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Mirrana Gold


Name Mirrana Gold


Race Human (Mage)
Age 25 (x797)
Gender Female
Height 5'6
Eyes Hazel
Hair Red
Professional Status
Occupation Mercenary Mage
Personal Status
Marital Status Married
Alias Spitfire
Magic Gun Magic

Mirrana is a young Guns mage with a vibrant personality and a not so secret love for Scorpius of Koma Inu. She earned her nickname, Spitfire, because of her quick tongue and stubborn ways. Both her attractive looks and strong will make her a formidable opponent in capturing the boy's heart.



She has long red hair and big hazel eyes. Her skin is slightly pale but her complexion is flawless. She prefers rustic clothing with many accessories. Mirrana keeps her hair tied back in a low ponytail but there's always stray pieces that manage to escape. Her favorite colors to dress in include red, black, brown, and silver.


Mirrana is easy to rile but easy to settle by the right person. She's hyperactive, expressive, and genuinely excited about everything. Her temper gets her in trouble though, as she tends to challenge people when angry. She doesn't like to be wrong but knows when to back down. But she can also be kind, sweet, and loving. The moods seem to change in a flash so it's suspected she may be bipolar.


Mirrana grew up in a family of mercenaries, which is where she learned her gun magic. She was never one to kill so once she was able to, she ran from her family and arrived at Onibus Town. Once there,she took jobs to hunt things down, escort others, or deliver sensitive goods. She tried to avoid relationships and wasn't close to anyone during this time, but when Koma Inu (and a handsome water mage) arrived, her interest was sparked. During hard times and near death experiences, the two young mages settled down and married in the year x796 with Scorpius being 25 and Mirrana at 24. Now with a young son named Elliot, the two mages are living quietly in Onibus town as they are enjoying a rare time of peace for both of them.


Visit from Family: Mirrana gets a visit from two family members, and we get to learn more about her past

Magic And Abilities

Guns Magic - Mirrana equips different guns to fire of magic bullets. Her main gun equips include:

  • Sniper Rifle
  • Dual Pistols
  • Shotgun


  • Meteor Shower - Her guns becomes machine gun-like and fires a hailstorm of different bullets.
  • Pierce - Mirrana's sniper shot. The bullet disappears until the second before it makes contact.
  • tracer- the bullets lock in on the target and follow them as they run
  • stun- Mirrana fires rubber rounds to knock out the opponent instead of injuring them
  • Net- From a bullet casing Mirrana fires a magical net to capture her targets
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