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"Let's go!"
~ Mizore Aisu

Mizore Aisu
Post-Time Skip | Pre-Time Skip
Name Mizore Aisu
Race Human
Birthday January 20
Age Pre-Time Skip: 18
Post-Time Skip: 21
Gender Female
Height 5'4
Weight 135
Eyes Icy Blue
Hair Black
Professional Status
Affiliation Koma Inu
Occupation Mage
Team n/a
Partner Infinie and Umi Aisu
Personal Status
Relatives Izumi Aisu (Father)

Mitsuki Aisu (Mother)

Ziva Aisu (Aunt) (Deceased)

Umi Aisu (Sister)

Glacier the Ice Dragon (Foster Mother) (MIA)

Marital Status Taken by Kino Anderson
Magic Ice Dragon Slayer


Mizore as long, straight, black hair and icy blue eyes and a pale complexion. She normally wears a long, black, sleeve turtleneck with white skinny jeans and black flats, but sometimes she wears a black tank top with a grey jacket and white shorts with black combat boots. She always wears a dark blue flower in her hair somehow making her eyes pop out a little more. She has her guild mark on her left hand that is light blue.


Mizore may look dark and gloomy but she is the most happiest and the most optimistic person you will ever meet. She's rarely ever sad but one thing for sure if that anyone she cares for is sad she will not be happy. She's always ready to meet and talk to new people and help anyone she can. She never looks at the bad side of life unless it is truly necessary. She loves to talk to everyone in the guild and roaming around town with her Exceed, Infinie, and Umi, her older sister.


Mizore growing up was just in her room she never left it not even to eat. As she started to get older she constantly overheard her parents talk about, "Umi" and a woman named "Ziva" and how they were gonna get revenge. Once Mizore was about seven she was saved by a dragon by the name of Glacier who taught Ice Dragon Slayer Magic. Sadly once she was fifteen Glacier disappeared leaving her alone. Mizore decided to find Umi and Ziva and on her search for them so found an egg and after a few weeks of caring for it finally hatched and an Exceed came out of it and she named her Inifinie. After one year of traveling, they finally found Umi but sadly found out that Ziva had passed away, but she was just glad to find her older sister. After talking then traveled down to Koma Inu where both Mizore and Infinie become members of Koma Inu and members of a new family.
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Magic and Abilities

  • Ice Dragon Slayer: Roar- Mizore lets out a powerful beam of ice from her mouth. It freezes the target and most of its surroundings.
  • Ice Dragon Slayer: Scales- Icy scales appear all over Mizore raising her offense and agility. Also hurts the target in it were to go hand-to-hand combat with this.
  • Ice Dragon Slayer: Claw- ice covers Mizore's feet with claw-like spikes where her toes are.
  • Ice Dragon Slayer: Blade- Mizore's arms/arm is fully covered in ice in a shape of a blade.


  • Mizore means sleet in Japanese.
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