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The night sky was filled up with shinning stars clear as day, while many often saw this as a thing of beauty, others considered them to be different places with other Mages they've never seen. Under the starry night, the trio consisting of Mizuki Li, Geiger Strum, and Sin were sitting around a campfire eating some food that they brought for the long trip to their first destination, a town known as Lilo.

"Are you really sure you wanna go through this? I mean you never even knew you had a sister till two days ago, so why track her down?" Sin wondered as he grabbed three more cooked fish that Geiger got from a lake in the forest. Since joing the group, Sin revealed what could about himself to both Geiger and Mizuki, but still kept personal information out of the revealing. Even with the secrets, Mizuki knew it was better to avoid a confrontation than try digging into someone's past. However, Mizuki knew that the boy would be trouble due to his incredible appetite having already eaten fourteen fishes, which made Geiger go back to the lake once more for another catch. 

"I have to, it's not just a family matter anymore, Aki has slaves working for her like some kind of pets, and even if it is my sister, I will personally beat down her ass to make sure they are safe and free" Mizuki told Sin as she too grabbed a cooked fish from the open fire. Sin nodded in agreement as the two bit into their fish, savoring the smoky flavor that was added when they cooked it over the open fire. Mizuki knew that in that town was her baby sister, Aki Li, who was running a slavery fronting as a Casino.

Geiger had already eaten three fishes as he just sat there tending to the fire, but his attention wasn't on the fire, it was Mizuki as he secretly gave her a worried look on his face. He knew Mizuki wasn't the type of person who would go as far as killing a person, but with all the information she recieved in the pass two days, he was worried something inside of her might snap at any moment. "Geiger....Geiger??"

His train of thought was stopped when he heard someone calling his name, he then looked up to see Mizuki have a worried look on her face. "Huh? Yeah what's up?" was all he could say at that moment.

"You okay there man? You kind of spaced out on us for a few seconds, and I thought I was gonna have to slap you silly till you got out of it" Sin said laughing, but was immediatly shut up by a smack behind his head from a branch that came out of the ground. Geiger snickered at the boy's expression, which made Sin mad as he flung one of the sticks right into his mouth, which made Geiger choke a bit. The two started getting in each others face, but were both pulled away by Mizuki who pulled their ears, and sat them down away from each other.

"Now, before the two children in front of me started acting like idiots, what's up with you Geiger? You've been quiet most of the trip" Mizuki said putting a look of concern for her friend. Geiger wanted to voice his concern for Mizuki, but knew that if he tried to convince her to leave it to him, she'd smack him upside the head then use her Darkness Magic to knock some sense into him.

"It's nothing, don't worry about it. It's getting late, you two get some sleep I'll take the night shift for tonight" Geiger said standing and walking into the forest. Mizuki knew that Geiger was hiding something, and wanted nothing more than to get the truth out of him, but she knew that her full strength would be needed for tomorrow if she was gonna have a chance to bring her sister down.

She turned over to see Sin asleep in an awkward position of his butt sticking high up into the air while he laid face down into his pillow. Mizuki giggled a bit before putting his blanket over him, and getting into her sleeping bag before slowly drifting away to her dreams. On a hill overlooking the spot where they set up camp, Geiger was sitting down with the moon shining down on him, his focus was on Mizuki most of the time, he slowy remembered the first time the two ever met.

The Bonds of Friendship

Years ago, seven year old Geiger was known around the Plantation Farm as the Golden Goose, which meant he was given special privllages due to him being the one who pulls in the most harvest of the season. He was able to stop working for a season before having to go back for the the full amount of time. For Geiger, it was better than having to inhale even more pesticide, his body was already immune to the poison but it still had an irritating affect on his skin if he didn't wash afterwords.

