Mimiko Hanami




24 years-old


Pink Petal Guild



Marital Status



Hanami family




Candy magic

Candy Armor

Unusual Features

Her hot-headedness

Her punkish attitude

Mimiko Hanami is a mage from the Pink Petal Guild. Although she is a newcomer in the Guild, but her great potential is shown when she was elected to be a participant in the S-class Wizard Promotion Trial which will be held in the coming weeks.


Although she was actually 24 years-old, she have the appearance of a little girl. She had short orange hair and an adorable face. She often wore a red dress with fur-balls on the collar and a big red ribbon on the back of her head. Other than that, she also wore a pair of red gloves.


Mimiko is a kind-hearted girl at the first glance. But what people doesn't know about her is that she is actually a hot-headed girl that loves to bully and bad-mouthed everyone in the Guild. She had no particular rivalry with other mages from her Guild or anywhere around the land.

Magic and Abilities

Despite her kid-like appearance, Mimiko is actually a mage with enormous magical potential in her own right. She is chosen to be a future S-class mage by her Guildmistress after seeing her victories in defeating numerous enemies despite her short time at the Guild.

Candy Magic: Mimiko's magic revolves around the use of candies and sweets in various circumtances.

  • Bubblegum Boom: Mimiko can blow a pink bubblegum with a black skull mark from her mouth. The bubblegum can blow up upon impact with an enemy, ending in a large explosion that can cause severe injuries to victim. She can attack multiple enemies by blowing a barrage of exploding bubblegums at one time.
  • Marshmallow Bombs: This spell allowed Mimiko to throw magical marshmallows that can explode when hit upon enemies. The explosion can cause horrible wounds to the victims, and can be even worse than done by the Bubblegum Boom.
  • Jelly Shield: Mimiko can create a huge pink jelly that acts as a shield that can block incoming spells from harming herself and her allies.

Re-quip: Candy Armor: Mimiko also have the ability to use the Re-quip type of magic. She can use candies and sweets in her array of spells.

  • Lollypop Smashsword: Mimiko can create a huge red lollypop that she can use to smash enemies to a pulp. She also can use this as a sword to cut things with relative ease.
  • Candycane Spear: Mimiko can create a huge candycane that she can use as a spear to attack enemies. She can even fire red lightnings from the tip of the candycane that can cause massive damage to her enemies.