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Mirror Image of Fate



Unmei no Kyōzō


Caster Magic


Teressa Crowley

Mirror Image of Fate (運命の鏡像, Unmei no Kyōzō) is an extremely unique and potent Caster Magic only mastered by those who have traveled to the region known as Seven. Due to the rarity of this magic, those who possess it are considered to be divine-like, when in reality, the effects of this magic are simply brought to fruition. The current users are Teressa Crowley and Exodus, the latter being the one who taught Teressa the magic.


The Mirror Image of Fate is an extraordinarily unique magic among the masses, in that, it doesn't directly target anybody else with any sort of offensive, supplementary or negative maneuver. It is most similar to the likes of Thought Projection, but even then, the process in which it is used for the user's benefit is strikingly different. Firstly, in order to activate the Mirror Image of Fate, one must spread out their magical power across a specific radius. This radius is achieved through the use of an aura or signal, dependent on the user's preferences. From herein, the magic's properties come to play. The magical power that was exerted from the user is manipulated and absorbed into any mammalian creature they come into contact with - this is done through any openings in the body. This then situates the magic and allows its actual abilities to come into play. 

The magic itself allows the user to summon a magical existence that is derived from their own willpower and image through the use of another mammal's reflection. This could be through a mirror image, a shadow, or anything similar. How this image is brought about is through a rather abstract concept taught to residents of Seven - every reflection is created with some sort of magic. While the intricacies behind this aren't exactly known, Exodus remarks that a reflection of yourself can only be present because you are constantly exerting your own power within the atmosphere, this being the basis of magic such as Thought Projection. Nonetheless, through this philosophy, the individual is actually capable of creating a tangible entity by using their magic to form the reflection, and subsequently absorbing atmospheric magical power to create an actual clone, complete with the consciousness of its user. This clone can be elemental in nature based on where it is reflected from, and therefore holds enormous advantages in virtually any battle situation. Furthermore, everything the clone sees comes back to the caster of this magic, making it especially useful in espionage and associated tasks.



Mirror Flower, Water Moon in action.

  • Mirror Flower, Water Moon (鏡花水月, Kyōka Suigetsu):

Fire Door being used.

  • Fire Door (防火扉, Bōkatobira):
  • Underneath the Shadow of Redemption (暗雲低迷償還, Anunteimei Shōkan):
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