The day was ending with most of the slaves being fed the leftover foods that their owners had thrown away in the drainage ditch, which forced them all to fight for what they could get like a pack of wild animals. Geiger, on the other hand, was the accepting he was given his food on a somewhat clean plate. Because of this, everyone hated him for being the favorite of their owners, but for Geiger he didn't give a damn what they thought about him as he believed that survival was the key to make it in that place. After grabbing the plate, he took his dinner to a small broken down shack he called home as it was right next to the field.

He was halfway through the meal when the sounds of rumbilng was heard behind him, and when he turned there stood a green-haired girl around his age with scars on her hands standing in his doorway, He saw the bit of drool going down her lips, but he chose to ignore her as he kept on eating. However, as time passed the constant sound of her growling stomach was starting to make him feel a bit guilty as she had sat down outside of his shack, sitting on the floor with her back against his wall, hugging her knees as she softly cried about being hungry.

Footsteps was all she heard, but a pat on her shoulder caused her to open her eyes as she find him standing over her with the plate in his hands. He slowly kneeled next to her, putting the plate in her hands. Right at that moment, she began to wolf down every single morsle of food on the plate, even licking the sauce that was still on there. At first, he was a bit suprised at her reaction, but Geiger shook his head as he handed her a canteen filled with water, which he kept secret from the slave owners. Normally to get water, slaves would have to travel up a nearby hill to the well and get water from there. Geiger had managed to find a clean source of water that he kept to himself, and stole two canteens to fill them up with the clean water.

She chugged down the water as if it was the last bit left on earth, which caused her to cough violently as some of the liquid went down the wrong pipe of her throat. Geiger slowly patted her back to help clear her airway as she turned over to meet him face to face, looking in his eyes her cheeks were rosey red. "...Thank you...." She said quickly before turning away. Geiger chuckled a bit before going back into his shack laying his head on a trashbag filled with lawnclipings and leafs, turning it into a make-shift pillow. It was probably the only valuable thing he had in his shack.

She slowly went towards him, trying not to get him angry for going into his small shack he called his home, but quickly stopped when he turned and glared at her. "Hey, I gave you the rest of my food already so why don't you get out of here, I'm not interested in talking with anyone" He snarled at her turning to his right side leaving her staring at his back. She was a bit shaked from his statement. She sat down a few feet away from him as Geiger ignored her and tried his best to sleep.

"Why do they call you the Golden Goose?" The girl said making him growl a bit as he sat up and looked at her.

"You're kidding me right? I mean every single person on this hell hole knows why, and yet you don't? Didn't your parents tell you about me?" He said sarcastically as he tried to be cold to her, but immediately regretted it as he saw tears pouring down her face. Geiger didn't mean to make her upset, deep down inside he wasn't such a cruel person, just someone who wanted to be left alone in peace. "Um wait... I..I didn't mean to make you cry...I just... I ...." He hung his head in shame as suddenly the crying turned into laughter and saw her chuckiling at his expression.

"You're kind of a dork" She replied laughing as Geiger started blushing like crazy and looked away to hide his face. "My parents... they ran away from the camp, and left me with my God-Father Ryu, but he was sold yesterday. I'm all alone now, just like you" She said wiping the tears away from her eyes. Geiger at that point just gave in as he looked over to her. "So, why do they call you the Golden Goose?"

"Well it isn't cuz I can lay golden eggs that's for sure. It's because those pathetic owners have me hauling most of the entire season. I'm their go-to guy when their fat idiotic asses can't grab a shovel and do the jobs themselves" The last remark made the girl laugh as she sat down right next to him. He smiled feeling glad that she wasn't crying anymore.

"I'm Mizuki, Mizuki Li. What do you go by?" She soon regretted it as he struggled to say his name, but realized he never had his own first name. 

"You can just call me Strum, I really wasn't given a name in this place, after all why name property?" He replied coldy trying to get the owners out of his mind. He felt a soft hand touch his and turned to see Mizuki with a sad look on her face.

