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Mist Rejuvenation
Parent Magic

Ocean Magic




A spell that creates a mist in the area with the same energizing properties as the ocean air and focuses it to energize the caster allies or the caster himself however, it mostly gives the effected normal energy and not magical energy as it isn't strong enough to restore more than about ten maybe twenty percent of a wizard's magical energy. When done by a novice, it can only be done once before the mist disappears otherwise, it can be done continuously as long as the caster's magical energy holds out. However, it won't last more than ten or twenty minutes at best when not continuously used and if used too much, those affected will begin to succumb to negative side effects such as becoming tired too quickly especially if overused and addiction to the boost. This spell is only typically used when away from the ocean or when there is a mist near or at the ocean.

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