Lucy's Property

"Ish it mein turn?"


Ohai! This thingy "Mist The Great/Personality", should not be played with! 'Cuz it's Bissy's! Those who play with it, without HER PERMISSION, shall has no turn on my rocking horsey!>//w//<

Mist is a silent type of person. She is always thinking, planning in advanced, attempting to be always a step ahead of the enemy. This is due to her being a merchant, attempting to grip the mental state of the costumer (or enemy), then using it to her advantage. She has a serious thinking streak, only having childish thoughts every so often, but when she does think childishly, she will go full kid mode. She will get the craving of certain foods at time.

Mist at times gets flirty, she decides to flirt with anyone with a nice personality, she is currently interested in Violet. So Mist shall be flirting with her mostly.

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