"You can't keep going around nameless, hmm.... how bout you call yourself Geiger?" She said with a cheerful smile on her face. It amazed him how cool headed she was, a few minutes ago she was crying up a river for not having anything to eat, and now they were sitting under the stars talking as if they had known each other for years. He smiled and nodded in agreement as Mizuki jumped up with joy at the fact that she had her very first friend, and managed to give him a name as well.

Welcome to Hell's Playground

Back in the present, Geiger opened his eyes to see that the sun was beginning to rise, which made him jump down from the hill to the river to catch some breakfast. Deep down, he knew it didn't how much he caught since Sin could eat the entire river dry if he wanted to. Relutently, he used his Wood Magic to craft a huge net as he pulled out an entire school of fish.

Back at the camp sight, the trio were now enjoying the fish as they were cooking over the open-fire, but both Mizuki and Geiger just stared with disgust at Sin, who just kept on shoving stick after stick in his mouth pulling out the fish and crunching on them with delight.

"How can he keep all that food in his stomach?" Mizuki said finishing her first fish, but decided she was full due to the pile of sticks on Sin's side.

"No idea, I caught an entire school of fish, and we're already down to five left. Something tells me by the end of this journey, we'll have seen Sin eating an entire village worth of food" Geiger replied as Sin finished the last fishes and burped with satisfaction of a somewhat full stomach.

After cleaning their campsite, the trio continued their walk to the town for another good hour before finally arriving at their destination. The Town of Lilo was seen as the place of excitement and action with all the casinos, bars, and even some adult entertaiment as far as the eye can see. If it wasn't a sick institution that completely depended on slaves, the trio would've enjoyed their stay.

"Wow, this place is freaking sweet!!" Sin said in a bratty kind of way making both of his companions groan in embarrassment, how someone like Sin could be strong enough to keep up with them is something that they wished they could answer. "Think they'll let me go into one of those nudie bars??" He said with his nose bleeding a bit before being slapped in the back of the head by Mizuki and falling down to the ground.

"Annoying runt, so if I were a powerful slave owner, where would I be hiding this early in the morning?" Geiger said looking around for the most obscene location in the entire town. Eventually he saw a giant neon sign saying Aki's Grand Emporium, which showed a neon-flicker of three girls with big hooters jumping up and down. "Yeah, I'm thinking me and Mizuki have to go in there, while you go to the nearest restaruant, and ordering one of everything" Geiger told Sin handing him an entire bag of jewels that he earned from a job he did before following Mizuki on her journey.

"SWEET!! See ya when you get back!" Sin said before running off like a bolt of lightning to the nearest resturant he could find with an all you can eat buffet. The two shook their heads in disbelief before turning back their attention to the casino/bar, and went walking towards it.

In the shadows, two men in black noticed the duo heading towards the building in the middle, then the second man summoned a magic circle on his fingers as he placed it over his ear. "Warn Lady Aki, she's got some visitor's coming her way"

Confrontation of The Sibling

Entering the establishment, the duo were in shock to see how Mizuki's sister treated her slaves as the men were forced into pulling carrages filled with paying customers and working as crooked dealers. While the woman were serving as waitresses with nothing on but a bikini top and bottom and forced to become a human table for drinks and food.

"My god, I didn't think it would be this bad...." Geiger said under his breath, trying not to get Mizuki even more angry than she already was at the moment. He looked around seeing about ten secruity guards standing close by to make sure nothing went wrong. "We have a pretty good chance of survivng this, but you need to keep your cool and meet your sister before you go buck wild on them" He whispered in her ear making Mizuki mad, but she realized that he was right.

Out of nowhere two guards walked up to them as they stood at attention, "Welcome to Lady Aki's Grand Emporium, sorry to disturb you two, but our mistress wishes to see you at her private booth" One of them said as the other summoned a magic circle in the palm of his hand. Mizuki wanted to knock their blocks off, but Geiger's hand on her shoulder stopped her from moving. All she could do was nod as the duo followed the two guards to her little sister's private booth.

