Her blade.

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Mist has a sword as her primary weapon, dragging it along wherever she goes, the only downfall is that she cherishes the sword, more than her own life. 

Sword Description.

The sword is about her length, with a razor sharp edge. It is a shiny steel colour, the hilt the same colour and texture, but has black rope wrapped around it, for gripping purposes.


  • Mist Body: The spell Mist Body, is the ability to turn the casters body into mist, moving at high speeds, and/or teleport place to place. While in this mist state, all physical and magical attacks are negated.
  • Mist Mirage: This spell is used to make many mirages of Mist, it is used to confused the enemy. There can be very many mirages.
  • Solid Fog: This is an attack used by masters of mist magic. If the Solid Fog is sent towards another person, it will cut/slash them on contact.
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