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"By the fall of the Balam Alliance let it be known in its stead for one thousand years the screams of our enemies shall echo through time."
— Kraken addressing the name of the alliance

Millennium Echo Alliance (千年エコー同盟 Chitose Ekō Dōmei) is an alliance between three of the most powerful Dark Guilds currently in the world after the collapse of the Balam Alliance. Unlike it's former the three guilds each act with the others interest in mind and work toward achieving their goals. With the Balam Alliance going Defunct in X792 this alliance rose to power and acclaim in X793. Each guild holding a share of subordinate dark guilds.

It acts as a triumvirate based faction ruling to spread their control between the three powerful Dark guilds, each with their own legions at their command to retake the Earth-land or whatever other goals they have in mind.

Guild Name Description Guild Master Status Symbol
Occultus is a secret country that is half the size of the kingdom Fiore. It was founded over 400 years ago and now serves has a home for demons of all kind. It was formed by the Etherious, demons created by the Black Mage Zeref on the goal of forming a place for demons to live away from the hatred of the other races. The ruling body is a group of selected powerful Etherious known as Demon Lords. Absalom Active Eleven Demon Lords symbol
Nightmare Wing The Nightmare wing guild is a powerful dark guild with its own private army of dark wizards and an overwhelming number of demons summoned through the Black Soul Gem to grant him legions of demons to serve the guild as a private army to take on the force of the Empire itself. The Nightmare Wings carries a group of Lords of the Apocalypse. Either them being from the Demon World itself or lost pages of Zeref's book it's doesn't matter there goal is still the same of conquest. Katsuyoshi Hojo Active 2a
Tartaros One of the three major Dark Guilds and original Balam Alliance member, alongside Oración Seis and Grimoire Heart. Following its crushing defeat at the hands of Fairy Tail in X791, Tartaros rebuilt from the ground up and came returned better than ever. Post X792 the underworld rose again stronger and smarter than before looking to restore their lost reputation. Their main numbering group is the remodeled Nine Demon Gates. Kraken Bonez Active Tartarus symbol

Other Dark Guilds

With the fall of Balam Alliance, many dark guilds ran freely amid their own schemes. However in X793 following the rise of the Echo Alliance many of these dark guilds sought to align themselves among the newly formed alliance. Being Sponsered by the either of the three founding members, increasing the strength of the alliance and the reach of its plans. Over the years it is likely other dark guilds will seek to align themselves with the Echo Alliance.  Those underneath are known as "Vassel Guilds" which acts to support or be supported by their Sponsered guild depending on the issue. As a result, it can be a type of sub-factions within the alliance in order to keep order between those unruly kinds of demons and monsters.

Guild Name Description Guild Master Status Symbol
Demon Spade The goal of Demon Spade is to create a world of chaos and destruction so that they can rule over Earthland. Their reasons are different depending on each guild members. The Demon Spade guild meet in a large building located in a small city. Standing on the rock ledge, the building takes the form of a giant castle. The building holds at least over 20 rooms. The building's location is known by few, making it hard to find. Though little is known about this guild to the public and where the base of location is, it is said that by the few who have seen them that they are a group of troubled beings that bring havoc where every they go. Demon spade is also a vessel to the Nightmare Wing. Vlad Master Active Daemon Spade Symbol
Reborn Hell League Reborn Hell League is a faction that comprises of only demons, Etherious to be precise. It is led by an Etherious named Dentrix The main team that is known in this league is the Seven Satanic Sins, with their leader, Regento. The Reborn Hell League is a faction that is a vassal of the Occultus country along with Demon Spade. Which the main group is led by the Thirteen Demon Lords, Nightmare Wing, and the Legendary Tartaros. Dentrix Active Flame-2-xxl-1-
Succubus Eye A Dark Guild under the control of Tartaros and was destroyed by its prior configuration. In X793 the guild was restored under them once more. Looking to have more hands on deck for the upcoming plans Bonez placed the guild in his daughters' capable hands, making her its guild master. With the guild now firmly under his daughter's instruction, Kraken assisted in recruiting for the guild while it was restored in secret. Quietly getting ready for what he was ready to unleash. Aojiro Bonez Active
Succubus Eye Mark
Avatar A cult worshipping the Black Arts and black wizard Zeref Zeref, though their conception date is unknown their numbers saw a dramatic increase after the fall of the Balam Alliance. It consists of several branches operating in various areas of the world, that operate in an independent manner. After the failed attempted at Operation: Purification three prominent members Jerome, Briar and Mary were busted form prison to serve along side the Tartaros branch. Unknown Active
Avatar Fairy tail
Vengeance Blade A Dark Guild under the control of that a medieval themed dark guild that serves underneath Nightmare Wing as it's Vanguards of Darkness. Their primary goal is to find and take forbidden and curse weapons for their guild. Once they get all the cursed weapon, then they will bring a war to the whole world. They later joined as a Vessel group of Nightmare Wing itself within the Alliance acting as there elite forward assault team. Gabriel BlastEdge Active
The Lost Sinners The Lost Sinners is a Dark Guild comprised of the world's most dangerous, deranged, psychotic killers and criminals that inhabit Earth Land. The savage beast of a guild. They operate independent manner in most degrees however they seem to be able to serve Lord Hojo as a type of Vessel Guild when called upon for a mission. Unknown Active
Knights of Tartaros They are a guild and an order of 11 extremely powerful dark mages. They are currently led by Barbatos and have been active for 10+ years. They serve underneath the legendary Tartaros guild as one of the frontline soliders and acts as a vassel guild. Barbatos Active

Joint Missions


The Eclipse Arc War


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