Passing through the private rooms, they caught glimpses of the inhumane ways that Aki placed disipline on every single one of her slaves. They eventually made their way to a heavy-double bolt door with platinum handles, and once the two guards pulled the door back, Mizuki finally came face-to-face with her baby sister, Aki Li.

The young sister was sitting down in her boss chair with two pairs of male slaves tending to her every need, while the female slaves were feeding her breakfast that consisted of grapes, peeled oranges, and sliced apples. Geiger was a bit suprised to see that Aki looked almost exactly like her sister except for the darker shade of green on her hair, her darkened skin, and the lack of cup size that Mizuki had, but Geiger kept his mouth shut as Mizuki just looked with shock on her face.

"Well well, I must admit it's quite a suprise to be face-to-face with the legendary leader of the Chain Gang Trio, Geiger Strum, honestly I was thinking we would've met when I became a bigger name" Aki said to the duo as one of the girls placed a grape in her mistresses mouth while she chewed on it.. However, she them spat it right in the face of the girl before glaring at her. "How many times must I say it?! EACH GRAPE MUST BE RIPE!!!" Aki growled making the girl drop on her kness begging for forgiveness. Aki told two of her male slaves to bring the woman up to her feet.

"For too long, I've been too leinent on small mistakes like this, but now I'm afraid action must be taken, and so it is with a heavy heart that you must be made an example of" Aki said summoning a magic circle under her, which caused the two male slaves to jump away as she shot a blast of Ice-Make Magic at the girl, freezing her solid.

Seeing the horrible action just commited, the duo attempted to attack her, but stopped when they saw Aki putting her hand on the frozen girl. "Now now, let's all remain calm here. We wouldn't want to see this precious 'human' broken into hundreds of frozen bloody little pieces, would we?" Aki told them coldy as they stood down and glared at her. Mizuki finally had enough as she walked towards her sister, which made the guards grab her, but Aki immediatly waved them off so they could talk.

"I can't believe that our own parents would have another daughter, and raise her to be a cold, heartless, worthless bitch!" Miozuki said with hatred as Aki glared at her. She had never seen her before in her life, and the only sibling she knew of was her older brother, Domi Li, but something about Mizuki reminded Aki of her mother. 

"Did your head take a beating when you were born? My parents only ever had two children, and trust me you're not one of them" Aki glared at the woman, but then she started to study her features a bit noticing that Mizuki had some of her mother's features. There's no way she can be telling the truth, could she?? She thought in her mind. "What's your name chicky?"

Mizuki knew that even if she told her her entire story, Aki wouldn't believe a single word, so instead she decided to let her memories flow into her little sister through her fists. She gave a quick scratch in the back of her ear, for others it was just a normal scratch, for Geiger it meant she was about to unload on her bratty sister. He closed his eyes as small magic circles appeared in the inside of his hands, keeping anyone from seeing them.

Aki was about to ask again what her name was, but got cut off from a fist in her face as she was sent flying right through the window to the main lobby where the customers were still enjoying the wonders of her establishment. At that point, time slowed down as suddenly images passed rignt in front of her eye's, showing Aki one of her older sister's worst memories.

The Dark Road of Loss

It had been over two years since Mizkui met up with Geiger, and the two slowly became fast friends helping each other out when they both needed it. However, as the days went by Geiger kept trying his best to make sure no potential buyers would ever try to get their hands on Mizuki.

It was night time as Geiger had just found out two buisness men had arrived to look for possible female candidates for their expanding bar busness. He knew that Mizuki was in danger, and convinced one of his friends to hide her out in his place till this all blew over. Geiger was lying down on his makeshift pillow when the slave owners kicked down the door, and pulled him out of his shack.

