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Minotaur Horn
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Canaria Town


Guild 1 Minotaur Horn

The Minotaur Horn guild is located in one of the several streets of Canaria Town, a normal town in Egalia, with the exception that everyone can use some kind of magic, even though not all people belong to guilds.



The guild's door plaque.

The guild possesses a tall building that serves as the headquarters of its members. Instead of having represented the guild's symbol, the building has a big sign saying "Old Guy Bar", named after the guild master, Toshi Theseus.

On the downer floor, it is located the bar, the most frequented one in town, being as well the main source of money to the guild. The reason for such accomplishment is the secret Beer Magic used by the bartenders to create the famous Bull Beer.


The usual drunks.

In the beggining, it was but a bar, but, with the income gained, it was decided to create upper floors to house a mage guild. On these upper floors, it is located the living area of the guild, as well as some dormitories.

Guild 1Fight

A fight in the bar.

Because of the big business related to the bar, it is common for the building to be full of drunks. However, several of these are also prized combatants that end up picking fights with others. To counter this, the guild has decided that the mages that are in the bar at that time should take care of them.

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