikael was not a mage to look down with. According to Mikael Stratus herself, Ha-Na, so far is the only person who have seen her monster aura and keep continue fighting her. Showing the signs that most people who have seen her aura before doesn't dare to go any near with her anymore. When it comes to battle, Magical Aura is the first thing ultilized by Mikael as it doesn't require much of her Eternano.
  • Aura Drive : Aura Drive is a type of uncategorized spell which was ultilized rarely by Mikael Stratus. When using Aura Drive, she can use her Magical Aura to dash at a high speed to the target. Hence it name "Aura", it was not related to both Aura Magic or Aura Synthesis, just another technique accidently created by Mikael herself. Aura Drive travel at the speed of 80km/hour and was strong enough to leave a hole (or mark) to large stone or concrete substances. Also, if Mikael uses Aura Drive while in a water, the water will be push aside so the only thing left beside her is only Aura and Air in total.
  • Take Over Fusion : Take Over Fusion was rather an extremely rare skill to be learned by a normal mage. Even Mikael herself requires the aid of her Second Origin Activation in order to fusions either two or three of her Take Over's forms. Usually, Take Over Fusion is a skill which allows a mage to manifest several of a mage Take Over's form in order to active a superior form and make it stronger by nature, especially on the eternano's focus ability and initial magical power. For example, when Mikael fuse her Take Over : Princess and Take Over : Queen , she have the access to use both Requip and Ice-Make to deliver a powerful assaults to the target or make an Ice-Based weapon for some versatility in combat. While using her Take Over Fusion , Mikael's Take Over Form Appearances change drastically from many aspect.
  • Supplementary Ability :
    • Barrier Magic : During Mikael's training session with Lucilia Shirai she have created a seemingly Light Barrier to protect herself from the attack. The "barrier" was strong enough to withstand Lucilia's Dark Lazer and took the form of a puzzled hexagon light block. (Unnamed)
    • Telekinesis : As shown for several times, Mikael can use Telekinesis in order to contact another mage from Overlord Lair by using a flying magical orb which she summon by some sorts of chant. When using this Magic, Mikael could talk with someone, but he/she will only hear it in their head, so they can't reply to it.
    • Transformation : Transformation is a type of Caster Magic which were ultilized by Mikael in order to fool enemy or play a pranks against someone she choose. She will likely transform into a seemingly innocent old woman when planning to hit someone from their back. However,she is not an advanced user of this magic and therefore, can only last for several minutes.

Take Over

Take Over is Mikael's powerful signature Magic and was a Caster-Type Magic.

Mikael Stratus applying Take Over

She was a master of using the Take Over and use it daily in order to enhance it strength and overall power. Mikael's Take Over form was named as a tribute for the characters in Fairy Tale's Story she have read so far. Though it was never mentioned of how did she got all of the entity for herself, she have stated that her first Take Over's form was Lilith and the strongest was the Devil . According to her, she originally (by default) only have Lilith and Angel when she first joined the Dark Guild, while only receiving Princess and Queen as a price by her Guild Master for being promoted to an S-Class when she is 21 years old and finally got the Devil during her 10-Years Mission somewhere in the North. She have her own method of "forcing" the creature to revive and use them in a fight. This is the ascending order of her Take Over, from weakest to strongest : Angel - Princess - Queen - Lilith - Devil. Each entity was shown to be manifesting their own eternano and power for Mikael to use, with every single one of them having their own Magic skill , thus, resulting with Mikael Stratus to be a multi-element mage and have a high proficiency during battle, along with some versatileness element into it. Take Over : Devil will only be activated as a last resorts against someone she really cannot defeat by herself with the aid of the other Take Over.

Mikael's Take Over mainly focus on the change of outfit, general appearance and overall power. In case of her usage, Mikael could easily take the form of the entity that she doesn't really "know" but was able to take a full control over them. This technique was a method which she referred as "Force Take Over" and got to know about it after reading a book of complete information about Take Over. As for her entity in Take Over forms, each entity use their own eternano when casting their own magic and spells. Due to the fact that Mikael has over 5 Take Over's forms, Mikael have a wonderful "6 layers of Eternano" within her body and was somehow a really important advantages for her. The sixth layers of her "6 layers" eternano was being her own Eternano. According to Mikael, she would only succumbed her own Eternano when using Take Over as that was the only "real" magic she knows. When she is using one of her Take Over , the other entity can rest and replenish their strength, but that's going to take a few hours before the creature can be used once again in battle. As a result from her special mastery over Take Over, most Overlord Lair's Guild Member will refer her as the Bringer Of The Queen Cataclysm for her speciality and excel usage of Take Over.

As stated by Mikael for several times, her Take Over's entities were just basically use their own life force and eternano while fighting, and that her Take Over's form were just basically a puppet to be used on the battlefield. While the entities were using their own powers, Mikael have a full control over them and could stay in that forms as long as she wish under the circumstances that the creatures doesn't use their own eternano or Mikael is running out of her own Eternano. Due to the fact, she have a full control for her Take Over's form, Mikael can act freely and cast the entities' own spells to fight against her opponent without losing control. As for her unique path of usage in Take Over, Mikael were able to ultilize multiple elements of magic which completely depends to her usage forms. The most convenient part about her Take Over magic was in which Mikael doesn't need to use her own life force while battling, but instead, used the creature's own vitality and eternano. When one of her Take Over's form were defeated, she can basically turns into another one, still fresh and unharmed, making her as a nearly invicible and dangerous mage in overall. On some rare occassions, Mikael were shown to be able to change into another Take Over's form in a repeated succession just like fellow Fairy Tail's mage Lissana Strauss without much effort, another great feats for a Take Over's mage can achieve.

