Miko Ryurei

Miko is the vice commander of the 4th division in Death Scycle, and one of the few people who know of Daemon Spade's plans. She is known as the 'Goddess's Hand'


Miko takes the appearance of a young and beautiful oman, who wears alternate Shinto priestess robes, instead of being white and red, it is pink and white.


She is a kind person, who greets everyone is a proper manner, giving her a good reputation among many, including elders. She only chooses missions that don't involve killing. Although, when someone is a sinner, she will strike them down with her power.


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Magic and Abilities

Judging Hand

Her magic is a unique magic, that summons a Kannon behind her, which usually looks angelic and peaceful. She can control the direction of where it's one thousand arms will go, giving her a vast amount of attack and defence power. When she is angry, her Kannon will turn red and demonic looking.

  • Welcoming Approach: Thousand-Armed murder: This technique summons her Kannon, and attacks her opponent with one thousand spirit fists. She can use this multiple times, and with great proficiency.

Rune Specialist: Aside from her Judging hand, Miko is able to use runes to a great effect. Sh is very tactiful in their use, and uses her variety of different rune spells to her advantage.

Bo Staff Specialist: Although not as powerful in physical combat as some other vice commanders, she can old her own in a physical fight with a metal Bo staff, she uses this in conjuction with her high agility and perception to gain an advantage over an enemy.

Agility and Perception: She is an agile and perceptive fighter, she can predict and counter attacks from combatants of Ginryu Kanzaki's level.