Miruke Santobi
Name Miruke Santobi
Rōmaji Santobi Miruke
Race Human
Birthday 20/03
Age 26
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Blood Type B+
Unusual Features None
Professional Status
Affiliation Deus Legatus
Previous Affiliation Qantum Mystic
Occupation Mage
Previous Occupation Unknown
Team Black Swift
Partner Taobi Rozo
Base of Operations None
Personal Status
Relatives Adopted Father: Veragalia
Marital Status Unknown
Alias 'Black Ghost'
Magic Sky Demon Slayer

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Miruke Santobi is a man that hails from outside Fiore and is a wandering mage who does work when he finds it. His adopted father is Veragalia the Archdemon.


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Miruke is often shy, and often observes the situation before getting involved. But he is quick to anger and go on a rage when he thinks that he was mistreated.


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As a child Miruke's parents were killed by a group of dark mages that were trying to rob his parents antiques store. The Demon Veragalia (shapeshifted in human form) was passing by the shop when he noticed these bandits. He was going to ignore it but as he saw the boy get attacked after his parents were killed, he was then drawn to kid. He massacred the bandits and saved and eventually raised the boy, which was 3 at the time. He raised the kid under the name Miruke and trained him in the art of Demon slaying.

When Miruke was 16 he questioned Veragalia intensely about his parents death not accepting the fact that Veragalia was just 'drawn' to him. Veragalia soon after told Miruke that at the time he was 'drawn' to him but 3 years after he saved him he realised that Miruke could be trained to kill demons and help destroy the 'Second Coming of Zeref'.

  • Veragalia and all Arch Demons dispise Zeref and all magic that summons demons because those demons that were being summoned were considered 'abominations' and not natural. As they were born from the magic of Humans rather than there own kind.


He occasionally uses a Wind Lacrima infused blade while fighting in human form to enhance his power.

Magic and Abilities

===Miruke's Sky Demon Slayer:===

He can create a dense wind that has a similar appearence of steam/fog but is black, from any part of his body. It has an incredibly sharp cutting power that has been known to cut through meters of dense stone.

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  • Miruke was blonde with orange eyes as a child.
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