"Alright Golden Goose, where's the girl?" He said pulling out a spiked whip looking down on his prized property. "Who?" was Geiger's response, which made him recieve a slap to the face as he chuckled a bit. "I said where's the girl?" Geiger spat a small patch of blood on his expernsive shoes, which got him a hard punch to the nose. All Geiger did was laugh it off, "Good shot buttercup, can you actually make a fist this time?"

Mizuki was on one of the high hills looking down to see her only friend being beaten to death for her protection, tears were welling up as she saw the battered Geiger breathing heavily on the ground. "You really are a glutton for bunishment aren't you?" One of the owners said putting their foot right on his chest, but instead of crying Geiger just laughed. " You kidding? If this is punishment, then you really gotta quit this buisness"

The slave owner slammed his foot into Geiger's chest as he uncoiled the spiked whip and took a few steps backwards. Right when he was about to move his arm, a powerful voice came coming in from the hillside, "PLEASE STOP IT!!!!!" Mizuki yelled with all her might, pushing her owner to the ground, and going to check on Geiger. "HERE I AM, NOW PLEASE STOP IT!!" She roared with tears in her eyes as she looked at her best friend, who looked back with fear.

"PERFECT! She has the right build, right size, and right age. We will take her" The bar owners said with excitement as Mizuki's owners placed a chain lock collar around her neck, and began dragging her with them. Mizuki let her tears of pain drop as she was moving further and further away from the one person who cared for her, and the person who she secretly loved.

As they dragged her into the back of the locked carrage with other female slaves, Mizuki took out the locket that her parents gave to her, opening it to see her smiling mother and father, holding her at the age of 1. "You promised..... You promised to come back... and you lied to me...." was the last thing she said to the locket before ripping it off her neck and stuffing it in a bag she managed to sneak on before leaving in the carrige.

The Battle of Young and Old

Time went back to normal as Aki found herself on top of broken glas, right in the middle of her game lobby as her older sister, Mizuki, jumped down from the three story window, landing down on the ground with ease. "Okay, I'll admit that was very weird and even a bit truthful, but even so what makes you think that killing me will get revenge on what mom and dad did to you?" She asked pulling out some of the glass from her back, which she managed to protect using Ice-Make to freeze it solid.

"I already got my revenge on mom and dad, those two will be spending the rest of their lives in a jail cell, but you and Domi, well I may not have been around to give you guys a proper whooping when you needed it, but now I am" Mizuki said growling as suddenly her entire body became enveloped with dark energy. 


Aki appearing in front of her sister after using Requip

.Aki laughed coldly as she cracked her neck, "Let me tell you something big sister, you don't get to where I am without having a few cards to deal, so you better be ready to bring it bitch" She said as her body began glowing, "Requip!", and after a few seconds Mizuki saw that her sister was now wearing a fox mask, had a long cloak on her, and was wearing Claw Gauntlets on her arms.

"Ice-Make:Glacier Plains!" suddenly ice sprouted from her entire body as it began to cover the entire area, many of the servants and the customers had already ran from the lobby, leaving Aki along with her older sister, and after a few seconds both found themselves in a frozen wonderland, which was still snowing. "Now let the hunt begin!" Aki said as she started to blend in with her surroundings.

Mizuki brought out her darkness magic, waiting to find out where her sister would strike, then feeling a change in winds, "Ferocity!"she focused her magic right into her fist, punching Aki in the stomach as she dropped down to her knees from the pain. "Don't call your sister bitch!" Mizuki yelled kicking her with Ferocity in her leg, sending Aki flying right into a pillar of ice as it crumbled down with her along with it.

"Ice-Make: Freeze Flash!" Two waves of ice headed towards Mizuki who took the attack as it sent her flying, slamming her back against a pillar that didn't break. She tried to regain her composure, but was too late as a couple of ice disks came at her, cutting her forearms and legs. "Suprise..." Aki appeared behind Mizuki as she slashed down with both of her arms, tearing up her sister's back as blood began dripping down. Mizuki retaliated with another Ferocity kick, but Aki was too quick as she back flipped over her sister, disappering once more.

