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聖母の精製金属 (ミスリル)




Magic Items



Mithril (聖母の精製金属 (ミスリル), Misuriru; lit. "Purified Metal of the Virgin Lady") is considered to be a very powerful metal and the natural bane to all Demons; it's known to be used in various weaponry & other tools — being malleable in nature. It's because of this that it's also called the "Evil-Slaying Metal" (悪滅の金属, Akumetsu no Kinzoku).

It's revered as the hardest known metal in all of Earthland — unable to be destroyed by any means. It's known that this metal is often associated with Angels & the element of light.



Known Creations

Note: This is a list of all known creations made from this particular metal; the method of forging varies with each creation, some of which used more advanced methods than other for various reasons.


  • This is inspired from the metal of the same name from the game Tales of Zestiria — which is known to be the strongest metal within said game.
  • It's a known fact that the easiest way to mold this metal is to either apply Smithing Magic or Blade Blacksmith to it due to their properties with weapon creation.
  • This article is meant to be a variation of Diagaian and Orichalcum, used for the author's own purposes.
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