  • Strength Boost :
  • Defense Boost :
  • Speed Boost :
  • Eternano Boost :
  • Flight :
  • Magic Power :

Take Over : Angel


Mikael in Take Over : Angel Form

Take Over - Angel : This take over form was the "first stage" of her Take Over variations and arguably, the weakest among all of the entity owned by Mikael. "Angel" was oftenly used first in any battle so she could save up the others if the enemy was strong enough to withstand her Take Over : Angel. When in this form, Mikael'shair went shorter and replace it with a somewhat golden crown along with a transluscent white clothes which is designed to look like a twin-tails. As for her clothes, she wear a somewhat revealing white clothes that expose a medium particle of her chest and was attached together with a white ribbon. In addition, she wears a white gloves on both of her hands with a golden bandage tied to it and were long enough to approach her elbows. When it comes to lower parts, she wears a majestic short skirt with the cutted-edge V cut along with some golden design and lining to add the charismatic effect into it, she also seemingly seen to be wearing a long white boots. When ultilizing this Take Over form, Mikael become excel in the usage of Light Magic, however, most of the spells mainly function for defensive and supplementary purpose, but this doesn't mean that Angel doesn't have any offensive spell. Although this form is the weakest among all of the five, Mikael can cover up this weakness with Angel's massive defense power and high intellect.
Light Magic

Light Magic is a form of Caster Magic that involves the usage of light element. The magic draws on the positive emotions of the user and manifest it in physical form of the three states of matter, which were recoqnized as solid, liquid and gas. With the aid of Take Over : Angel, Mikael can perform this magic excellently for various purpose. Ironically, she doesn't need to manifest her positive emotions into her magic to cast any light-based spells because of "Angel"'s capabilities to pull of the Magic with relative ease. While in the mentioned form, Mikael can use the creatures to control, generate and absorb light as a prize for her advanced use od Taks Over : Angel. This literally means that she was nearly invicible towards Light-based attack, excluding Light Dragon Slayer or any other Light Slayer. Angel's use over Light Magic were basically made as a protection to the light, a total opposition of the Magic's primary effects, in which Light were supposed to be a counter attack for Darkness Magic. Despite the surprising occurence of Mikael's Light Magic, Angel's defensive spell can merely sustain any elemental spells thrown to her. As a concern towards "rarity", she can manifests her Eternano to emit a bright light from her surrounding. In addition for Mikael's great use over Light Magic, Take Over : Angel became gradually stronger if the surrounding were hotter and brighter.

Take Over : Princess

Take Over : Queen

Take Over : Lilith

Take Over : Devil


Lucilia Shirai :

First meeting each other when Lucilia first joined the Dark Guild some point in year X776 , Mikael received the order from her Guild Master to train the younger girl and took her as an apprentice. Though they was not relatively close, these two girls still fight for one another as both of them were planning to use each other for their own secret plan in the future without knowing it. As a result, Mikael Stratus shows somehow a fake affection to her as a teacher while the latter did the same thing to her as well. Something which is amusing for their Guild Master as he knows what they are planning to.

Kimberly Olivia :

When Kimberly first joined the guild, Mikael doesn't seems to care very much about her or even concerned a bit, they rarely talked to each other but this doesn't mean that she hates her. But once Kimberly was promoted as an S-Class Mage, she started to spent more time with her and know at least a little bit about her background. Currently these two girls was now a rival but not in a friendly term.

Michelle Valance :

Mikael only met this girl once and considered her as "pest" , the only reason of why they fought each other some point later is to fake her teacher affection towards Lucilia Shirai .

Esmeralda :

Same case like Michelle Valance , but a bit more complicated overall, due to the fact Esmeralda can take on Mikael's Queen Form when in her Ultimate Form + Rage Mode. She consider her as "a bit interesting".


"The Hell did you just say? I am not a satan, I am Devil"

- Mikael showing her stupidity , in a polite way

"Those who doesn't believe in Fairy Tale is the trash, haters"

Mikael protecting her believes for Fairy Tale

"You and You, do you like Fairy Tale? I am a huge fan"

- Mikael asking Michelle Valance and Esmeralda

"So what? I might be a Devil, but there's nothing wrong with me liking childish story"

- Mikael's normal traits


  • She has a boyish name, both front and last name.
  • The author planned to make her as a male character at first.
  • Mikael is the author strongest FEMALE character. And it was valid.
  • Her appearance is based off varios character from Date A Live.
    • Inverse Tobiichi Origami
    • Unknown Character
    • Spirit Tobiichi Origami
  • Mikael loves Onigiri and Sushi very much , and eats them while reading aesop fable.
  • Her theme song would be Today Was A Fairy Tale by Taylor Swift
  • Her stats are :
Obssession Level
  • Her last Code-Name nearly look the same like Strauss.
    • Note : Her last code-name is taken from Trish Stratus.
  • She share the same personality like the author's cousin.
  • This character was dedicated to all bullies victim out there.
  • "Mikael Stratus" was just a Code-Name, her previous name is Lisa.
  • Darkness-Make was approved by Perchan.
  • Take Over : Devil was the strongest form of Mikael Stratus' Take Over


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