"Gotta admit, you're way better than anyone else I've fought so far, why is that?" Aki's voice boomed throughout the area. "You're not the only one who has some cards stacked in her deck, the only difference is I've been doing this longer than you little sister, and now the fun begins. Dark Spheres!" Two small orbs of darkness appeared in her hands, and she then shot them up in the air at rapid speeds with more than a dozen orbs in the sky.

"What? Were those orbs suppose to be for showing or blowing??"

"You might wanna run..."

Aki looked up seeing the orbs starting to drop, and when they came into contact with the ice, she looked shock to see that they explode, and tried her best to avoid the bombardment of exploding orbs, but she soon slipped on the ice taking a couple of orbs directly without protection. They soon stopped as Mizuki saw a figure in the dust of the ice, "Ice-Make;Hail Storm!" Long blades of ice came shooting out at Mizuki, who knew she couldn't break them all,

"Wormhole!" Her body started glowing dark as the hail started piercing her skin, but did this not make Mizuki move as her body began to grow heavier and heavier, breaking the ice underneath her. Mizuki extended her hand as suddenly Aki felt herself being drawn to her older sister by force. She could not move her body as she was being dragged closer and closer until Mizuki had Aki by the throat.

Aki tried summoning her Ice, but found she could not even make a magic circle as it felt like the darkness was swallowing up whatever source of magic she had.

"Sorry to tell you this, but my wormhole does stop you from using your magic as long as I'm holding you, and now it's time for you to get the spanking you never got from mom!" Mizuki used all of her strenth to lift her arm, and punched Aki through the glass door.

After coming to a halt, Aki looked up to the sun, causing her to put her hand in front of it to shield her eyes as she slowly stood up, coughing a bit of blood from the punch that her sister just gave her. She wanted to rest, but soon saw she wouldn't as five dark cat-like beings jumped out of her casino, growling at her.

They immediatly pounched, wanting to rip open the girl, piece by piece, but Aki wouldn't quick as she summoned up her magic, "Ice-Make : Winter Claws!" The ice surrounded her claw gauntlets as it froze over them, forming a huge claw of ice. Aki felt the first of them land on her, but she was ready as her claws stabbed right through the animal, maiking it disappear.

The other cats charged in as Aki was ready for them, at each point one of the cats managed to scratch her as she tried to push them back. Aki jumped back as one of the cats pounced at her from the front, and right when she was under the belly, Aki stabbed the cat in the belly making it disappear, but was cheap shooted by another cat who scrached her from the face to her right arm. They struggled with each other, trying to see who would land the killing blow, and sure enough Aki managed to pierce the cat right between the eyes.

Two more cats were left as the bleeding Aki was now breathing heavilywith her scratches bleeding, she wasn't a stranger to fighting someone, but she felt more like a chew toy to her sister's magic. The fear only increased when Mizuki finally came out of the casino, clapping slowly as the two remaining cats went next to her mistress. "You're mocking me, aren't you?"

"Trust me, you'd know if I'd mock you Aki, it's really been a while since someone managed to beat three of my Hellcats, trust me I actually respect you now" Mizuki told her as she started scratching the two cats in front of her, "However, I'm done playing around and ready to end this, you'd better give me your best spell now so you won't feel too bad when I beat you"

At that point, Aki was tired of getting insulted by someone who called themselves her sister, and all the pent up fury came out, "YOU FUCKING BITCH!!! DON'T YOU DARE MOCK ME!!" Aki summoned all of her remaining magic she had left, creating a huge magic circle. "DIE YOU BITCH, ICE-MAKE : FROST BLIGHT!!!" A powerful blast of Ice energy shot out of her mouth as it made contact with Mizuki. Aki began to laugh crazily at her sister's defeat, but stopped when she felt a black being move right by her, and after a few seconds turned to see Mizuki in  a black aura clock with cat-like features.

"Cross-Sync : Hellcats. Sorry litle sister, but you need disipline..."

Warning of Change

Blood splattered as Aki dropped to the floor facing up at the sky, breathing heavily as the blood loss was slowly starting to affect her. Suddenly, she found Mizuki putting some ointment on her wounds and forcing her to drink something that was terrible. In a few seconds, Aki felt her wounds closing up, but still could not move as Mizuki got up.

"There, I managed to stop your bleeding before it got worse or infected, just don't move too much for a couple of days and you'll be fine" Mizuki said helping Aki to lean on one of the buildings. All that she could feel at that moment was this sense of confusion, her own sister beated her to the point of death, the decided to help her? She knew there had to be a reason, but didn't say anything as she saw Geiger and their third companion Sin coming towards them.

"Where the hell were you two?"

"Man I was on my twentith meal, before kil-joy over here forced me to help free the chained slaves, and beat down the security guards" Sin said pointing to Geiger, who grabbed his finger bending it back to the point of pain/ "Alright alright, I'm sorry just let go!!" He yelled as Geiger released his finger.

"I already contacted the authorities, they should be here in about an hour" Geiger said looking over to Aki, "What do you wanna about her?"

Mizuki was about to speak when she felt a strong kick to her shin as she turned to see a glaring Aki, "What' the hell is your deal? First, you guys come into my town, make a mess of things, beat me down. Now you're helping me? What's your deal Mizuki?!" She yelled, but stopped when Mizuki grabbed her shirt pulling her face-to-face.

"Listen to me you little brat, the only reason I decided to save your worthless butt is because I have no reason to kill my little sister, especially one I promised not to kill"

What kind of idiotic moron wanted you to not kill me?"

"Mom and Dad..."

All that could be heard at that point was the wind through the town as the group just stood there, waiting for someone to say something. "Why?" was all that came out of Aki's mouth as Mizuki released her shirt.

"Believe it or not, they regret how they raised you and thought you deserved a second chance to redeem yourself, and wanted me to give you the proper lessons. You get it now? They love you so much, they wanted their first daughter, who they abandoned, to show you what it means to feel like anyone else" Mizuki finished waiting for Aki to give her response.

All that Aki could do was cry at that point as her heart slowly started to melt from being frozen, back to being full of the life she once had. Mizuki felt bad for her only sister, and awkardly hugged her, but then felt comfortable enough to deepen the hug. Both sisters felt a connection, something that felt like they could both taken on the world together, and they were happy to feel it.

"What now?" Aki wondered as she stopped crying to look into her sisters eyes.

"I'm going to give you the chance to start over, no more whiny spoiled brat, no more anyone giving you anything, and no more illegal actions. I need to take care of Domi, so I'm gonna give you a chance to escape from this place and never come back" Mizuki reached into her bag with her bandaged hand as she pulled out some herbs. "After we leave, chew one of theses and head to another town, and the next time we see each other, it had better be with a new personality and new Aki Li, deal?"

"Deal" Aki said as they gave each other one more hug before Mizkui and her companions began walking to their next location. Aki sheaded more tears as she began to chew on the herb, suddenly a shadow loomed over her as she turned to see a blue-haired person standing in the moonlight since the sun had gone down during her and Mizuki's fight.

"Looks like you could use some help" The stranger said kneeling down next to Aki. 


Udon meeting Aki after her lose against her sister.

"Why would you wanna help me? I'm Aki Li, not exactly well-liked" She said slowly getting up.

"Trust me, I can see the good you have inside, and if you'll come with me I'll help you to become the person youur sisters wants you to be" He smiles as he extended his hand for a shake.

Aki thought about it for a moment, then realized that there was something about this stranger that made her confident she could change her ways. She shook his hand hand as the two began walking in the same direction Mizuki and her companions went.

Final Chapter: The Shining Future

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